A Mother's Love Never Dies


"That felt good honey, but you know what I need right now? Without waiting for an answer, she dropped her foot into my lap, sliding it along my once again hard cock "I need my good looking son to take his nice hard young cock and fuck me!"

I sprang to my feet so quickly I almost fell. Catching my balance by putting my hands on the bed, I started to climb up on it to get between her legs. Mom stopped me with her foot on my chest and said, "Right where you are Trevor," she put her other foot on my chest and spread her legs open "We've waited too long to take our time, give it to me!"

I had always imagined my mother and I being sweet and loving, but her words sent a thrill through me and years of pent up lust took over. Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I pushed my cock once though the length of her pussy, enjoying the silky feel of her wet lips, and then pressing the head of my cock against her entrance, slammed my hips forward. We both cried out as my cock drove deep inside her hot, wet and delightfully tight pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Mom cried out again as I began thrusting in and out of her. "Look at you finally taking your mother!" she moaned as I started to speed up and laughed, "And look at me letting you!"

It was my turn to gasp as she started thrusting her hips up, meeting my plunging cock and causing me to slam even harder into her warm inviting flesh.

"Oh honey!" she purred, "What the hell were we waiting for?"

I didn't respond, at the moment I was too consumed with the fact that I was finally where I longed to be, inside my mother. I slowed my hips down and began using long slow strokes. Mom released a long soft moan that told me she didn't mind and I stared, transfixed by the sight of my glistening cock sliding in and out of her smooth pink pussy. Amber's pink pussy, I thought, then laughed to myself at the thought that I really felt like I was fucking two women at once.

"Harder!" Mom called out, "I didn't come to here to romanced! Fuck me like you know you want to!"

Sliding my hands up to her ankles, I spread her legs as wide as I could and sliding my cock out to just the tip, drove myself back into her so hard my balls slapped against her ass.

"That's it baby!" Mom cried out, "Fuck that pussy! Shit, I didn't get laid for two years before I passed, give me that beautiful fucking cock!"

Losing all inhibitions I reared back and began fucking the shit out of my mother. I was going as fast and hard as I could and Mom was yelping each time my cock slammed home inside her hot pussy. I looked away from my cock plunging into her and saw that mom was thoroughly enjoying being fucked like a teenager. Her arms were stretched over her head and her eyes were closed while she moaned with every thrust. Her large round tits were bouncing from the impact of me slamming into her and were slicked with sweat.

Sensing me looking she opened her eyes and giving me that big crooked smile gasped, "That the best you can do baby? That all you have for your mother?" she gave me a nasty little giggle and added, "I thought you'd want to see the rear view!"

Overwhelmed by the image of her perfect ass in the air, I stepped back and still holding her legs whipped them to the right. Mom cried out in surprise as I rolled her over on her stomach, then again as grabbing her hips, I yanked her to the edge of the bed until she was bent over it with her feet on the floor. Grabbing her hips, I thrust my cock into her as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Mom screamed, "That's what I need! Oh, honey, you always were so good to me!"

My answer was a low moan as I took in the sight of her round ass and my cock driving in and out of her from behind. Her back was covered in sweat and her long hair was plastered to it. I slid my hands up to her shoulders and pushing her into the bed began to fuck her even harder. Mom turned her head to the side and cried out in pleasure as my cock slammed repeatedly into her tight little pussy.

"Fuck I needed this!" she called out. "I needed my son, I had to feel you Trevor! I came here to be with you and you feel so fucking good!"

Mom was feeling pretty damn good to. A little too good as my legs started to tremble and my breath was coming in short ragged gasps. I didn't want to cum yet! I'd waited so long! I started to sow down, but Mom called out, "No honey! Keep fucking me, of just a little more, I want to cum on that cock.!"

I jumped when I felt something touch my balls and looked to see mom had slipped her hand down her stomach and was rubbing her clit. Seeing that didn't do much to make my urge to cum fade, but I didn't slow down. Instead I closed my eyes and just thought of how amazing it was to hear her voice call my name and how incredible it was to have gotten to not only tell her, but show her how bad I wanted her. Mom gasped and began making little high pitched yelping noises each time I slammed into her.

I opened my eyes to see her thrusting her hips back into me and could feel her legs shaking against mine.

"Oh honey!" she groaned, "Fuck me harder! I'm right there! I want to cum with my son inside me I...oh yes!"

"Oh shit!" I cried out with her as pussy contracted around my cock causing me to lose control and explode inside her.

