A Mother's Promise Ch. 10


Her lubrication was evident by the smell and even by the wet sounds that seemed to come from there when she touched herself. I was hard again and I had to readjust my position so I could watch her comfortably. The hand that was rubbing her nipples came to rest on my cock and I felt her fingers feel for the tip and run across the hole to spread my precum across my cock head. With her eyes still closed, she moaned to me, saying "Your cock feels so good in my hands, baby. I can feel it pulse."

When she finally pushed lower and slid her finger inside her vagina, I saw the glistening of her juice inside her inner lips. Her finger moved in and out very slowly until she let go of my cock and asked "Sweetheart, reach down there and hold the little lips open for me."

She hadn't opened her eyes, she just spoke to me without looking. I moved directly between her legs where there was plenty of room to sit. Carefully, I reached into her crotch with both hands extended as her finger continued to run up and down the crease between her bigger lips.

At first, I tried to hold them apart by pressing on them and spreading may hands apart, but that's not what she wanted. "No, baby," she said, "like this." I watched as she used her fingers to hold each of her little lips and pull them apart. They looked like little wings as she pulled on them, allowing my first look at the inside of her pussy. I was surprised that I couldn't see deeper into her, but as she continued to pull, I could see more and more. Finally, as she held her lips stretched apart, I was able to see inside of my mother's pussy. My cock was aching to be in there, too, and I drifted away for a minute dreaming what it would be like to slip my cock ever so slowly down inside her. But, I knew I could only dream about that, and my dreams would have to satisfy me.

"Here," she said, "you do it for me. I love to be stretched open like this." She let go of her little lips and I took one in my right hand and one in my left. As I pulled them open, she moaned. "Oh, gawd, that feels so good....I love that. Pull out a little more, baby, out and open at the same time." I did as she asked and when I did, she completely opened up for me. I could all the way down into her vagina. It was wet and pink and glistening. I loved it. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it was going to burst through my chest.

"Don't be afraid to pull harder, baby. I'll tell you if it hurts." She told me. So I pulled harder and stretched her as far as I dared. Her finger began to move up and down again, dipping into the wetness I held open for her and then rubbing it up to her clit. "Can you see in mommy's pussy, baby? Can you see all the way inside me?" She asked.

I tried to speak but my voice wasn't cooperating. I had to clear my throat before I could answer her. "It's all pink and wet in there," I said, "I can see inside you."

"Do you like looking at your mommy's pussy, baby?" She asked, as her fingers started to move faster and faster, lingering more and more at her clitoris.

"Oh, yeah," I said, "I love looking at your pussy."

"I like what you're doing for me right now, sweetheart" she said, "it pleases me a lot -- it makes me feel very naked and very nasty, so I want you to remember exactly what you're doing so you can please me exactly like this when I ask you again. Just keep pulling me open the way you're doing now, it's perfect."

Her fingers traveled the complete length of her slit, up and down, dipping into her hole and then back up to her clit. Her other hand had pushed up her baby-doll top and was pinching her nipple as her breaths started to be choppy.

"You're going to see mommy cum soon, baby, would you like that?" She moaned.

"Oh, yeah." I muttered, barely able to speak as I watched the spectacle in front of me.

"You want to cum in mommy's pussy, don't you baby? Say it for me sweetheart, tell me how much you want to cum in me inside your mommy's pussy."

Before I could stop myself, I spoke back to her saying "Mommy, I love your pussy..... I want to put my cock in there so badly right now and cum inside you. Then you could sit on top of me again and let me clean all my cum out of you."

She was really pinching her nipples hard now and her belly was starting to tremble. She was taking short breaths and the look on her face was determined. Her fingers started to concentrate on her clit and I saw an opportunity to lower my head to inhale her scent and maybe lick her opening.

When my face got to within inches of her vaginal opening, she started a high pitch moan saying "Oh.... Oh..... Oh..... Oh..... Oh." Her hand suddenly froze and she stopped breathing for a few seconds. I sank my tongue into her and then felt her hands holding the back of my head, pushing my face against her pussy . Then she exploded. She shrieked groaning sounds I had never heard before and she bucked against my face as she held me there. "Oh, Bobby. I'm cumming.... Aaaaahhhhh."

I had to pull away for a second to catch my breath, but then she pulled me back into her. I thought she would like it if I sucked her clit, so I shifted up and started to nibble it. As soon as I touched it, she shoved my head away and held me away from her.

"Bobby, stop!" She gasped, trying to catch her breath.

I pulled back and looked up at her. After a few seconds, she reached down and patted my hands, which I took as a command to release her lips. When I did, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

"It gets real sensitive down there after I cum, baby, that's why I had to stop you." She was still panting, her chest heaving up and down as she smiled. She pointed down to my cock and as I looked down at it, I could see that it was leaking a copious amount of precum. "Do you think you can cum again, sweetheart?"

I nodded my head 'yes'. "Then go ahead and masturbate for mommy. Since you've pleased me so much today, I'll give you a reward and let you cum inside me."

Her words shocked me, to say the least, but I wasn't in any condition to question or argue. As I sat between her opened legs, I stared at her luscious pussy and began to jack myself. She reached across the floor and picked up the panties she had been wearing.

I shifted my gaze to watch as she held the panties up, found the crotch panel and held it to her nose. "They're pretty wet, Bobby." She said. Handing them to me she said "See how wet they are?"

I took the silky panties from her with my left hand while I stroked myself with my right. Holding them to my nose, I took in their smell deeply and closed my eyes, thinking back to yesterday morning when we did almost the same thing in the laundry room. "Here, baby," she said, "hand them back to me."

