tagMatureA Mother Loses Control Ch. 05

A Mother Loses Control Ch. 05



Sherry was meeting with the Hanson brothers and their attorney to finalize a deal that would her exclusive rights to sale the homes in the new subdivision. The Hanson's development would have 250 homes when it was completed and it would provide a substantial income for Sherry realty firm. Walt would be assisting her with the sales and he would certainly earn his commission. Sherry knew that she was prepared to do anything to secure the deal.

The meeting took place in one of the model homes with Bud and Jim Hanson along with their attorney Bob Rosen. As they looked over the contract Bud and Jim got a little fresh with Sherry and touched her breasts and ass when ever they could. When Sherry did not protest the brothers got bolder with her. Bob noticed what the brothers were up to and he went along with them. Soon all three men were fondling Sherry's body.

Sherry squirmed as they ran their hands all over her. They groped her breasts and squeezed her ass. Sherry kept faking as to fend them off but her two hands were no match for their six hands. Then they began to remove her clothing. First her suit jacket came off and then a set of hands rubbed her tits through her blouse and bra. Sherry reached for the hands grabbing her tits and then she felt the zipper at the back of her skirt being lowered.

Her skirt was then tugged down her legs. It was a tight fit as it was pulled over her buttocks and down her legs. Sherry almost fell with the skirt around her ankles but Bob held her from behind and his hands covered her breasts. Jim pulled the skirt off of her legs leaving Sherry dressed in her blouse, bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and high heels. She looked very sexy like that and the men felt their erections pushing through their pants.

Bob held Sherry's hands behind her back as Jim unbuttoned her blouse. He took his time doing one button at a time as Sherry faked her nervousness and pleaded with them to stop and leave her alone. The men laughed at her and then Bud knelt in front of her and began to unsnap her garters from her stockings. Jim had her blouse unbuttoned now and Bob pulled it down over her arms pinning them together. Then Bob unsnapped her bra from behind and Jim slipped the bra straps down her arms. Her big tits popped out when they were freed from the bra right into Jim's hands. Jim gently massaged her generous globes and smiled as her nipples hardened in her hands.

Bud had unsnapped her garters and then he removed her garter belt. He could smell Sherry's sex and it was obvious that she had become excited as they undressed her. Bud then slowly peeled Sherry's stockings down her legs one at a time. Sherry shivered from the touch of his hands on her bare legs and thighs. Bud removed Sherry's shoes and then her stockings from her one foot at a time.

Jim was now sucking on Sherry's tits and teasing her nipples with his teeth. Sherry faked fighting it but she was getting excited and she knew her pussy was wet. Sherry then felt Bob behind her and he pulled her panties down over the cheeks of her ass. Her pussy was still covered but her buttocks were bare. Bob then massaged her fleshy ass cheeks emitting a moan from Sherry. Bud then took hold of her panties and peeled them down to her knees baring her neatly trimmed pussy. Bud ran his fingers over her vulva causing Sherry to groan. She knew her pussy was dripping wet with desire and that Bud would be able to sense her state of arousal. Bud then removed Sherry's panties from her body leaving her standing naked except for the blouse around her wrists.

Bob stood up and removed her blouse so that Sherry was now completely naked in front of the three men. Bob moved to one side of her body and Jim moved to the other side. Both men unfastened their pants and pushed them along with their underwear to their knees. Their impressive hard cocks sprung lose and stood out from their bodies. Bob grabbed one of Sherry's buttocks with his right hand and one of her breasts with his other hand. Jim on the other side of her body grabbed one buttock with his left hand and a breast with his right hand. The two men fondled and squeezed the big tits and fleshy buttocks in their hands. Sherry's hands instinctively took a hold of both hard cocks and she stroked them slowly as the men played with her body.

Bud rubbed his hand over Sherry's vulva and then he parted her labia. He dipped his fingers into her pussy which was now soaking wet and in dire need of attention. Bud fingered Sherry's pussy as the others fondled her body and she stroked the two erect cocks. Sherry felt an orgasm approaching and she groaned when it hit her. Her body shook slightly and shivered as she reached a mild climax. Bud felt her orgasm and smiled as he knew what to do next.

"Let's take her to her bedroom and really seal this deal," Bud announced.

