tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Dilemma Ch. 03

A Mother's Dilemma Ch. 03


A few days after her adventure with Linda Cynthia sat at the table in the kitchen waiting for her dinner to cook in the oven. Over a glass of wine she thought about what had occurred. She couldn't believe she had instigated the lesbian seduction of a woman. Linda seemed to have expected it but Cynthia didn't.

What was worse was the fact that Cynthia, in her ecstatic, drug induced stupor had practically revealed her own sexual desire to seduce or be seduced by her step daughter Lucy. Even more were the vividly erotic dreams Cynthia had about them both. They were so realistic that Cynthia woke up soaking wet each morning.

It was all an alien world to Cynthia. After all, she had thirteen years of solid Catholic education what she had indulged in was totally frowned on by the nuns who thought her.

Cynthia thought of one nun in particular, Sister Gertrude, or "Flaming knickers" the girls called her. Sister Gertrude, with her round gold rimmed glasses gave everyone the impression she had been born old. She was also worse than any priest for preaching hellfire and damnation. One could imagine smoke billowing from her nostrils whenever she ranted. She didn't have to speak to show her disproval. Her favourite way of frowning was to push her gold rimmed glasses to the edge of her nose and look over them. Her expression said it all. Cynthia shuddered as she could just imagine how this nun would react now. The doorbell rang and Cynthia's thoughts were broken.

"Lucy!" cried Cynthia as she opened the door and recognised the young woman. "Come on in," she said as she kissed her cheek.

Lucy Tyrell was the twenty-four year old daughter of Donald. She had been conceived weeks before Donald and Cynthia's wedding when he had had a drunken one night stand with Louise Ormand a then twenty year old intern at the law office.

Donald only found out about his daughter when Louise appeared one day demanding money to send their daughter to college and then university. When he broke the news to Cynthia it almost destroyed their marriage. It took a long time for Cynthia to forgive her husband. She wasn't even sure if she really trusted him while he worked in London. Nonetheless, Cynthia gradually treated Lucy as a step daughter and they really got on well together. She was very grateful to Lucy, who was now a qualified Solicitor, when she tried in vain to persuade Douglas not to drop out of university. Lucy's success added to Cynthia's agony as she witnessed Douglas's decline. The only thing that concerned Donald and Cynthia was the fact that Lucy had recently married the weak minded Malcolm Tyrell a solicitor who worked at the same firm.

"Hello Mum," was Lucy's response as she kissed her stepmother on the cheek.

Lucy had referred to Cynthia as Mum since her own mother had vanished two years ago leaving substantial gambling debts. Louise, Lucy's mother, left no note for her or any means of contacting her.

In her distress Lucy turned to Cynthia and the latter was only too willing give her step daughter a shoulder to cry on. When the news of the gambling debts broke and various unsavoury people demanded their money Lucy's boss as well as her husband Malcolm rallied to Lucy's defence and fought off all her attackers using all legal means to do so.

While this was going on Donald and especially Cynthia gave her unwavering support through out this entire ordeal. It was something Lucy vowed never to forget.

Up to a few days ago Cynthia had never seen Lucy as anything but her daughter. Indeed, she had never seen any woman in a sexual way. Now, however, as Lucy walked through the hall that led to the living room, Cynthia couldn't resist licking her lips lustfully.

Lucy was slightly shorter than Cynthia as well as a little heavier. Nevertheless Lucy still cut a fine figure. Her legs were long and smooth encased in black tights. Her skirt was several inches above her knees. Her black jacket failed to hide the fact that her medium breasts were straining to escape the confines of her bra and white blouse.

"A glass of wine?" asked Cynthia.

"Thanks Mum," responded Lucy as she sat down and crossed her legs.

Cynthia poured the wine and handed the glass to Lucy before she sat in the chair opposite. "So, what brings you around?" asked Cynthia curiously.

Lucy kicked off her heels and sighed. "Oh nothing, just a frustrating day at the office, that's all. I hope you don't mind?" replied Lucy sounding tired.

"Of course not dear, you're always welcome here and I love your company." responded Cynthia.

"Thanks Mum," said Lucy with a smile as she accepted the glass of wine.

There was a momentary pause as she sipped then Lucy spoke again. "I saw you speaking to Douglas during the week. I thought Dad forbade any contact with him?"

Cynthia looked at Lucy in alarm but Lucy moved quickly to allay her fears. "Don't worry Mum. I have no intention of telling Dad or anyone else. To tell the truth, Dad is very wrong to isolate him. We need to try and get him back on track."

