tagErotic HorrorA Nasty Trick for a Sweet Treat

A Nasty Trick for a Sweet Treat


Another year has come and gone and yet this year seems worse then most years for me cause it started out tragic and has not gotten any better lately. I feel however like something is going to change in my life soon just not sure if it will be for the best or worse yet. The Year is 2020 and today happens to be October 31st, All Hallows Eve or better known to all children as Halloween. "How odd, I don't recall the last full moon on Halloween night. It has been a long time since I seen one on this particular day, I thought as I stared up in the cold moon lit sky of night. Let me introduce myself, my name is James O'Neill. I just turned last month 46 and I have survived the worst patch of bad luck earlier this year.

I live in Rochester, New York. As for the patch of bad luck it is cause of the losses of all my family this last May. My wife Wendy with both daughter Sabrina and my son Patrick where killed in a tragic plane crash over the Atlantic. The FAA said it was caused from pilot error. I had missed the flight to finish up business deal in NYC and would catch the next flight over to meet up with them in Prague for a well needed vacation. This loss had now made me the last of my family bloodline. The loss of family also had taken its toll on me both emotionally as well as physically from me drinking so often to subdue the pain I felt with no one left to be with and share my days with. All I have now is my work and health and the local pub. I go out on a heavy drinking binge when anniversaries or birthdays pass. Tonight I felt something strange and out of place in my thoughts as well as my surroundings and decided to better go home and sleep this night off and not go drinking.

Since I was born and growing up as a kid, every once in a while I have a feeling I am being watched from the shadows. I told my father about it as a kid and he said it was ok and nothing to be afraid of. I had at times had thoughts put into my head that I knew were not my own. I also from time to time could feel something probing my thoughts to read them but I never could tell who or what was doing this to me. Once in a while in the distance shadows I could almost make out a woman's figure standing looking at me, but when I look back again the shadows were empty of any form or shape. Tonight I sensed that presence in the shadows of my mind once more. Sometimes in the past experiences it had triggered some deep memories of the past or emotions.

Some habits die-hard, I was a former member and veteran of the US Army's 2/75th Rangers that served in the 2nd Gulf War and now I am a security protection consultant. I felt often to be safer in the dark then in the light. The shadows gave me comfort most the time unless I got that reoccurring feelings again that I was the one being stalked and watched. Somehow tonight I have a strong feeling that something was going to go bump in the night and I knew I would be the one to have to do the bumping back first.

I was now walking back to my place from my security firm's office not paying attention to the trick or treaters out on the streets or the local night traffic on the streets. I made my way across the street ahead of me when I felt that feeling again of being watched. I turned and looked into the dark shadows but nothing. I only heard the kids laughing about the candy they were getting. This time of year I felt the loss of my family more cause my kids loved this day for the costumes the would dress up in and candy they get from going door to door. My nerves and senses by now were heightened from the strange feelings I was sensing as if someone was watching me as well as looking inside my mind. I lost my train of thought when I heard it a young woman's whimpering scream from an alley ahead of me. Hearing the scream made me jump and nearly gotten hit by a speeding taxi as I was still crossing the street. The Taxi driver shouted something but I paid no attention as I now ran towards the location of the scream I had just heard.

Not knowing the dangers ahead, I pulled out my concealed USP .40 cal. handgun I carry for protection and made my way to the building wall near the entrance of the dark alley where I heard the scream. Safety now switched off on my handgun and the first round now chambered. I peeked around the corner to see a young woman by a back doorway light with dark stranger leaning over her as she was laying there and the guy doing something to her. I then made my way up to them fast with my handgun drawn out and had taken aim at the dark stranger's back, center mass.

With my past training and experienced skills I took my posture and then made my presence known as I shouted to the stranger ahead, "Hey you freeze and don't move or I'll shoot! Now stand up and back away from the young lady slowly!"

As I shouted the stranger stood up and let the young woman's body drop to the ground with a thud at his feet as I now could make out blood covered her torn blouse. I took my eyes off the stranger for second when I seen the blood and the stranger took that second to dive out of my field of vision. Loosing sight of him I made my way forward to the young woman on the ground. I was still looking for her attacker when I heard a noise from behind me. With my fast reflexes I was able to swing around to just make out the dark stranger moving at me extremely alarming rate of speed. In the split second of sighting the attacker I was able to squeeze off two rounds at him at point blank when I felt his right fist make contact with my chest, the force of his blow flung me backwards down the dark alley twenty feet or more.

