tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Promise Ch. 18

A Mother's Promise Ch. 18


Authors Note: For those of you that are following this story, I think you know what to expect by now. For the others, this story series contains inter-family scenes and very non-traditional sexual activity. Hey, no one is holding a gun to your head to read this, so if you don't like it, please just move on to something else.

This chapter picks up immediately at the end of chapter 17 with Mom, Bobby, Aunt Brenda and Erika in the procedure room.

Lastly, I want to thank my friend, Jack, for being my sounding board and previewing chapters. Also, others have provided ideas and helped me develop story details, such as the bed you will read about in this chapter. I appreciate all the help and all your emails and comments.


After tormenting me for another minute, Aunt Brenda withdrew her finger from my bottom and tapped my mother on the shoulder, saying, "We need to get him on the bed, Sherri."

Erika pulled her mouth off my cock and looked at my mom. "Yum yum," Erika remarked, "I see what you mean. He does taste good! Does he leak like this all the time?" Erika asked.

"As far as I can tell he does." Mother answered, and then added, "Let's quit teasing him and get him into the bed before he enjoys himself too much."

Mom and Erika laughed between themselves for a moment, and then Erika tugged on my cock a few more times before they both stood up. My aunt, still standing behind me, reached up to unclasp the bra I was wearing and as soon as it was loose, Erika reached up and pulled the straps off my shoulders and lifted the bra away from my chest.

My thoughts drifted back to what my mom said before we left the house about having to get used to wearing a bra, and she was right. Once I got in the car and we got on our way, the unusual feeling of the cotton bra strapped around me went away and until just this second, I completely forgot about it.

Now that I was completely naked, a sudden rush of embarrassment and excitement flooded over me. In a matter of a few minutes, they had stripped my panties off and removed my bra. I was now stark naked, standing in front of three women sporting a leaking hard-on. I felt the now familiar tingle of a red flush spread over me, and noticing it, Erika reached out to touch both my boy nipples with her hands, pinching them lightly.

"Oh," Erika exclaimed, "his nipples are hard!"

My aunt, still standing behind me, reached around and felt for herself, placing her hands over my breasts and squeezing a handful of my boy-boobs. Then using her thumb and first finger, she clamped down on both my pebble size nipples at the same time, causing me to jump with surprise. "This is what you have to look forward to as a girl," my aunt whispered in my ear, "being pawed and pinched." Then, she let go of my nipples and reached around my waist with her left hand to grasp my cock, stroking it gently while she massaged one of my nipples. "But," she added, "I bet that feels good. Doesn't it?"

They were all waiting for my answer, looking at me with curious stares. I had to admit, the momentary pinch she applied to my nipples startled me for an instant, and they were now super sensitive. But, her gentle massaging felt damn good. And when you add in the way she was stroking my cock, I had to agree, it did feel good, and I told them so.

Smiling and reaching her hand out to take my cock away from Aunt Brenda, mother took hold of my member. "You'll learn to like having your nipples touched, sweetheart. Believe me," my mother went on, "when it's done right, you'll feel it right down here." She said as she squeezed my rigid cock.

"Come on," mom said, "it's time for you to get up on the bed, sweetheart."

Mother pulled me by my cock over to the side of the bed as Erika and Aunt Brenda followed. Standing there and looking down, I could see a sticker that said 'Labor and Delivery Birthing Bed'. I looked at my mom and asked "A birthing bed?"

Aunt Brenda stepped up next to me and told me they used a birthing bed because it provided easy access to where they had to work and the stirrups would hold my legs out of the way comfortably. "You're going to be in that position for a while, Bobby. Really, it's for the best."

As she held my cock with one hand, mother patted me on the back and said "Up you go, sweetie." With that, she pushed me against the birthing bed and as I stepped up and got on, Erika, my mom and Aunt Brenda maneuvered me into center of the bed. The whole time, mom never let go of my cock, and when I was finally settled, mom ended up standing right next to me with her hand still holding my pole.

"I need you to scoot down, Bobby." Erika asked. "Use these handles on the side to help you scoot your butt down toward the end of the bed. We'll help you get your legs into the leg supports, but we need you to scoot down first."

