A Mother with Benefits Ch. 01


Noticing that her son had stopped talking, she said, "That's a tad dramatic, but I appreciate the sentiment. I'm so stunned and flustered that I don't know what to say or if I can even cook dinner. Let's not talk about it anymore for the time being. We can go out to get something to eat later, but I don't want to talk about it at dinner either, so don't bring up the subject."


While getting ready to go eat she gazed at herself in the mirror and thought, How did it come to this? My son wants to fuck me and I want to let him.

She brushed her hair and was applying her lipstick when she froze in sudden realization. The answer to her question was not just staring her in the face, it was on it. All she had to do was give Ward a heads up about the lipstick experiment. He could have noticed that she stopped wearing lipstick at home and that would have been the end of it. June was forced to admit, it came to this because she wanted it to.

They went to a family style restaurant and ate in silence with the exception of sporadic attempts at small talk. As the tension dissipated between them, Theodore began to periodically say, "I love you mom," with a mischievous grin. His mother was irritated at first, but as he continued this practice, he wore her down until she was suppressing a laugh. They didn't say much of anything on the way home, but when he said, "I love you mom," one more time, she tousled his hair.

They entered the house in silence. As soon as the door was closed, he faced her and took her arms in his hands. They gazed bashfully at each other, neither of them knowing what to do until he saw her lips glistening in the dim light. They appeared to be wet and particularly inviting since he had never kissed them when she was wearing lipstick. He drew her to him until their mouths were inches apart. He could feel her heated breath as he parted his lips and pressed them to hers.

Her painted lips were moist and seemed to glide across his with greater ease than he remembered. When his probing tongue touched her closed lips, he applied a slight pressure and felt them open slightly. When their tongues touched, there was a moment's hesitation before she responded with hers. When her warm lips finally relaxed and melted against his, he knew she had surrendered for the time being. He wrapped his arms around her, savoring their kiss for as long as he could before reluctantly pulling away.

After regaining her composure, she sighed and said, "It would seem that we've perfected your kissing."

He responded with, "I love you mom," and they both laughed.

"I love you too honey. You make it hard for a girl to say no."

Theodore pulled her into a snugger embrace and moved one hand down to her very touchable ass. As they kissed, he pushed his hard cock against her and could feel her breasts pressing against his chest. He wasn't sure but he thought her nipples were hard as well.

They necked for several minutes before he made an attempt at her breast. He gently squeezed it through the material of her dress and bra. She had second thoughts and slowly pushed his hand away, but he kept bringing it back. It wasn't long before he was quite positive that her nipples were hard.

When she no longer pushed him away, he took her hand into his. Despite her uncertainty, she allowed him to guide her out of the entryway. June knew where they were going, but didn't have the willpower to object. Lust overcame her better judgment as she followed him up the stairs to his bedroom and stood beside his bed.

Standing there, she realized something about herself. She took great pleasure in sex, but not casual sex. That simple fact made it possible her to remain a faithful wife and respectable mother. It was disturbing when Ward first suggested that she motivate their son with sex, but now she understood the real cause of her distress. The idea would have simply died if Ward had suggested another man. Instead, he had suggested someone she loved and the idea took root and grew beyond her control.

As they embraced, she felt him running his fingertips up and down over the zipper of her dress. June remained silent as she felt the zipper being lowered and her dress sliding down her body to the floor. As they continued to kiss, he moved a hand behind her to find the hooks of her bra. He had previously put one of her bras around the back of a chair and practiced unhooking it. A satisfied smile appeared on his face when he achieved his goal with one hand.

When she felt her breasts spring free she slowly backed away from her son and hunched her shoulders, allowing her bra to fall to her arms. He took a strap in each hand. As he was pulling it from her, she stood up straight and looked into his eyes. After dropping her bra on the floor, he placed his hands on her hips and took his time admiring the round moons of her creamy white flesh.

Then his focus returned to her face where he noticed some fine wrinkles and hoped that he hadn't been the cause of too many of them. His appraisal complete, he conclusively said, "Mom, to me you're the most beautiful woman in the world."

