tagGroup SexA Much-Needed Second Vacation Ch. 02

A Much-Needed Second Vacation Ch. 02


As we prepared to leave our hotel room to head over to Jill's house for dinner, a little business, and hopefully a lot of pleasure, I waited patiently (as always) as Claire put the finishing touches on her face and hair. She is unbelievably beautiful, and I tell her every chance I get, but she still insists on make-up, and all the accessories she feels is necessary to make herself at least fairly presentable. Now approaching perfect, she finally announces that she is ready. I just stand in awe as I scan my wife in all her exquisite beauty. No one can make a simple black dress look as good as she does. This one is several inches above her knee and a deep 'V' neckline allows her generous 'D' cup breasts room to expand. Her necklaces have settled inside her cleavage. Her legs are clad in black stockings with a floral print on them, telling me they are either thigh-highs or attached with garters. Black Gucci sandals complete her ensemble and we head for the elevator.

Twenty minutes later we pull into Jill's driveway and sit in the car for a few seconds, appreciating the expanse of home in front of us. It's huge! A combination of soft pink sandstone and natural limestone, it is beautiful. As we approach the front door, a young girl opens it for us and greets us, welcoming us into the home. She is so cute! She's little, but very big-breasted for her frame and she has quite a nice ass on her as well as I watch her lead us into the Great Room. A wall of window 22 feet high and easily twice that across affords us a perfect view of the beach and the Gulf of Mexico beyond. Just as we admire the view, our hostess sneaks up on us.

"Oh, good, right on time. I see you've met Cindy. How do you like that view? Isn't it spectacular?" asks Jill, obviously proud of her achievements. Jill walked right up to Claire and kissed her with an open mouth, tongues meeting before lips. I glanced over at Cindy, but Cindy seemed oblivious to Jill and Claire making out like teenagers. When their kiss ended, Jill came over to me and offered me the same kiss, but she also grabbed my ass as she rubbed her knee along the inside of my leg. My cock twitched as she did, and I'm sure she knew that.

Cindy re-entered the room with a tray of drinks, three balloon stems of red wine. We toasted our new-found relationship and I immediately knew this was an outstanding vintage of French Bordeaux wine! Cindy announced as she left the room that dinner would be ready in thirty minutes. Jill gave us a tour of the house, which was incredible. As we entered the Master Bedroom, I was amazed and Claire let out an audible gasp. It was tremendous! The California King-sized bed was literally dwarfed by the enormity of the room. There was a large sitting area and a morning bar with sink, cabinets, coffee maker, wine fridge and regular fridge underneath. The Master Bathroom was also enormous! The jetted bath tub was large enough for 4 adults and the shower could easily fit six! It had four separate stacks of body sprays and four overhead rain shower heads above. Claire commented on the orgy that could easily take place just inside this bathroom and Jill promised that we would be invited to the very next one! We laughed at her comment but she did not.

As we started to head back downstairs, Cindy announced that dinner was being served. We followed Jill to the dining area of her Kitchen. The table inside the room had eight chairs around it, but we also noticed that the Formal Dining Room table had twenty chairs around it, so this was going to be as informal and intimate as it was ever going to get. Jill asked if we minded if Cindy joined us and we both insisted that she do. Jill explained that Cindy was the daughter of her closest friend from college, but that friend passed away when Cindy was only 10, so Jill offered to raise her as her own. The arrangement between Cindy and Jill was that Cindy would help out whenever Jill had guests, with cooking or serving, which Cindy did not seem to mind, judging by the smile on her face most of the time we were there. Jill's part of the deal was that Cindy lived like a princess and wanted for nothing at all.

When dinner was finished, Jill asked Cindy to bring dessert into her office while we discussed putting in an offer on the 20th floor condo we saw earlier that day. As Jill led us into the office, she closed the door and sat at her desk. We discussed the asking price and what we wanted to pay, which Jill advised us was a fair offer, so she drew up the papers, we signed them and then she scanned and emailed them to the realtor handling the sale. In that time, Cindy walked into the office with a large tray with 4 slices of New York Cheesecake, strawberry sauce, and a large bowl of fresh whipped cream. Placing it on the corner of the desk, she retreated and quickly returned with a fresh bottle of 4o year old port wine and four glasses.

