tagMatureA Morning Wake Up

A Morning Wake Up


The radiance of the morning sun drifts through the windows....

It's rays warm the air and cause the dew to melt away in small droplets of moisture. The sounds and smells of the new day rekindle in my mind and bring back thoughts of last night.

I recall the last moments of bliss, as sleep captured my mind and I drifted off into dreamland. I remember the warm feeling of your cum running down my ass as it seeped from my wet pussy. What a wonderful night. After our love making, we kissed for a long time before we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The rays of sunshine warm more then just the air.

I look at you laying in bed next to me and felt the familiar tingling between my legs. I study your form and stare at the bulge I know to be your flaccid manhood. Slowly I run my hand under the sheet until I feel your soft warm shaft and you moan a little when I move your balls. Gently I push the sheet aside as I lean over licking the head. I inhale the erotic scent of you and feel the heat radiate from your body.

Pulling my hair back I lift your cock with my tongue and close my warm wet mouth around the head. Using all the gentleness I can muster, I slowly suck all of your flaccid cock into my mouth. Holding it there, I enjoy the feeling of the thick soft flesh filling my mouth. When I move my tongue around the head you move a little and moan again.

Seeing the smile on your face, I wonder what you are dreaming about at the moment?

Softly sucking, I soon feel you start to grow, expanding in my mouth, getting thicker and longer. As you grow I have trouble keeping you between my lips. This slow, wet sucking and tonguing cause you to react as expected, your manhood expanding to it's full length. I release my hair, allowing it to flow across your legs like a fan of golden tresses.

I rise a little, placing my arms on each side of your body giving me better access to your now engorged cock. Pushing my head down, taking as much of you as possible and then sliding back to the head. Your cock is glistening, covered with warm wet saliva.

I begin a easy slow rhythm of up and down fucking with my mouth. Each down thrust as far as my throat will allow, feeling your hardness hitting the back of my tongue and throat. It doesn't take long before I can taste precum leaking from your little mouth. I suck and swallow knowing you're getting close.

My pace increases as your hips began pushing up to meet the wetness encircling you. You moan as your hands reach for my head. Your hands stroking my hair as I continue to suck and fuck your throbbing cock. You push your hips up, while your hands stroke my head.

I can feel the pulsating beat of your heart deep inside my mouth as your cock expands even more. Your moans became louder and longer as your swollen cock moves, pulsating deep in my throat.

I know you're about to cum when you let go of my hair and put your hands on the bed pushing your hips up and holding that position. I move my lips to the head of your cock, lashing it with my warm tongue as I know the load will fill my mouth.

Your precum flows like a summer stream. I suck harder and harder, tonguing your slit, feeling you jerk and throb from the onslaught. You push your hands down and hold yourself suspended while you let out a loud groan of delight and animal passion. "Aaarrrrrrggggg,.....Ohhh Sweet Kitten I'm cumming.....I'm cumming!!"

With that your cock pulsates one last time as your steamy hot cum blasts from the small hole, hitting the back of my throat. I swallow and gulp trying to accommodate your hot steamy cum. Each beat of your heart sends more cum squirting and gushing from your bloated balls. I just keep swallowing blast after blast of your love juice.

You stay suspended while the pulsation's and quivering continue. Your body is hard as steel while your skin is covered with goose bumps. Soon you relax, lowering your body to the bed. Your now empty cock begins wilting, the softening euphoric stutter of passion released.

I capture your shriveling cock in my mouth, wanting to hold it as long as possible.

I softly suck and milk your cock with my warm mouth, as your body relaxes. Finally I feel your heartbeat deep in your cock return to normal, letting you drop from my mouth.

Drained and sated you look down at me and I look up smiling and say "Good morning Darling Bear. how was your night?" You look at me and say. "Great, my Sweet Kitten......but not as wonderful as my morning."

I climb up into your arms and hold you tight as the taste and flavor of your sweet cum remain in my mouth...

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by Anonymous

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by Mr_Neb11/29/17

Erotic Yet Sweet and Tender

Delightful! Thanks for a very sexy read. I hope there will be more. Your kind of writing is rare here.


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