tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 01

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 01


Hi. Been away for a while-a lot has happened! Hope to get back on here with some new stuff. I wrote these four stories quite a while ago at the behest of a lovely lady I 'met' on-line. Needless to say we haven't actually met – borders and distance make that impossible – but I enjoyed writing the stories for her and her pals. Slightly different from my norm they contain some non-consent but no violence. The theme is one of blackmail although the hero, the blackmailer, is by no means nasty – the reverse in fact as all the women seem to finally enjoy the control he exercises!

Please read and enjoy – and don't forget to comment! Comment is the life blood of Lit. and of us authors [well me anyway].

They will be posted consecutively.


Thanks. Vitorio

PS: I know a 'Nap Hand' is five but I liked the title!

Part One – Belinda

He seemed so nice thought Belinda as she knelt in front of him: offering them his small meeting room at the office when Barbara had the decorators in. And they'd only had three meetings there. Mind you, the stories and the costumes had got a trifle naughtier than usual - and the use of toys didn't help!

It was the Saturday afternoon after their last meeting. Belinda's husband Steve was away playing golf. She remembered she'd mentioned it to him. She'd answered the ringing of the doorbell and was surprised to see him there. The new Office Manager, he'd only been in the job for a few months and was only just finding his feet. All the girls liked him - why wouldn't they? Just over 6ft with dark, greying hair, he looked good for his age. He was in his early 60's, and single. Quite dishy in fact!

"Hi," he'd said with a smile, "can I have a word?"

"Is it about work?" she asked, concerned.

He smiled again, "Sort of."

"Oh! OK. Look, you'd better come in," she said and led him into the lounge. "Now, what's all this about?"

He smiled again but there seemed to be something in that smile that unsettled her. She hadn't thought when she'd invited him in. 'Don't be silly', she thought. He's your boss. He handed her an envelope. "I think you ought to look at these."

She took the envelope from his hand wondering what was going on. It was a bunch of photographs. Opening the envelope, she looked down and saw the first photograph. Her eyes widened in surprise and her mouth formed a round 'O'. Then she blushed, unable to meet his eyes. The picture clearly showed her and Sally, both dressed in very skimpy underwear using toys on each other.

"They get better," he said as she looked at the second photo. This showed Stacey kneeling on the table top, arse cheeks open, showing her tight little anus being teased by a fairly big vibrator. Everyone would know it was Stacey for she was looking back over her shoulder with a big smile on her face.

"Good aren't they?" he said softly, "very good indeed, and very clear too. No problem recognising you four lovely ladies." Belinda began to worry now.

"Look . . . I don't know . . . How? Where?"

"Simple," he said with that smile on his face, "just a couple of strategically placed video cameras. Made very enjoyable watching too," he added.

"How? I don't understand?" 'What is going on?' she thought. Then, My job! I'll lose my job. And Sally, Barbara, and Stacey.

Mike was watching her face. He wasn't a bad person but he was pretty frustrated and, despite his good looks, didn't do well with women since his divorce but he had been somewhat taken by these four friends and the rumours of their evening meetings. He liked to 'control' and they'd presented him with the perfect opportunity. Belinda in particular had really taken his fancy, her voluptuous figure, her proud tits and her gorgeous arse had really stirred his imagination and prompted his next moves. He had ideas for all of the others as well, particularly Stacey with her gorgeous arse.

"I heard a rumour about your meetings so, when you told me about the lovely Barbara having her house decorated I decided to set up some hidden cameras in the meeting room and film the proceedings. You girls certainly have sexy imaginations."

"The pictures? Where did they come from?"

"Just some screen grabs. I think they've come out well."

Belinda's mind is in turmoil now as she asked quietly, "Wha . . . What are you doing here? Why? We . . . We haven't done anything wrong. Please!"

"No," Mike said with a smile, "but I doubt you'd want them made public would you?"

"Public!" Her heart was beating and the blood was pounding in her veins. "You can't!" He smiled and nodded. "You wouldn't!" He nodded again. "Oh god," she said, "please!"

"Oh," he said, "don't worry I won't - providing, of course, that you and your friends comply with my wishes!"

Relief flooded her body before she realised the full import of his words. "What do you want?" she asked warily.

