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A Naughty Housewife


The other day I had a visit from Christine; Allan was out so I had no hesitation about her coming in. She wasn't one of the 'crowd', just a friend, so I didn't know what she was likely to be happy with.

Over a cup of tea and biscuits she told me what she was concerned about..." I know Frank goes out once a month to a strip club and I'm OK with it. He always comes home randy and we have really good sex. But I want him to find me that sexy."

I asked her "Have you tried stripping for him?"

She said "yes, but it really didn't work. We had really good sex afterwards but I hadn't really turned him on that way."

I said to her "Maybe the strip wasn't sexy enough; it's not that you just undress but that you put a lot into it as a stripper would." She queried me on this and I told her that she really needed to practice on a man other than her husband... She said "How can I do that... I can't just ask anyone."

I told her that "Allan would watch and give comments on her performance but if she did this she would have to take us as we are." She didn't understand so I told her that when he walked in in ten minutes he would immediately strip off unless I told him not to."

She was again unsure and asked "wouldn't that be cheating?" So I told her about our times of display and that I didn't mind...in fact enjoyed it."

She eventually agreed to ask Allan if he would watch her strip so we waited until he came in.

As Allan came in the door he immediately looked over at Christine and me and silently asked the question so I nodded at him and he came over and said hello to Christine then stripped off. I said to her "now that wasn't a sexy strip was it?" She responded "No I see what you mean. Allan went and made coffee, and while he sat with us I explained about Christine's predicament.

Allan said to her, "Why not try a strip now and you'll be able to see the effect it has on me?" Christine was reticent about doing it so we didn't push things but after 10 minutes she asked if I minded her being naked in front of Allan. I said "well he is naked in front of you so why should I?"

So she went to start at which point Allan said "You need some music to strip to or it will just be getting undressed." He selected a piece of music and sat down. Christine was at best inept and at worst just not sexy at all. She was down to her underwear in about twenty seconds and of course it was housewife's underwear.

Allan told her to stop and some discussion took place with Allan telling her she really needed some idea of a stripper, so he called up a You Tube clip of an amateur stripper going through her paces. Christine was amazed as the woman took about five minutes to lose her outer garments and ended up in a matching sheer G-string and quarter cup bra, clearly showing off most of what she had to offer. The woman went on to display her charms and to actually rub her nipples and finger her pussy.

Christine was aghast at this and said "I can't do that it's obscene." I said that it would be what strippers did and there would be more, they would show off everything and open themselves up. Also they would do lap dances where they would rub themselves over a man to make him have an erection.

She couldn't believe it and Asked "Would Frank see all that?" I said, "almost certainly and if he paid for a private dance he could be getting even more." She couldn't believe this but said she would like to try again but she hadn't any underwear like that. Jean told her it was no problem as she actually sold it at parties. So they went off and Jean outfitted her. We told her the blouse and skirt were fine but she needed high heels too.

We couldn't supply those so she just started with the sandals. As she immediately started to unbutton her blouse Allan said, "Take it slowly. Just rub your hands over your blouse and make your nipples stand up. Just as Frank would do if he were making love to you." She asked what he meant so he demonstrated on me. She said, "Frank doesn't do that" We were shocked by the admission. We asked her what he did do and she told us. "He strips off and then puts his thingy in me." I asked if there was any foreplay, at which point she made it obvious that she didn't know what that was.

We felt that she had to learn so we offered to show her a the start of a typical lovemaking session of ours. Allan was already naked but I wasn't so he walked up behind me and reached around cupping my tits and nuzzling my neck. As he did this my nipples stood up and this amazed Christine.

He continued with this for a while including some kissing then gently undid my blouse and made sure my motor was running. He then moved to the front and kissed and caressed me taking off my bra and kissed, licked and even bit the nipples, always a turn on for me. At this point he slid his hand up my skirt stroking and caressing my legs and moving very obviously onto my pussy. He undid my skirt and went down kissing and licking around until he came to my pussy at which point he pulled my panties aside and started to work his magic on my outer lips then my clit.

I came very quickly and Allan was hard. We stopped at this point as we didn't intend to have full intercourse for her; though perhaps we should have. Christine was sitting wide eyed and said "Frank never does that." It was our turn to be shocked as we didn't realise there were such troglodytes still around.