As we enjoyed our dessert, Jill began to tell Cindy about our afternoon at the condo, and how Claire and I totally corrupted her in the master bedroom of this gorgeous condo. Cindy just laughed and assured us that if anyone did the corrupting, it surely was Jill! We all laughed at Cindy's remark. As the laughter died down, Jill's computer 'dinged', alerting her to a new email. It was from the seller's realtor with a counteroffer! Jill opened the email and told us the counteroffer amount, which we readily accepted. Cindy stood and announced that this was cause for celebration, left and came back with a bottle of Dom Perignon 1992. She handed me the bottle to open, and I quickly popped the cork and filled four champagne flutes with the bubbly. We clinked glasses and drank our toast of good fortune and new friends. After we placed the glasses down, Jill leaned in and kissed me as part of the celebration, but her kiss was firm and wet, her tongue demanding entrance to my mouth. As I accommodated her tongue, I glanced and saw that Cindy copied Jill to the letter, much to Claire's utter surprise. I watched as Cindy's tongue seemed to snake hallway down Claire's throat while her hand started to roam up the side of Claire's black dress and come to rest on my wife's left breast.

As Cindy began fondling my wife's perfect tits, I felt Jill's fingernail trace the outline of my semi-erect cock through the front of my pants, which I love whenever Claire does that to me. As Jill's touch grew firmer, I slid my hand up along Jill's stocking-covered leg, and under the hem of her red and white floral print dress. The further up I ventured, the firmer Jill's nail traced the length of my cock. When I traveled over the tops of her lace-top thigh-high stockings, I discovered that Jill was not wearing panties. I had a handful of her gorgeous round ass, which I kneaded softly but firmly, eliciting a gentle moan from Jill.

As Jill moaned into my ear, I looked over to see that Cindy had Claire's dress up around her hips and one hand inside Claire's panties, massaging her pussy with the open palm of her hand. Claire had her head tossed completely back and held onto Cindy to keep from falling backward. Cindy then very slowly and seductively lowered herself onto her knees and kissed her way down to the front of Claire's panties. Claire's hands were almost forcing Cindy down into this position in anticipation of what was to come. Cindy slid a finger onto each side of Claire's panties and started to peel them down over the garters and along her sexy legs. Claire held her balance on Cindy's head as Cindy helped Claire step out of her panties, tossing them onto the floor behind her. Claire also reached back and unzipped her dress, letting it fall into a pile around her ankles. Cindy removed the dress from Claire's feet and tossed it on top of the panties. Claire now stood completely naked while Cindy began to run the flat of her tongue over the entire length of Claire's pussy.

While Claire ground her pussy against Cindy's face, I slowly slid my tongue down the front of Jill's body, her dress already pooled around her feet. I licked and sucked each nipple into full extension and whenever I nipped Jill's nipple with my teeth, she would let out a pretty loud gasp and her grip on the back of my head grew firmer.

I continued my slide down Jill, reaching her pierced belly button...a dangling diamond attached to a small ring. I toyed with the jewelry for a minute before being forced head first down further along the gorgeous pelvic region of Jill's perfectly taut and tanned body. My chin finally reached the thin 'landing strip' above her clit, telling me I was close to my target. Before I ever touched her clit or the protective hood over it, I ventured on my own down further along the very top of her legs and thighs, the intersection of her silky smooth skin and the satiny lace sensation of her stockings.

Jill grew impatient and grabbed me by whatever hair I have left on my head and steered my directly into her pussy. It was magnificent! Her pussy and clit were the most beautiful shade of pink surrounded by a darker shade along her labia and hood. She was soaked!! Her entire vagina and thighs glistened from her juices which I could actually see slowly travel down her creamy thighs and start to saturate the tops of her nylons. Aside from my wife's most perfect pussy, this was perhaps the sexiest vision I've ever encountered!

I gently pushed Jill backwards onto the bed, her feet remaining firmly planted on the floor and spread pretty far apart. This allowed me complete access to her sexiest parts as I leaned in while on my knees and began to lick, suck, chew, nibble and tenderly bite onto her clit and outer lips. Jill's moans told me I had the right spot and she started to squirm around, not sure if she attempted to flee or to get my entire head inside of her! I gently inserted two fingers inside her warm wet tunnel and manipulated the roof of her vagina. The 'squishing' sounds I made with my fingers were the loudest I've ever heard! Her fluids were now freely flowing from her pussy as my fingers were now massaging her g-spot and her moans were even louder than before!

At that very moment I felt a hand on my back and knew it was my wife Claire. She leaned in and made a very slow and sexy pass with her tongue over Jill's entire mound while Cindy leaned in and kissed me as if we had been lovers for years! Her tongue counted the teeth in my mouth and her fingers played and twisted my nipple, making my cock respond like it never had before. As Cindy pulled back from our kiss, I watched as Claire got up on the bed, and crawled on her knees upwards until she straddled Jill's head. Claire then intertwined her fingers in Jill's hair as she slowly settled her gorgeous ass down onto Jill's upper chest and thrust her pussy right into Jill's open mouth. Jill must have attacked Claire's fully extended clit immediately as I watched Claire's head throw itself back and her gasp told us all how great it felt. While Claire rode Jill's face, Cindy leaned in and started to flick her tongue wildly back and forth over Jill's clit as I copied her motions onto Jill's beautiful pink asshole. I still had two fingers in Jill's pussy and I imagined that they were starting to prune from the amount of fluids running out of Jill, along my hand and down my arm to finally drip off my elbow! I removed my fingers and held them out for Cindy and she immediately sucked on them, removing any trace of Jill's fluids from them. When sucked clean, I replaced them back inside Jill and proceeded to fuck her with those two fingers, ramming them in and out of her blood-engorged cunt, her juices spraying all over myself and Cindy as Cindy continued her assault on Jill's clit.

