tagGroup SexA Mother, a Daughter and a Sailor

A Mother, a Daughter and a Sailor


The engine noise from the coastguard launch woke Mike. Recollections of his vivid dream lingered in his still drowsy mind.

"God that was so sexy. Two beautiful women and four great bonks," he smiled.

Then he realized that there were two warm bodies cuddled into him and that it hadn't been a dream. Simone was asleep and facing him, her arms around his neck and Sarah, in a spoon position behind him had her right hand clasped around his penis. As his mind became alert, so did his penis and it shot up to a hard erection.

He gently prised Sarah's hand away, but this woke her.

"Mum, are you awake?" mumbled Sarah. "I've had a terrible nightmare."

"Mmmmm." Simone, her mother, stirred..

"In my nightmare a crude and uncouth sailor molested me and fucked me time and time again."

"I had the same nightmare. He fucked me in my vagina twice, in my mouth twice and even up my ass."

"Up your ass, for heaven's sake. What made you dream about that? The same thing happened in my nightmare."

The giggles started.

"There's a lesson in our nightmares, Sarah. Never get close to a crude and uncouth sailor."

Mike felt their bodies rock with laughter. He sighed inwardly and waited patiently. Simone opened her eyes and looked into his face with mock surprise.

"Aaaah! It's a crude and uncouth sailor." She kissed him tenderly. " Did you have a good night's sleep Skipper Mike?"

"A great night's sleep, thanks Simone. I dreamed that two women wanted me to rescue them. But I ignored them, caught a fabulous fighting tuna, had a great meal and nice quiet night by myself. My nightmare has started now I'm awake and have seen that the two of you really are here."

Mike bent down and nibbled Simone's left nipple. She held his face there until he responded to Sarah's urgent tap on his back. He rolled over and nibbled Sarah's right nipple. She wriggled into him and felt his erection.

"Our skipper's mast seems to be in ship-shape condition." She squeezed it harder than Mike would have suggested.

Mike climbed out of bed. "That's the coastguard. Get yourselves decent, if you know what that word means, because they'll want you to make a statement."

He watched them as they rose. Although he had spent almost 12 hours with them naked he was still awestruck by their bodies.

Sarah was almost a clone of her mother. 18 years old and already tall, only an inch short of Simone's statuesque 5 feet 10. A similar bone structure, although her face was softer with her youth. Sarah's usual expression was innocent enthusiasm. When Mike had first met Simone she had greeted him with an arrogant stare, but now she looked at him with a twinkling and challenging smile.

"Are you going to spend the whole week ogling us, you pervert?" she asked.

"That and other things." Mike caressed her bottom as she stood, still naked, brushing her hair in front of the mirror.

Both women had the same thick and wavy long black hair and Sarah always let hers flow freely to her shoulders. Simone was clipping hers back tightly from her face, highlighting her classical bone structure.

The biggest difference was their breasts. Sarah's were larger, Cs, and more uplifted, as would be expected with a daughter and her aureoles were larger. Initially Simone had felt self conscious with Mike about her B cup breasts and that they didn't extend at the same high angle as her daughter's.

"Skipper, I'm sorry they not as beautiful as Sarah's."

Mike had frowned. "I'm the skipper and I decide which breasts are beautiful and which aren't. And yours, Simone, are exquisitely beautiful. Beautiful breasts come in different shapes and sizes. Sarah's are like Venus de Milo. Yours are like Botticelli's Venus."

Simone had checked on the Internet later and felt far better and also very flattered by Mike's comparison. 40 years old, she had been blessed with youthful genes.

Below their breasts the two women were almost identical. Flat stomachs, slim waists and hips and long, long shapely legs. Their Brazilians left their pussies openly displayed and Mike reflected on the ecstasies he had enjoyed there the night before.

"You had better stop staring at us or the coastguard will think you've got your fishing rod in your shorts," Sarah said sternly.

The coastguard took Mike and Simone and Sarah to the large cabin cruiser which the women had chartered the day before.

"Can you tell us what happened madam?" the Commanding Officer asked, unable to keep his gaze from the cleavage of Simone's low cut sun-dress.

He found her quite intimidating. Very tall, very slim, high angular cheek bones and a haughty expression. An aristocratic looking beauty with an aristocratic disposition. He couldn't work out how someone as youthful looking could have a daughter even half Sarah's age

"My daughter and I chartered this cabin cruiser. We wanted to get away for a couple of days to recover from the trauma of me telling my husband to piss off."

