tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Moving Experience

A Moving Experience


"Hello, Aardvark Moving Company. How may we help you," said the voice over the telephone.

It was the first entry in the phone book and Tiffany couldn't be bothered to look further.

"Can you move our furniture across town tomorrow?" Tiffany said in her rather abrupt manner, as she sometimes tended to do with 'hired help'.

"Well, that's rather short notice, madam. And tomorrow is Saturday. I am going to have a little difficulty in finding a crew."

"Could you please get one together, because I really need to move tomorrow? I don't care how much it costs."

"OK, I think we can arrange something. But it will cost you at least $2000. Payment in cash is required on the completion of the job." said the man, his voice betraying slight annoyance at the Tiffany's attitude.

"Sure, whatever. Just make sure your men don't damage anything." She gave him her personal details and the addresses and then she hung up.

Damn Paul, Tiffany thought. Why was he in such a hurry to move into the new house? And why was he on another of his business trips instead of helping with the move.

Paul Winchester Lambert-Brown was often on business trips. He was one of the city's most prominent businessmen. It was a minor scandal when this 50 year old tycoon married Tiffany, his then 22 year old secretary.

They had been married for 6 years and things were going well. Business was doing alright and they were moving into a bigger house. While not deliriously happy, they at least got on very well. He provided her with a great standard of living while she was the perfect trophy wife. She always kept her appearance immaculate, both at their social events and at home.

And even though Paul was much older than Tiffany, he was still able to satisfy her sexually. It was mostly fairly conventional sex, but Tiffany sometimes liked to strut around in sexy French lingerie, teasing Paul until he begged her to make love to him. It made her feel very turned on and slightly naughty and Paul certainly didn't seem to mind.

However, Paul did have a difficult side in that he was obsessive about preserving his collection of antiques and various pieces of art. Over the years, Tiffany had learnt not to handle, let alone damage his prized possessions. The thought of a big house move filled her with dread and she was very angry with Paul for not being here to help out.

Anyway, she knew that it had to be done and so she then went to the bank to withdraw the money.


Tiffany answered the doorbell the next day with some unease. The moving workers were half an hour late in arriving, and that did not help Tiffany's already anxious mood.

When she opened the door, she was greeted by the sight of a large chest in overalls directly in front of her. Tiffany was not short at 5'10," but she had to look up to see the man's face. He must have been 6'4" at least.

"Mrs. Tiffany Lambert-Brown?" he said in a deep, resonant voice.

She just nodded her head with her mouth slightly open.

"My name is David and we are from Aardvark Moving Company."

"Er, yes. Come in," she said, slowly regaining her composure.

She led them in and showed them around the house and each man introduced himself. She explained in detail what needed to be packed and what to be especially careful of (this took a long time). While she was doing this, she was also checking out the moving team, almost subconsciously.

David was in his late 40's and obviously kept in good shape despite his age. He was the boss of the crew and carried himself with a certain dignity, helped by his square jaw and grey streaks in his full head of hair.

Greg and Tony were about the same age, in their early twenties. Greg was about the same height and build as David but obviously had a tighter body due to his fewer years. He had a shock of blond hair which was rather long and unkempt, not unlike a surfer. Tony was the shortest of the four men, but was still about 6 foot. He was also more stocky, but certainly not flabby and he had straight, dark hair. Both Greg and Tony seemed to have an air of mischief about them and were constant joking about. Tiffany knew she had to keep an eye on them.

Jim was physically the most imposing of the quartet: 6'9," black and all muscle. He was very quiet and stood slightly apart from the other three. Tiffany caught herself looking at his crotch wondering how big Jim's cock was, but the pressure of the move stopped any further pondering.

The team got to work quickly and efficiently. Tiffany hovered about supervising the activity. She achieved very little except to annoy the workers and to increase her own anxiety. By lunch time, her nerves were almost shot. She knew she had to get out of there and so she left the men and went to her favourite cafe.

She had a nice meal and some wine. She started to relax a bit and her mind wandered to sex. It had been a couple of months since her husband had satisfied her. She knew just the perfect thing to unwind: go out to buy at set lingerie to surprise Paul when he gets back.

