tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Naughty Holiday Pt. 02

A Naughty Holiday Pt. 02


Alex stirred. Looking around in the darkness he had the feeling that something wasn't quite right. He paused, concentrating on the sound of the sea nearby. Then it all came rushing back. Turks and Caicos, an orange bikini, shaving his wife's pussy, and incredible sex.

But why was it so dark? It was mid-afternoon when he had fallen asleep just moments ago. He flopped his legs out of bed. There was an alarm clock nearby and he looked at it suspiciously, for it displayed '20:01'.

"Damn," he said under his breath, rubbing his eyes.

He looked across at his wife's exposed shoulder and leaned forward to kiss it.

"Time to get up darling," he whispered, rocking her gently.

"Go away," came a weak reply.

"You will struggle to sleep tonight if you don't get up now, it's 8 o'clock already" he said, turning on a few lights from control panel next to the bed.

"Ugh, let me sleep and I might even have sex with you again," she pleaded.

"Come on, get up lazy," he pressed, shaking her.

Finally with a sigh, Sophie heaved herself up into a sitting position. The white sheets slipped down her lightly tanned skin to reveal her lovely breasts and pink nipples. Her blonde hair tumbled down in messy waves until she swept it to one side.

"8? Seriously?" She said stretching, "I feel like I just slept for a week."

"Did you book the diving in the end?" Alex asked, as he walked over to the closet.

Sophie remained on the bed and enjoyed the view of her husband's firm buttocks. She reached down and ran her hand over her smooth groin, smiling as she recalled how much fun it had been to let him shave it.

"Sophie?" Alex said, turning around.

She snapped out of it, and started to explain the situation. Turks and Caicos turned out to be a world famous diving destination and there were some great diving spots near the island. Scuba diving was one of many things that they hadn't had the time, or opportunity, to continue since the kids were born, and Sophie was keen for them to get back into it. She had booked them to dive tomorrow, and the day after as well.

Alex opened his draw and took out a pair of blue shorts. As he did, he discreetly glanced under his pile of clothing until he saw the red material. It was still there. He hesitated for a second, but left it in place as the timing didn't feel right. Then he reached up and grabbed the white shirt that was hanging. Sophie smiled as her husband slipped on his shirt and shorts, without bothering with any boxers.

Alex returned to the bed and nudged his procrastinating wife out of it, watching her as she then walked naked to the wardrobe and leaned forward to open a drawer. As much as he liked the naked female form, he also appreciated that with the right lingerie a woman could very desirable indeed. And his wife's choice tonight made him desire her very much.

Sophie slipped on a pair of sheer white panties. They were not the G-string type that she typically wore, but covered her entire bum. However, he wasn't complaining as they were so sheer they didn't hide anything. If anything they accentuated her delicious rear, packaging it in a lovely white tinge. Next she put on a bra and turned around. Alex's growing bulge responded immediately. The front of the panties were as sheer as the back, as was the matching bra. Her shaved slit was clearly visible, as were her perky pink nipples.

Sophie caught him staring and smiled. 'Seriously, do you ever think of anything else?'

Although flattered, she thought it would be easier to get ready without the extra attention. So she took her clothes and headed to the bathroom to finish getting ready in peace, teasing him with a flirtatious wiggle before disappearing behind a closed door.

Sophie never put on much make-up, and so a few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom in a short white skirt, and a sheer blue blouse with a liner underneath. Moving in front of the full length mirror by the wardrobe she looked at herself, changing her angle and posture to study the ensemble. She didn't look totally convinced and turned to Alex with a raised eyebrow.

"You look great...although I am not sure about the t-shirt liner thing, wouldn't it be better without?" he asked.

Sophie frowned. She had actually thought about not wearing the singlet, but had worried Alex wouldn't approve of her showing so much in public. In fact, she wasn't even sure she had the guts anymore. Part of her was up for it, but part of her was hesitant.

"So you don't think it would be too much if I removed it? After all, this top and my bra are pretty sheer."

"It would look incredibly sexy," came the response, "besides, we are on holiday without the kids, and we don't know anyone here. So why not be a little risqué? Why not have a little sexy fun? I'm not wearing boxers!"