Mom let loose a long loud wail as her hips began bucking wildly against me and my cock sent spurt after spurt of cum deep into her pussy. I groaned and stopped thrusting, but mom continued to pound her pussy back into me. I gasped when I felt the last of my cum being milked by her convulsing pussy and somewhere in my mind, I had the disturbing thought that I hoped to hell Amber was on the pill.

Sliding my still dripping cock from her pussy I turned and sat on the bed. Mom moaned softly, then standing up, looked down at me and pointed.

"Slide up on the bed and lay on your back."

I slowly did as she said, my tired body responding reluctantly. Mom waited until I was still then crawling up onto the bed between my legs took my semi hard cock in her hand and said, "Let's see if your mother's lost her touch."

I cried out as taking my cock into her warm mouth, Mom began rapidly bobbing her head.

"Mom!" I groaned, "I...I.....oh!"

Despite the fact I'd cum twice and literally just moments ago, I could feel my cock stiffening in her amazing mouth. Mom opened her eyes and staring into her beautiful gaze I felt my cock become fully hard. Mom continued to suck as if she were a porn star and my hips started to rock, thrusting my dick into her eager mouth. With a slurping sound, mom released me from her mouth sliding up to straddle my hips, reached back and grabbed my cock.

She guided it to her pussy and we both gasped as she impaled herself on my aching dick. Mom began riding me hard and fast, her hips driving up and down so hard her ass was making slapping noises against my thighs. I lay there unable to move, my heart was pounding and my tired cock was getting sore from her relentlessly driving her pussy onto it. Mom placed her hand son my chest and began lifting higher and coming down even harder.

"Oh fuck!" she growled in her throat, "This was always my favorite! I always wanted to ride you Trevor and I didn't come here to be denied!"

I gasped as she was slamming into me so hard we were bouncing on the bed. Mom was breathing as hard as I was and her long dark hair was hanging around her face covering it. She leaned forward and shoving her tit into my mouth moaned, "Fuck me, shove that cock into that tight young pussy!"

Wrapping my arms around her waist, I pinned her to me and still sucking her nipple, started thrusting my hips as hard as my tired body would let me. Mom howled in my ear as I fucked her as hard as I could. My cock was now more than a little sore, but goddamn did her pussy feel good! She was yelping directly in my ear and spurred on I started fucking her even harder. Mom gasped, then pushing against my chest so I would let go, sat straight up on my cock and putting her arms over her head slowed her movement and began slowly riding me.

"How do I look baby?" she moaned as she cupped her sweat slicked tits. "How do I look riding my baby?"

"Fucking beautiful Mom, you were always beautiful"

"Aww, you're not just saying that because I'm fucking you are you?" she laughed, then started rubbing her hands along her stomach and tits. "Goddamn!" she cooed, "Look at you getting to fuck an older woman in a young girl's body!"

Even in the throes of pleasure that caused me to laugh and after flashing me her trademark smile, Mom leaned over and slid her arms beneath me. I felt her shift her weight to the side and she whispered, "Roll over," in my ear.

I twisted with her, until she was on her back with me lying between her legs. Mom put her arms around my shoulders and looking me in the eye, said quietly, "I have to go soon honey, its time for you to love your mother."

Before I could reply her lips met mine and as her tongue slipped into my mouth she wrapped her legs around my waist and drew me deeper into her warm welcoming flesh. Mom sighed in my ear as I started slowly moving within her.

"That's right Trevor, nice and easy, make love to me."

I nuzzled my face in her neck and began kissing her as she began to move her hips in time with mine. I closed my eyes and lost myself in my mother's warm embrace. Mom began sliding her hands across my back and moaning my name as our bodies moved as one. I don't know how long we made love, but it seemed to last forever and I could feel my mother's love for me in each slow thrust of our hips and hear it in each soft moan we released in each other's ears. My cock was no longer sore and I swore nothing had ever felt this good.

I felt mom trembling beneath me and as she moaned my name felt her pussy contract around me as she came from just my loving her. I moaned in her ear as her convulsing pussy coaxed my exhausted cock into cumming once more. Mom's nails dug into my back and she whispered, "Oh, Trevor how I loved you!" in my ear as my spent cock emptied itself into her quivering pussy.

"I love you to mom, "I groaned, "So much!"

We both fell silent as our tired bodies relaxed against each other. Mom's face was pressed into my neck and I became aware of her wet tears against my skin. My own eyes welled up and I squeezed her even harder against me.

"I love you." We said simultaneously and mom laughed softly in my ear.

"Trevor," she said, "Look at me."

I reluctantly slid my arms from beneath her and propping myself up on my elbows looked down at her.

"Honey. I...I have to go now."

