tagBDSMA Morning Shower

A Morning Shower


Come on, dear. Join me in the shower. I have a little surprise for you.

I know usually you join me to clean me, slide your hands all over my body with the slippery soap and the hot water, but today we will reverse it. To be fair you will have to clean me, too of course. Wouldn't want you to forget your duties, now would we?

Come on in. Enjoy the hot water running over your body, let it warm your naked body. Let the steam cover us both and feel my embrace from behind.

Give me your hands, little toy. Yes, both of them, so I can hold your wrists in one hand. You just can't be trusted not to touch yourself when your feelings overwhelm you and we just can't have that. Your orgasms are mine to grant you!

Doesn't it feel good to feel my hand covering you in soap? The way it slides over your belly, cupping your breasts one after the other to squeeze them and letting them slide out of my grasp? The way my hand rests on your neck ever so slightly to make you feel who is in control? As well as cleaning your greedy little cunt thoroughly, yet neglecting touching your aching clit just enough to leave you moaning and wishing for me to just finish you off. It won't be that quick, I promise you that...

Oh my, aren't you a wet one already... And it is not just the water, is it? Well, now that we are done cleaning your front I think I I will just have to get a little more space to clean your back.

Pushing you against the shower wall should do the trick. Does it feel good? Feeling your tits pressed against the glass wall, knowing everyone could see them even with all this steam? The way my voice whispers in your ear and takes hold? The heat of my body, both so reassuring in your back but also holding you in place so relentlessly? Don't worry, I will make sure you won't slip.

Now, all the way over your shoulders, your neck, your back, your legs...

How does it feel to have my hand run over your asscheeks, giving them a hard spank after it is all soaped up and slippery? Oh but there is a part that has to be cleaned. Oh, was that little spasm when you felt my finger sliding in between your asscheeks and soaping up your hole? You do want to be clean for me all over, don't you, toy? It tickled in such a wonderful way, didn't it?

Come to think of it, I haven't really... I probably should... yes. Oops, now that was a mighty twitch. I almost lost my hold on your wrist. Did I just slide a finger in? How clumsy of me. Must have been because it is so slippery...

You don't have to pretend you didn't enjoy it. The gasping and the moaning you still tried to suppress didn't pass me by. You like it and I want to hear you say it. Here, I will even caress your clit with my thumb at the same time to help you open up.

Come on. Say it! Say: "I want to be your anal whore today, Sir."

Don't think, just feel and say it! Good girl. Such a pervert but that is just the way I like it. Isn't it funny that the slightest touch of your holes can just bring down the defenses you put up in public and reduce you to this?

Now let's get you a little more slippery. I wouldn't want to wreck my little toy the first time I use it this way...

Oh, are you really asking me not to pull out the my finger probing your tight, warm, satisfying asshole? Okay then, you wont feel empty for long.

Can you feel me prodding against it. No, I know that it is too big to be my finger again. I know it feels pulsing, throbbing and hot against your hole. Just relax and let it happen.

Oh, fuck. making you all nice and slippery really paid off. The tip just popped in and you are tight, little toy! Fuck! Do you like that? Do you like my groaning in your ear as you feel me fill up your ass one inch at a time until you feel the warmth of my hips and my legs against yours? I will go in balls deep and you will be my anal whore today.

Fuck. I know you will be sore, but this won't be over quickly. Can you feel the short periods of emptiness when I pull back just to fill you up again mere moments later? The way your body instinctively tries to push against it feels so fucking good, so fucking tight.

Now, hands on the wall, so I can see you are not touching yourself. Plus, you will need the stability when I grab your ass tightly with both hands and pull you back onto my cock in sync with my thrusts.

Now be a good little anal whore for me...

And take it!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/11/18

So wet...

I got so wet from this, mmm yes I'll be your little anal whore.

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