The Stranger started to make his way back to me then suddenly stopped and turned around as if he heard something behind him. He made a loud roaring growl like a wolf and turned his back towards me. I could still hear him growling. I picked myself off the ground and knew I had to shrug off the pain from the blow I took if I wanted to live from this encounter. I also knew I had shot him twice and he shook it off like it was nothing so I have to take him out quickly so I know I have to move fast. I noticed I must have dropped my handgun after getting tossed from the impact of the strangers fist strike. I had no choice but to use what military training I had in hand-to-hand combat. I made my way to the stranger rather fast and silent with my cat like reflexes using the time of whatever had him preoccupied looking away from me. With my fast actions was able to wrapped my arms around the stranger's neck securely, and with a fast twist I snapped his neck clean making aloud death cracking bone breaking sound. Soon after the attacker collapsed to the ground as I released my hold I had on his now broken neck. The pain to my ribs I started to feel once again after my adrenaline rush had started to pass.

I needed to find my handgun as well as help the woman and get her out of this dark alleyway. I made my way back to where I had landed from the attack and shortly afterwards found my handgun that I had dropped. I found it up against a dumpster. I then made my way to the young woman's body. The first thing I checked was her pulse and found she was nothing more than a corps with where the blood had come from her neck and chest wounds that the creep I killed had inflicted upon her. The wounds to her neck where of two punctures and her chest looked like an animal not a man had clawed at her breasts. I looked at her face and could say from the looks of her expression she was taken by surprised. Such a shame that a beautiful young woman get killed in a dark place as this spot. I decided to call the police in to clean up this mess and to investigate who I had killed being the attacker and who the woman was so I could give my apologies to for not being there sooner. I pulled out my cell phone and started to make an emergency call, when I heard foot step noise in the shadows as well as gotten that strange cold feeling of being watched and being approached.

I turned around to the dark alley to check it out when I seen a blur of a figure approaching me at a super fast rate of speed with a blinding fast strike to my head with such incredible force that everything went dark and quiet pretty fast, and I can't recall if I ever felt hitting the ground. When I came to, I had found myself bound to a bed in thick heavy ropes and the room I was in was all but dark except for the light coming from two old candles on the post next to the bed I was laying on. I looked around and seen a night stand next to the bed where my handgun laid field stripped and all the rounds taken out of the clips and set next to the gun.

"Oh man," I thought. "I know I am in trouble now, not only am I tied up but my weapon is in pieces. I have to think of something fast to get out of this mess," panicked thoughts raced through my head. I then heard a noise that sounded like a door somewhere in the dark. I took a look but to no avail I couldn't see in the dark. As I then laid my head back on the pillow she was there the young woman who I seen dead in the alley that I tried to help out sitting next to me staring at me. Her eyes were different from what I could remember, they were violet and she was extremely paler then I remember her as well. My brain started to kick in now; "this girl was dead as in no pulse no breath and yet she is alive next to me, and how is it I am laying on a bed in a dark candle lit room bound in ropes." I went to start to ask what was going on when she placed her finger on my mouth to silence me. I did just that as I watched her slowly remove my clothes on my body with ease and she shredded any that she could not remove with her nails till she got to my boxers I had on.

"Mistress he is ready for you," the young woman spoke next to me.

A woman's voice from the darkness of the room spoke, "This one is special, and I have been watching him from around the world and know a true killer, a warrior and a hunter when I see one. I know more about him then he knows and have made sure he was safe and ready for my treat."

I had no clue onto whom this woman was or what she was talking about but I think I will soon find out.

The young woman was looking back down at me, "Mistress please spare him, he tried to save me, and so can I have him to be my first."