He smiled again. This was a much nicer smile and she began to feel better. "Well," he said fixing her with his lovely blue eyes, "I think we can start with a nice blow job and then, after you've swallowed my spunk and I've recovered, I could fuck you over the back of the settee!"

Belinda couldn't really believe what she'd just heard. "What?" she responded in surprise, "What do you mean?" Her mind was trying to come to terms with what her ears had heard.

"I said 'I think we can start with a nice blow job and then, after you've swallowed my spunk and I've recovered, I could fuck you over the arm of the settee!'."

"I . . . No . . . Oh god! You can't! I can't! You wouldn't!"

He laughed then held up his hand and ticked off his fingers as he said, "One - I can. Two - you can; and you will. And three - I would."

"I won't," Belinda said vehemently. "You can't make me!"

"No," he said softly, "but I can persuade you that it might be better for you and your friends to go along with my wishes! I'm sure that you wouldn't want the videos - oh, by the way, I've edited them and they're VERY naughty - to be published. I could sell them for a pretty penny. And," he added softly, "I'm sure the newspapers would love the story - and the pictures. Can't you just see the headlines?"

"Oh god! You won't? Please!"

"No," he said softly as his fingers caressed her cheek, "I won't but I want something in return!" She looked at him wide-eyed, puzzlement frozen on her features. "Come," he said smiling, "you're all big girls. I've enjoyed the videos for the past few weeks, time now for the real thing!"

"You mean . . . You're serious??!!"

"Yes Belinda love, deadly serious and you're the first. Next week Sally in that sexy schoolgirl number. After that Stacey and that lovely tight arse of hers and, finally, a night with the lovely Barbara." Realisation washed over her as she saw the determined look on his face.

"I . . . Errm . . ." she spluttered, "I can't - my husband!"

"Oh come, come Belinda, he's not here and I, unlike you ladies, will be discrete. He won't find out from me."

Desperately clutching at straws she said, "Look Mike, I don't know about the others." As she said it she realised that she had made the decision for she had no choice.

"I don't think you need to worry about them Belinda. Once you tell them that it's 'all or none' and that you've already agreed, I think they'll come across." She looked up at his smiling face and realised that he was right. There was no way that any of them could allow the videos or the photo's to come out into the open. She took a deep breath. He had them completely in his control.

Another deep breath as she looked up into his eyes. At least he's not ugly, she thought as she said, "What do you want?"

"I told you Belinda, a nice blowjob here in your lounge. You do swallow spunk don't you?" She didn't swallow now. It had been a long time since a man had cum in her mouth and she hadn't thought much of it then.

"I haven't . . . I don't," she whispered.

He smiled, "Well you do now," he said firmly, "and you had better get used to it!" Realising she had little choice she nodded her head in agreement. "Good," he said, "a willing partner is always better. Now . . . I think that first I'd like to get a close look at those lovely tits of yours!" She blushed and was unable to meet his eyes. Laughing, his hand lifted her chin until her eyes met his. "Come on," he said, "you weren't shy with your friends. You'll have to learn not to be shy with me!" She sighed in resignation and began to unbutton her blouse.

Mike's eyes were fixed on her cleavage as the blouse opened. He'd maturbated over Belinda on numerous occasions since he'd obtained the videos. He had over them all and now he was going to see, to touch, and to feel, them all: Belinda first. His cock was hard in his pants. Thankfully he'd seen that it wasn't tangled before he arrived! Whether she did it intentionally or just naturally he didn't know but the slow undoing of buttons, each one showing just a little more of cleavage then bra, excited him intensely. He was determined, however, that his first load of the afternoon was going into Belinda's tummy via her mouth and throat!

Belinda didn't know either! She wasn't being provocative on purpose, it was just a latent reluctance to comply but, for some strange reason, each button she opened seemed to reduce this feeling and, again for no reason she could explain, begin to excite her. She had been looking at his face and could see the effect that revealing her tits was having on him. Then she looked down at his groin and saw the tent his cock was making. That excited her even more and, despite the situation and the pressure he was bringing to bear, she began to feel a warm tingling between her legs as she contemplated what was going to happen.

