tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Mother-in-Law Snared Ch. 02

A Mother-in-Law Snared Ch. 02


I want to thank all who contacted me about A mother-in-law snared with their ideas and suggestions some of which I used in this second chapter. Your feedback is very important and gratefully accepted.



It had been three months since Carol had given birth to baby Josh. To her delight the birth of their son seemed to bring reconciliation between Matt and her mother.

Angela Leech, Carol's mother, had been a continual thorn in Matt Taylor's side for the first year of his marriage to Carol. She constantly made little of Matt, even though he had a good job and provided for Carol. Nonetheless, Angela made no secret of her dislike of her son-in-law. All this changed however when Angela was caught embezzling and Matt came to her rescue, using it to his advantage and making his mother-in-law his personal sex slave as well as his secretary. Indeed, the night Carol went into labour, Matt and Angela were in the throes of wild passionate sex when Dan, Angela's husband, who was also the doctor who delivered Josh, rang to inform him of the news. Now they all doted on the new baby peace had descended on the Taylor household.

Angela still hated Matt. She hated him even more now since he trapped her into being his sex slave. She had hoped that the birth of baby Josh would somehow divert Matt's attention. This was only to prove temporary however and instead of a reprieve, Angela was to find herself deeper in Matt's clutches.

It all began when Matt had secured a lucrative account for the firm. This was due in no small part to Matt pimping his mother-in-law out to the three representatives of the company he had signed up. Angela had been forced to accompany one of these men to a bachelor party for his son. She was forced to strip naked and pleasure each of the young man's friends. She was also forced to have sex and sleep with the son to secure the contract. The second man demanded five straight sex sessions in her own marital bed while her husband was working at the hospital. Finally the third man forced her to have sex with him and his two grown sons in a threesome. Angela feared that refusal meant probable jail and divorce. She also feared and hated being spanked by her son-in-law for disobedience.

Matt was driving home with Angela when he decided they should go to Holland's bar to celebrate their success. Having no choice, Angela accompanied her son-in-law. Matt drove up to the front of the bar and reached for his wallet. "Damn, I didn't bring enough cash. Wait for me at the bar. I'll be right back."


Just do it Ange. I'll be right back." With that, Matt drove to the ATM at the nearby bank, leaving his mother-in-law standing outside the bar. Shyly she entered the bar. All the seats, except those at the bar were taken up. Reluctantly, she sat on one of the high stools and ordered a martini. Angela wished her grey skirt wasn't so short but Matt had demanded she wear them. She refused to cross her long smooth legs, knowing it would expose her stocking tops. Most of the customers were young men in their early twenties.

Angela became aware of a group of six young men, all of whom were bearded and wore almost identical leather outfits. It was obvious to her that she was being discussed. Angela kept looking at her watch every few moments. 'Where the hell is that bastard.' she thought.

As the time slowly passed Angela became increasingly nervous. Then of the young men strolled over. "Hi baby. Haven't seen you in here before," he said. His companions laughed.

"I-I'm waiting for someone," Angela responded nervously.

"Aren't we all?" said the young man with a laugh. His friends gave a corresponding chorus of laughter.

"You don't understand. I'm waiting for my son-in-law."

There was a roar of laughter. "Well, each to their own," replied the young man. "Let me get you a drink while you're waiting."

Terrified, Angela drank down the last of her own drink and tried to leave but the young man held her arm. "Please..." begged Angela.

"Aw come on babe one drink's not going to kill you."

Angela looked around. The young men had gathered around her. Alright, just one," she said nervously. The young man nodded to the barman and he poured another martini. Uneasily, she drank it down. Another was quickly produced and after several more Angela spoke in a slurred voice. "I think you're trying to get me drunk."

"Baby, you are drunk," the young man replied. His companions laughed heartily.

Angela got down from the stool and almost fell over but the young man held her up. She was about to thank him when the young man began to unbutton her business suit jacket.

"Stop it. What do you think you're doing?" cried the forty-eight year old.

"Oh baby, you didn't just come here for a drink. I saw the way you looked at me."

Again there was a roar of laughter.

"Please, I'm a married woman..."

"I just love experience said the young man as Angela's jacket was removed and the young man proceeded to unbutton her white blouse.