I did as Erika asked, grasping the side handles labeled 'Labor Grips', and she and my aunt helped me scoot my bottom down to where they wanted it. Then, lifting my legs one at a time, they placed them in the leg supports. "Wiggle yourself around to get comfortable," my aunt suggested, "then we can put the straps on the stirrups and you'll be able to relax."

I took a minute to wiggle down into the thick bed cushion until I was completely satisfied. As I did, I realized that my bottom was almost hanging off the end of the bed and my entire body was being supported by the leg supports as I laid there on my back. It was comfortable, though. In fact, it was very comfortable. The leg supports were thick and padded and as soon as I relaxed back onto the pillow, my mom asked me if I was "Comfy."

When I told her I was, Aunt Brenda and Erika moved to the leg supports and swung them out, opening my legs up much wider. Then, as I watched, they wrapped velcro straps around my legs. "These are just to help keep your legs stabilized." Erika said as she secured my left leg. "We won't make them too tight." Aunt Brenda added.

As they secured the straps on me, mom casually tilted my cock toward the ceiling and started to jack me - slow at first, and then a little faster as my aunt and Erika watched. When a drop of precum appeared at the top of my cock, mother stopped stroking me and held my cock so all of them could see it. All three women looked back and forth between themselves until Erika finally said "Well, are we just going to let it sit there?"

"Okay, you two," my aunt said, referring to my mom and Erika, "I know what you're thinking and if I remember correctly, it's my turn now." And with that, my aunt sidestepped next to my mom, bent down, took my cock head into her mouth and gave me a healthy suck. My mom, in turn, began to milk me - forcing as much precum up into my aunt's mouth as she could until she said, "I think that's enough, Brenda."

Smiling, my aunt lifted up from my cock and licked her lips. "He is quite tasty," my aunt agreed, "and very thick, too." The three of them giggled amongst them selves as my mom's grip loosened while she held my now throbbing cock.

"Bobby," my aunt said, "until we're done, one of us will be standing next to you, holding your penis like your mom is now. That way, we can keep you from masturbating and control how much stimulation you get. All you have to do from here on out is lie there and be still. And unless you have any questions, I think we're ready to get started."

This time, I think they finally meant it. They'd said several times it was time start, but they never seemed to do anything but touch me or handle my cock. But, when Erika turned to the cart and picked up the tube of lubricant, I knew they were serious now.

"Sherri, I think you should be the one to do this." Erika said, holding up the lube.

"I'll take that." My aunt said, reaching for my cock.

Then, as my aunt's hand came in contact with my hard-on, my mom let go and leaned down to kiss me. "I'll be gentle," mom whispered to me, "don't worry, baby."

I watched my mom as she joined Erika at the end of the bed. They both smiled as they looked down at my exposed condition. "Oh my!" My mom exclaimed, seeing the way I was splayed out before them. "Now I see why you suggested we use the bed, Brenda."

Erika gave the lubricant to my mother and told her to lube my bottom up, and to use as much as necessary to get the job done. "We have plenty of lube, Sherri." Erika added. "The idea here is to use your finger at first. Get him lubed, relaxed and open so we can insert the syringe into his cute little butt and squirt some more up into him beyond where your finger can reach."

My mom smiled as she squirted some of the clear slippery liquid onto her fingertip and applied it to my bottom hole. Erika coached her as she applied some around her target and then pushed her fingertip into me. As her finger went in, my cock lurched in my aunt's hand causing Aunt Brenda to grin. "Another reason we're going to hold your cock is so we can tell if you're getting close to cumming, Bobby." My aunt explained. "It's way too early to let you cum again, you know. We'll save that for later."

I closed my eyes as my mom's finger started to move in and out of my bottom, transferring more and more lube into me until I heard Erika say, "Try two fingers now." I opened my eyes to see all three of them looking at my mom's finger as it glided into my bottom. "Don't worry," my mom said holding up the two fingers she was about to push into me, "these are a lot smaller than the strap-on I used on you the other day."

Her words pierced right through me and I instantly blushed deep red with embarrassment. "Oh, Bobby," my aunt offered, "we've all had either a strap-on or a real cock up our butts, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Your mom told me how much you loved it, and besides," she added, "as a girl, you're going to have to get used to some action back there."