Finally the last button was undone and her blouse pulled from her skirt. Mike reached up and swept it from her shoulders leaving it to fall on the floor. His hands cupped her bra supported breasts and began to squeeze before moving to stroke the soft flesh of her cleavage. "Turn round," he said throatily, excited by the reality of these glorious female mounds beneath his hands. She did, not even reluctantly, and was not surprised as she felt his hands undo the bra then sweep that off over her shoulders and arms. Then they moved in front and cupped her tits, caressing first then stroking then squeezing. His fingers captured her hardening nipples and tweaked then to greater hardness as he pulled her back into him.

She could feel him then: feel his stiff cock pressing into her backside. God, she thought, he feels quite big - and hard! Mike could feel the softness of her bottom cheeks and shifted his weight a bit to lodge his erection between them. His hands continued to worship Belinda's breasts. It had been a long time since anyone (other than her friends of course) had done this and it was having a wonderful effect on her. She was even pushing her arse back into Mike enjoying the feeling of his cock pressing there. Oh god, she thought again, what is happening to me? But she didn't stop, just gloried in his fingers on her nipples and hands squeezing her tits.

Mike was ready to move on, to feel her lips and tongue on his cock but first, "Skirt now Belinda. Let me see that lovely cunt and arse." She shuddered, but she pulled away as he released her tits, and turned to face him. She was really excited now and began to undo her skirt. No one had said her cunt and arse were lovely for a very long time. He may be 'forcing' her but he certainly had a way with words. As her skirt fell, however, she blushed suddenly for she became aware that there was a large wet patch at the front of her knickers! To late now for her skirt was around her ankles.

Mike smiled as he looked at her cunt, covered by the plain white M & S knickers, and noticed the wet patch. He smiled, "So Belinda love, you are enjoying this?"

She shook her head but then gasped as his hand covered her pussy. Fingers stroked, the middle one finding her pussy lips through the material and pushing gently. His hand stroked back and forth bringing a soft sigh. "Nice and wet for me," he whispered, "but cocksucking time now Belinda - fucking later!"

She blushed and was unable to meet his eyes as he continued, "Kneel Belinda - and suck some cock!" She looked at him, her mind bridling at the demand but her body only too willing to obey. Her body won as she knelt before him. Belinda could see the tent in his trousers at close range now and for some inexplicable reason she felt her hands rising to stroke that bulge. Mike gasped and smiled as she began, unbidden, to unzip his fly. She could see the bulge even more now and its shape and size. Why did she need more just then? Why was this so exciting? She couldn't find an answer but she had to see his cock!

Mike looked down at her and smiled as her hand slipped inside his fly and gripped his cock. It was wonderful feeling the warmth of her hand around his erection. Then, after a bit of movement by both of them she got his cock out.

There it was, inches from her face. He wasn't enormous - but he wasn't small either. It took both her small hands to cover the length and that still left the tip of his circumcised head sticking out. As she measured him in her mind she realised that her fingers were only just able to encompass his width. She shivered. What would this feel like - it was by far the biggest she had had. In mouth or pussy!

Her thoughts were interrupted by his voice, quivering just a bit, "Undo the belt Belinda. Take my trousers and pants down - see it all!" She took a deep breath and, somewhat reluctantly it must be said, released his cock and did as he asked. He stepped out of his clothes and slipped off his shoes and socks. Belinda, kneeling there, seemed unable to take her eyes off his stiff cock, exposed now in all its glory, and the solid ball sac hanging below.

"Well," he said looking down, "get to work Belinda and remember," he added sternly, "don't waste a drop!"

She looked up wide-eyed into his eyes and saw desire. She knew then that there was no turning back from this new path she had been forced upon. She would do this - and anything else he desired - and do it well - for both herself and her friends. Mind made up, she took a deep breath and reached for his cock. One hand gripped the base and began to wank him gently whilst the other caressed his balls. This was the first time she'd ever knelt in front of a man in the light just inches away from his standing prick. She knew he could command her to do anything and, surprisingly, now that she'd accepted her fate, she didn't mind. She was interested in his cock. The size, length, width, and now as a tiny globule of liquid appeared at the tip. She didn't even think as her tongue flicked out and captured the liquid. She savoured the flavour on her tongue as she realised she had never seemed to have time to do this in the past.

