tagGroup SexA Naked Reunion Ch. 01

A Naked Reunion Ch. 01


This little adventure began when my wife Karen and I decided to take a ski trip with three other couples who live in different parts of the country and we rarely get to see. We rented a house for the week and, despite the questionable whether forecast, decided to go anyway.

The house was great and even had a hot tub, which we all put to use that first night after our late arrivals. Karen had become quite an exhibitionist and with my encouragement wore a bikini that left little to the imagination. It was white and a bit small, especially the top.

She took things a step further by removing the lining from the top so when it was wet her nipples were fairly easy to see. It wasn't so transparent that it looked like she was trying to show off her assets, but the reaction from the other husbands was obvious.

The hot tub on the deck outside and the cold air had a splendid effect on all of the wives. Karen's stood out the most, as if her nipples would rip through the material at any moment. After killing a few bottles of wine we went to bed and I had to quickly wrap a towel around me to conceal my excitement after getting out of the tub.

Karen and I were both turned on as it was obvious all the guys were checking her out and she was so loud in bed that night I wondered of our friends might complain.

We hit the slopes the next day, but by noon we had to call it quits. The weather was threatening to drizzle. Since the weather was crap we decided to cook a meal at home. Even though we hadn't seen each other in a while, there's only so much catching up one can do these days.

We were trying to come up with something fun to do. One of the guys suggested we play poker, but not all of the wives really knew how to play. There were some board games there for renters to use, but some of us scoffed at this.

Then Karen suggested we sardines, where someone hides and whoever finds the person hides with them until only one person is left. Only a few people were interested until we decided to make it interesting by having teams, men vs. women, with the loser having to do a shot each time. We didn't have any hard alcohol so we decided to use wine.

After dinner we turned off the lights and put on some music to make it a challenge. Karen went first and hid while the rest of us counted. I managed to find her first in a closet where she positioned herself in front of me with her ass against my crotch. Slowly and quietly, she ground her ass against me and it didn't take long for me to get hard.

Someone else joined us but Karen remained plastered against me, my bulge pushing against her backside. Knowing it was her, I reached around and groped her breasts from behind. She responded by reaching back and checking my package, running a finger along my dick through my jeans. When the lights came on Karen turned around and gave me a smile while I hoped no one would notice my bulge.

We played another round and this time when the lights came on Karen was pressed against Steve, who probably thought it was his wife rubbing against him as he seemed a bit startled when he realized it was Karen.

The time after that I was perhaps the third person to find the group. Feeling my way around in the dark, I touched a shoulder and realized it was one of the wives. I maneuvered myself behind her.

When someone else joined us we had to make room so I used the opportunity to press myself against this mystery woman. My dick started to grow again and the woman it pressed against stiffened her shoulders a bit in surprise. I just stayed there, motionless as my excitement became more obvious.

After what seemed like a minute she responded by pressing back against me, grinding her ass into my crotch. I couldn't help but gasp through my nose. She then reached behind her and grabbed my package before running her hand against my length and giving it a light and playful swat, just barely enough to make a sound.

When the lights came on again it was Nicole who had been pressed up against me. She looked at my crotch and then at my face and shook her head. I just shrugged. She seemed amused at my predicament. Looking around I saw that Steve was giving a similar look to Karen and it was obvious what she had been up to.

As we all filed back to the living room, Nicole and I were the last to head downstairs. I turned to her and shrugged. She pressed a finger against my lips, looked down at my crotch, smirked and shook her head.

This time it was Shawn's turn to hide. Fortunately I was the first one to find her, in a corner of one of the bedrooms, and I maneuvered so I stood right behind her. When someone else found us I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards me.

She probably thought I was her husband for she reached behind her and groped me, then pressed her ass against my crotch. Standing there in the dark, she slowly and quietly ground herself against me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her in tight. I feigned embarrassment when the lights came on and she blushed a little.

This time Karen had to hide and, as I found out later, two of the guys were first to find her. She wasted no time in stroking each one of them through their jeans until one of the wives joined them. I hid next and one of the wives found me first, hiding in a closet.

This mystery woman faced me and I pressed up against her. After a few moments, she started grinding against me. I could feel her tits against my chest and there was no doubt what she was up to.

When the lights came on I realized it was Nicole. She gave me a smirk and since she knew I was the one hiding it was pretty obvious she had decided to cocktease me in the dark.

It was also obvious that Karen was doing the same to the other guys. As the game continued it seemed we all became aware of what was going on, although no one spoke of it. We could hear the sounds of breathing in the dark, a sigh here and a muffled moan there.

We started to drop any pretense. If I reached out and found one of the wives standing next to me we would press against each other, usually with her backside against me and me reaching around and groping their breasts.

Each time it was a bit of a surprise when the lights came on and we all found out who it was we had been grinding against.

In time, each of the wives and I had had more than one of these encounters. Even the wives became bolder and a few of them faced me and kissed my neck while grinding against me.

The shots of wine and what we drank with dinner were having their effect and we were all getting tipsy. The women had lost the last round but protested having to drink any more.

"Well, what should we play for?" I asked, hoping I would get a certain answer.

"How about clothes?" Nicole said. "Losing team removes one article of clothing."

Before anyone could answer, Karen jumped in.

