tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Naked Husband Party

A Naked Husband Party


I was pretty sure my wife Karen was up to something when she said we should throw a party, not that this would be unusual except that she wanted to take care of the guest list and asked that I not talk about it with anyone. She had a particular group of people in mind.

The invitees consisted of four other married couples we knew so it would be 10 people in all. When I asked Karen if she had anything "special" planned, she just grinned so I knew she was up to something. She apparently talked to everyone in person to make sure no one would bring extra guests. I noticed she seemed extra frisky in the days leading up to the party.

It was early summer so everyone wasn't wearing much clothing. The ladies were all wearing skirts and tight-fitting tops. We had plenty of booze and food for people to munch on. Everyone was there by 8 and around 9:30 everyone had a good buzz on.

Karen brought everyone into the living room declared that all the guys should follow her to the basement. As she said this, and as we followed her out of the room, the wives all shared knowing looks so it was obvious they were up to something. Down in the basement, Karen informed us that she and the other wives had something special planned for the night.

"A few weeks ago the other wives and I got to talking about something fun we could do, rather than sitting around drinking wine or playing boggle. Some of us thought about going to a strip club, but that seemed kind of sleazy. We figured instead of checking out a bunch of naked strangers, it would be more fun to have you guys show us what you've got," Karen said. "You know, the full Monty."

The other guys were speechless, they looked at me but I didn't know what to say.

"Mark didn't know anything about this. It was all our idea and believe me, your wives are in on this. Oh and before you get any ideas, the ladies and I will be staying dressed," Karen said. "It's not an orgy, it's just a bit of naked fun."

Karen said she would leave us alone for a few minutes to think about it. She pointed us to several towels that were stacked up on the pool table and said we should wear them around our waists when we came upstairs, but nothing else.

"You can either stay down here and shoot pool with your clothes on or you can get naked and join the party," Karen said. "Just keep in mind that your wives will be expecting you."

After she left the guys all wanted to know what was going on. I told them that I didn't know what to expect, but I had no intention of missing this party. I removed my clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist and went upstairs. The ladies cheered as I entered the living room.

One by one the other guys nervously entered the living room and their wives beamed. The only one remaining was Kevin and his wife Sherry had to go into the basement to retrieve him. He entered the living room looking even more nervous than the rest of us.

The ladies had us line up in front of them. They counted down from 10 and, as instructed, we removed the towels and stood there completely naked before them as they cheered.

Karen invited the ladies to check out our equipment. Some of them were as nervous as we were, although they were clearly enjoying all of this flesh on display and at their disposal.

The women circulated and every one of them took turns groping my ass, caressing my thighs and lightly running their hands over my dick and balls. Some of them were more aggressive than others. I couldn't help but let out a moan, and the other guys were clearly enjoying this as well. My dick swelled.

After every woman had checked out each of the guys, Karen had the women take a seat on the couches but said us guys would have to stand at attention.

"I'd say they're already standing at attention," Melanie said, noticing our predicament, and they all laughed.

Karen pulled out a hat and told us that she and the other wives had written various activities on slips of paper. She pulled one of them from that hat and laughed as she read it aloud: "paddling."

The ladies all giggled as Karen produced several ping pong paddles and told us guys to "assume the position" by leaning over the back of a couch.

All of the guys must've realized they had no choice and we all did as instructed. Some of the ladies got behind us to take their swings, while others watched from the front. Fortunately, none of them were swinging too forcefully but it still stung. Even though it hurt, my dick started to grow even more.

"Oh, I think Mark is liking this," Stacey commented to a few of the others. "Look how hard he's getting."

The others giggled as they took notice of my predicament. They also surveyed the other guys and found I wasn't the only one who was rock hard. Each wife paddled a couple of guys before settling back down into the couches.

Karen pulled out a piece of paper and read it, "dance for us and really shake it." The ladies laughed and cheered. Karen put some music on and, as embarrassed as we were, all of the guys started to dance. Some of the guys were pretty timid but I really got into it, shaking my hardon and balls all over the place while the wives cheered. I danced as close as I could to some of them, giving them a good look at my equipment.

Their excitement was both a turn on and a sign of encouragement so I shook my thing for each of them as I moved slowly around the room, making sure they all got a good look. A few of the other guys followed my lead. A couple of the wives slapped us on the ass as we went by.

When the song ended, Karen read the next slip of paper from the hat, it said "five strokes."

They had each of us guys line up and Karen had me go first. I stood in front of the ladies and gave my dick five full strokes with my hand. They gave me a quick round of applause. I bowed to them and stepped aside.

The next guy was pretty timid, closing his eyes and barely touching his equipment. His wife stood up and had him turn around so she could give him a few swats with a paddle. His face turned beet red as she told him to do it over again. This time he kept his eyes open and gave it another go.