She spent at least an hour in the exclusive lingerie boutique trying on many outfits. She finally settled on a small black corset. It started just below the breasts (though it did not cover them) and ended above her shapely hips. It laced up the back, which made it a bit difficult to put on. At the bottom end were four suspender straps to hold up stockings. She tried it out with a pair of sheer black stockings and a black lace G-string.

She admired herself in the full length mirror in the change room. The corset narrowed her tummy to 22 inches which accentuated her curvaceous hips and thighs. It also made her bare 35 inch D-cup breasts jutted out in from of her. She turned around and liked the combination of the thong panties and suspenders - it made her butt look soft and round. She looked down further. Even though the stockings were good, there was something missing.

Then she realized what it was. Shoes! She needed a pair of sexy shoes to "top off" her little outfit. Because the corset was so much trouble to take off, she decided to wear the whole thing home. She put her short black dress, which barely covered the tops of her stockings.

She set off with renewed vigor to complete her new quest. Within half an hour she had found a nice pair of shiny black patent leather pumps. They had almost needle pointed 4 inch stiletto heels. They were a simple design, but she imagined would complement her underwear perfectly. With her little bit of fun over, she paid for her purchases and teetered off to the new house on her new high heels shoes.

When she got there, she noted that the removal company vans was parked outside the house and was almost empty. She had been gone so long that they had almost finished the job. When she entered, she saw Greg and Tony in the dining room unpacking some dishes. Greg was in the middle of telling a dirty joke when they noticed her. Greg blushed slightly and they greeted her. Tiffany just said "hi" and headed for the bedroom. Her hips swayed as she climbed the staircase as she got use to the height of her shoes. Tony elbowed Greg's ribs.

"Take a look at that ass," whispered Tony, pointing up Tiffany's skirt. From the bottom of the stairs, they could see the naked skin above her stockings peeking out from under her dress.

"Wow! These rich dudes sure get the best babes. I wouldn't mind a piece of that, even if it was just for 10 minutes," said Greg, his eyes following every movement of her butt.

"Yeah, about 2 minutes is about all you could handle. Let's get back to work lover boy."

Tiffany entered her bedroom, unaware of the attention that she was getting. She closed the door behind her. She checked that everything was alright in the bedroom. The last thing she needed was anything damaged. After her brief survey, she went to look herself in the mirror. She was about to take off her dress to see how she looked with just her corset and the stilettos on when she was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Yes, what is it?" she said loudly.

"Excuse me Ma'am, but we're just about finished," said David as he came into the bedroom. "I hope that everything is to your satisfaction."

"Yes, everything is fine."

By now, the other three men had come into the room as well. Tiffany noted that their uniforms were not quite as clean and crisp as they were and that their muscular arms were covered with a thin film of perspiration. The slightly sweet smell of physical exertion began to fill the air. The smell always made her a little horny. It reminded of her of the days in high school when she was a cheerleader dating the football captain.

David handed her a piece of paper. "That will be $2000 please."

Tiffany bent over to retrieve her handbag from the foot of her bed, again revealing a hint of bare thigh over the stocking tops. None of the men failed to take notice. Tony winked at Greg.

As she opened her bag, Tiffany suddenly realised that even though she had withdrawn more than enough cash the previous day, she had spent the majority of it on her little shopping spree today. No worries, she thought.

"Do you take personal checks?" she asked, deftly whipping out her check book.

"No, ma'am. It's against company policy. We accept cash only," said David politely.

"Hmmm, I don't seem to have enough. How about I give you $300 today and pay the balance on Monday?"

"I wish I could do that ma'am. But, it is a strict rule that payment must be made in full on the completion of the job. I'm sure that it was explained to you when you booked our service," replied David, now getting impatient.

"Well, what can I do? I haven't got any more money on me at the moment. Can't I just go out the auto teller machine to get some more cash now?"

David was about to relent when Tony tapped him on his shoulder. Tony nodded towards Tiffany. David knew exactly what his young worker was thinking.

"You put us in a difficult position, Mrs. Lambert-Brown, I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement," David eventually said.

"Well I'm glad you've come to your senses. What do you propose?" she said in a business-like voice that she learnt from her husband.

"We propose that you take off your dress" said David again, in a slow, steady voice.

"What?" said Tiffany, her tone betraying her incredulity.

"He said, 'take off your dress'. Or maybe you want us to tear it off," leered Tony.