Suddenly Cynthia was overwhelmed and she wept inconsolably. "Oh Lucy, Don't you think I've tried?" she said as she cried bitterly.

Lucy was startled at the outburst and dashed to her stepmother's side and held her.

"Oh Mom, I didn't mean to upset you. I only wanted to let you know that I support you one hundred per cent," responded Lucy as she fought back her own tears.

"Thank you, dear. That means so much to me," replied Cynthia. "I worry about you both but since Douglas left university I can't help but worry for him." concluded Cynthia.

"Well, first of all don't worry about me. I'm a big girl. Douglas will be alright too. I know he will," said Lucy consolingly.

"I can't help thinking of that terrible storm last week, Lucy. I imagined Douglas in some leaky hovel. I even went out looking for him," Cynthia replied still sounding distressed.

Lucy was amazed and concerned. "You shouldn't have done that, Mom. You could have been hurt. Douglas was safe. In fact I know he was," said Lucy, trying to control her own words.

Cynthia looked at Lucy with a puzzled look. "How do you know?" she asked.

"Just a feeling, that's all," responded Lucy. Then she changed the subject.

"Tell you what. Why don't you come down and stay with me this weekend?" she said.

"What?" replied Cynthia, surprised at Lucy's offer.

"Well, Malcolm is away in London on a case until next week and I know Dad won't be here either. It must be lonely for you. What do you say?"

"You wouldn't mind?" asked Cynthia, sounding like a child who just been compensated for a broken toy.

"Of course not. We'll be company for each other. So is that a yes?"

"Yes," said Cynthia joyfully as she kissed her step daughter's cheek.

Lucy looked at her watch and put her heels on. "I've got to go. I'll pick you up at four on Friday. OK?"

"Ok and thank you dear," replied Cynthia as she blew her nose.

"Not at all and stop worrying Mom. Things will work out." said Lucy as she headed for her car.

The fact was that neither woman had been honest with the other. Cynthia was too ashamed and afraid to admit her sexual desires. Lucy for her part had an even bigger secret. As she drove home it started to rain again and Lucy thought back to the night of the storm that Cynthia had referred to. It was late on Monday night. The lightning flashed followed by a ferocious sound of thunder as it rolled across the sky. The heavy torrential rain virtually guaranteed that there would be no one calling that night. Malcolm amused himself with his model railway in his den while Lucy settled down to read in the living room.

Lucy was surprised when the doorbell rang. Then as she made her way to the door there was a heavy desperate sounding knocking. As Lucy opened it she was startled when a tall dark ghostly looking figure stood there and then collapsed in the hallway. This combined with a flash of lightning made Lucy scream.

"Oh my God, Douglas! What on earth has happened to you?" she cried as she uncovered the face of the man and recognised it.

Douglas was unable to speak. He was shaking badly. It was clear to Lucy that her half brother was seriously ill. She managed to get his soaking black dirty overcoat off but when she tried to move him he was too heavy for her.

"Malcolm!" screamed Lucy at the top of her voice. There was no response. She rushed down to the den and pushed the door open. "Didn't you hear me call? I need your help." Lucy shouted at her husband.

Malcolm jumped with a start, dropping a model train engine as he did so.

"Yes dear," he replied in a repentant tone.

Lucy shook her head. It was hard for her to believe she had married one of the most brilliant legal minds in the country and yet he was no more than a child in her hands.

"Who's that?" asked Malcolm when he saw the body in the hallway.

"It's my brother. Now help me get him to the bathroom," responded Lucy angrily.

Malcolm obeyed without question as he took Douglas's arm and brought him to the bathroom.

"Well don't just stand there man. Get his clothes off," ordered Lucy as she switched on the shower.

Once again Malcolm meekly obeyed and nervously began to undress Douglas.

"For God's sake Malcolm, hurry up," yelled Lucy as she simply ripped the raggedy shirt from Douglas's body. When they finally had Douglas naked Lucy pushed him into the path of the hot steamy water. The stink from his body was repulsive and Lucy applied the soap and began to scour.

"Aaagh," screamed Douglas as the shock of the hot water struck his body and he blindly lashed out.

"Alright Douglas, Take it easy. It's Lucy. Just relax," said Lucy as she tried to calm her half brother.

"Sis?" cried Douglas, sounding like a little schoolboy and coughing heavily.

"It's alright Douglas. You're safe now," replied Lucy in a kindly manner.