Under Erika's watchful eyes, my mom applied more and more lube to my bottom as she worked her two fingers into me, little by little. She didn't hurt me, but it was uncomfortable and Erika saw my discomfort and stopped my mom. "Let me take a quick feel, Sherri," she said, applying some lube to her fingers. Then with my mother watching, the second person ever to put their finger in my ass proceeded to finger me.

"Bobby, you're pushing against me." Erika said. "You have to loosen your butt up," she added, "try concentrating on the feeling down here and gradually let your muscles go." Mother looked up at me and said "Try it, baby. Bear down a little and then just let your muscles relax."

While the three of them watched Erika's finger doing circles inside my butt, I closed my eyes and concentrated on letting myself loosen. "That's it," Erika said, "but even more."

Erika's finger was moving effortlessly now, and I could barely feel any friction as her finger slipped in and out of me rapidly, accompanied by a wet slapping sound. My aunt was jacking me at a leisurely pace, and as I settled back into the pillow and let go of the grips on the side of the labor bed, I made a conscious effort to relax every muscle in my body and just enjoy what the three of them were doing.

Soon, Erika had two fingers in me, all the time adding more lube to make it easy for her to push in and pull her fingers out. "Here, Sherri," Erika said, "take over while I get the syringe ready." I kept my eyes closed as my mother's tender fingers took Erika's place and with almost no pause, mom's two fingers were inside me. "Oh, sweetheart, that's much better," mom said, praising me, "just keep concentrating and let yourself open up as much as you can. Don't worry about anything else, just concentrate on the feeling and allow yourself to accept the feeling and open up to it."

I opened my eyes enough to see Erika filling the syringe with the liquid lube. When she was done, she returned to her spot between my legs, watching my mother fucking me with her two fingers. To say it felt heavenly would be an understatement. The sound, itself, was intoxicating. The 'squish – squish' I heard was coming in rapid iterations, and it felt magnificent.

I watched as Erika and my mother, side by side, negotiated the syringe into my ass. It was one quick movement – first my mother withdrew her fingers and at the exact same time, Erika was there to push the syringe in. And once it was in, I felt a little pressure as she drove the plunger home and emptied the liquid lube deep into my bottom.

Erika asked my mom to hold the syringe in place for a second while she went to the cart. Curious as to what she was doing, I watched Erika open the drawer that held the plastic cocks and withdraw one. Then walking up to the side of the bed, she leaned down and showed it to me.

"Bobby, this is the number two size. It's only a tad bigger than your mom's fingers and I'm sure you won't even notice the difference." She said. "The trick to taking something comfortably in your butt is concentration and relaxation. You probably won't even notice this one very much. But, be sure you say something if you feel uncomfortable, and don't worry about the length, we're not going to push it all the way in at first."

I simply nodded and closed my eyes. My aunt's hand was still leisurely masturbating me, not enough to make me cum, mind you, but enough for me to know that someone was giving my cock some attention.

When mom withdrew the syringe, I felt the round tip of the plastic cock against my hole and then before I knew it, they guided it inside me. Erika was right, I didn't even notice it much and when my mom asked if I was doing alright, I just smiled.

"I'm going to start pushing it in deeper." Erika warned. "Just say something if it hurts."

After a few seconds, I heard my aunt gasp and when I looked up at her from where I was laying, I could see a surprised look on her face. Then looking down between my legs, I could see Erika's arm making long in and out motions that matched the slight friction I felt in my ass. "Doing okay, sweetie?" My mom asked.

I simply smiled and pushed my butt out to meet the cock as it moved into me again. Both my aunt and my mom watched as Erika fucked my ass with that plastic cock. Eventually I felt it bottom out against my butt cheeks and after a few seconds I heard my mom remark, "It's in all the way."

Erika instructed my mom to keep the motion up – to keep moving the cock in and out, saying, "Sherri, keep doing this while I go get the next one." Erika told her. "Just keep up a continual and gentle motion since he's opened up so well."

I was enjoying the slow, rhythmic motion of my mother's actions; it was neither fast nor slow and it wasn't urgent or demanding, either. It was perfect. The more she did it, the more I wanted it. I wondered to myself if this was what a girl felt when she was being fucked, but then I pushed all that aside as nonsense knowing it was my ass that was being fucked, not my.... I mean, not a pussy. I chuckled to myself for even thinking those thoughts. How silly it was to even think of myself as having a pussy.