Angela tried to struggle but the alcohol she had consumed made her weak and confused. She heard the zipper of her skirt being pulled and the loosened garment fell freely to the floor revealing her sexy red knickers her son-in-law insisted she wore. Almost at that same moment Angela's blouse fell open and was quickly removed displaying her wonderful breasts straining to escape from the confines of her matching low cut bra. The sight of which brought wolf whistles and cat calls.

Please don't..." Angela pleaded weakly and in vain as her bra was removed; allowing her breasts to burst forth and her nipples harden upon contact with the air. Hands groped and squeezed them. Angela winced as the squeezing of her breasts intensified.

"Gently boys, gently. Don't hurt the lady, said the young man as he knelt and lowered Angela's knickers. Again there was laughter.

"Wow look at this," said the young man as he observed Angela's bare pussy and gave a wolf whistle. "Wow baby. I bet your husband loves that," said the young man and then drilled through her pussy lips with his tongue and proceeded to lash Angela's clit.

Angela was unable to hide her pleasure. "Oooh," she moaned as the young man continued working with his tongue.

"Gee Harry, she loves it," shouted one of the gang. The others laughed.

Harry suddenly withdrew his tongue. He placed Angela, who was naked except for her black stockings and high heels, onto a table the others had cleared. Harry lowered his pants and spreading Angela's long legs, invaded her pussy with his hard cock and began to pound her. At the same time a cock was pushed into her mouth and she began to suck it. Each of her hands also received a cock and Angela was forced to hand fuck them. After a few moments all of them settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. As the moments ticked away Angela felt her heart beat faster. Her body heat made her perspire and soon she could feel her juices gather.

Those whom she hand fucked orgasmed first and the rubbed the hot cum over her naked breasts. As the explosion of cum in her mouth occurred Angela could do nothing else but swallow as her head was yanked back.

Finally, Angela's love juices and Harry's cum collided giving them both a huge orgasm. They both released a corresponding sigh of relief and sexual satisfaction. There was an anticlimax for Angela as she heard a familiar voice shouting across the room.

"What the fuck is going on here?" yelled Matt.

A shocked Angela got up, her face and her body smeared in cum. "Oh Matt. They..."

"Get dressed you stupid whore," yelled Matt.

Harry quickly pulled up his pants. "Now there's no need to speak to the lady like that," he said.

Matt said nothing. Suddenly he struck a punch at Harry and the young man crashed onto another table. His companions were about to move but Matt was quicker. Smashing a bottle, he held it near Harry's face. "Be my guest, he said with menace." At the same time he gripped Harry's hair. The others hesitated and Harry remained silent, clearly nervous at his predicament.

Matt turned to Angela who was still on the table, obviously stunned by what had happened. "I told you to get dressed."

Angela dressed as quickly as she could and without a word.

Matt dragged Harry with him as he headed to the bar entrance. "Now get into the car and wait," he ordered his mother-in-law. Angela obeyed.

As soon as he was confidently Angela was in the car Matt released Harry who turned around to face him.

"I hope I didn't hurt you too much, Harry," said Matt as he reached to the inside pocket of his jacket.

Harry rubbed his jaw. "I've had worse." responded Harry.

"You all did great job boys. Well done," said Matt as he handed Harry a large envelope stuffed with cash.

"A pleasure doing business, Matt," said Harry as both men shook hands and Matt left the bar smiling.

As Matt drove away quickly Angela summoned the courage to speak. "Matt, I..."

Matt interrupted her. "You stupid bitch. I can't leave you alone for five minutes. You better hope word doesn't get out about this Ange."

"But they raped me," protested Angela.

"Raped you? From where I was standing you looked like you were having the time of your life. I can just see the headlines; prominent doctor's wife has wonderful sex while husband slaves at hospital."

Angela began to cry.

"Stop your sniffling. It doesn't suit you." cried Matt.

Matt arrived at his in-laws' house and got out. Angela remained in the car still shocked.

"You're home Ange. I suggest you get out and get cleaned up before Dan comes home.

Angela got out and after entering the house she ran upstairs. She stripped rapidly made her way to the shower, forgetting her son-in-law was behind her. As the jets of steamy hot water struck her naked flesh Angela began to soap her body and washed frantically as if trying to cleanse herself of a lethal infection.

