tagToys & MasturbationA Morning with Lit Ch. 01

A Morning with Lit Ch. 01


It was about 6:15 in the morning when Tessa rolled over and squinted at the clock. She knew that her hubby Jesse would be downstairs by now. Having his breakfast, watching some TV, or surfing the net.

Being an erotic writer, sex was never far out of Tessa's mind...in fact it was never out of her mind...just pushed out of the main focus for a while each day. She'd seen in the internet browser's history that her husband had found her favorite place to write for, Literotica.com online. She had noticed that he read there almost everyday, and it had started her crazy, vibrant, sexually creative mind afire. And she'd been waiting to put one of her crazy fantasies into play.

It was easy for her to tell if he was indeed reading online, or if he had opted for TV that morning—having dialup still, she picked up the phone beside the bed and called the dedicated internet line...it was busy—he was definitely online—time to put her fantasy to the test.

She slipped her robe on over her little black thong, and nothing else walked through the master bath brushed her teeth, and quickly ran a brush through her dark blonde hair as quietly as she could. Tip-toeing downstairs she snuck around the living room and into the office doorway.

"What ya reading there sexy?" she whispered.

"Oh, you know, just a few stories from your favorite site." He replied.

"What are YOU doing up this early anyway?" He continued.

"Couldn't sleep, any good new stories out today? –Anything...uprising?" Tessa giggled.

"Well, not by myself, but now that you're here for some added inspiration there could be..."

"Oh, good, well then, you can read one to me..." Tessa suggested.

"What are you gonna do for me?" Jesse asked.

"We'll see, pick a good story and see what happens!"

Jesse browsed the list and came up with an interesting tale, of a women and her first encounter with a sex toy called Tonya and her Toy. And he began to read to his lovely wife all about Tonya and her first and a bit reluctant trial of a vibrator—The fabulous Pearl Rabbit. Which immediately made both Jesse and Tessa laugh aloud—it had been the first that Jesse had purchased for Tessa one long ago Valentine's Day.

The reading continued and the distraction ensued. As Jesse read Tessa decided to turn up the heat a bit—after all it was a cold winter morning. She hopped up close—but not too close on the side of the U shaped desk diagonally in the view of her hubby even while he read.

The little black thong now completely visible beneath the robe, she sat with one leg bent up at the knee as the other draped creamily from the surface of the desktop. Her hand rubbing up and down its silky-lacey surface as she heard the words of the story begin to slow and stutter a little from her sexy husband's lips.

"Keep reading, don't stop...I'll let you know what I think of your reading choice and how good of a narrator you are..." Tessa winked with a grin.

"She rubbed her arms across her shoulders and ran a hand across her bottom giving it a slight squeeze. And when she did she could feel the wetness that had grown from the warmth between her legs. She felt the goose flesh across her body as if she'd stuck her finger in an electric socket and she was painfully aware of her fully erect nipples. So hard and standing at attention that they actually seemed to be a bit on fire. She lifted her fingers to one of them and gave it a halfhearted squeeze. But it was enough to make her gasp out loud a bit." Jesse continued to read distractedly as his wife slid her hands up and down the small slice of fabric that barely separated her from skin on skin contact.

He couldn't help but notice the nice bulge of his wife's hardening clit behind the light black fabric—or the fingertip spot of moisture that was beginning to spread down the fabric's silky surface turning it from silky and slick to sticky and wet in a matter of seconds.

"Mmm...that sounds so good, I can't wait for her to touch herself..." Tessa said to Jesse teasingly as she nibbled at her own pouty bottom lip.

Jesse quickly scrolled the net page and found a new chosen passage that led his wife and the story's character, Tonya, to quicker, deeper action.

"She slid the thong to the side finally allowing the toy full contact with her smoothly shaven lips. She imagined him eating her, his tongue teasing her clit inside and out as she allowed the bunny ears to do just that. She let them crawl up under the hood of her clit and massage her at her most raw and vulnerable spot. She turned the toy over upside down and inserted just the ears into her warm wet pussy. Pressing upwards against the back of her clit with it as she licked a finger and massaged it from the top with the other hand. It felt amazing." The story Jesse told continued.

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