tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Mother's Dilemma Ch. 01

A Mother's Dilemma Ch. 01


Cynthia Chambers drove her car into the drive of the three storey house she shared with her husband, Donald. The fifty-five year old mother of one ran her own Estate agency in the small county town of Southchurch, Kent in England. Donald was senior partner in a law practice in London.

After retrieving her briefcase from the back seat of her four wheel drive, Cynthia made her way to the door of the house. Dropping her briefcase on the hall floor and tossing her keys on the table, she made her way to the bathroom to run the water for her bath.

It had been a hard day and she had looked forward to a long hot soak in the tub.

As she stood in front of the mirror, Cynthia pinned her long golden hair. She slid the robe from her shoulders and admired her reflection. She had kept herself very well for her age. She stood at five feet nine. Her breasts were large, round and firm, with no sign of sag and her long legs were very smooth. She still maintained her athletic figure.

When she was younger she had been amateur tennis champion of England. The years of hard training had stood her good stead. Although she only played occasionally with the girls in her office she was still capable of beating them.

Satisfied the water was just right; Cynthia eased herself into the bath. As she relaxed she took a glass of red wine and began to sip it. She began to think how lucky she was. Donald was partner in a successful law practice and she had a successful business. Between them they were very comfortable.

The down side to this was their twenty-two year old son, Douglas. He had announced suddenly that he was quitting law school. This made his father furious. Donald kicked him out without a penny, telling him not to return until, as he put it, "Came to his senses."

No amount of pleading from Cynthia could move Donald to change his resolve. Furthermore, Donald had forbidden Cynthia to have any contact with their son. This hurt Cynthia more than anything else. She loved him dearly, despite his faults. It was alright for Donald, he was up in London five days a week. Cynthia was in town and could see how Douglas began to fall apart.

In defiance of Donald's wishes, Cynthia secretly kept in contact with Douglas. She gave him enough money to at least feed and clothe himself. She also paid the rent on his small flat that wasn't too far from home. Unfortunately Douglas had fallen in with Johnny Merton and his gang of layabouts.

Merton was a twenty-five year old college drop out whose gang of thugs frequented the nearby arcade. A few years earlier Merton's father had thrown him out when he quit university. Although he had never been convicted or charged the general opinion around the town was that Merton and his gang had been involved in a spate of burglaries. Now Cynthia feared Douglas would turn out like him. She pleaded with her son to stay away from Merton but to no avail. She could see that Douglas was in awe of Merton.

Cynthia thought of threatening not to support Douglas but she feared she would lose her son and this not what she wanted.

As she continued to enjoy her bath Cynthia's thoughts drifted elsewhere. She closed her eyes and began to fondle the nipple of her right breast. At the same time she began to probe her pussy with finger of her left hand. In her mind's eye she could see her naked body being ravished by a young man as she bathed.

"Oooh," moaned Cynthia as her fingering became intense. Suddenly she withdrew her finger. "Pull yourself together," she cried as she reproached herself. She got out of the bed and dried herself. She didn't bother to get dressed. She wore just her robe as she ate her dinner and then headed up to bed. Cynthia began to read her book but she couldn't concentrate. Her masturbation in the bath had only been the latest symptom in Cynthia's personal crisis. The truth was that her fifty-seven year old husband hadn't touched her in months. As a result Cynthia's frustrations grew. She still felt young and energetic. Her craving for sex simply grew. As she lay on the bed she once again began to fantasise about being ravished and began to play with herself. Finally, exhaustion overtook her and she fell asleep.

Even in sleep Cynthia couldn't escape. Her recurring dream, which was vividly erotic, returned. The figure of a faceless young man stood before her as she slept. Reaching down with his hand he ripped her nightdress apart, exposing her nakedness. As he mounted her he began to devour her body, much to her satisfaction.

The following morning as she woke up Cynthia realised that most of the bedclothes were on the floor. She had clearly enjoyed her erotic dream too much.

'Oh, if only it were real' thought Cynthia as she showered and thought of her dream.

The day at the office was uneventful. As she drove home Cynthia spied Merton and his gang at the archway that led to the main shopping centre. She pulled over and parked her car. She walked up to the gang and stood in front of Merton.