"I'm in," Karen said and pulled off her sweater. Her bra was rather sheer and her erect nipples were nearly poking through the material.

"Uh, I was thinking we'd start with our shoes," Nicole said with a laugh.

Karen laughed, put her sweater back on and took off her shoes.

As much as I wanted to see the other wives naked I didn't want to risk any of them dropping out before the game really got going, so I made sure that I lost the next round for the guys, so we lost our shoes as well. Two of the wives found me when I hid and they both stroked me through my jeans while kissing my neck.

When the lights came on I saw it was Emily and Shawn who had been teasing me. Karen was in between John and Jack, no doubt giving them a similar treatment.

Us guys lost that round, along with our socks. I made sure we lost again so we had to remove our shirts. The wives lost two rounds and us guys lost the next. The wives all giggled as we removed our pants, as our excitement was obvious.

This time around a woman, who turned out to be Nicole, stroked me through my underwear in the dark before reaching in and caressing the base of my shaft. I couldn't help but gasp but I wasn't alone. I could hear the other guys getting similarly teased and stroked.

The wives lost their shirts and, to my surprise, none of them backed out or protested. Perhaps they were just too turned on. I made sure us husbands lost the next round. As we returned to the living room, Karen took charge.

"Ok boys, let's do this one at a time. Mark, since you were last you can go first," Karen said. "Show us what you've got."

My face must have turned beet red, but I stood in front of the ladies and pulled my underwear down. My dick sprang free, at nearly full attention, and the ladies cheered and giggled. I figured no one could back out now that we had taken it this far.

It was my turn to hide. One of the other husbands joined me first, followed by one of the wives. She reached out and, realizing she was with two guys, this mystery woman immediately dropped to her knees and took my full length into her throat. I couldn't help but gasp. She then did the same to the other guy and stood up.

The other husband and I turned to this woman, groping her. Another woman joined us and turned her attention to me, caressing my balls and rubbing my dick against her stomach. There were plenty of moans coming from the others as more people joined us.

This time Karen lost for the ladies and they all removed their jeans. When I found the others hiding, about half the group was already there. One of the wives made out with me while playing with my dick. Thankfully, the wives lost this round and they had to remove their bras.

My dick was already leaking pre-cum and the site of all these wonderful breasts was a sight to behold. I wondered if I might lose control during the next round.

I didn't have to find out as I was the last to find everybody. Since us guys obviously had no more clothes to lose Karen suggested the ladies retire to one of the bedrooms to decide what we should do as a forfeit. After a few minutes they came back to living room giggling. They told us to do jumping jacks, one at a time.

The other guys hesitated but I didn't, knowing it was futile. I stood in front of the ladies and jumped. They giggled as my hard dick and balls shook. I have to admit it was a turnon and I was rock hard by the time I stopped. The other husbands took their turns as well.

It was my turn to hide. One of the wives found me first. I pressed her against a wall, kissed her passionately and then worked my way down to feast on her breasts. They were so big and wonderful I figured they had to be Emily's. She responded by lightly stroking me.

I reached down and started fingering her. One of the other husbands joined us and he and I stroked Emily and played with her breasts and sucked on them while she played with our dicks.

Karen lost this round, probably on purpose, and us guys all delighted in finally seeing the wives completely naked. Karen went and found a place to hide while the rest of us counted. I had a guess where she would be and I headed for the largest bedroom. One of the wives was a few steps ahead of me.

It turned out this woman was Emily and Karen practically attacked her, kissing her passionately. There was just enough light in the room to tell they were making out and sucking on each other's breasts. I lit a candle, figuring the game was taking a new turn. Both Karen and Emily were making out and fingering each other. They soon got into a 69.

Shawn came in next and stood there, watching Karen and Emily going down on each other. I wasted no time in pulling Shawn onto the floor so I could fuck her doggy style and we could both watch this great lesbian scene in front of us. It didn't take long for me to come.

The moans and candlelight attracted everyone else. Nicole got on top of Jack and rode him cowboy-style. Shawn got on all fours again so Jack could fuck her from behind and Joe slid his dick into her mouth. Karen and Emily soon came and lay there on the bed and caressed each other before looking around.

"How about I suck on your husband's dick if you do the same with mine?" Karen said to Emily, and Emily agreed.

I stood in front of Emily as she sat on the bed. She took my dick into her mouth to revive me. Joe had already finished with Shawn, so Karen sought to revive him.

Shawn was trying to revive her husband, Steve, but Nicole decided to take over for her. Shawn then started sucking on Jack's dick to bring him back to life.

As I started getting hard, Emily had me slide my dick between her enormous breasts. Looking around at my friends all blowing and fucking each other, plus my tit fucking of Emily, made me fully hard again so I joined Emily on the bed.

She got on top and rode my dick while leaning forward so I could suck on her breasts. Her husband Joe had pulled Karen onto her knees and was fucking her from behind next to us on the bed, with Karen's breasts hanging down and swaying with every thrust.

After we all came we decided to take a rest so we all got dressed and went to the living room where I built up a fire in the fireplace. I thought we might get another game going but at that point it was pretty late and we were all tired.

Emily asked if we thought it would rain again tomorrow.

"I hope so," Karen replied. Everyone laughed as we retired to our own bedrooms. The moans we could hear throughout the house let Karen and I know we weren't the only ones having one last round of fun together.

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