"He was having an affair with his fat secretary," explained Sarah.

Simone went on. "After two hours the charter skipper went to the toilet. Half an hour went by so we went to check. He was sitting there stone dead."

Sarah took up the story. "We couldn't work the radio, our cell-phones were out of range so we tried to sail back."

The Commanding Officer did some mental arithmetic."But you went in the wrong direction. You were heading to South America."

Simone stared at him frostily."I'm sure you are right. It just so happens that Sarah and I have better things to do than study navigation."

"Then we saw Skipper Mike's boat. The only one we had seen for hours," said Sarah.

"It was the scruffiest looking boat we have have ever seen. A tub. If we hadn't been so desperate we would have ignored it." Simone pointed to "Queen of the Waves", Mike's elderly, small and dilapidated craft. The Commanding Officer agreed with her assessment.

Mike interjected. "I sacrificed a great chance to catch a tuna. As soon as I arrived, all she did was abuse my "Queen of the Waves. She keeps on calling it a tub."

"And he couldn't work the radio. And the one on his tub didn't work." Simone rolled her eyes.

Mike ignored her comment. "I checked that the charter skipper was dead."

The Commanding Officer went bravely to the toilet. The slightly bloated remains of the charter skipper were still sitting there. Very obviously dead.

He looked at Simone and Sarah.

"You've been lucky. These are dangerous seas and there aren't many boats this far out. If Mike hadn't been here you would be shark food by now. You should be very grateful."

"We are and we are going to show it. We're staying here for a week to paint "Queen of the Waves," beamed Sarah.

"What did you do next?" asked the Commanding Officer.

"We came here of course. Mike has a cabin here." Simone fixed him with a steely glare.

There was a long silence as the Commanding Officer wrote some notes.

Simone continued glaring at him, Sarah smiled innocently and Mike gazed at the horizon. None felt that the Commanding Officer's need know that on the trip to cabin Simone and Sarah had seduced Mike. He hadn't resisted very much. In fact he hadn't resisted at all. And in four hours of bliss in front of a bonfire on the beach, he had received part payment of his reward..

(Author's Note: the full story of the first day is described in Rescue at Sea)

They stood on the beach and waved goodbye to the coastguard then sat on the lawn in front of the cabin and drank tea. The sun was already warm and it was a windless day. Simone and Sarah each had an arm around Mike's shoulders as they took in the marvelous view of the wide sweep of the bay. There were only four other cabins on the remote island, all owned by holiday makers and all empty at this time. They had the island to themselves.

"What are your orders for today, Skipper?" asked Sarah pecking his cheek.

"We have to wait until high tide this afternoon to get "Queen of the Waves" out of the water to paint her. I'll show you some of the island and we'll get our dinner."

Simone and Sarah each held one of Mike's hands as they walked along the long beach. The gentle waves lapped the shore, seabirds swirled in the sky and the sun glinted on the water. Both women were silent as they thought about their situation.

The previous day, when Mike had finally turned his boat towards them, Simone's first reaction was an overwhelming sense of relief. She and Sarah had become increasingly scared as they knew they were lost, that their fuel was running low and it was starting to get dark. She had been relieved and grateful when Mike had climbed onto their boat to save them and even though he was little more than half her age, he was very attractive.

It had started off as a game between her and Sarah as each had increased the sexual innuendo. When she had first kissed him, then felt the thrill of his tongue in her mouth and then had pushed her breasts against his body she had become excited.

She had married when she was very young and sexually inexperienced. Her sex life with her husband had never been exciting and for as long as she could remember it had consisted of a monthly two minute rutting during which she thought about the next day's shopping.

"Why not? It's not everyday you get rescued," she had thought. "I'm 40 and have never done anything like this before. I've just split from my useless husband. And Mike's gorgeous."

From Mike's first touches of her on the blanket on the beach all her inhibitions had left and sexual urges she didn't know she had, had taken over. Mike had exquisitely pleasured all her body with his fingers, lips and tongue, had brought her to a stream of orgasms with his oral sex and she had squealed with joy when his rock hard cock had plunged into the depths of her sodden vagina.

