tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Seduction

A Mother's Seduction


Cathy sat at the kitchen table thinking about how the last three weeks have been since Shawn moved back home after graduating from college. She just had the sense that there was a sexual tension building between them and although in one way it troubled her, it excited her in ways she just could not understand yet.

Deciding to see if it was just her imagination or was there really something going on, she thought maybe she could see for herself if Shawn was feeling the same way. Hearing him working out down stairs, she tried to think of a way to see if he might be having the same sexual feelings about her as well.

Shawn curled the weights as his mind drifted about seeing his mother in those skin tight jeans that she seemed to be wearing more and more lately. As he considered that she might be doing it on purpose, he felt his cock get rock hard just picturing her tight little ass in his mind. At night, he would sit at his computer jerking off to images of women who resembled her; he hoped she would come in some night and catch him.

Finally, Cathy heard Shawn coming up the stairs. She leaned against the wall holding the curtain rod in her hand, waiting for Shawn to come into the room. Cathy spread her legs and arched her butt up in the air, she could feel her heart racing and all misgivings she might have had were being over ruled by the throbbing between her legs.

"Honey, could you help me for a minute." She yelled out to him.

Shawn rounded the corner and could not believe what he was looking at. There was his mother with her butt arched up and he swore he could see her pussy out lined in her jeans. He felt his cock get rigid and hoped she would not turn around and catch him in this position.

"How can I help?" He asked."

"Just come behind me and hold the rod while I slide the curtains down to the other side." She said.

Apprehensively, Shawn came up behind her, feverishly trying to think of thoughts that would kill his erection. Feeling like he was almost safe, he felt his mother's ass pushing back into his groin. Almost instantly, his cock sprang back to being rock hard again. He knew she must have felt it too.

Cathy could feel her son's cock right through her jeans. She new she was soaking between her legs as well. Part of her was afraid but another was like an animal in heat. Now she knew both of them were having the same feelings.

"Well, if you're done working out, I think I'll go next." She said to him.

Cathy pulled on her sheer black leotards and looked in the mirror. At forty-one, she still had a great figure, a little on the slim side she told herself but better than being over weight. With her curly brown hair and slight frame, she could easily pass for her early thirties.

She looked at the shorts and T-shirt she always wore over her leotards and the thought all of a sudden crossed her mind not to wear them and just go out in the living room where Shawn was and let him see her almost naked. Looking in the mirror again, she could see her nipples sticking out and her crotch clearly showed the outline of her vagina.

Cathy shivered with excitement trying to decide if she had the courage to be so daring. She slid her fingers between her legs and just stroking herself slightly brought her the answer she was looking for.

Shawn laid on the couch thinking about what just happened with his mother. She had to feel him and yet she did not get mad or act disgusted. If anything, she acted as though she was enjoying it. Maybe she was just teasing him, he thought.

He knew she was probably putting on her black leotards and that long T-shirt. How many times he wished he could see her without it, he hoped one day it would happen.

Cathy walked out of her room and took a deep breath before going into the living room. Was this all going too far she asked herself. However, the throbbing between her legs gave her the answer she needed. She felt as though she was on the verge of climax if she just even stroked herself softly.

Shawn could not believe what he was looking at as Cathy came into the room. "Have you seen my white T-shirt?" Cathy asked him. All he could do was shake his head no.

Cathy turned around and bent over right across from as she looked on the love seat for the T-shirt. Shawn was looking right at her ass and legs, he knew she had a great body but this was unbelievable what was happening. Cathy turned around and stood right in front of Shawn, she noticed the bulge in his gym shorts, which only added to her fever. Maybe it was her imagination but she just got the impression that Shawn was huge by how it strained at the material in his shorts.

Shawn could not take his eyes off her crotch; the black material silhouetted it clearly. The black nylons were clearly wet, as he no longer had to guess what was going on, his mother was seducing him and he was enjoying every moment.

"So what are you up to?" Cathy asks.

"Just going to take a shower and surf the web." He replies.

"Looking at naked girls I would guess, but if you didn't, I would be worried." She said.

"I like looking at naked girls and then I." He replied. He felt his own confidence grow and figured he might as well play her game too.

Cathy was not expecting such a bold response. She could feel her excitement growing with every passing second. Trying to act as normal as possible without betraying her true feelings, she just could not take her eyes off the bulge in his shorts. It looked like he had a cucumber and she figured it had to be at least nine or ten inches long, something a porn star would have, she told herself.

"And what do you do after looking at those naked girls?" Cathy seductively asked.

"Maybe you should come and find out for yourself." He replied.

"Well; maybe I will do just that." She said.

Cathy turned and walked towards the basement then looked back and smiled the most seductively she knew how at Shawn. Walking down the stairs, she could feel herself dripping from her crotch. She dare not touch herself for fear of cumming, "not yet" she said softly.

Shawn showered quickly, his erection straining for relief as he dried himself. His heart raced, He could not believe if he was dreaming or was this really happening. He knew she would be surprised by the sight of his cock and could not wait to see her reaction.

At 5'9 and weighing about 165 pounds, Shawn was blessed with what most men yearned to have. He measured his penis at just over eleven inches; his ex-girl friend's biggest fear was that it would hurt her internally, so they never really had full intercourse. A fact that worried him was he too big and what would be Cathy's response.

Cathy heard the shower stop and debated what to do next. Her vagina screamed out for climax and she was so curious to see what was going to happen next. She always thought Shawn looked like a young John Bon Jovi and it only turned her on more thinking about it.