Sherry was guided into the model home bedroom and she got in bed on her back. The three men stripped quickly and Bud was the first one between Sherry's legs. He was rock hard and he eased his impressive cock into Sherry's pussy. Sherry gasped when she felt the big cock enter her and she wrapped her legs around Bud's torso.

"Oh my you are a big, aren't you?" Sherry said although he was not as big as Walt.

Bud started pounding away at her pussy with his big cock as he was really turned on and close to cumming. Then his body stiffened and he ejaculated deep into Sherry's cunt. Sherry held the builder tightly with her arms and legs as he shot streams of cum into her womb. Even though Bud came quickly, Sherry knew that she was in for a long afternoon with the three men. Bud pulled out of Sherry's pussy and Bob was there immediately to take his place. Sherry felt another big cock fill her cunt and she wrapped her legs and arms around Bob.

"Oh you are big too," she gasped.

Bob fucked Sherry with rapid strokes as he too would not last long. His body soon stiffened and then he filled Sherry's cunt with his load. Her pussy was overflowing with cum and it began to trickle out of her. As soon as Bob pulled out of her Jim was in her and he too fucked her hard and fast before shooting his load into her. Sherry also orgasmed and she wrapped her arms and legs around Jim and squeezed his body as she climaxed. Jim felt her cunt muscles working his cock as she came. Jim let Sherry relax before he pulled his cock from her pussy. The three men watched as cum trickled out of Sherry's cunt and coated her inner thighs.

All three men were still erect and their big cocks dangled in front of them. Sherry stared at the impressive cocks that were above average size. She guessed them to be in the range of 7-8 inches long and at least 5 inches around. Bob may have been a little longer than the two brothers. Sherry liked cocks this size but she did not like real small cocks and best of all she loved Walt's cock. Bud crawled back between her legs and he slipped his cock into her cum filled cunt.

Sherry knew that Bud would last longer this time and that she would probably orgasm again before he came. Bob knelt along side Sherry's head on one side and offered his cock to her mouth. Sherry turned her head to one side and took the big dick in her mouth. Jim moved to the other side of her head and Sherry took turns sucking on Jim's and Bob's cocks as Bud fucked her. Sherry had multiple orgasms before Bud came again and her pussy was cum drenched with commingled juices. Then it was Bob's turn to fuck her again and Bud had her suck his cock clean of their combined juices.

Sherry sucked on Jim's cock and Bud's cock as Bob fucked her silly. Sherry had more orgasms and her felt weak and lifeless by the time Bob fired a barrage of cum into her pussy again. Then it was Jim's turn even though Sherry had nothing left. She lay almost lifeless as Jim fucked her until he came again. The three men then left her to rest for awhile and they went to the refrigerator to get some beer. They all downed one beer and then they returned to the bedroom. Bud stopped searched through her purse and located a bottle of hand lotion and brought it into the bedroom.

The lifeless body of Sherry was then rolled over and her hips were pulled up so that her big ass stuck up in the air. Bud got behind Sherry and he began to fondle her ass and tease her nether hole. At the same time Bob got in front of Sherry and fed his cock to her mouth. Sherry sucked on the big dick as Bud fingered her asshole and pussy at the same time. He had put an ample amount of lotion in her asshole and his finger moved around easily. Satisfied that she was ready, Bud put lotion on his cock, spit in his hand and stroked his cock making it very slick. He knelt behind Sherry and eased his cock into her asshole. Sherry gasped on Bob's cock when she felt the big cock worm its way onto her ass.

Sherry had been butt fucked plenty of times before so there was no pain for her just that familiar sense of fullness. Bud fucked her slowly as she sucked on Bob's cock. Jim moved along side her and he played with her big tits as they hung down toward the bed. Bud tried to prolong fucking her ass as he loved watching his big cock slide in and out of her anal passage. He squeezed her fleshy buttocks as he fucked her ass and he like to see them jiggle when his thighs slapped against them. Sherry knew that Bud intended to cum in her ass and she loved the wicked feeling of cum shooting into her rectum.

Sherry felt Bob's cock pulsate in her mouth and she sensed that he would cum before Bud came. Bob held Sherry's head gently in his hands as he erupted in her mouth. Even though it was his third load there was still plenty of it. Sherry gulped and swallowed as quickly as she could as jet after jet shot into her mouth. Bob's ejaculation finally subsided and Sherry sucked on his cock gently milking the remaining cum from his shaft. Bob was thrilled that she swallowed his load as none of the girls he currently dated would swallow when they blew him.