Now, as she walked and remembered, she squeezed Mike's hand, then raised it to her lips and kissed it.

"I hope you are happy with us being here with you Skipper."

Mike looked into her eyes and smiled and kissed her. Then he frowned. "I won't be happy until you have finished painting my boat"

Sarah's thoughts were less complicated. Like her mother she had been terrified, but from the moment she had first seen Mike she had had no reservations. And the sex had been like nothing she had even imagined before.

As Sarah walked she supposed that it was a bit strange that she and her mother were sharing Mike. But as well as being mother and daughter, they were each other's best friends and this was an adventure they were sharing. And she loved seeing her mother so excited and happy. She glanced across and saw her mother's contented face and she saw Mike gazing at the seagulls. Happiness washed over her.

They climbed over the headland at the end of the bay and there was another long walk along another beach. The next headland was even higher. At the summit Mike took Sarah and Simone to the cliff's edge. Only 20 meters away and five meters below was the large flat top of a huge pillar of rock which rose vertically from the crashing sea.

There were hundreds of nesting gannets, magnificent large white seabirds, with black wing tips and yellow heads. Simone and Sarah watched as some parents fed their black, fluff covered chicks. They saw some of the gannets scramble awkwardly to the cliff's edge then launch themselves gracefully into the sky.

"We're in luck," said Mike. The two women looked to where his binoculars were pointing. Mike passed the binoculars to Simone and stood behind her to direct her gaze.

Simone saw dozens of gannets circling in the sky. Then randomly, from the height of around 30 meters, the seabirds tucked their wings tight to their bodies and dived straight down into the water, like arrows.

"They're mad," said Simone passing the binoculars to Sarah.

"They hit the water at about 100 kilometers an hour," said Mike.

More gannets flew from the rock pillar and soon there were so many splashes in the sea it looked as though machine-gun was being fired into the water. Simone and Sarah watched in fascination for half an hour, then abruptly the show was over.

They walked around another headland then were on a beach on the ocean side of the island. Large breakers rolled to the shore. All three took off their clothes and body-surfed for an hour in the warm and powerful waves. It was the first time Simone and Sarah had swum naked in the surf and they loved the feeling as the water washed across their bodies and bubbled across their genitals.

They went snorkeling in a protected rocky cove and explored a small marine wonderland. Dozens of fish glided fearlessly around them. Mike dived to the bottom and the women saw him feel under a rock and bring out a flapping lobster. Then to another hole and another lobster.

"Skipper, we love lobster. You're so clever," exclaimed Simone.

"Not really. In three days time there will be two more there. In the season it's like a fish shop except that I don't pay."

They sat side by side drying in the sun. Mike's gazed at the two naked bodies beside him and gently brushed Simone's inner thigh, then Sarah's.

"What are you thinking Skipper Mike?" asked Sarah.

"I'm wondering when I will wake from this dream."

"So are we." Simone sighed.

Back at the cabin they shared the shower. The women were careful to clean all the sand from their bodies and then meticulously made sure that Mike's cock was sand free. This resulted in it's standing to attention. Simone and Sarah watched with interest.

"And what are you thinking now Skipper Mike?" asked Sarah.

"I'm wondering how I decide which of you to bonk first."

"We can decide that if you like. And I think my Mum would quite like it if you fucked her now."

Simone guided Mike's hand to her pussy.

"I'm going to read a book under the tree," said Sarah. She kissed her mother, then Mike.

Simone smiled at Mike and raised her arms. Mike smiled at Simone and carried her into the bedroom. Their kissing was long and passionate and their touching was delicate, intimate and arousing. Mike gently caressed the insides of Simone's thighs and outer labia. Simone moved to open herself more to him and gently stroked his balls, his shaft and his knob.

When Simone was on her knees with her shoulders on the sheets the delicacy and intimacy were replaced by unrestrained and physical fucking. Mike held her hips as he pounded her vagina from behind. Simone buried her face in the pillow and gurgled and pushed her buttocks to take him deeper, feeling his knob pound into her cervix as her orgasm surged.

"Aaaaaaaah Uhuhuh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah."

Simone lay panting with her loins still quivering and her pussy still twitching and tingling. She stroked Mike's hair.

"You haven't come Skipper."

Mike guided her so that she was lying on her back with her buttocks just off the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of her and put his hands his hands under her thighs, raising them towards her chest and spreading them.