"May I speak to you?" Cynthia looked at the other gang members and then turned back to Merton "Alone?" she asked firmly.

Merton remained silent for a few seconds then nodded and his companions obediently disappeared. "What's on your mind, Mrs Chambers?" he asked

Cynthia was taken aback by his polite attitude. The other thing was how handsome he looked, in a rugged sort of way.

"I want you to stay away from Douglas. He's a good boy and I don't want him to get into trouble,"

Merton laughed. "Your son is a grown man, Mrs Chambers. I don't hold his hand. He's free to come and go as he pleases."

"Alright, how much?" asked Cynthia as she reached for her cheque book.

"Excuse me?" asked Merton with some amusement.

"How much do you want to stay away from him?"

Merton laughed again. "I told you Mrs Chambers, Doug is a free agent. I have no hold over him. I do admire your spunk though. Not every woman would be so brave to come around here on her own. Besides, you are a very handsome filly," continued Merton as he put his hands on Cynthia and began to squeeze her breasts through her jacket and blouse.

For a moment Cynthia closed her eyes began to imagine her fantasy was about to come true. Suddenly her mood changed. "Get your hands off me!" she cried and lashed out, striking Merton's face. Cynthia ran to her car, not realising she had dropped her cheque book. She looked at herself in the mirror and realised she was blushing.

Cynthia drove away as fast as she could leaving Merton smiling as he picked up the discarded book.


The following day Cynthia deliberately avoided the shopping centre area and took the long way home. She was confused about her feelings. On the one hand, Johnnie Merton was everything she despised about layabouts and yet she found him attractive at the same time. She also regretted striking him. It wasn't his fault. In a way, she knew she was partly responsible. 'After all, she yearned for it, didn't she?' she thought.

Cynthia parked her car and went into the house. Switching on the light she hung up her red jacket before heading for the living room. Cynthia opened the door of the dark living room and switched on the light. She was startled when she saw Merton sitting comfortably in her favourite armchair.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in?" asked Cynthia in rapid succession.

Merton stood up smiling. "To answer your first question. You dropped this and I was just returning it," said Merton, as he produced the chequebook. "Secondly your lock is easily picked. You should have it changed," he continued.

Cynthia angrily snatched the chequebook from Merton's hand. "You've delivered it now get out before I have you arrested for breaking and entering!" cried Cynthia vehemently.

"I entered. I didn't break." corrected Merton.

"Just go," responded Cynthia with frustration.

Merton, who was six feet tall walked over and stood in front of her. "You have everything most of us dream of but I perceive you lack that desire every woman needs," he said in a compassionate sounding voice.

This was too much for Cynthia and her rage boiled over. She raised her hand to strike Merton only to find herself restrained by two of his gang. "Let me go, let me go!" she demanded.

"Relax Cynthia," said Merton soothingly.

"What are you going to do?" asked a petrified Cynthia.

"Just this," was all Merton responded as he took a little bag from his pocket and poured a strange dust like substance into his hand. He blew it into Cynthia's face.

"Aah," sighed Cynthia weakly as the dust stung her face as it struck her. Her strength seemed to desert her and only for the fact she was being restrained she felt she would have fallen down.

Merton put his hand behind Cynthia's golden hair that was tied in a bun and suddenly her hair fell loosely about her shoulders.

"Please," pleaded Cynthia weakly as Merton began to unbutton her white blouse.

There was no reply from Merton as he continued to work his way down.

Again Cynthia tried to plead. "Please, my husband..."

"Your wimpy husband doesn't concern me Cynthia but your beautiful body does," responded Merton. At the same time Cynthia red knee length skirt became loose and it floated to the floor, revealing her black tights that encased her bright blue lacy knickers.

"Wow, who are you wearing this for?" asked Merton as he opened Cynthia's blouse.

Despite the fact she was disorientated Cynthia blushed. She fully aware that Merton was referring to bright blue lacy bra from which her magnificent breasts were straining to escape.

"Please don't," cried Cynthia in one last desperate act.

It was to no avail as the shoulder straps of her bra were lowered. Merton kissed Cynthia's neck and it had an almost paralytic effect on her. It seemed to arouse her sexual urges that continued as Merton gently kissed and licked her bare shoulder.