As I stood next to the couch I scanned the room and noticed that the wife closest to me was eying my dick. She caught my gaze with a smile and licked her lips seductively. I groaned as she laughed and turned her attention back to the next stroker.

The next bit of fun was called "center of attention." The ladies split into two groups and each guy had to stand in the middle of each of them while they checked out his equipment. They took turns kissing my neck, groping my ass and caressing my dick and balls. Even the more timid of the wives were getting into it now.

It was over too soon and I had to wait a few minutes while waiting my turn with the next group. I noticed Karen was right there at the center of it all, getting her hands on each dick and loving it. Some guys might have a problem with that, but to me it was a major turn on.

Next came "tease and torture." For this, the ladies each pulled a name out of the hat and each one of them paired off with the guy whose name they drew, although one lady had to draw again so she wasn't paired up with her husband.

Mary drew my name and had me join her on the floor. At first she ran a single fingertip over my shaft and around the tip of my dick, then she wrapped her hand lightly around my dick and stroked me a few times. She then draped her long hair over my dick before showering it with light kisses. Looking around, I could see each guy was getting a similar treatment. Joe was sitting in a chair while Karen traced the tip of her tongue over his dick.

I felt like I was on the verge of coming. Mary must've sensed this as well, for she grabbed my dick firmly and held it for a moment, indicating it wasn't yet time for me to get off. The wives were clearly enjoying this and we were completely at their mercy. Mary waited what seemed like forever, until my dick softened a little, then she went back to stroking me.

I'm not sure how long this lasted but eventually Karen suggested we could all use a drink. It gave my dick a chance to calm down a bit, but I was dying to get off. I figured Karen wanted to stretch this evening out as long as possible.

My dick never had a chance of going flaccid, however, as the wives circulated among the guys and made sure we stayed hard. As much as I was enjoying all this attention, I think the wives were enjoying it more. Karen said that in addition to being a turn on, this kind of thing makes a woman feel empowered and in control, and since we were among friends they also knew it was safe.

Eventually Karen had everyone go outside for our next game. Our backyard and pool area are secluded and none of the neighbors can see into our yard. It was early summer and the cool air felt great against my dick.

The ladies drew names again and it was to be a bit of a contest, as they would see how long it took them to make a guy come.

Karen said she would go first to give everyone an idea of how it was done. She drew Kevin's name and he nervously stepped forward. One of the ladies held a timer and as she pressed the button Karen dropped to her knees and took Kevin's dick deep into her throat like a vacuum. He gasped loudly and grabbed her shoulders as she furiously worked her mouth over his prick.

It didn't take long before Kevin groaned, his body shook and Karen swallowed his load. She continued working his dick with her mouth and milking him dry. The ladies all cheered as Karen stood and wiped a bit of come from her chin, while the Kevin staggered over to a chair. The sight of Karen working Kevin's prick like that was an incredible turn on for me.

Wendy, a blonde with really large breasts, was to be my partner. She stepped out of her dress and stood there wearing only her panties. I probably drooled as I took in the view of her. On cue, Wendy dropped to her knees and wrapped her lovely melons around my shaft so I could tit-fuck her. The sight of my dick disappearing between her tits put me over the edge and she let me keep tit-fucking her as I shot load after load all over her neck and chest. She then wrapped her lips around my dick and licked me clean.

I sat down exhausted to watch the others have their fun. Two of the other wives used mostly hand jobs with a bit of mouth action to get their partners to come. Only one of them was as bold as Karen, opting to give the guy head and swallow his load.

The wives all gave us guys a round of applause, although frankly I thought we should have been applauding them. Wendy gave us a lovely view as she removed her panties and went for a swim in the pool to clean my come off of her. After resting for a bit, the guys and I went down to the basement to get dressed.

The other guys were pretty quiet, not sure what to say to each other. I broke the ice by suggesting that this was definitely not something we should tell other people about. A few of them laughed and agreed. I noticed Kevin couldn't even look at me. I asked him how he liked the blowjob that Karen had given him. He shook his head and sighed a bit before a big smile went across his face.

"You are one lucky man," Kevin said, to which I agreed.

Karen told me later that one of the other wives had suggested a "girls night out" at a strip club to have some fun, but when some of the others rejected the idea Karen suggested they have their own party at our house, with all of their husbands getting naked and being on display.

Having some experience with that kind of thing, Karen was able to tell the other wives about the rush she got from checking out naked guys, playing with their dicks, and how much fun it can be for the guys as well. She certainly wasn't wrong about that.

Karen and I went at it like teenagers that night and for days afterward, and so did everyone else when they got home.

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