Simone had a moment of confusion and anxiety. A day ago she hadn't met Mike. Until a day ago she had always had sex under sheets. A day ago she wouldn't have even considered anal sex.

Now here she was her legs apart, her vulva and anus as openly exposed as possible and about to have a cock in her ass. Last night it had hurt a little at the start and had been quite uncomfortable for some time.

Mike noticed her small frown. "Only if you want to Simone."

Her resolution returned. After all the orgasms and delights she had just had, she was his for whatever he wanted. And she was determined to explore her new found sexuality. Her body was flexible from all her yoga classes so she spread her knees even wider and brought her legs so far back that the sides of her thighs were touching the sheets..

She smiled. "Come on Skipper, make my day."

Mike looked at her splayed torso, her vagina was still dilated and pink and glistening from their sex, her brown anus beckoned, those beautiful thighs and breasts and now that tranquil smile. As his oiled knob nudged her anus Simone reached out her right hand to hold his left.

There was no pain this time as his knob penetrated her anal ring. His fingers had dilated her before and her sphincter was more relaxed. Simone saw the look of ecstasy on Mike's face and squeezed her anus.

Ever so gently Mike probed, only advancing half an inch each time and only after he could feel that Simone was comfortable. He frequently withdrew completely adding more oil and each time his knob reentered without resistance. He noticed Simone's haunches starting to move in time with his rhythm and he could see her relaxed face and tranquil smile.

Simone's body was starting to take control. She was loving the feel of Mike's cock against her smooth rectum walls. She writhed her hips to get more of the exquisite pressure. She loved the full feeling and started to push her buttocks towards Mike.

Mike could feel her reaction and could feel how her bowel was relaxing. He thrust in deeper and harder and his finger rubbed her clitoris. Simone squeezed his other hand.

"Oh Skipper that's lovely," she sighed.

Her hips were now more demanding, thrusting herself along his rod. That was the end of Mike's restraint and he plunged in so deeply that his loins banged against Simone's buttocks. His cock tingled with delight and he sighed.

Simone's breath came in pants and she alternated between little grunts and squeals. She was totally under the control of the gorgeous feelings in her bowel.

"Aaahuhuh aaahuh eeeeeeee aaaahu huh huh eeeeeeeeeeeee."

Her hips started to rotate in irregular circles. In a languid rhythm she thrust her ass forward to get Mike's cock more deeply inside. She could feel herself tantalizingly on the brink. Then her rectum was overwhelmed by a sunburst of ecstasy, her hips and torso went into uncontrollable convulsions and her breasts bounced.

"Aaaaaa huh huh aaaaaaaa huhuhuh huh eeeeeeee aaaahu huh huh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Simone smiled a dreamy smile and squeezed his cock again.

"Was there an earthquake?"

"Perhaps a nuclear bomb."

"Oh my God that was so wonderful." Then she felt his rigid cock inside her.

"Skipper, you are so naughty. You still haven't come."

Simone knelt and kissed his penis, licked his penis and sucked his penis and cupped his balls with her fingers. Mike felt his loins tightening; felt the surge sweep through his loins, through his shaft and knob and into her throat.

At high tide they rowed out to "Queen of the Waves" and brought her to the beach. Mike worked his boat onto a trailer and, with an old tractor, pulled it up from the beach to a grassy patch of land..

"First part is the worst part. Sandpapering down the paint."

Simone and Sarah looked at the daunting task.

"Come on Sarah. This tub is going to take us home in a few days. I'd prefer to set fire to my hair than be seen in it looking like this."

Mike gave them some old clothes and the three worked hard in the hot sun for four hours. He was impressed how hard they worked, how meticulously they worked and, even more, how they worked without complaint.

After they had washed it was Simone's turn to say that she was going outside to read a book

Sarah took control of her sex with Mike. She pushed him onto his back and then slowly pleasured his body with her fingers and lips and tongue. Kneeling over him, she traced her nipples over his torso and face. She covered her breasts with saliva and brought him to a peak of excitement by massaging his erection between them.

Then she knelt astride him, facing his feet, her pussy inches from his and took his rod deep into her throat. She refused to let him lick her pussy so Mike enjoyed the gorgeous close up view of vulva and the aroma of her sexual juices as she licked and sucked and swallowed.

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