Sophie giggled, Alex not wearing boxers was nothing like her walking around essentially topless. But her revived kinky side didn't need too much convincing. She faced the mirror again and proceeded to remove her blouse and the liner, before only putting the blouse back on. Studying her reflection, she felt her husband move behind her.

"So you don't mind if people can see my breasts?" She asked, putting her hands by her sides and noting that they would definitely be visible whenever there was light.

But instead of hearing a response, she felt her nicely combed blonde hair being gently pushed to one side to expose the smooth nape of her neck. This was an erogenous zone, and although she knew what would follow, goosebumps still erupted down her spine as Alex's breath, and lips, made contact.

"Um," she purred, closing her eyes and leaning back into his warmth.

To the sensation Sophie was already experiencing, more were soon added. She felt the tickling of his fingers as they slowly traced up her thighs, across her ribcage, and towards her chest. Her nipples hardened in response as his strong hands cupped and kneaded them lovingly. If that wasn't enough to answer her question, she could feel his hard-on pressing against her rear, and reached around to rub it.

"How about you, do you mind if people can see your beautiful breasts?" Alex whispered into her ear.

With her eyes still closed Sophie moved her head slightly from side to side. Her breathing accelerating and she shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

"And your cute pink nipples, do you mind if strangers can see them?" Alex continued, pulling her blouse tight against her chest so that they were very visible through the sheer material.

Sophie bit her lip and squeezed his bulge, again moving her head to say no. Then she felt his hands leave her breasts and move down her tummy. Anticipation growing as she thought about where they might be going, drawing in a deep breath when she felt a draft between her legs.

"And what about your pretty shaved pussy, doesn't it want to come out and play as well? Don't you feel bad about hiding it from me...hiding it from everyone?" Alex said.

Sophie shivered and opened her eyes. He had flipped her skirt up at the front and was caressing her slit through the sheer panties. Although she knew, and could feel, that it was her body being played with, she saw herself through her husband's eyes, and imagined that the hot blonde being fondled was someone else. And in that brief moment understood how irresistible she was. And like her husband, she also wanted to run her hands all over the scantily clad goddess in the mirror.

Releasing his bulge Sophie reached up to pinch a nipple whilst covering Alex's lower hand with her own. His fingers would be feeling the wetness of her arousal by now, and she pressed them in harder, forcing them to dip into her lips.

"Hmm," she moaned, as her hips ground gently against the pressure.

Sophie looked into her deep blue eyes in the reflection and was scared by the intensity of her desire.

"You have no idea how sexy you are, and how much I want you," came the breath in her ear, sending another shiver down her spine.

Sophie then felt her husband's body moving down against her back, and watched in the mirror as he moved his hands to her side, hooked her panties, and peeled them down her smooth thighs to the floor. The white skirt fell back into place as he carefully helped her step out of them and then stood back up, panties in hand.

Sophie watched as he put them to his nose and inhaled deeply with a moan of satisfaction. Curious to know what he was experiencing, she reached back and guided his hand under her own nose. Following his example.

"Isn't your scent intoxicating?" Alex whispered into her ear, "now you know why I get so hungry around you."

Sophie knew exactly what he meant, and although she had been looking forward to a drink and some food, dinner could wait. She needed to be taken.

But to her disappointment Alex then backed away and slipped on his shoes. "I'm starving, let's go to dinner," he said, as if nothing had just happened.

Sophie sighed in disappointment, but when she realized he wasn't joking, accepted that it would have to wait.

As Alex went to turn off the lights she raised her skirt to look at her cute little pussy one last time. Coupled with her see-through top she felt vulnerable, but at the same time sexually empowered.


The evening had cooled as they strolled hand in hand along the path. Neither of them thought anything of it as they talked about how beautiful the island was. They were heading for the Lotus restaurant by the infinity pool so that they could eat alfresco. Sophie grinned at that thought, thinking of herself as already being alfresco.

Alex ignored the first drop that he felt, but when he another one landed on his hair he turned to his wife, "did you feel that?"

"Feel wh...yes, I just felt it. And another one. We better hurry," she said.

