A Mother's Promise Ch. 01


"Good," she said, "Secondly.... I don't want any of our things ruined. So, learn to cleanup after yourself, young man. If something gets messy, then you should rinse it out and bring it down here and put it in the basket. Don't just wad it up and let it dry in your drawer again. If you keep doing that, they will get stained with spots from your..... your... well, you know what I mean. Got it?"

"Okay," I said, "I got it."

"Next," she said, "I don't want you rummaging through your sister's room. She's very particular about things, you know that. I don't care if you want to look through my dresser or my hamper as long as you're not obvious about it and don't make a mess. If you see something you're interested in or curious about, as long as you're careful and considerate, I won't mind. Okay?"

She was looking at me again, I could feel her eyes on me. Even though I couldn't bear to look up at her, I knew she was once again waiting for me to answer. This time when I nodded, she walked towards me, put her arms around me and hugged me, pulling me into her softly like she used to do when I had hurt myself.

"Honey, I'm not trying to embarrass you. Really, I'm not." She said. "I think I'm being pretty reasonable about this, don't you agree?"

I still didn't answer. She pulled away from me and lifted my chin to make me look at her. "Don't you think I'm being reasonable about this?"

"Uh huh," I answered, "and Mom, I'm sorry for taking your underwear." I felt ashamed for what I had done and could barely get my apology out. Without warning, I became choked up and suddenly started to cry, something I hadn't done in years. Even after hearing the rules for which she would allow me to continue, I still felt that I had done something terribly wrong and she was cutting me some slack when she didn't have to. She had every reason to be mad as hell, and her forgiveness just made me feel guiltier.

"Oh, Bobby," she said, "come on now, there's no need to cry. I'm not mad at you...... not one little bit. To tell you the truth, I'm a little flattered. I'm no young chickie anymore, and well, it's kind of nice for a woman to know she can still have an affect on a young man."

As I looked up, she started to smile and wipe the tears from my cheeks. "You know," she shook her finger at me and then continued, "don't you dare repeat this to anyone, but, you're Uncle Mike used to do the same thing when we were growing up, and according to Aunt Brenda, he still does. Plus, before I married your father, I had a boyfriend I was pretty serious about who was perfectly content to have my panties instead of sex after a date. He used to keep them for a week or so, wash them and then give them back to me ready to wear. He even had favorite pairs he would ask me to wear when we went out and didn't hide the fact that he liked to wear them, too. More than once we went out to a drive-in movie with both of us wearing my panties, and that's the absolute truth."

I couldn't help but laugh at her story. I didn't know if it was true or not, but, it didn't matter. She was smiling and trying to cheer me up. It was working, too, because I no longer felt like some kind of guilty pervert. She made me smile and that was so much like her – always trying to make us feel loved.

"And one last thing and then we really need to get this stuff in the washing machine," she said, "you don't have to be embarrassed and so secretive about masturbating. Believe me, everyone in this house does it."

I looked at her with a surprised look on my face, not believing she would say that, and when I did, she hugged me again and said "Oh, don't act shocked.... if you thought you were the only one to ever discover how good it felt to play with yourself, you're dead wrong. We all do it."

"Do you?" I asked my mother.

"Of course I do," she replied, "I said everyone, didn't I? For that matter, you're the only one I haven't seen doing it."

"No way!" I retorted.

"Yep," she said, "I've seen your father do it and I've walked in on your sister doing it in her bedroom. It was an accident, I'll have you know, but that's a fact."

"Oh, how cool!" I exclaimed.

"Don't get any ideas, young man," she scolded, "you promised me there would be no funny business with your sister and I'll be mad as hell if you start anything. I don't care if she lays down in front of you naked, you better not touch her. Are we clear on that?"

She was dead serious. She had one of those 'I'm not kidding looks'.

"Mom, she's my sister and I wouldn't try anything with her." I said.

"Well, I saw the way you were looking at her last week, and you DID take the panties she was wearing that day, and I've also seen the way she looks at you sometimes, too. So, mark my words," she paused for emphasis, "I'm not just talking to hear myself speak – there better be no touching between the two of you."

"No problem, Mom. I promise." She seemed to be relieved when she heard me say that.

"So, then," she asked, "do you promise to come to me if you have any questions about sex, masturbation, girls or whatever?"

"Yes, mom," I answered, "you made your point and I'll come to you if I have questions."

She hugged me one last time. As she did, I felt driven to say something to her. "Mom, can I just say one thing?"

"Sure, Bobby, what is it?" She replied.

"I just wanted to tell you thanks for not going ballistic on me and that you're about the best Mom in the world." I said. "I just knew I was going to be in serious trouble when I found those panties missing the other day. It was really nice of you to handle it the way did. Oh, and one more thing..... I love you, Mom."

"Well," she said, "I love you too, Bobby. And, you're quite welcome. Just remember to keep this just between us. Okay, now...... we better get going on this laundry now or I'll never get it all done. Ready to learn all about lingerie?"

I considered myself lucky with the way things turned out. Well, maybe 'lucky' is an understatement. Perhaps 'miracle' is the right word to describe it. But, I learned a few things that were pretty cool: my Uncle Mike is a panty lover..... Mom used to date a guy that was a panty lover and even wore her panties...... Mom masturbates and has seen both my dad and my sister do it...... she told me it was okay to masturbate..... and gave me permission to check out her and my sister's panties.