His words were as unexpected as they were heartfelt. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at the buttons on her son's shirt. Unable to see clearly, her hands faltered as she unfastened them. After the final button, she opened his shirt wide to get it off his shoulders and pulled it down.

His bare chest was touching her hard nipples when they kissed again. As they embraced, Theodore lowered them both to his bed. He kissed his way down her neck to her full, ripe breasts then suckled an engorged nipple. Not wanting to leave her other breast unattended, he cupped and kneaded it while his thumb and index finger paid special attention to its rubbery nipple.

After several minutes Theodore's mouth moved to sample her opposite breast and several minutes after that he sat up to look at his mom. His gaze followed the slope of her long waist to the lace trimmed band that hugged the flare of her hips. From there his attention shifted to her flat stomach and the tiny bow above the triangle of satin that covered her pussy. The bow was merely decorative but symbolized a boundary he had never crossed.

June felt his hand move lower and knew that this was her last chance. If she didn't stop him now, she never would. Then his hand reached the crotch of her panties and pressed. The dampness and pressure caused his middle finger to slide between her lips and into her slit.

She had visited his cock many times over the last several Fridays, but this was the first time he had any contact with her pussy since he was born. The sensation was so overpowering that what little remained of her resolve instantly vanished. She knew that tonight she was going to let her son do what only his father had done before. When she felt a tug on the waistband of her soaked panties, she readily elevated her hips to make it easier for him.

Then, for the first time, she was completely naked before her only child. Her eyes had been closed. She opened them to discover him standing above her, looking at where he came into the world. She set up on the bed and her hands went to his belt. She looked up at him and smiled as she began to undress him. June was so lost in his eyes that it surprised her when she noticed his penis standing out high and firm before her.

Her focus now on his cock, she grasped it and pulled him towards her as she spread her thighs. She freed his cock and seized his broad swimmer's shoulders, supporting herself as he lowered them both. June shifted her hips making his rigid shaft glide over her wet lips as he relocated above her.

When her back touched the bed, she released his shoulders and slid each hand down his hard body to his chest. As they kissed she slipped her hands further down to hold his narrow hips as he situated himself between her accommodating thighs. He looked at her with a sheepish grin as his hand moved downward from her left thigh to her calf. Taking it in his hand, he guided it around to his lower back.

June shifted her hips again and lifted her right leg to join the left, wrapping them both around her son. While Theodore was obviously young and virile, he lacked the confidence that comes with experience. Anyone else might have missed it, but his mother could clearly see his nervousness as he lingered above her.

"Don't worry, darling," she said, stroking his cheek with her fingers, "You'll do fine."

She steadied herself and positioned his erection at her entrance. With her other hand she reached down and parted the folds of her sex, opening her body to him. When their eyes locked an awkward grin gradually appeared on both their faces. Then, with a nod of her head, June wordlessly welcomed her son back to his point of origin.

Her pussy accepted the head of his cock but nothing more. He pulled back and pressed again but his attempts were clumsy and awkward. He was able to make short jabs but made little progress until his mom skillfully rotated her hips and pushed back against his thrust. Then he felt the head of his shaft slip past the constriction at her entrance and sink into the clinging warmth between her parted thighs. The journey downward was sheer bliss and he froze when he hit bottom. He couldn't imagine being closer to anyone than he was right now with the contours of mother's body molded to his and her inner walls wrapped lovingly around his cock.

Theodore wasn't sure how long their bodies had remained entwined when he felt her hands glide to his hips and urge him into motion with a prodding touch. He had just found a steady rhythm when he recognized a budding orgasm and stopped.

June smiled up at him and played with the hair on the back of his head before drawing him down into a kiss.

"Don't worry about me honey; we have all week," she whispered into his ear.

Then Theodore buried his face in his mother's neck and tried to just concentrate on breathing. The scent of her shampoo didn't help matters, so he ended up doing some math.