"Mom," I whispered, "I..."

"You need to listen to me Trevor." She said, her eyes staring into mine.

I noticed her green eyes weren't as bright as they were before and her hair seemed to have gotten lighter.

"Okay." I nodded.

"Trevor, a mother's job is to love and take care of their child, always. Part of that is trying not to let them make the same mistakes they did."

Reaching up she touched my cheek.

"I made a big mistake not moving on after your father. I let myself be lonely out of guilt. Then when my feeling grew for you again I let it go. My excuse was it was wrong, a mother loving her son in that way, truth was I felt like I would be betraying your father, that I shouldn't be happy."

"I...should have said something Mom," I said as I felt the tears flowing down my cheeks.

"No honey, it was on me." Mom whispered as she gently wiped the tears from my cheeks. "You were a confused young man who'd lost his father. But what's done is done Trevor. I can see everything from where I am and saw that you did indeed love me, it made me very happy to know it wasn't just me."

She paused and blinked, for split second I saw her eyes change back to brown, then she blinked again and they were green.

I'm running out of time. What else I could see is you're making my mistake. You're alone because you think you're letting me down. You feel guilty. Trevor lying in this bed with you is a girl who's been in love with you since I was still alive, she loves you now more than ever, but soon she will move on when she sees you can't. Don't let that happen baby, I came here for two reasons. One to consummate the love we never got the chance to, but more importantly to tell you to move on."

"Mom, it's hard, I...."

I stopped as her body shuddered beneath me and when next she spoke her voice was barely more than a whisper.

"The last thing I will say is that I always tried to take care of you."

"You did mom, even now the insurance...."

"Well a mother doesn't stop worrying even when she's no longer there, so before I go Trevor I am going to take care of you one more time."

I started to ask her what she meant, but leaning up she gently kissed me and placing her face against mine whispered, "Enjoy my gift to you Trevor, be happy my baby."

She let her head rest back on the pillow and closed her eyes; I leaned forward to kiss her one last time, but stopped when her eyes opened. They were no longer green, but the big beautiful brown eyes of Amber.

"Oh my god!" she moaned, giving me an exhausted smile. "Damn Trevor! I thought people only had sex like that in the movies!"


"Wow, you fucked the shit out of me!" she giggled, "Not that I was complaining!"

As I stared at her unsure what to say, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me and after kissing me quickly said in my ear, "I've waited a long time to have you in my bed Trevor. It was even better than I thought it would be."

"You...you remember?"

"What?" she asked, "What are you talking about? How the hell could I forget, shit I might not be walking right tomorrow!"

Releasing my neck she put her arms over her head and stretched. Her back arched beneath me, pressing her amazing tits into my chest and as I looked down at her, I was struck by how beautiful she was. Her brown hair was fanned out on the pillow and she was staring at me with those big doe eyes. Her face was flushed and she looked...happy.

"And then what just happened," she sighed softly, "The way you were so sweet and you felt so good! I..." she paused and I saw her eyes filling up, "No one's ever made me feel so special."

"You are special." I said softly.

"Say it again."

"You're special?"

"No," she smiled at me, "You know what I want to hear."


"Don't go back to being an ass Trevor, that wasn't just pillow talk, you meant it."

I pushed myself to give her a little smile and nodded my head, "I think you should refresh my memory."

"Oh? I get it, heat of the moments over so now I have to say it first?" she gave me an exaggerated sigh. "Okay, I waited three years to say it so I'm never going to hold back again."

Placing her hand son my cheeks she pulled my face to hers and whispered, "I love you Trevor and you made me happier than you could ever imagine when you told me you loved me."

I told her I loved her? Looking into her eyes it struck me that she probably remembered everything, but as her, she'd been experiencing me fucking her and loving her and telling her I loved her. Mom had let her remember it that way.

"Well?" she asked.

As I stared down into her beautiful face I became aware of how good our naked bodies felt entwined together and how much Amber had really meant to me over the years especially since mom had passed.

"Okay, Romeo," she rolled her eyes, but was smiling, "Let's try it again. I love you Trevor."

I hesitated, then clear as day heard Mom's voice in my head. "Be happy my baby"

Bending my head to hers, I gently kissed her soft lips and whispered, "I love you too Amber."

Happy Halloween.


Authors note: Well I hope you enjoyed my latest story. Like I said I wanted to go more for fun and playful than take the horror route. However to make that up to you my next story is titled "My Mother's Revenge and there isn't anything sweet about it. But back to this one. This is a contest entry so please do take the time to vote and comment. As always thank you for reading and Happy Halloween! Lovecraft68

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