Yes, it was definitely a miracle.

She pulled me by the arm over to the table where she and Linda's bras and panties were laying. "First the bras." She said. We separated the bras into two piles – one pile for her bras and one pile one for Linda's. "Just check the tag if you're not sure." She said. "You sister's are 34B and mine are 36C." I looked at her with a puzzled look and she explained. The number was how many inches around the chest, and the letter was the cup size. Since Linda's breasts were smaller, her cup size was a 'B', while Mom's breasts were bigger and had a 'C' cup size. She explained that breasts came in all different sizes and shapes and that she hoped I wouldn't be a guy that got hung up on breast size. She also told me that younger girls had naturally 'perky' breasts because they were young, but when they got older and especially if they had children, the breast would naturally lose some of the perkiness. "It's just one of the curses of being a woman." She told me.

Holding all their bras in my hands and checking the tags made my cock hard. Knowing full well that these bras held the tits of my mother and sister was almost overwhelming, and as I touched each one and ran my fingers into the cups, I started to think about their bare nipples touching where I was touching. She caught me fingering the cup of one of her bras and jarred me with her elbow. "Feel how thick that one is?"

I squeezed the cup of the bra and said "Yes, it feels spongy." Then, she gave me a lesson on padding saying "Sometimes, the padding makes a girl feel fuller and gives more cleavage." She then picked up one of Linda's bras where the cups were thin and flimsy and showed me the difference. "The problem with this bra, though," pointing out Linda's thin cups, "is that sometimes the girl's nipples can be seen through the bra."

I knew exactly what she meant, too. I'd seen plenty of nipples poking their way through bras – both young and older women. I liked it, too. So did my friends, and sometimes we would alert each other when a visible set of nipples were nearby.

"Most girls," she said, "have different bras for different occasions."

"You mean like everyday and dressy?" I asked.

"Well, sort of..." she answered, "and also sexy and not so sexy. What I mean is sometimes a girl selects her lingerie based on how she wants to feel and she might not mind if it's a little revealing or suggestive – after all, we know men are always looking at us, and we don't always hate that."

"Yeah, I understand," I said, "what about this one?"

The bra I held up didn't even look like a bra.... it looked more like a jockstrap. "Well, that's an athletic bra," she replied, "it's made to keep us from bouncing all over the place when we're running or working out. Your sister has a bunch of these." There were no real cups in this bra, but, stretching it in my hands, I could easily see how it worked.

She went on to tell me something about each of the bras and what made them different from the rest. In the mean time, my cock was pounding from all the talk about breasts, nipples and bras. Handling each of the bras was making my pants swell to a bursting point. I thought I was being discreet when I casually used my hand to adjust my cock to relieve some of the pressure in my pants, but, she caught me.

"Is this making you uncomfortable, Bobby?" She asked.

"Oh, no!" I answered. "I never knew there was so much to learn about bras. No, really, I'm fine."

Turning to me, she said, "Tell me the truth, Bobby..... are you getting.... uh, how should I say it..... are you getting aroused by the bras?"

I felt myself turning red. My face heated up and it felt like I was radiating embarrassment. I was thinking about how to answer, but before I could she put her hand on my arm and said "Never mind, I think the color of your face is a dead giveaway. I guess I would be concerned if it didn't have some affect on you."

I rolled my eyes and picked up the last bra that needed to be sorted. As I did, she started to laugh to herself, then said "It's kind of cute, though...... just like your Uncle Mark."

I started to get red again, but she headed that off by asking me to get one of the zippered bags. "So, the reason we sorted these is that with so many bras, we want to be able to easily tell whose is whose. Now, I'll do your sister's and you do mine. Just take the strap like this...."

I watched as she clasped the bra strap and placed the bra in the mesh bag. As we clasped all the straps and placed the bras in the bags, she told me that the bags would keep all the straps from getting tangled while they were in the washer. "The bags," she told me, "were made so that the bras would wash up just fine and keep the bras in good shape."

"When you're done, just zip the bag and you're ready to put them in the washer." I watched as she took both bags and turned to walk over to the washing machine and dropped them in.

"Are you going to be okay to do these panties with me, or, do you want me to do them myself?" She asked.

I almost asked her if she was kidding, or maybe nuts. There must have been ten pairs of panties on the table. Some of them were my sister's and some were my mother's. Some of the crotch panels were turned inside out so I could see them and some of them were all rolled up or twisted. In any event, there was no way I was going to miss this.

"Mom, I'm fine." I said.

"Honey, I was just teasing you – I know you're fine." She said. Shortly, she started to laugh and added, "Then again, I don't want you to have some kind of spontaneous explosion, either."

I truthfully wasn't following her and I initially didn't have a clue what she was talking about. But, when she glanced down to my crotch and then back up at my face, I got it. Even though I was terribly embarrassed, we both burst out laughing. It was the hardest I'd laughed in a long, long time and I was pretty impressed with my Mom's sense of humor.

"Okay, back to work now." She said. I thought we were going to talk about the panties, but, she started cracking up again and between fits of laughter she managed to say "just be careful, though.... if you think you're reaching a bursting point, tell me so I can run for cover!"

She almost doubled over in laughter. And, the more I thought about it, visions of uncontrolled cum flying everywhere in the room as a result of being over excited and spewing.... well, it was funny as hell.

End of Chapter 1. Next: Bobby gets 'Up Close and Personal' with the silky treasures.

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