After he collected himself, he supported his weight on his elbows and found a long, easy tempo. Her breasts began to slide up and down against his chest as he began moving faster, working his packed cock in and out of her. She planted her feet on the bed and began rocking her pelvis, thrusting her ravenous pussy up at him, wanting him in her as deep as possible. Theodore thought the reason he had difficulty getting into his mom was because she was so tight, but now he felt the velvet confines of her pussy grip him tighter still.

"You feel so good honey," June moaned. "Fuck me harder, you won't hurt me."

His mother's wanton encouragement and use of a bad word shattered almost everything he had achieved in trying to calm himself. He was so glad that he had decided to peel one off in the shower before they went to eat. If not for that, he would have been done by now.

Theodore slid his right hand down to anchor her hip as she continued to enthusiastically rock her pelvis. Holding her hip, he began pumping faster to keep pace with her. When a rigid nipple brushed against his chest, he raised himself to capture her breast, squeezing it as she moaned and writhed beneath him. Now that there was some space between them, he could see his glistening cock moving in and out between the pink folds of her saturated pussy.

June was focusing on her son's face and making his first time special when she had a slight orgasm.

"Oh," she cried out in surprise.

Instinctively she arched her back and pulled him into her hard, grinding her clit against him for a few moments before resuming her rolling undulations.

That was all Theodore could take.

When June felt her son tense up for the second time, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and whispered in his ear, "I'm ready baby, just let it go."

Violent shudders wracked his being as he unloaded into her.

"Oh honey," she sighed as her child came. She clung to him as stream after stream of his young seed filled her.

Apparently Theodore's orgasm triggered something deep within her, because as his was in progress, her entire body went rigid.

"Oh my... God," she moaned long and forcefully, her vaginal walls squeezing tightly on his cock, spasmodically milking him.

He could feel her nails digging into his shoulders as she threw her head back. Her entire body began quivering as wave after wave of contractions passed through it. Electricity seemed to flow from mother to son as her organism intensified his.

Once his orgasm was complete, all Theodore could do was to hold his mom while she was twitching, contracting and convulsing over and over. After her orgasm subsided, she lay motionless. When she hadn't moved for almost a minute, Theodore became concerned and asked, "Mom, are you OK?" All she could manage to do in response was to lift her hand to cup his cheek and smile.

Along with heat, the warmth of affection emanated from their entangled bodies as they basked in the afterglow. Touching, caressing and kissing. Theodore's penis slipped from his mother's pussy as he rolled onto his side next to her. The bedroom was quiet except for the sound of their breathing when June suddenly clenched her thighs together.

"Quick honey, get me a towel or we're going to have a mess." Theodore found a towel and watched as she crammed it between her thighs, then carefully separated them. "Oh my goodness," she exclaimed as their blended fluids drained from her.

"You're a wonderful lover," she said as he rejoined her in bed. She reached around her neck and pulled her hair to the side to bare it for him. She seemed to melt as her son lean into her. Her skin was soft, warm and covered with a glistening film of sweat.

"You're the one that's amazing mom." Then, with a mischievous grin, Theodore said, "I love you mom" and they both laughed uncontrollably. As their laughter subsided, he lowered his lips to her flesh and began nibbling the gentle slope of her neck as he hugged her.

"I hope I didn't disappoint you," she said, looking self-conscious.

"You didn't disappoint me as a woman or as a mother. No one could have a better introduction to sex than you just gave me. To be safe with someone who loves you, who doesn't care if you don't know what you're doing, and who puts your welfare first. Those are the qualities of a devoted mother. That's the best gift anyone could receive and it will always be one of my fondest memories." Then he held her tighter to better feel her body against his.

Their cuddling paused briefly when Theodore said, "Something just occurred to me. You didn't give me a gift, you gave me a present."

"What's the difference?" his mother inquired.

He smiled and replied, "Your panties had a bow on them. When you put a bow on a gift it becomes a present."

June poked him in the ribs then admitted, "At least you're properly appreciative of your 'present.'"