"Look, don't be stupid. I'm going out to get some more money," she blurted, trying hard to hide her fear.

She headed for the bedroom door, but Jim's imposing, dark figure moved in to block her way. He stood tall, like a statue, arms folded and face stern. She knew there was no way she could get past.

She turned around to see Greg holding up a vase in his hand.

"Either you do what our boss man says, or we start breaking your precious stuff," threatened Greg.

Tiffany began to tremble. She could not think straight. She was surrounded by four large men with no possibility of escape. And she knew that Paul would be unbearable if he found anything broken. She didn't know what she was more afraid of: Paul's anger or the stares of these men.

David looked her straight in the eye. "Now, strip off...slowly," he ordered in a calm voice.

She felt that she had no choice. Her hands were now shaking visibly as she reached up her back. The men could hear the zip being undone as her arm moved downwards in a few jerky motions. The dress opened up at the back and slipped forwards off her shoulders. She caught with her crossed arms it just before exposed her braless breasts.

"Didn't you hear him? We said take it off!" commanded Tony, loudly.

Startled, Tiffany let go of the dress. It fell quickly to her feet, crumpling into a small pile on top of her shoes.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Greg.

Tony let out a low whistle.

David and Jim just stood there, smiling their quiet approval.

They couldn't believe their luck. Here was a blonde goddess standing in front of them in corset and stockings. Her firm, round breasts heaved up and down as she started to breath more quickly. Her deeply flushed cheeks betrayed her acute embarrassment, but this only made her look more erotic.

"Turn around," said David after he had savoured the frontal view.

Tiffany obeyed, presenting her posterior to the group. This time even Jim let out a gasp as her prefect, smooth bottom came into view. The thong panty was serving its intended purpose of showing off those round butt cheeks to perfection.

She turned her head towards them, her hair sweeping over one shoulder. Her pulse was racing, exposed and vulnerable in front of all these ravenous eyes.

"OK. You've seen the show. Will you take the $300 and leave? I promise I will get the rest to your office by Monday," she pleaded.

"Not quite yet. We could all see better than this in the nudie bar for a few bucks. You have some way to go if you want to work off this debt. Now, come over here," commanded David. He had lied about seeing better than Tiffany. None of the men had seen such an exquisite woman before, certainly not so close and in such a vulnerable situation.

Tiffany didn't like the sound this. She hobbled over to the men, still trying so get used to the high heels. She stopped before she got too close to them.

"Kneel," came the next order.

She didn't move.

Tiffany then felt a pair of sweaty hands on her shoulders. She was shocked at how large the hands were, easily covering each shoulder. It was Jim, who had moved up behind her without her noticing. The hand felt heavier and heavier as Jim pressed down until Tiffany's legs finally gave way and she was on her knees.

Meanwhile, David had taken off his overalls and shoes. He was just wearing a T-shirt and his shorts, which had a very prominent bulge in them. He walked over until his crotch was almost directly in from of Tiffany's face. He then pulled down his shorts and freed his stiff 10 inch cock. It snapped straight ahead, ending up 3 inches from Tiffany's nose.

She was quite startled by it, as she had never seen a dick larger than her husband's 7 inches before. Her initial reaction was to lean backwards at this invasion of her personal space, but she was held in place by Jim's assured grip. Her field of vision was filled with David's red, angry head, beating slightly in time with his heartbeat. On the tip was a large dewdrop of pre-cum, glistening and clear.

"You know what to do," said David as he looked down at her wide-eyed wonderment.

Tiffany was at once fascinated by the huge hard on in front of her and disgusted by what they were trying to make her do. After she didn't move for a while, she felt Jim's hands push her forward. As her face was pushed closer, she tilted her head back slightly and stuck out her tongue. Her eyes locked onto David. She licked off the pre-cum with tip of her tongue and closed her eyes as she savoured its salty taste, something which always made here extremely horny. She opened her mouth again, but David's ever swelling head would not fit. Instead, she swirled her tongue around her head, then licked up and down the long shaft. This extra lubrication allowed her mouth to slide, somewhat uncomfortably, around David's rock hard rod. Tiffany then started to rock her head back and forwards, sucking gently. The pungent odour of pubic hair filled her nostrils and this made her pick up her pace.