As her body adjusted to the hot water Angela began to relax and enjoy the pleasurable feeling of her body being soaked. She began to reflect on the evening's events. She just couldn't believe she had foolishly allowed herself to get drunk and gang banged. Matt was right about one thing. Despite what happened she did enjoy when the leader of the youths, Harry, fucked her, though she would never admit it. It was like nothing she ever experienced before. She began to imagine Harry was before her again when suddenly hands grabbed her breasts. It was Matt who stood behind her naked.

Before Angela had time to react Matt kissed her bare neck. It had a paralysing affect on her as her son-in-law kissed her shoulder and made his way down her back, kissing and licking as he went as the jets of hot water continued to fall around them.

"Oooh," sighed Angela, unable to disguise her pleasure.

Suddenly Matt prised Angela's arse cheeks apart and drove his hardened cock deep inside her and began to plunder the one spot that had escaped attention thus far.

Matt held Angela's hips as he slowly built up speed. Each stroke became faster and harder. Angela's own body began to react and they settled into a satisfying motion.

Angela released a slight yell when she felt the burning sensation of Matt's cum exploding inside her.

Matt turned her around and made her kneel down. He forced his cock into her mouth. "Just lick it clean, bitch." he demanded.

Reluctantly, Angela obeyed his orders, not daring to protest about the taste, fearing a spanking or worse.

Finally satisfied, Matt withdrew his cock and got out of the shower. "I'd love to sleep with you Ange but Carol is expecting me home. Besides, we don't want Dan to catch us in bed. Do we?" he said with a grin as he continued to dry himself.

"You bastard!" screamed Angela.

Matt grabbed his mother-law's mouth and squeezed. "You started it Ange but by God, I'll finish it. You'll learn humility. That I promise you." Matt dressed and turned to Angela who was still in the running shower. "See you at work tomorrow, Ange. A new stage of our er, relationship is about to begin."

Matt laughed as he headed out the door and into his car leaving his mother-in-law crying bitterly as the spray of hot water continued to fall around her.

That night, despite having had sex with Angela, or perhaps because of it, Matt made the most passionate love to Carol.


The following day Angela sat at her desk typing some reports Matt had left. She couldn't help wondering what Matt meant 'a new stage' When Matt arrived he said nothing. Indeed, the whole day went by without incident, as did the following few days. Curiosity and fear gripped Angela but she remained silent.

A week after the incident at the bar Matt arrived as usual and Angela once again was sitting at her desk typing. She had put the post on his desk as usual and thought nothing of it.

"Angela? Get in here now!" yelled Matt.

A startled Angela jumped when she heard her son-in-law. She hurried into the office. "Yes Ma, er Mr Taylor?"

Matt looked up at his cringing mother-in-law. "It looks like you're in big trouble Ange."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

Matt threw the photos on his desk. They showed a near naked Angela being gang banged and apparently enjoying herself.

"Oh my God," cried Angela as she put her hand to her mouth.

"Who ever sent this is looking for ten thousand pounds or they'll post them on the internet and send copies to Dan," said Matt, producing a written letter.

"What are we going to do?" asked Angela in a panic.

"What are we going to do? I told you to wait at the bar. I didn't tell you to strip and have a good time," responded Matt angrily.

"But they raped me," countered Angela.

"Look at those photos, Ange and tell me you didn't enjoy yourself. You'd be laughed out of any court in the land."

"I don't care..." yelled Angela.

Matt got up from behind his desk and his stare silenced Angela.

"I'll teach you not to speak to me like that. Now get over that chair."

Angela reluctantly did so, both knowing and dreading what was to come.

Matt produced a paddle. He pulled up Angela's grey skirt and lowering her knickers, he spanked her. Whack! Whack! Whack.

For each strike Angela bit her lip trying to muffle her screams.

"Alright get up," said Matt as he put the cane away.

Angela gingerly pulled her knickers back up.

"I guess you better pay that ten thousand, Ange."

Angela looked at her son-in-law with alarm. "But, I haven't got that sort of money."

"You don't expect me to bail you out again, do you?" responded Matt in mock surprise.

Angela began to cry. "Please Mat, er, Mr Taylor. What will Dan or Carol think?"

"You should have thought of that before you started fucking those guys."

Then Angela did something she thought she'd never do and in front of her son-in-law. She knelt clasping her hands. "Please Matt. I'll do anything. I swear it. I swear it," she repeated several times, crying uncontrollably.