"Oh sis, I'm so sorry," cried Douglas and he continued to cough.

Satisfied he was clean and warm enough Lucy helped her half brother from the shower and after drying him wrapped him in a warm bathrobe while Malcolm supported him.

"He ought to see a doctor," said Malcolm.

"Look outside, Malcolm. Who in their right mind would be out in this weather?" asked Lucy.

Malcolm simply nodded as they both dragged Douglas to the spare bedroom. When they had put him to bed Lucy turned again to her husband. "Keep an eye on him while make up some soup," she said in a commanding tone. Again, Malcolm meekly obeyed.

Lucy returned after about half an hour and sitting on the bed she slowly coaxed Douglas into swallowing the soup. She looked up at her husband who was still looking on blankly. "Alright Malcolm, You can go back to your toys. I'll stay here with him." she said with a little sarcasm in her voice.

Lucy sat in the chair opposite the bed where Douglas was sleeping when Malcolm opened the door and stuck his head in cautiously. "Are you coming to bed?" he asked.

"No," replied Lucy in a firm tone. "I'll stay with Douglas. You can tell them in the office that I'll be working from home for the next few days."

Malcolm nodded. "Good night, dear." he said before closing the door.

Lucy just nodded.


Lucy was starting to dose in the chair when she heard Douglas mumbling. She could see he was shaking again.

"So cold," he stammered as he continued to shake.

Lucy put more blankets on but it was no use. Finally, in desperation, she stripped to her underwear and got into the bed beside her half brother and held him tightly against her own body, hoping this would ease his suffering.

Douglas wrapped his arms around his near naked half sister as if hugging his mother and after what seemed like an eternity he finally settled into a peaceful slumber. Exhausted, Lucy too, followed Douglas and fell fast asleep.


The dawn was just breaking when Lucy woke up. It took her a moment to remember why she had shared her half brother's bed. She gently eased herself from his arms and pulled the covers off before getting out. Lucy couldn't help but gaze at Douglas's naked body before replacing the covers. It was the first time she had seen him naked and suddenly a strange feeling of lust and desire entered her. She couldn't understand it. Lucy had never seen Douglas as nothing more than her half brother. She just couldn't get the image of Douglas lying naked on the bed out of her head. Sex with Malcolm was non existent. He was no way adventurous.

Although Lucy kept herself busy at the office the recent pause in looking after Douglas made her think about the lack of fire in her marriage. Lucy had no idea that Cynthia was in the same boat. Unlike Lucy however, Cynthia had found her outlet with Johnnie Merton as well as his mother Linda. Breakfast was a quiet affair and as usual Malcolm just kissed his wife before grabbing his briefcase and coat and drove off to the office. Lucy picked up the phone to call the doctor.


"Yes, a very bad chest infection," said Doctor Patterson as he eased Douglas back on the bed. He adjusted his glasses before putting his instruments back into his bag and extracted a small bottle of pills. "Just give him two of these now and follow the course through. Keep him warm and he should be as right as rain in a day or two. If not, call me," concluded the elderly doctor.

"Thank you, Doctor," said Lucy with relief in her voice as she led him to the door.

The doctor simply nodded and smiled.

When Lucy reached the bedroom Douglas was out of bed searching.

"What are you doing? Get back into that bed at once!" Lucy sounded like an old style matron.

"Where are my clothes, sis?" asked Douglas.

"I threw them out. They weren't worth washing. Now get back into that bed," demanded Lucy.

Douglas knew better than to argue with her and got back into bed.

"Take these," said Lucy as she handed him the pills and a glass of water.

"What on Earth were you doing out in that storm last night?" asked Lucy like a concerned mother.

"I went down to Shelton beach to walk along the prom. I missed the last bus and I hadn't enough for a taxi so I walked." responded Douglas, still a little weak.

"You walked seven miles in that rain? No wonder you're sick," scolded Lucy.

Lucy sighed and looked at Douglas. "Get some sleep. I have some work to do. I'll bring you up some lunch in a few hours." she said.

"No need..." Douglas was cut off.

"Do as you're told!" ordered his half sister.

No more was said and Douglas did indeed sleep soundly.


Douglas was starting to wake up as Lucy entered the bedroom with a tray in her hands. He rubbed his eyes before he pulled himself up resting his head on the head board as Lucy placed the tray on the bed.

"At least your appetite is back," joked Lucy as Douglas ate ravenously.