"Look at her go, man. This babe's *hot*!" said Tony.

"Yeah, I can't wait for my turn," replied Greg.

Greg's comment made Tiffany realize that they were all going to have their turn, enjoying her body. She was a bit angry with herself that the thought of being used as a sex toy by this group of big, strong men was actually making her really hot. She sucked on David's shaft harder.

David moaned softly as she made loud slurping noises. He enjoyed the attentions of her mouth for a few more minutes.

"Jim, see if she is ready yet," said David suddenly.

Tiffany squealed as she felt Jim's hand reach down between her legs. He rubbed her pussy through the thin cloth of the panties, feeling the tell-tale wetness of the material.

"She's all set to party, boss," reported Jim.

David pulled out roughly, leaving her mouth wide open temporarily. With one fluid motion, he swept her up and deposited Tiffany on her back in the middle of the large bed. He began pulling at the thong panties. Tiffany initially resisted, then lifted her hips slightly. As the panties moved near her knees, she lifted her feet into the air and the tiny thong slipped past her shiny stilettos. David spread her legs apart, revealing a neatly cropped mound of fine, neatly trimmed blond pubic hairs above a pink and now very wet slit.

David positioned himself over Tiffany, his muscular body dwarfing her underneath. He took his penis in his hand and started to rub the head around her clit. Tiffany wriggled her hips and moaned while he teased her pussy and coated his dick with her juices.

"Oh, oh...stop teasing me. Please, put it in, please," she begged.

"Don't worry, baby, I'll fuck you real good," her said

With those words, he thrust his hips forward suddenly and violently. With one stroke, he was more than half buried.

"Oh my GOD!" Tiffany shouted. She had never taken a penis this big before.

Spurred on by her cry, he thrust again, this time plunging to the hilt of his 10 inch member.

"Ungh," was all she could manage.

He lay still for a moment, enjoying the tightness of her cunt. As it began to loosen after the initial assault, he started to rhythmically move in and out.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh," grunted Tiffany in David's ear as he pounded her. She lifted her legs up and crossed her feet behind his butt. The other three had the privilege of seeing her patent high heel shoes locked above his rising and falling posterior. Tony thought he was cum any second at such an erotic scene.

David knew that he couldn't last for long either, given the combined effects of her great blow job and her warm tight pussy. Tiffany sensed that he might unload soon, and started to worry. She wasn't wearing her diaphragm and in the heat of the moment, couldn't remember when her period was. She had to stop him before he came.

"No, no, please don't do it inside...inside my...ahh, ahhh, AHHHHH!"

It was too late. She closed her eyes tightly and threw her legs up in the air as she had a mind-blowing orgasm. She was unable to say anything coherent.

"Just look at that slut. She's really getting off on this!" said Tony.

Her cunt spasmed rhythmically, massaging David's dick as he continued to fuck her. That was the final straw and he thrust deeply one more time before pumping his wad deep into her body. His hips moved in involuntarily as his jism continued deposit inside. He continued to cum for at least 30 seconds, such was the intensity of his orgasm.

Tiffany felt each hot spurt splash inside her, filling her with shame and excitement all at the same time. David collapsed on top of her, his weight knocking the wind out of her. He lay there for almost a minute recovering. When he pulled out, his penis was covered in thick, white juices. He lifted himself off her limp body.

She was starting to come out her post-orgasmic stupor and was beginning to worry about her fertility again. The last thing she needed was a pregnancy, especially from a stranger. She got up to go to the bathroom, hoping to clean out as much of the semen as possible.

However, before she could go anywhere, a hand pushed her forcefully back onto the bed.

"Where do you think you're going you little whore? I haven't had my turn yet."

It was Tony, standing naked in front of her.

"Please, I have to go to the bathroom and..."

"Stop talking and start moaning."

Tony pulled her ass towards him until she was lying at the edge of the bed where he was standing. He grabbed her ankles and lifted them up until her legs from a big 'V' in the air. He aimed his cock and quickly pushed it in all the way. The mixture of liquid in her twat made his progress much smoother than David's. He rested her ankles on his shoulders so that her spiked heel shoes rested just next to his ears. Although Tony's penis was only about 6 inches long, it was quite fat and Tiffany could feel it sliding in and out despite her wetness.

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