As I passed them back to her, she again found the gusset of the panty and laid it lengthwise over her pussy and began to touch herself. "I'll get these all wet for you," she said, "but I want you to tell me when you think you're starting to get close to cumming. Don't wait until the last minute, sweetheart, make sure you give me some warning so I can get ready for you to cum in me."

I watched as she touched herself through her panties as they lay across her pussy. Her fingers pushed them in between her lower lips so just a thin strip of white could be seen.

Just as she had done in the laundry room, she told me not to say anything until I was getting close to cumming. So, on my knees, just inches away from her open pussy filled with her panties, I stared at her and kept wanking.

"These are going to be so wet for you in a minute, Bobby. Are you watching mommy get her panties ready for you? Can you see how much you're turning mommy on?" She asked.

I kept stroking and I started to feel like I was getting there, so I told her.

"Mom, I think I'm starting to get close." I said.

"Oh, baby," she said, "will you promise to suck my panties if I give them to you when I'm done?"

I was the one doing the panting now. I nodded my head up and down thinking about sucking her panties and sinking my cock into her when I was ready to cum. This was going to be so good. My hand was a blur as it flew up and down my cock, dragging me closer and closer to release.

"Oh, I can tell you're going to cum any second now, baby. Just tell me when you think you're ready and I'll tell you what to do." She said. Then she did something that really blew my mind -- she pulled her panties out from between her pussy lips and wrapped the gusset around the index finger of her right hand. With her left hand, she held her pussy open and then slowly inserted her panty covered finger into her pussy. She pushed it in a couple of inches and then pulled her finger out, leaving the panties pushed up in her, and then she spread the rest of the material out across her mound. It was more than I could bear and as soon as I felt the swell of cum as it prepared to shoot out of my cock, I told her.

"I'm gonna cum, mom..... I'm getting ready to cum any second." I said.

"Keep stroking yourself until you're sure you're about to ejaculate and then lean forward and put the tip of your cock down here." She replied. She was pushing two fingers into the panties now, and her actions were creating a panty reservoir inside her pussy hole. I could see her juices were saturating the material of the panties and they looked almost transparent now.

Then I felt it start. I said "I'm cumming, mom... I'm cumming."

When I leaned forward and pointed my cock toward her pussy, she reached down and grabbed my cock. "Let go, Bobby," she said quickly, "let me do it."

I let go of my cock just as I started to shoot. She moved my cock to the panty covered hole and guided me into it about an inch and then held me there. I could feel her panties stretched against my cock head, keeping me from going any deeper, but as I tried to thrust into her, she held me back with her free hand until I realized that I simply couldn't go in any further.

"Quit pushing," she said, "just let it all go." I let up and started to convulse with the full power of my ejaculation. I pumped surge after surge of cum into her panty lined pussy until my last grunt was over and I had emptied everything I had into her.

Totally drained, I held myself up over her as my orgasm subsided.

"Don't push into me, Bobby." she warned, "just stay like you are for a minute. I'm going to let go of you for a few minutes, so don't push in."

I felt her let go of my cock and remove her hand from my stomach where she had been holding me back. "Good boy," she said, "now hold still while I milk the rest of your cum into me."

I felt both of her hands reach down to the base of my cock and squeeze me. As she squeezed, she slowly worked her hand toward the tip, milking the last drops of cum to the tip of my cock and then into her panties.

While she was milking me, she spoke, saying "That's called a 'panty fuck', sweetheart. Our bare skin never touched and you didn't go into my pussy. My panties kept you from going into me. You'll see in a minute."

I was still recovering and trying to catch my breath when she said "Alright baby, I think I got it all now. You can pull straight back and relax."

She put her hands on my chest and gently pushed me back until I could put my arms down on the floor and hold myself up.

Looking down at her pussy, I could see the inch deep reservoir made by her panties and it was filled with my milky white sperm. "Watch this." She said.

She worked the edges of the panty carefully as she pulled it away from her crotch. Holding it horizontally, she held it up to show me there was indeed an inch deep impression in the exact middle of the gusset, and it was filled with my cum.

"Your Aunt Brenda and I did this hundreds of times with my brother, sweetheart. I know it's kind of a tease, but, that's as close as I can let you get, baby. Uncle Mike loved to do it. And, you know, Bobby - just like the commercial says, it's the gift that keeps on giving."

She carefully folded the front and back of the panties together and held them in one hand. Reaching over to take my arm, she pulled me over to her side and told me to lie down.

She said one word: "Open."

As soon as she said it, I knew what was going to happen next. I wasn't trying to disobey her, but, when I didn't immediately open my mouth, she spoke again, this time sternly saying: "Mommy said open your mouth, Bobby."

I opened my mouth wide and she said "That's better, sweetheart." As she dropped the cum filled gusset of her panties in my mouth, she put her free hand under my jaw and pushed it closed.

"Now don't suck this time, Sweetheart. Just let it sit in there for a minute or two." She instructed.

As she watched me, she told me that cum was much better when it was warm and fresh, although she said mine was especially good warm or cold. She continued by telling me that having this much cum in my mouth at one time was going to be very much like getting it 'from the source', using my own words from earlier.

"I bet by now it's leaking out all over your tongue and the back of your mouth, isn't it?" She asked.

I nodded my head up and down to say 'yes'.

"Sweetheart, I'm very, very pleased to see you doing so well with a full mouthful of cum. We'll need to let it sit in there for another minute or so, though." She said. "Now, come with me."

She pulled me up, took my hand and walked me into the kitchen. We walked together over to the stove and she turned the burner on so she could finish cooking our omelets. She got a chair from the breakfast nook and put it right next to the stove and told me to sit.

"Now, while I finish cooking," she said, "I want you to suck on those panties and make sure you get them as clean as you can, because I'm going to check. I've got a feeling you'll do a good job, though."

End of chapter 10. Next: She grants his wish.

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