Douglas pushed the tray slightly back when he was finished and Lucy picked it up. He looked down at his chest and it was only then that he realised he was naked and then looked at Lucy. "Who took my clothes off?" asked Douglas, sounding shocked as he did so.

"I did," responded Lucy with a laugh.

"What?" cried an embarrassed Douglas suddenly becoming shy and covering his bare chest with a blanket.

Lucy laughed again, amused by her half brother's blushes. "Oh come off it Douglas. You haven't anything I haven't seen before. You're quite good looking you know?" concluded Lucy. She put the tray on the side table and went to the drawer. "Put these on. They're brand new and should fit," said Lucy as she put a pair of plain blue pyjamas on the bed. She picked up the tray and headed for the door.

"Wait!" cried Douglas and Lucy swung around. "I had a strange dream last night. You were in sexy purple underwear. You got into bed beside me and we slept together," continued Douglas.

It was Lucy's turn to blush. "In your dreams, buster," responded Lucy with a hearty laugh.

For the first time Douglas gave a smile. He spoke again as Lucy was just leaving the room. "I mean it sis. You are very sexy."

For a moment Lucy paused but remained silent. As she stood outside the closed door Lucy, supporting the tray with one hand, put her free hand to her mouth to try and stifle a giggle. She made her way to the kitchen.


That same night, still thinking of Douglas and what he said, Lucy dressed in a very short nightdress that also exposed a lot of cleavage hoping somehow Malcolm would use his imagination and allow himself to be seduced. However and not to Lucy's surprise, Malcolm was already asleep when she returned to their bedroom.

For a few moments she sat on the bed beside her sleeping husband and sighed in frustration. After some moments Lucy heard Douglas' words repeating in her head.

"I mean it, sis. You are very sexy."

A sudden and wicked thought entered her mind and Lucy got up and left the bedroom quietly. With determination she made her way to the spare bedroom and opened the door without hesitation. Douglas was sitting up in bed reading a paper when his half sister suddenly appeared. He put the paper down and looked up. "What's the matter, sis? Can't you sleep?"

Lucy remained silent. She simply removed her nightdress to reveal her naked body.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked Douglas, pretending to sound shocked.

"Shut up, Douglas and move over," was all Lucy replied as she climbed in beside him. She opened his pyjama top and began to kiss and lick his bare chest. Lucy stopped and looked up at Douglas. "Make love to me, Douglas," she said.

Douglas didn't need to be asked twice. The sight of his half sister's beautiful body was a turn on. Her plea to make love to her simply unleashed his own desires.

He turned Lucy on her back and gently mounted her. Discarding his pyjama top Douglas began to kiss Lucy passionately.

Lucy shuddered with excitement as her half brother moved to her neck and began alternatively kissing, sucking and licking is he did so. This made her moan with each of Douglas's movements.

"Oh my God," cried Lucy as Douglas arrived at her medium breasts and began to lick and suck her hardened nipples. First of all Douglas made a circular movement around Lucy's breast with his tongue. Each movement decreased in radius until finally he reached the summit and the prize of her nipple.

"Oooh," moaned Lucy when Douglas moved down the deep valley between her breasts and began to work on her left breast, much to her satisfaction and her moans became deeper.

Douglas travelled down his half sister's waist eventually reaching her trimmed pussy. After a momentary pause Douglas drilled through Lucy's pussy lips.

"Oh my God," Lucy cried repeatedly as Douglas proceeded to lash her clit.

Lucy could feel her love juices slowly gather has her half brother continued to plunder her clit with his tongue. As her pleasure began to build there was almost anticlimax as Douglas suddenly withdrew his tongue. It was only a few seconds though as he gently replaced it with his cock and began to pound her hard. Lucy for her part gripped Douglas's bare hips and held them as if guiding him in his movement. Her body reacted to his movements and they both finally settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm.

"Oh fuck, Douglas. Keep going, keep going," Cried Lucy encouraging her half brother by her words. Their breathing became deeper with each stroke and they began to perspire.

Eventually neither were able to hold back any longer. Douglas's cum and Lucy's Juices finally collided producing a huge orgasm for them both. Douglas and Lucy sighed with sexual satisfaction as they collected their thoughts. Lucy rested her head on her half brother's bare chest.

After a few moments Douglas spoke. "I have to hand it to you, sis. You're quite a woman." he said.

"Thank you, bro. You're not bad yourself, you're excellent, actually," she responded as she kissed him before settling down beside him.

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