Mike was watching her as her tongue flicked out and he realised, with an inward smile, that she was his now. Anything he wanted he was sure she would do. Not only to save her friends and herself but also because she wanted to!

She continued to wank his cock as more pre-cum appeared. The tiny first taste hadn't been too bad; salty and slightly bitter. This time she took the tip of his cockhead between her lips and sucked. Mike gasped as a large dollop of liquid was sucked from his cock. Belinda could taste it properly now as she swilled it around her mouth - perhaps it won't be too bad when he cums she thought - I might even grow to like this.

She felt Mike's hands on both sides of her head now and sensed urgency in him as he pushed his cock against her lips. She opened her mouth then and took him inside, her tongue coating the head in saliva.

Mike felt the warm wetness of her mouth and the seemingly eager washing of her tongue. Pushing forward, he drove more of his rampant erection into her now willing mouth. Belinda was sucking hard; sucking his cock deeper as he thrust forward: then back and forth as he fucked her mouth but not too hard. Part of him wanted her to enjoy it and that part won. It was just a gentle movement that took him deeper and deeper into her mouth each time. Before long he felt the tip of his cock hitting the top of her throat. He looked down into her eyes.

She knew then what he was going to say - and she knew she would try! "Swallow it Barbara," he said, "take every bit!" Never before had she done this - even tried - and certainly not with a cock as long as this but she did now for she knew she had no choice. Taking a deep breath through her nose she relaxed her throat and, as his cockhead reached deep into her mouth, she swallowed. Her throat muscles closed around the tip of his erection and pulled him in. She felt stretched and had to fight down the impulse to gag but she managed and was suddenly surprised to find her lips and nose tickled by his pubic hair. She couldn't hold it for long however, and drew back now, his saliva covered cock leaving her mouth feeling empty. She coughed and drew deep breaths and, strangely, felt rather proud of herself. Was this what being controlled by a man felt like?

She wanted to do it again as she pictured an image of the situation in her mind. Here she was, a 34 year old housewife deep throating her boss. Linda Lovelace eat your heart out! She grabbed his cock again and sucked it into her mouth. He was leaking loads of pre-cum now and she thought it wouldn't be long before she got to see whether she could swallow his cum or not. Oh, she thought, better not let him do it when I swallow his cock: I'll choke! That wasn't going to stop her as he pushed forward again. It was easier this time, and all the next times, as he fucked her throat over and over.

Mike was in 7th heaven. This lovely mature married woman was kneeling at his feet sucking his cock with abandon. Swallowing it deeper than any woman had ever done before. He hadn't believed that Belinda would be so enthusiastic but it seemed the situation was exciting her.

It was! Belinda suddenly realised, in a sort of otherworldly way, that every time her throat constricted around his cock her cunt felt a tiny twinge. She was sure her knickers were soaked. She was dragged from her reverie by Mike's change of pace. Not deep now, no throat fucking. He was just fucking her mouth and lips, holding her head still and moving quickly.

She felt the first jet of spunk coming as he groaned and gripped her head even tighter. His cock swelled (I hadn't noticed that before, she thought) then pulsed spunk into her mouth - a lot of spunk. She struggled to deal with the 2nd and 3rd pulses of gooey liquid and had to finally pull off his cock. His last pulse hit her cheek and dripped onto her tits. What now she thought. It didn't taste too bad - not bad at all. She moved the mass around her mouth and realised that Mike's eyes were fixed on her face.

"Show me," he said, "before you swallow it." Surprised at this request she opened her mouth and stuck out her spunk covered tongue. She felt strangely submissive just then as she realised just what she had done. "Swallow it!" he said and, closing her mouth, she forced the thick liquid down.

"Good," he said, "now this," and he used his finger to collect the remains from face and tit then presented it to her mouth. Belinda opened almost eagerly and sucked the residue off. "Now my cock," he said, "some left in there!" She looked up at his smiling face then at his softening cock. "I'm sure you want it nice and hard for your fucking!" She blushed bright red but, surprisingly she did, and bent her head again to his cock. She could get it all in her mouth now and, as she rolled her tongue around the depleted muscle, coaxed the last drops of cum from his body. Then she swallowed the remains and was amazed at how good it felt.

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