By now Cynthia's tights and knickers had been removed and for the first time in her life she stood naked before a band of young men but she didn't care.

Merton's caresses of her shoulders with his tongue were accompanied by equally satisfying licking and sucking on her back. She found the licking and sucking of her arse cheeks even more arousing.

"Oh my God," she struggled to cry out repeatedly as her pleasure built.

After arriving at Cynthia's wonderful breasts Merton began to lick and suck in a circular movement from her nipple outwards.

"Oooh," she moaned repeatedly as her body continued to be used.

Merton knelt as he worked his way down her slim tummy, eventually arriving at her pussy. Without hesitation Merton's tongue bore through Cynthia's pussy hair, parted her lips and proceeded to lash her clit.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," cried Cynthia in language she never used before, as her arousal reached fever pitch.

Merton withdrawing his tongue was almost anticlimactic for Cynthia. However it was only momentarily as she was eased onto the carpeted floor and after parting Cynthia's long smooth legs, Merton gently eased his hard cock deep inside her and began to pound her. His movement, slow at first, accelerated with each stroke and what was more, Cynthia's body began to react and move with him. Gradually, they settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm.

Cynthia used Merton's first name for the first time as she cried out. "Oh Johnnie! Don't stop. Please don't stop!" she begged desperately. The months of sexual frustration came to the fore for Cynthia as she wished this wonderful sensation would last forever.

As they continued to pick up speed both Merton and Cynthia began to perspire as their body heat continued to rise. Cynthia could feel her love juices beginning to gather. At the same time she became aware that Merton was close to climaxing. Another thing was that she no longer felt a rape victim but rather a woman who had been rescued from the verge of frigidity. She was more than willing to submit to anything.

Both Cynthia and Merton struggled to prolong the wonderful sensation they were enjoying. Finally however, nothing could hold back the enormous orgasms that exploded forth and both sighed breathlessly holding each others hand as if they were lovers.

A few moments later Cynthia was pulled up and made to kneel. She felt a cock being pushed into her arse. She began to push her are back and forth. At the same time she took a cock in each of her hands and began to hand fuck. The burning sensation of cum exploding in her arse was repeated several times as cock after cock entered and pounded her. Even the cum exploding in her hands served a purpose as it was smeared on her breasts. Even this Cynthia found erotic and arousing. She was acting as a woman possessed as she just couldn't get enough. Almost everything she had participated in was a new experience and she relished it all.

Finally, as sheer exhaustion began to take hold Cynthia felt a rag with a pungent odour being forced to her face.

"Sorry Cyn," were the last words she heard before darkness enveloped her.


The heat of the early morning sun beamed on Cynthia's face as she slowly came around. "Oh my God, what's being going on?" she asked as she held her throbbing head. Cynthia managed to lift herself up and as the bed sheet fell away she realised she was naked and sticky. Try as she might she just could not remember what had occurred. As Cynthia's head slowly began to clear she became aware of a strange sound in her bedroom, like a woman moaning. Gently she turned towards the source of the moaning. It was the television in her bedroom and a video was paying showing Cynthia in the full throes of sexual passion, clearly enjoying being gangbanged by a number of young men.

"Oh my God, what on earth possessed me?" she cried as she rushed to switch the video off. She looked at the clock. It was eight thirty in the morning, just time enough to shower and get ready for work. It was only as she drove to work that Cynthia's mind became unblocked. Flashes occurred in her mind's eye about the events of the previous evening and it was only when she arrived home that evening that Cynthia managed to put the pieces together and it was only when she returned home Cynthia found Merton's note on her bedside table. Wow Cyn, that was great. I told you that you lacked something in your life. I haven't studied psychology for nothing. I wonder how Don would react? Don't worry though. Me and the boys will keep quiet. It will be our little secret. We should do it again sometime. In fact, I know we will. I will make one promise to you Cyn. I will make sure Doug will stay out of trouble. I give you my word.

Love Johnnie xxxx

Ps. You have an amazing pair of boobs.

Reading the latter part made Cynthia touch her breasts and yearn for more. She didn't know whether to be flattered or angry. She tore up the note but for some reason she felt compelled to hold onto the video. She hid it from Donald of course but frequently took it out to watch and masturbate with it. All that time her sexual appetite grew and she wondered what lay ahead.

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