Shawn walked out of the bathroom completely naked with his erection fully exposed. He had never been so turned on and the way Cathy was teasing him, he did not care if she caught him nude. It only added to his excitement. He walked in his bedroom and left the door open purposely for Cathy to come in and catch him masturbating.

Shawn turned on his computer, got the lotion, and sleeved masturbator out of his nightstand. Sitting and scrolling through pictures of naked women, he could feel himself throbbing between his legs. He was almost ready to jerk himself off when he saw Cathy standing in the doorway.

Cathy could not believe what she was looking at; Shawn had the biggest cock she had ever seen. It went straight up and just appeared to be almost up to his chest. She wanted to touch herself and it took all her control to just stand there and not do it.

Shawn was past feeling inhibited and he swiveled his chair so it faced Cathy directly. He felt no embarrassment as he poured the lube down his shaft and slid the masturbator down the full length of his shaft.

Cathy quivered as she watched her son stroke himself up and down as they both looked at each other. She pictured in her mind what it would feel like if she rode up and down Shawn's cock as the masturbator took her place right now. Her crotch felt as though it was on fire pleading for release.

Shawn could feel himself on the verge of cumming, closed his eyes, and stoked himself faster and faster. Having Cathy standing there watching him jerk off was the most exciting thing he could ever remember doing. She did not just catch him; she was watching and waiting for his cum to shoot out of his eleven-inch cock.

Cathy without even realizing it moved closer to Shawn, she wanted to see him shoot his white cum out of that giant dick between his legs. When Bob was alive, she would wait for him to cum and right at the last moment she would wrap her lips around his head and take it all into her mouth. She wanted to do it now and fought herself from getting on her knees and sucking him dry.

Shawn felt the first of five spasms as he shot his semen up onto his chest and even reaching his chin. He could not believe how much came out and momentarily forgot that Cathy was standing right next to him watching every detail of his orgasm.

Shawn opened his eyes and was surprised how close Cathy was standing to him. He could see the camel toe in her leotards and knew she was on the verge of her own climax as well.

Cathy looked at the monitor and noticed the image on the screen for the first time. It was a woman on her knees with her ass wide-open and looking back at the camera. She realized the woman was about her age as well.

"So; you like looking at older women wide open." Cathy said.

"Especially when they look like you." Shawn answered.

Shawn slid his hand slowly up her leg; Cathy froze as she felt the approaching fingers caressing her up towards her throbbing cunt. She did everything she could do to close her legs and not let the intruder have its prize but realized that her legs betrayed her as she opened wide for his hand to have its way with her.

Shawn could not believe he was fingering his own mother as he felt his cock start to harden again. He had plenty of practice with Susan and knew exactly where to go to bring her to her own climax.

"You should have told me you wanted me to pose for you; I would have opened myself just like her." Cathy said referring to the picture on the screen.

Shawn felt her hand sliding up and down his chest, which was still wet with his own cum. He rubbed faster at the spot he knew would bring her relief and watched as she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked his cum from them slowly as she felt the first wave approaching her.

Cathy sucked her fingers dry and could not believe how good it tasted. With Bob dead almost four years now, this was the first taste in such a long time and she loved every drop of it. She knew there would be more just the way they interacted like long lost lovers, instead of mother and son.

Shawn felt the fingers wrap around his cock in rhythm with his fingers rubbing her clit. He had dreamed of her giving him a hand job but this was too good to be true. He could feel himself almost there and hoped she didn't stop. He couldn't believe he was about to cum again.

Cathy at first did not even realize she stroking Shawn's cock but when she did, she wanted to see it shoot again-if he could. She knew at twenty-one, he could rebound fast.

"Rub my pussy faster." She said.

They both were in rhythm and Cathy wanted to cum but also wanted the prize that was waiting for her lips. She felt her legs go weak as she felt herself cumming but kept jacking Shawn off at the same time.

She squeezed her legs together to let him know to stop as she stroked him faster. "Let me know when you are cumming." She told him.

"Don't stop, I'M right there." Shawn said softly.

Cathy worked the giant cock faster and instinctively knew when she had to put her lips to its head. She wanted to feel that hot sensation fill her mouth and swallow every bit of it. She watched Shawn tense his thighs, got on her knees, and put his head in her mouth as she stroked him faster and faster.

Shawn watched as his mothers mouth wrapped around his cock waiting for his cream to shoot into her mouth. He moaned softly as he felt the first jets of cum shoot into her mouth. He couldn't believe he was watching his mother suck and stroke him as white cum leaked out of her mouth as she moved her head up and down.

Cathy tasted the pre cum and knew it was almost there, she stroked faster and then felt her mouth fill with the hot cream she almost forgot what it tasted like. Shawn's cock was so big, her mouth only went down a few inches but she loved the sensation of feeling that long thick shaft in her tight grip as she milked his dick for the very last drop. She swallowed as much as she could then licked him dry like an ice cream cone.

Shawn watched every minute and wondered what it would be like to spread her legs and hear her squeal as his cock slid all the way down into her tight hole. He didn't know that she was having the same thoughts as she got up off her knees and walked to the door.

"Now; the question is, did we dream this or did it really just happen." She said.

"I think we dreamed it." Shawn answered.

"Good, then be prepared for some more dreaming." She answered.

As she walked out of the room, she seductively turned and brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them slowly.

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