tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Muslim Couple Meets Shemales

A Muslim Couple Meets Shemales


Ah, the look in the eyes of a big and tall Black Muslim man of Somali descent as he's getting fucked in his ass by a sexy, blonde-haired and green-eyed Caucasian transsexual while his sexy ebony wife watches. Priceless. My name is Mistress Tanya, also known as the Dick Taster, and I'm an escort and professional dominatrix of the transsexual persuasion living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. Right now, I'm stuffing the ass of a big hairy brother named Muhammad Hussein and he's screaming like a little bitch. I'd be screaming too if I had nine inches of thick white cock deep in my asshole. However, I'm a total top so I NEVER let anyone play with my ass. I do love to fuck guys, though. Especially big manly Black guys like Muhammad here. The six-foot-four, muscular and hairy Black stud is lying on the king-sized bed, legs spread, howling as I plunged my dick into his hole.

Muhammad's wife Fatouma Hamid Hussein sits on the bed, watching us. Fatouma is a sweet little thing. Standing five feet six inches tall, slim, with light brown skin and curly black hair. She's biracial, of Somali and Arab descent. I always thought Muslim women were shy, pious and chaste. I guess I didn't know much about them because Fatouma and her husband Muhammad are swingers. She's as into it as he is. Naked, Fatouma fingers her pussy while Muhammad and I go at it. I can tell she's really turned on. Earlier, she sucked her husband's long and thick ebony cock while he went down on me. She even helped him get ready by lubricating his ass for me before I put on a condom and shoved my cock up his buns. Now that's what I call a helpful woman. Muhammad is such a lucky man. Of course, he probably wouldn't say so if you asked him about it now. He's got my dick buried so far up his tight black ass, you can't tell where he ends and I begin. And you know what? I'm more than okay with that.

I flip Muhammad on his belly, raising his big hairy black ass so I can fuck him in that position. Face down and ass up, that's the way I like to fuck my bitches. I have fucked all kinds of people in my tenure as a professional dominatrix in the Capital region of Canada. I've fucked both women and men, black and white and every shade in between. By far my favorites would have to be the couples, like Muhammad and Fatouma here, they're more fun than the single guys and occasional single gals who come my way. These days, there are a lot of women in relationships with bisexual men and they're surprisingly cool with threesomes. Hey, that means more fun for me so you can bet that I don't mind at all. With those thoughts in mind, I pumped my cock into Muhammad's asshole. I wanted to stretch his ass and turn it into a permanent sinkhole. You should have seen the way he spoke to me via Skype a few days ago, when we were trying to arrange a hook-up. His wife was friendly and easygoing while he was brash and loud. Yet when time came to get down in the bedroom, he turned out to be a submissive little bitch. Hmmm. How times change.

While her husband Muhammad lay on his belly with his ass sticking in the air, getting drilled by my cock, Fatouma fingered her pussy and licked her fingers. Winking at me, she urged me to keep fucking her husband's ass. Muhammad didn't seem to mind. Dude just lay there, moaning and groaning as I sank my cock almost balls-deep into his asshole. I honestly think my dick head might be tickling his prostate right about now. Who knows, maybe what I'm doing to him is helping his health? I read somewhere that men of African descent are at risk for prostate health issues. I'm not making it up I swear. Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yeah. I was pumping my dick up Muhammad's asshole while his wife Fatouma watched. I smiled at her and asked her if she wanted to participate. She nodded eagerly. I pointed to the erotica drawer and Fatouma gasped when she saw its contents.

Quickly Fatouma pulled out what she found inside the erotica drawer. I smiled at Fatouma proudly as she ran her hands over the shiny black strap-on dildo. I keep this one around for some of my female clients. I once fucked a butch lesbian chick in her mouth, pussy and asshole. Even though she was submissive as hell, she insisted on wearing a strap-on dildo even as I invaded her holes with my massive cock. Hey, I'm no expert in lesbian psychology and gender identity issues so I'm the wrong transsexual entertainer to ask. Anyhow, Fatouma strapped the dildo firmly about her waist, and stroked the plastic cock for good measure. I saw a malicious gleam in her pretty eyes as she looked at her husband Muhammad's prone form. I smacked Muhammad's big hairy black ass and ordered him to look up. He did, and saw his darling wife Fatouma, wearing a strap-on dildo which she stroked suggestively, almost menacingly, while looking at him. I grinned, and ordered him to suck it. When he didn't obey me fast enough, I sank my dick deep into his ass then pulled it almost all the way out, causing him to wince in pain. At long last the macho Black Muslim dude obeyed me and began sucking on his wife's strap-on dildo.

What a spectacle we've got unfolding before us. A big Somali dude huffing and puffing while getting sodomized by a pretty, blonde-haired, busty and big-bottomed, deliciously curvy white transsexual. Dude was making too much noise and I'm glad his wife Fatouma silenced him by making him suck her strap-on dildo. I watched deep-throat it, taking as much of the dildo down his throat as he could without choking. Fatouma was really aggressive with him, cussing him in the guttural Somali language and grabbing the back of his neck, making him gag on her strap-on dildo as he sucked it. Fatouma and I exchanged dap like ghetto dudes would as we serviced Muhammad at both ends, one of us filling his ass and the other filling his mouth. I read somewhere that Muslim guys were all dominant and shit. Muhammad clearly isn't a very good representative of the breed for he's getting fucked like a little bitch and clearly enjoying every moment of it. Dude is sucking his wife's strap-on dildo with gusto and judging by the way his ass hungrily devoured my dick, he loves getting fucked by my cock!

I fucked Muhammad's ass until I came, then I pulled my dick out of his once-tight but now gaping asshole. Total sinkhole effect. I spit in his asshole like I've seen guys do to chicks in porno movies after a rough anal sex session. Muhammad slumped on the floor. Dude barely had time to catch his breath before his wife Fatouma replaced me in the fucker position, raising her husband's big legs in the air and plunging her dildo into his ass like it was nothing. Feeling extremely turned on, I took off the condom I just used and threw it away. I stroked my cock to full hardness, watching Fatouma fuck her man with the strap-on dildo. That's when I put on another condom and got behind Fatouma.

Honestly, I was still horny. I fucked a macho Black Muslim dude in his ass. Will his sexy ebony wife let me fuck her in her delicious black pussy? Only one way to find out. Got to ask nicely. I wanted to see if this sexy Black Muslim diva would take my cock while sodomizing her man with a strap-on dildo. The only answer I got? She backed up her big round booty against me. Smiling, I slid my cock into her pussy and began fucking her from behind. Barely a groan escaped her lips as my dick penetrated her cunt. She was too focused on banging her man's ass with the dildo while getting fucked by me. What followed was the most intense sexual experience of my life. I pumped my dick into Fatouma's cunt while she pumped her dildo into Muhammad's asshole. All three of us were screaming in pleasure as we sucked and fucked the night away. We did our thing until the three of us lay exhausted on the bed, bodies drenched in sweat and other bodily fluids. It was beyond hot!

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