My daydream was interrupted by my aunt whispering in my ear, saying "Bobby, I've seen real cocks smaller than the one your mom is fucking you with. Just think about that for a second." She smiled at me and then winked.

Just then, Erika moved up next to the bed holding another plastic cock in her hands. It was thicker, longer and had a wire coming out the end of it. As she held it up for me to see, she explained. "This one is a little bigger and it has a vibrator inside. Once we get it in you, I'll give you the vibrator control and you can turn it up or down, depending on how it feels and what you like."

After her explanation, Erika moved back down between my legs and whispered something to my mother. When my mother glanced up at me, I knew the two were up to something. "Brenda," my mom asked, "is your arm getting tired? Why don't we swap places for a while? You come down here and I'll take over with that."

Aunt Brenda got this little grin on her face and reached down to kiss my cheek, saying, "Bobby, I want you to hold your cock for me while your mom and I swap places. No masturbating, mind you, just hold it up so we can see it."

So, as I held my cock as she instructed, Aunt Brenda moved between my legs and took over from my mother, resuming the gentle fucking of my ass with the plastic cock. When my mom moved up next to me, instead of reaching out for my erection, she just looked at me.

"Tell me the truth," she asked, "Does it feel good? What they're doing down there, I mean. Is it pleasurable?"

Her question took my breath away. Not because I was surprised she asked it, or even because I was going to answer it. It took my breath away because I was about to confess in front of these three women that I liked it. While I would have done anything they asked of me, the mere fact that I was laying in such an exposed condition, letting them handle me, stroke me and penetrate me was extremely embarrassing. And admitting that I liked it - saying it out loud so they could clearly hear it.... that took my breath away.

But, something in me wanted them to hear my confession. Something was driving me to answer. I wanted them to know. So, I answered, telling my mom, "Yes, mom. It feels good and I like it."

"And you're doing so well, baby." She replied. "Prepare yourself now." She added. "We're going to put in the larger one now."

As soon as I nodded, I felt Aunt Brenda pull out the smaller cock and Erika pressed the bigger one into me. I could feel the bigger girth start to stretch me as Erika gently pushed. "Take a deep breath, sweetheart, and push down against it." My mom said, bending over me and stroking my cheek. "That will help you open up. Once it's in, it will feel wonderful. The hardest part is getting the head through the opening. You'll see."

Staring into my mother's eyes, I took a deep breath, concentrated on my butt and pushed down against the cock as Erika held it. Then, like magic, I opened up and the cock slid a few inches into me. As it did, I let my breath out and mom leaned down to kiss me.

Leaning back up, mother glanced between my legs and watched Erika push the cock slowly into my ass. Then, turning back to me, she smiled and asked, "You still okay?"

I told her I was okay and then looked at my aunt. Her eyes were as big as saucers and she had this look of disbelief on her face as Erika pushed the cock to a final resting place all the way up in me. Then slowly, Erika began to pull the cock back out and pushed it in again. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the larger cock as it fucked me, relaxing my muscles more and more until it was gliding in and out of me as easily as the one before it had.

I felt a blast of warm air on my nipples and opened my eyes to see my aunt bending down over me on the other side of my bed, about to suck one of my nipples into her mouth. "Relax, sweetie," my mom coaxed, "close your eyes and just let everything happen."

Aunt Brenda's mouth was hot and wet as she tongued my nipple, playing with it and sucking it up into her mouth. At the same time, my mom bent down and whispered to me very softly, saying, "That cock in your butt is bigger than your dad's, and you're taking it fine. Bobby, a plastic cock is one thing, but, I want you to think about letting your dad give you your first real cock. He'll be gentle, I know he will, and I could be there with you if wanted me to."

My mind began to spin thinking about letting my dad fuck my bottom and it seemed like an eternity before she spoke again. "Would you like that, sweetheart?" Mom asked. "Would you like your daddy to put his cock in you?"

Before I could answer, she started to masturbate me - slowly stroking my engorged cock while she waited for my answer. "Maybe your sister could be there too," she whispered, "we could all get naked and watch – the whole family gathered around to see you take your first cock.... your daddy's cock. What do you think, sweetheart?"

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