I heard the all-too-familiar moans from Claire that alerted me to her approaching orgasm. Cindy and I watched as Claire bucked her hips almost uncontrollably into Jill's face as Jill literally tried to suck Claire's clit from her body. All of a sudden, Claire's body stiffened and she held her breath for about ten seconds.....and then her entire body shuddered and she exhaled as loudly as anyone ever had as her orgasm washed over her. The more Jill sucked on Claire's clit, the harder Claire ground her pussy into Jill until, after about 2 minutes of cuming, Claire finally hit that wall of 'super-sensitivity'! Her moans and groans were quickly changed into squeals and screams as Jill continued to chew on Claire's labia and clit, trying to drive Claire completely over the edge.

As Jill finally subsided with her oral adventure with Claire, Cindy and I had Jill following the same path. I had two fingers working at a blistering pace in and out of Jill's cunt, and one finger doing the same to her ass as Cindy just chewed and licked and sucked on Jill's pussy. Claire was alternating on sucking Jill's nipples and Jill was begging us to let her cum. After a few more seconds of triple-teaming her, Jill finally hit her pinnacle, her body tensing, her fists gripping the bed tightly and then the release. Jill shot a stream of juices from her pussy directly into my face and mouth. After the first stream, there were several shorter streams almost perfectly in sync with her heartbeat. Cindy managed to get herself into the path of one of those streams and caught a mouthful herself. She then immediately turned and kissed me, each of us sharing our mouthful of Jill's cum with the other. When Jill could no longer take the attention we were giving her pussy and ass, we stopped and all four of us managed to catch our breath. But we did not stop.

Cindy was the first to notice that I had not cum yet, nor had she. Claire told Cindy to get onto the bed on her hands and knees while Claire snaked her way under Cindy into a '69' position. I climbed up onto the bed and lined my cock up with Cindy's pussy. I could already feel Claire's tongue licking the underside of my shaft and I imagined onto Cindy's clit. At the same time, I felt Jill's hands on my ass cheeks, gently spreading them and then I felt the sexiest sensation ever....her tongue in my ass! Claire had done this to me several times before and I loved it each and every time. This ALWAYS made my cock as hard as it could ever get. So while my cock was at its firmest and longest, I rammed myself into Cindy's tight and juicy cunt. Cindy was grunting loudly as I continued to ram my cock into her pussy, and as Claire kept sucking her clit. I took my index finger and stuck it in my mouth to 'lube' it up before sliding it into Cindy's perfect light brown asshole. Now I was alternating between my finger and my cock sliding in and out of her gorgeous box as Claire sucked Cindy's clit for all she was worth.

Jill was driving me fucking crazy as she kept licking my asshole and fondling my balls, and Claire kept licking the entire underside of my cock as it exited Cindy's tight, wet cunt. I literally could not take any more of this so I grabbed a handful of Cindy's hips in each hand and drove my cock right inside Cindy until I actually hit her cervix. Cindy literally howled when I did this and I reached out and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back as far as it would go as my cock started to shoot spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her. As the first spurt left my cock, Jill drove her index finger inside my ass and tickled my prostate, causing me to cum like a fucking racehorse inside Cindy.

When I finally stopped cuming and my cock started to recede to its flaccid state, it slipped out of Cindy's well-fucked pussy and directly into my wife's waiting mouth. Claire sucked my dick of all its coatings, which felt heavenly to me. I finally had to step off the bed and stand on the floor for a minute to regain the feeling in my legs. When I did, both Claire and Jill scrambled to latch onto Cindy's pussy as my cum started to leak out of her, dripping down over her clit ad pubic hair, and along her thighs. Claire quickly lapped at her thighs, catching all the cum that she could while Jill just created a vacuum seal with her mouth over Cindy's opening, pulling my sperm from deep with Cindy. When the two girls were finished cleaning Cindy out, they kissed each other, sharing all of our juices amongst themselves. I just leaned over and kissed Cindy and thanked her for letting me fuck her the way I did. She said the pleasure was all hers!

After we all managed to get comfortable on the super-huge bed, we just cuddled into one big foursome and each of us had fallen asleep within minutes of each other.

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