First what I was thinking, "I hope that this was not some sick twisted pop my cherry game going on here. I had killed a guy tonight and was no mood for games to be had on my expense. Then that voice I had recognized it as a voice I once heard in my head the gulf late one night out on patrol that gave me the heads up on an Iraqi Sniper taking a bead on me. Could this be her the voice I heard in my thoughts in the past?" This time I heard the woman's voice in my thoughts letting me know I am going to be ok but I have to trust her and close my eyes. I looked to the right and caught a glimpse of her, a beautiful short hair bright blues eyed brunet. I would guess she was 5' 9", and about 125lb. She was a model with the pale milky white skin I have ever laid my eyes upon. As I stared at her walking towards me I heard her voice again in my head and this time I complied closing my eyes. That is when I soon felt her soft touch over my chest then her body straddling me as I lay there still with my eyes closed. Her scent she had was that of lilacs, a flower that I come to love the smell of here in Rochester.

She started to kiss me on the lips softly. I was tense at first with all that was going on but I soon succumbed to the feeling of this woman hold over me. I had surrender totally to her will as she continued to kiss my lips. Then she started to slide her tongue between my teeth and soon enrapt with my tongue in a passionate embrace. That was when my thought was of shocked by the softness of her mouth and kisses. It was the most passionate kiss that had me melt even more to her. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and open my eyes to look at her. It was while we were kissing I felt another pair of hands on me. This time I felt the hands removing my boxers, by what it felt and sounded like being shredded. Then with all this attention I was aroused to the point of hurting as how hard I had become from the hands all over me and the most sexiest kissing I have ever come to know. I felt my hard shaft rubbing between the folds of this stranger who was extremely wet. She had sheathed my hard shaft with one quick slide of her body down making me impaled deep within her.

I had thought her kissing was the best but I was wrong cause this felt one hundred times better and greater then sex or love making I have ever experienced in all my years alive. I felt as if both our bodies and souls were merging and becoming one whole body of love and lust. She continued to kiss me while slowly riding me in and out of her. Her pace was constant as I felt her milky soft firm breasts rubbing against my chest as she raised and lowered herself upon my hard shaft. I could feel the inner muscles of her tighten, as she started to cum upon my shaft hard. A low whimpering moan was coming from her first orgasm while she was continuing to French kissing me deeply still. I knew I could not hold out much longer to this rhythm she was going at on my shaft. It was all a matter of time now before I unloaded my seed deep within her. I think she could sense it as well as read my mind that I was enjoying her immensely. Just as I was about to cum deep inside her she pulled away from kissing me and I felt the hold she had on me somewhat lifted.

This was when I was able to open up my eyes to see her as she looked down upon me. Her pale completion and gorgeous soft brown eyes glowed of more then lust in the candle light reflections. This is when I felt my shaft harden and started to cum deep within her. She moaned deeply as she was having another orgasm. She then opened her mouth and I could see her fangs clearly as they started growing longer and sharper. She then gazed deeply in my eyes then she dropped down on me sinking her soft lips upon my neck impaling her fangs into me. The bite came fast as I was still cumming, unloading my seed deep insider her and she was still pumping me with her inner muscles as she now was feeding off my blood from my neck. It hurt like hell the bite at first but the pain subsided, as well as the rest of senses as I knew my life was being drained away. A calm soon enveloped me as I thought this was a beautiful way to go. I realized my arms were free now while she was feeding on my life's blood heavily, but I wanted her all the more not to stop and wrapped my arms around her holding her close to me.

She was my death as well as my life and I knew she would take me freely as I was hers no matter what. As my eyes started to grow heavy I heard her soft voice in my mind as well as aloud, "My dear you are about a heart beat away from your death but I will give you eternal life if you so choose but you have to know you will never see the light of day again..."

Before she could finish, "Yes!" This being the only word spoken that I could muster out of my mouth from my last breathes.

I could see she had then bitten her wrist and then she put her blood soaked wrist into my mouth. "Feed my dear, feed to rise and live once more," only her voice filled my mind now.

I sucked her salty sweet blood and could feel it give me strength. She then pulled away from me after she felt I had enough of her blood. I was still weak and collapsed on the bed. Then I started to feel the sharpest pain gripped my chest like a heart attack. The pain was so sharp and excruciating that it shot down my arms then rest of my body. I screamed out in pain for the last time. I couldn't breath anymore as a coldness and darkness enveloped my body, and all the voices and thoughts in my head ceased. Then for a split second I was no more. What I found this Halloween was a nasty trick that became a sweet treat in the end, my death and end of all my mortal pains.

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