"Never throw those panties away," Theodore insisted.

June laughed and promised not to. His words made her feel much better. She was no longer the faithful wife and respectable mother she once was, but her son still cared for her. Their daily conversations in the kitchen had gradually made them friends in addition to mother and son. For the first time she saw him as an adult and knew that he would make some lucky girl a wonderful husband one day. As they lay together leisurely running their hands over one another's bodies, something occurred to June that produced a wicked grin. Until that day, she had a "Son with Benefits."


For the following week June continued her practice of completely removing her lipstick when she got home from work. But now, instead of letting her lips remain unadorned, she began to apply a different flavor lipstick each day. Next, she would prepare a snack and meet her son in the kitchen where they would discuss the events of their day just like before. Except now, with the entire house to themselves, their make out sessions took a predictable course.

Each day a trail of clothing could be followed to a different room of the house. Theodore convinced his mom to have sex on the kitchen counter next to the sink, on the washing machine during the spin cycle and in his car. They even had sex on the dining room table. Thanksgiving dinner would never be the same. By the end of the week they had sex in every room except the master bedroom. Theodore didn't want to have sex there. That room was exclusively for his parents.

Theodore was young and able to recover quickly, enabling them to sample many positions. June couldn't resist being greedy, guiding him to the ones she liked best. She also instructed him on how to please a woman, rationalizing it would benefit him in the future. She made a game of deciding which flavor lipstick they liked best so it could be saved for special occasions. All the while she reminded him that once his father returned, Friday nights in his room would be the only time they could be together.

Theodore and his mother did everything they could think of to be careful. They took a break from sex each evening to have dinner and preemptively call Ward. Otherwise, he might call when they were short of breath and unable to talk. They had sex in Theodore's car only when it was in the garage. June thought about giving the housekeeper the week off, but reconsidered. Ward paid her and he might be suspicious if they changed their normal routine the week he was gone. For the same reason they continued going to work and school.

The housekeeper had a key to the house and ordinarily used it while June was at work. Just to be extra careful, they latched the doors when they were home so she couldn't get in even with her key. To make sure the housekeeper didn't discover anything she shouldn't, all they had to do was pick up their clothing from the floor and spray Fabreze odor eliminator in each room after having sex. They wound up doing a few extra loads of laundry too.

They had many reasons for taking every precaution, but they boiled down to two main groups. They didn't want to breakup their family or hurt Ward. He was a good man and they both loved him. It was his idea to share his wife to help his son and they were grateful. They rationalized that as long as he didn't find out how far they had gone, Ward was actually better off. He was better off because he was getting more sex and both of them were treating him better because of their guilt and gratitude.

Theodore started going to scout meetings again purely because he knew how much his father would like it. He went on the campout for the same reason, but now he was glad he went because it made him feel just a little less guilty about what he was doing behind his dad's back. They reasoned that it was like stealing money from someone and returning it with interest before they found out.


Ward talked himself into being secure about his wife before he left for the meeting. June called him every night and everything seemed to be fine. In spite of this, he became less and less confident as each day passed. He had the time to reflect upon his life. Here he was a big shot at a national meeting and all he could think about was his family. By the time he came home, he had worked himself into a tizzy.

Nothing seemed to have changed when June picked him up at the airport. Just to make sure, he asked, "How did it go while I was gone?"

"It went fine," June replied as naturally as she could.

"You mean to tell me that I left you here alone with Theodore and nothing happened?" He knew that no red blooded American boy could spend a week alone with a woman who had been giving him hand jobs without trying for more.

Thinking fast, June said, "Well, he talked me into letting him spend one of his A's on a day other than Friday."

Ward was well aware how much his wife liked sex and how close she was to their son. His suspicions were tearing him apart and he needed to know where he stood. "Look, it was my idea to use his attraction to you and your sexual favors to motivate him. It worked better than I dreamed, but now I think you and Theodore may have gone a great deal further. The bottom line is, I need to know if you fucked him or not."

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