Sherry then felt the first jolt of cum shoot deep into her rectum as Bud began to ejaculate. He fired five or six streams into her anal canal and then the barrage stopped. Sherry felt the fullness in her ass and she used her anal muscles to squeeze every last drop of cum from Bud's cock. His cock eventually softened and slipped from her asshole with an audible pop and a trail of semen oozing out of her anus. Sherry relaxed for a minute and she felt Bud's cum trickle down her inner thighs.

Sherry did not relax long though as Jim was behind Sherry and he pushed his impressive cock into her ass. Jim was excited to be in her ass and he fucked it fast and furious. Jim too loved the way her buttocks jiggled as he slammed into her seeking another ejaculation. Sherry was presented with Bud's cock to suck clean as Jim drilled her ass. Sherry sucked on Bud's soft cock and she liked the feel of it in her mouth. Then she felt Jim stiffen and cum in her ass. Once again she was surprised with the force and the amount of semen that the men generated when they ejaculated in her. Sherry instinctively used her anal muscles to milk Jim's cock dry before he finally slipped out of her ass.

The men left her again and went to get another beer. When they finally returned to the bedroom they were ready for more action even though they had all cum three times already. Sherry allowed her body to be maneuvered into position as her pussy was guided onto Bud's cock as he lay on his back. Then Bob shoved his lubricated cock into her ass and Jim pushed his cock into her mouth. Sherry allowed herself to be used by her three colleagues and this time she was thankful to have a cock in her pussy again. She too was horny again and her clit needed a good scraping.

The three men fucked Sherry for a long time before they finally came again. She had had multiple orgasms and she had collapsed on Bud underneath her. Sherry had nothing left and she lay still as the three men sought their pleasure. Her mouth just closed around Jim's cock as he fucked her face until he came in her mouth. Instinctively she swallowed his load. Bob was the next to cum and he shot his wad in her ass which was filled to overflowing. Finally Bud came in her pussy and then Sherry moved off of him and lay face down on the bed.

The boys left Sherry alone in the bedroom and helped themselves to more beer. Then they showered and dressed one by one while an exhausted and sexually drained Sherry lay face down in her bed. The men were ready to leave at that point and they looked at Sherry's well fucked body. Her belly was full of cum and cum was oozing from her asshole and her pussy. The men were pleased with their performance and one by one they walked passed Sherry and gave her a light tap on her buttocks making them jiggle.

"Goodbye Sherry and thanks for a great time," Bud said and reminded her to lock up when she left.

"Sherry the papers are on the kitchen table. It is a pleasure to be doing business with you," Bob told her.

"I think we should get together every so often and discuss how things are going," Jim added and they all chuckled.

Sherry just lay there until they left. Then she locked the front door and took a shower in the bathroom. She later dressed opting not to but her nylons and bra back on. So she left the model home dressed in her blouse, skirt and panties as she carried the remaining clothing with her. Sherry clutched to the agreement as if it were gold and to her it was. She had expected that she would have to fuck the brothers to get the deal but she had no idea that it would be a marathon fuck session. Sherry looked forward to getting home and soaking in her Jacuzzi.


Time seemed to fly by and Christmas was right around the corner. Susan had continued her torrid lesbian affair with Ruth and she even agreed to go out with Dirk and the guys. Susan felt like a real shit for cheating on Walt and she made up her mind to tell him about her affairs when the time was right. However first things first, as Susan was anxious to get Walt in bed again.

Walt was happy to see Susan when she got home and they wasted no time getting in the sack. Walt rolled Susan over on her back and got between her legs. Susan watched as if she were paralyzed as Walt lined up his ominous weapon with her quim. Walt leaned into her and his magnificent cock entered her already moist pussy. He took his time allowing her to readjust to him and then he buried his cock fully in her cunt. He took Susan's breath away with his first thrust and then he settled into a rhythm. Susan was never as full of cock in her life as she was with Walt in her. Walt touched every nerve ending within her pussy. Susan had an immediate orgasm and then felt another coming on.