But they still had almost a hundred yards to walk, and the few drops quickly developed into a light shower. They picked up the pace towards the dimly lit restaurant ahead. And just as they seemed close to arriving, the heavens opened, and the shower turned into a tropical downpour, with sheets of water enveloping them. Running the last few yards Sophie and Alex bust into the shelter of the restaurant foyer. They looked at each other and laughed, they were soaked and out of breath. A member of staff approached them with a knowing smile on her face.

"First day on the Island?" She asked, handing them each a dry pool towel. "There are umbrellas by the entrance of your room in case you hadn't seen them. At this time of year evening rain is common. Can I offer you a drink at the bar whilst you dry off?"

"Absolutely," Sophie said, patting and rubbing herself with the towel to remove the worst of the water.

"Please follow me then," the hostess invited, before leading them under a covered walkway, to what looked like a semi-circular stone building with large bay windows just beyond the dining tables. The pitter patter of the rain against the roof reminded them that they were lucky to arrive when they did.

Halfway down the corridor there was a table, and Sophie placed her towel on it. Alex moved to do the same but stopped mid movement and drew a sharp breath. As Sophie passed under the lights in front of him she looked almost naked. Her light blue blouse was already sheer, but where it was wet it clung to her back and essentially disappeared. Her short white cotton skirt was no different, and where it was stuck to her rear it had become somewhat transparent.

Alex wondered if Sophie had realized, and looked at the diners to their right as he followed her down the walkway. She was the sort of woman that attracted glances even when she wasn't wearing see-through clothing, and Alex smiled as he saw a few people staring, knowing that they would be seeing far more than they could have hoped for.

As Sophie entered the bar she ran her hand over the large stone blocks that made up its walls. The candle lit space felt romantic and intimate, even though it was almost empty. There were a half dozen sofas against the circular wall, and they were designed to follow the curve of the building. A well-stocked bar faced the sofas, the first of which was the only one occupied. Sophie headed to the third one, deciding to leave a bit of space between them.

Alex glanced at the only other couple in the bar as his wife passed them, but to his disappointment they didn't look up. And that's when he realized that he didn't mind showing off his wife. That a little exhibitionism didn't bother him. In fact, it was a major turn-on. Besides, this wasn't a seedy bar or anywhere dangerous. Nothing was going to happen that they didn't want to happen.

Since the drinks tables were positioned between the sofas, rather than in front of them, his wife looked very vulnerable sitting there exposed to the bar in her short skirt and rain soaked transparent top. She might have felt it too and crossed her legs. Alex joined her and sat with his back towards the other couple.

"Alex," Sophie whispered with concern as he sat down, "look." And she stuck her chest out and then pointed to her thighs.

Even in the dim lighting her nipples were clearly visible against the wet fabric, as were her thighs through the wet skirt.

"Your breasts were sort of visible anyway darling, so what if they are a little more now?" He responded without sympathy.

"I guess, but nothing like this," she pointed out.

"It's not very bright, and there is practically no one here. Look at me, my shirt is see through too, and I don't mind. Look, let's have a few drinks, wait until we dry, and then go to dinner once you're sheer top is only sort of see-through again," he joked.

Sophie giggled nervously.

"May I take your order?" the bar tender asked, as he approached.

Sophie could tell that he was desperately trying to avoid looking at her breasts, but he was failing miserably. She felt self-conscious, but decided it would be even more embarrassing for herself and the bar tender if she tried to cover up. Instead she took a deep breath and tried to relax. Of course that just drew more attention to her chest.

"Two strong Mojitos please" Alex ordered, amused at the effect his wife was having on the poor bar tender, and vice versa.

"I like this bar, you have a great view" Alex added, taking his drink, watching both his wife and the bar tender blush.

The drinks soon arrived and Sophie started to relax. She had noticed the bar tender sneaking glances, but after a while it didn't bother her so much. So he could see her breasts, so what? It was nothing compared to what the babysitter had seen back in the summer. And Sophie briefly recalled some of those torrid evenings. How her husband had tied her up, what she had looked like in her own sex tape, and what a turn-on it had been to pretend she was being watched once she found out the babysitter had been spying on them. The Mojito had a hint of vanilla, and although it was cold, she could feel her insides warming up.