For the first time ever Matt's expression seemed to change to one of pity for the grovelling woman. "Alright, stop your crying. I'll see if I can sort out this mess."

"Oh thank you Matt, er, Mr Taylor, thank you," said a relieved Angela as she held his legs and rested her head.

"You're doing nothing only costing me money Ange. You better be prepared to do exactly what I say or the deal is off. Now get cleaned up. Use my washroom. Then go and get my coffee. When you come back I'll instruct you as to what your new duties are."

"Yes, Mr Taylor," replied Angela meekly before she made her way to the washroom. When Angela left to get Matt his coffee, Matt once again looked over the photos. He gave a sinister smile as he put them back in the large brown envelope and placing them in the centre drawer of his desk.


The following Monday morning Matt was in his office looking over reports with a junior clerk. It was just before eleven and the young man was discussing with his boss the financial situation of one of their client companies. There was a light knock on the door and Angela entered with a tray carrying two coffee mugs and sandwiches.

She placed the tray on Matt's desk. For a moment Angela hesitated but Matt gave her a stern look.

Angela forced a reluctant smile. She stood erect in her grey business suit and suddenly began to unbutton her jacket.

The young man in Matt's office was startled. "Yes well..."

"Continue Joe," ordered Matt as Angela neatly placed her jacket over another vacant chair and began to slowly began to unbutton her white short sleeved blouse.

Joe stuttered out the report as Angela opened her blouse, revealing her low cut black lace bra. She swung around and turning her head towards Matt with a smile, slowly unzipped her short grey skirt and allowed it to slide to the floor. It was only when Angela removed her blouse that Joe noticed her skimpy black knickers. Again Angela swung around to face and unclasping the front of her bra, allowed it to join the rest of her discarded garments.

Joe almost swallowed his tongue at the sight of Angela's wonderful breasts and erect nipples. Matt swung his chair to the side and Angela knelt before him and opened the zipper of his pants.

"That'll be all for now, Joe," said Matt as he turned to the young man.

"Er, ok Mr Taylor," responded Joe as he got up and left the office.

"You perv..." Angela didn't get to finish her sentence as Matt grabbed her head and forced her mouth to accept his hardened cock. "Start sucking Ange and unless you want another spanking it better be good. Fearing another spanking Angela began to suck as if her life depended on it. Matt controlled her head, bobbing her in and out rhythmically.

"Mmm," was the only sound Angela could make.

"Aaah, that's so good," cried Matt. "Keep it up like the good whore you are," he said.

Finally Angela's mouth was flooded by Matt's cum. Matt yanked her head back and she was forced to swallow it.

Angela got up and got dressed. "What if he tells the others?" she asked Matt anxiously."

"He won't, if he knows what's good for him. You're an expert cock sucker Ange. Now get back to work."

Angela cleaned herself in the washroom and returned to her desk. She just couldn't believe she was being forced to strip daily for her son-in-law and suck his cock. 'How do hell did she ever get into this?' she thought. 'And what about Joe? What would he say or do?'

Angela had failed to recognise "Joe". She never realised he was one of Harry's gang that had gang banged her in Holland's bar. Being dressed in a neat suit and clean shaven had fooled Matt's mother-in-law.


The weeks turned to months and Carol felt ready to return to work. She mentioned the idea of a babysitter for little Josh. Matt suggested that her mother could do it and they could pay her the equivalent of her salary. Carol was surprised but delighted with the idea.

Nobody was more surprised than Angela when her daughter visited her and put the idea to her.

"But what will Matt say?" asked a surprised Angela.

"It was Matt who suggested it, mom. He's all for it. What to you say?"

"Of course I'll do it, sweetheart. I'd be delighted to." answered Angela, still puzzled at the fact it was Matt's idea. She couldn't wait to start. The thought of not being humiliated or having to strip for him at the office appealed to her and she readily accepted Carol's offer.

The first two weeks of Angela's new position were bliss. Her little grandson wanted only to be fed, changed and sleep. It was the middle of the third week and Angela had just put little Josh up to bed. She made herself some tea and settled down to watch TV as she always did. About a half an hour later the front door was opened and Matt walked in.

"What are you doing here?" asked a startled Angela.

"It may have escaped your notice Ange but I live here." responded Matt sarcastically.

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