Walt pounded Susan's pussy for what seemed like hours before Susan begged him to stop. Susan felt as if it was impossible to cum anymore and yet Walt had not cum yet. Walt lifted himself off of Susan and looked down at her delicate shapely body. Susan stared in disbelief at Walt's still hard cock as she had surprised herself by taking all of him in her since it had been awhile. He rolled her over on her stomach and lifted her by the hips so that her shapely ass pointed in the air. Walt got behind Susan to fuck her doggy style and Susan secretly hoped that he would put his monster in her ass. Walt slipped his big dick into Susan's pussy from behind and began to fuck her in search of his own orgasm.

Walt grabbed Susan by the hips and pulled her lifeless body up until she was on all fours. Walt pushed a thick finger into her asshole and tested her tightness then he added a second finger which caused Susan to gasp. He worked the two fingers in and out of her ass stretching her as much as he could. Walt then placed his big erect cock between Susan's beautiful smooth round ass cheeks and pushed into her asshole.

As he entered her Susan pleaded, "Oh Walt go easy remember how big you are."

Susan tried to move away from him and ended up on the bed lying flat on her stomach. Walt followed her to the prone position and lay on top of her shapely body with his huge cock between her ass cheeks and in her asshole. Walt began to hump Susan at a slow pace and then faster with his hips pumping into her. Susan's screams and moans were louder than ever as her body took Walt's big cock. Susan started taking Walt's cock easier and unconsciously massaged it with her amazing ass muscles. Walt lifted her back to her knees on all fours and reached around to feel her tits. Her nipples were rock hard as he twirled them in his fingers. Walt then moved one hand down to play with her pussy and Susan went wild humping her hips faster and faster. Walt then placed both hands on her hips and watched his cock penetrate her curvy ass as he moved her hips in time with his humps.

Susan yelled for anyone to hear, "Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me!"

Walt complied with her demands and pounded her ass as hard as he could. Susan squeezed her ass cheeks together as she orgasmed as Walt joined her and shot a huge load of cum deep into her ass. Susan screamed and moaned as she felt Walt pump several shots of cum into her rectum. Susan's beautiful body radiated heat as Walt pumped cum into her ass. Susan was almost out of breath but started to return to normal breathing as Walt caressed her body lovingly. Walt eased his cock from her ass and traces of cum ran out of her asshole between her ass cheeks and over her pussy. Susan scooped up the semen with her fingers and licked them clean. Walt flopped on the bed next to her and Susan dropped down and took his softening cock in her mouth and sucked it dry.

Walt and Susan lay together for awhile and then Walt fucked her again. Afterward as they lay in bed Susan spoke. "Walt I have a confession to make."

Susan then told Walt about her affairs with Ruth and the guys. Susan was surprised when Walt did not get upset but then he shocked her with his own account of his affairs. Walt told her about fucking all the older women but he did not tell Susan that he was fucking her mother. Susan would probably find out about that herself someday. Susan listened in disbelief as Walt told her about Margot, Liz and Sherry.

"Wow, I can't believe that you fucked those older women," Susan said in surprise.

"Yeah, it just happened. They're all horny and when we were alone they came on to me," Walt said stretching the truth.

Then Susan added, "I guess it can happen just like with me and Ruth."

"Probably in the family genes," Walt replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Susan asked, shocked at the comment.

"Oh it just that I know that your mother has had affairs with Liz and Sherry," Walt told her.

"My mother with another woman, no way, she would never do such a thing," Susan snapped.

"Well she did and she even had a three-way with Liz and Sherry," Walt added.

"I don't believe you," Susan said firmly.

"Don't take my word for it, ask Liz and Sherry. They'll tell you what happened," Walt suggested.

"I will," Susan quipped.

Then they changed the subject and Walt asked Susan if she would be willing to help in the real estate office as they were going to be very busy over the holidays. Susan agreed to help out as Walt said he would notify Sherry. Walt told Susan that her mother would be helping out as well. Susan then reached for his cock and smiled at him. Walt took her in his arms as his cock began to harden again and rolled her over. Susan opened her legs and Walt's cock slipped right into her warm wet pussy. They made love slowly this time and Susan had several more orgasms before Walt ejaculated in her again. Then they quietly rested in each other's arms. Susan thought about what Walt told her about her mother and decided that she had to find out for herself if it were true.

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