As they talked and laughed Alex shifted back into the sofa. Sophie suddenly felt like the wind had been knocked out of her, and did a double take as the guy sitting on the other sofa came into view. He looked just like her ex. The 'too handsome for his own good' Italian that she had dumped to be with Alex. He had been her physical ideal, but wasn't a keeper.

Since there weren't any coffee tables to block the view, Sophie checked him out. He was just as handsome as her ex, probably in his early thirties, and obviously worked out. If she had to guess from his clothes and body language, she would say that he worked on Wall Street.

One round of Mojitos quickly turned into two, and on an empty stomach the alcohol flowing through her veins didn't seem to be helping her judgement or control. Although she tried not to look, she found herself drawn to him. Sophie hadn't flirted with anyone except her husband for years, and every time she caught him looking at her, she felt a tingle of joy. A reminder of what she had given up.

The handsome strangers partner then got up, and Sophie checked her out as she headed out of the bar, and back down the walkway. She had gorgeous flowing brown hair, a beautiful dress, and by the look of her rear had a decent amount of curves. Sophie looked down and studied her own long legs and damp cleavage in comparison. Her competitive side wanted him to desire her, and she shifted her body so that her skirt rode up and exposed more of her thighs. And, although it wasn't going to show anything that wasn't already on display, she then unbuttoned the top of her blouse, thinking it would look sexy.

Alex was enthralled with his wife as she acted like the perfect tease. He couldn't believe she was actually making herself look even more wanton, and part of him wanted to her go further. He thanked God for giving him such an incredible woman, and imaged all the sinful things he wanted to do to her. Looking at her husband Sophie could tell how turned on he was, and hoped she was having the same effect on the stranger.

"What are you thinking?" She asked him, knowing full well what it was.

Alex's alcohol impaired mind just blurted out the truth "I was just admiring you, and thinking how hot it would be if you uncrossed your legs and separated them for me."

But as soon as the words escaped his lips he regretted it, scared that he might have pushed too hard and broken the magic of the moment. But to his amazement, like she was in a trance and looking right through him, Sophie slowly began to uncross her legs.

She left one on the floor and shifted it away a little, and then raised the other onto the sofa, bending it at the knee so that it wouldn't block the view. Alex's senses immediately heightened. Was she really doing this?

With a sultry look Sophie then let her knee fall open against the side of the sofa. Her short white skirt teasingly clung to her thighs, and so she helped it fall into a bunch around her waist, fully exposing her naked sex.

Alex stopped breathing. He was so absorbed by his wife that he didn't think to look behind him or towards the bar, at the other pairs of eyes that were now devouring her. Sophie felt giddy as she sat there allowing everyone to see her private parts. It was like she had discovered a secret desire that was only now boiling to the surface. Leaning back she scooted her hips forward to ensure the light gave her audience the best view possible. Not since her youth had she done something similar, except this time it was voluntary.

Despite showing herself in public, the situation seemed oddly intimate. Was it the romantic lighting? The familiarity of the stranger? The fact that she now had a porn star pussy? The desire in the men's eyes? The strong drinks? The fact that she was on holiday? She didn't know. But whatever the drug was that was surging through her body, she couldn't resist it's effect.

Alex looked at the blonde in front of him. And instead of seeing his wife, he saw a professional at a men's club, and wanted her to do nasty things to herself. Sophie glanced at the three sets of eyes and could see that she had their absolute attention.

The sexual tension in the room could have been cut with a knife as they all waited for her next move. She thought back to what she looked like in the mirror earlier and knew what they wanted. Her hand slowly moved down to her crotch and towards her pulsing clit, sending a bolt of joy through her body.

"Oh!" she cried out, "Is this what you want? To play with my...pretty pussy," she whispered in a husky voice.

They all nodded, each one of them no longer conscious of anyone else except the gorgeous blonde that was lewdly flaunting herself. Each one of them thinking she was only speaking to them.

Losing herself Sophie spread her legs further apart and let two fingers run up and down through her slit. Waves of pleasure forcing her to squeal in delight. With each pass she moved her fingers deeper and faster, sexy whimpers and the sound of her wet flesh filling the air.

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