tagAnalA Morning Benefit

A Morning Benefit


Dedicated to Jace: thanks for the obvious inspiration and always being there. Love you, x.

To my friends, including Amon, and Robbins: for editing and feedback.

And following the form of all the other lovely authors on Literotica, in case you were wondering, I will reassure you that these characters are indeed over eighteen and so, enjoy their legal fucking with a guilt-free conscious. Thanks!


His hair was still wet from his shower, but he stood on the front stoop of an apartment building, scanning the list of names for 'Love, Genevieve'. With only twenty, maybe thirty minutes, to spare, he should have just skipped her place and went on to work. She would understand; she always did. Instead of listening to reason, he pressed the sticky green button beside it and waited patiently. This was his favorite girl and he wanted her too badly to go on about his way.


Her voice was soft and high-pitched, girlish. He grinned at the sound of it and turned to the little box for his reply.

"I'm back."

She smiled, up in her room, and spoke into her own little box by the door after adjusting a stray piece of hair.

"Welcome back, doll. Come on up."

The click of the door unlocking was loud and he pulled the old, rickety piece of wood open. It needed to be replaced, but the maintenance was less-than-satisfactory. That was the price tenants paid for something old, a fading beauty and broken glory, at a cheap price. When he saw that the elevator was out of service, he turned for the stairs and climbed the two flights to her level. Her door was open a few inches to let him in while she sat at her kitchen table and worked on a paper for a class the next day.

He appeared in the doorway, cheeky grin on his face,"Hey, gorgeous."

She looked up and smiled,"That was quick, love."

With a nonchalant shrug, Kevin closed the distance between them, and kissed her lips softly. Something was different in her response, only halfhearted.

"What's wrong?" he asked, tucking the same stray tendril of hair behind her ear again when he pulled back.

"Nothing," she said and smiled up at him again, pulling him back down for another kiss, a little more fervent,"But I owe you something, don't I? Do we have time?"

He kissed her pretty lips again, lips like morphine, and shook his head to her question,"We have time, but you don't owe me anything; just love me, beautiful."

Genevieve bit his bottom lip with a laugh, and pulled him closer,"You know what I mean, silly. But if you want this, you have to take it."

It was an echo of a demand he had given her several times before, and she always tried to find a chance to use it back on him. Without a laugh, he leaned in and kissed her neck while his body pressed closer to hers, his arms around her, holding tightly. His lips were gentle, but persuasive in their quest.

"What if I just want to make love to you, Genevieve?"

"If we have time, you can do anything you want, babe. I just want to make you feel good."

She pulled his face to hers for another soft kiss, unable to ignore his lips for long, while her hands slipped under his shirt. Kevin deepened the kiss, his tongue in her warm mouth, and his hands slid down her pants in the back to grip her bubble butt. Unable to help himself, he ground his hips into hers, his already hard cock straining at the fabric of his pants at the promise of pleasure.

"I just want you, Genevieve... badly..."

She smirked up at him, her hands moving from under his shirt to his jeans, and with a practiced ease, she fished his cock out to lightly stroke it and relieve some of the tension. Leaning up, she whispered in his ear.

"Then have me, beautiful. Make love to me. Fuck me. Whatever."

Already, pre-cum oozed from the tip of his thick dick, and dripped onto her hand. He removed her sticky hand to lift her arms up and pull her shirt off to get it out of the way. Her own jeans came next and he slid them down with her panties, her name escaping his lips once more.

"Hush, Kevin," she cooed, tugging his clothes off as well,"Just enjoy yourself, baby."

She kissed his bare, well-defined chest, along his shoulder and up his throat to behind his ear, soft lips warming his skin. Taking his hand, she led him down the familiar path to her bedroom, and keeping his hands in hers, she pushed him back onto the soft mattress and cozy blankets. Genevieve pinned him there, a smile teasing the corners of her lips just before she pressed them to his for another long kiss. Her wet slit brushed against his throbbing length, a tease, and then more insistent, slick on his smooth skin. Warm thighs straddled him as she ground against him.

"Ask me for it," she whispered, voice thick and hot with need.

He looked up at her, eyes betraying his eager lust as his body reacted to hers, hips thrusting lightly in an attempt to fuck her already.

"Genevieve... please... please, can you fuck me?"

"Gladly, Kev," she whispered with a coy smile, and easily dropped on his dick, warm and wet, a perfect fit.

She leaned down to kiss his neck again as she teased him, up and down achingly slow.

"Oh my god, love..." he gasped as his back arched,"You always feel so god damn good, hot and wet and fuck me – "

The mumbled compliment was cut off by a finger to his lips; sh, her eyes said, don't ruin this with so many words. His hips responded to hers, but his wrists were still pinned above his head. He watched her ride his cock, twisting and rolling her hips with each down stroke, her small tits gently jiggling with the force.

"Oh fuck..." he groaned beneath her.

She smirked down at him and paused, her cunt tight around him,"Do you want to touch me, baby? Do you want my tits and ass in your hands as I ride your dick? All you gotta do is ask."

As she spoke, she continued to grind against him, and he groaned again at her words before he replied,"Yeah, love, but the moment you release me, I'm going to take you... hard and rough and fast, just the way you like it, babe."

"Do it. Take your whore."

Kevin pulled his arms from her grip in a harsh yank, and grabbed her by the hips in a bruising grasp. He rolled over to be on top of her, and pushed her legs up, knees on her chest, to expose her tight asshole to him. Without warning, he plunged his entire slick, throbbing length into it; stretched wide and filled fully, she whimpered in surprise.

"Ah, shit; god damn, you're tight... scream for me, Genevieve, show me how much you love to be fucked in your ass."

With another hard thrust, her responding squeal was muffled by his shoulder, a bite mark drew a bead of blood, and her nails dug in to leave temporary red lines. She felt so fucking full, every inch of his cock buried deep within her.

"Oh god, Kevin... fuck me, fuck my tight, little ass, make me yours, and fill me with your cum, baby."

Obediently, he rammed her hard and fast, deeper with each slap of his balls against her wet pussy, heavy with the thick, creamy cum that she ached and begged for.

"Mmm... fuck, that's right, Genevieve... demand that cum..."

At his words, she bit her lip, but couldn't keep the moans muffled for long.

"Ah, fuck, please..."

He kissed her hard, a groan muffled by her lips as he spasmed within her, and erupted in her tight hole with streams of thick, gooey, hot cum. Still, he didn't dare stop, or even hesitate, working through his orgasm as he gripped her auburn hair tightly and held her to the hungry kiss. She kissed back just as deeply and hard, feeling full and satisfied beneath him.

"Oh god, Genevieve..." he moaned, finally pausing above her and pulling out.

She laughed and pulled his face to hers for another quick kiss,"My love."

"Thank you, sweetheart," he whispered with that same cheeky grin.

"Mm, not yet," she whispered and slipped to her knees, feeling his cum dripping down the inside of her thigh.

His gasp of surprise was satisfying enough as she wrapped her lips around his still sensitive cock, cleaning up the mixture of his cum, her cunt, and ass. She gently squeezed his balls and gave them a teasing kiss full of promises for another time.

"Okay, all done, darling," she told him with a lick of her lips and a childish giggle,"Now, go to work. Off with you, gorgeous."

He laughed and struggled to pull on his slightly rumpled clothes before running out the door with a final,"I'll see you later, baby doll."

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