We told her to start again but put in some of what we had done into the strip. Especially stroking of her breasts through the blouse, and when it came to it playing with her pussy. She did have a slightly inept go at it and she was really getting herself turned on from it so Allan's hard on stayed up for her. Allan told her "that was much better but she would need to practice to make it look more real. Although keeping it just a little housewifey would add to the appeal. Christine got dressed in her old gear and went home thanking us for our help and for the demonstration.

Next week she returned and asked if she could practice with us again at which point we said yes. She had on the same blouse skirt combination but higher heels and seemed to have more confidence.

Her strip demonstrated that she had been practicing at home and she was quite sexy. She said she would try it on Frank and see how he reacted.

Friday afternoon Christine was at the door, she was in tears! It seems she had started the strip by setting some lower lights and had the music ready on cue. When Frank came in she said she had a surprise for him and sat him down with a whisky. She triggered the music and went into her routine, Frank watched for about three minutes as she performed and then exploded in anger calling her a slut and a whore, he asked how she had learnt to do that and she had blurted out what had happened.

She had rushed round after he stormed out to the pub.

Allan arrived and I signalled him to stay dressed, he knew there was a problem immediately and I downloaded what had happened. He wanted to go and sort Frank out but I told him to stay as I expected Frank to be calling any time now.

Christine was becoming calmer as she sat and had tea and then there was a hammering on the door and Frank shouting.

Allan opened the door on the latch and said very calmly to Frank "If he wanted to talk then calm down, if I let you in and you become abusive I will subdue you and call the police for attacking us in our own home."

Frank did calm down a little and Allan let him in whilst keeping a wary eye on him.

As he sat Allan got him a coffee and told him that he wouldn't stand for Frank abusing his wife in our house and if he got too agitated he would be forcefully ejected. He asked us why we had had taught Christine to do what she had. We explained all that she had told us and that when she had asked to practice with us. We tactfully left out our little display but told him we had given her ideas about how to make it sexier for him.

He was obviously still very angry but it seemed more at her than at us. We asked him why his wife trying to give him a treat was such a disgusting proposition for him. He said "only sluts and whores are strippers and he wouldn't have his wife acting that way." I mentioned that Jean and I had stripped for each other fairly often and that it was just a normal part of our lovemaking. Frank found this unbelievable and said we must be perverts.

Allan spoke to him harshly and told him insulting us would not do him any good here and that unlike him we actually enjoyed each other's bodies and had fun with sex.

Frank was a little subdued by this and Allan went on to tell him. "If you want your marriage to continue then you will need to learn how to treat Christine. She has been woken to her needs and can do without you. I don't imagine she will put up with 'wham, bam thank you mam' anymore." Frank didn't answer but seemed to be cowed by it all. After some time he and Christine went home, I was worried that Frank might get physically abusive but Allan said. "Frank is not as aggressive as he seems it's for show."

Later that week Christine called in again, she said that things had moved a little and that Frank had been trying foreplay but was very inept unlike Allan. She also said she didn't want to waste all the work she had done but didn't want Frank to get nasty again. She asked if I had any ideas.

Well I had one but I was loth to tell her. She was insistent that I air my idea and so I did. "The only possibility I see is for you to try to be one of the strippers at the club that Frank goes to." She was dumbfounded and said. "No way, that would be going too far." I said. "It would seem the only way but yes it's too risky." She thought about it and asked. "How could I do it...I mean they are hardly likely to let me perform with all the young sexy girls they have?" I said. "The first step is to try to talk to the owner or manager."

Christine was OK trying that and we looked up the phone number of the club Frank goes to and called. Of course we got no answer at nine in the morning so we tried again at eleven. Christine was really antsy by the time to make the call arrived but she rang the number and it got answered. When she asked to talk to the manager or owner she was told the manager was out until one and she should call back after that. Christine was on a level of nervous you never want to see so I dug out a bottle of wine and we had a glass or two.

This time she got through to the manager and Christine explained what she would like to do. He was a little evasive but finally he said. "If you come down here at two I will check you out and see if we can manage this, no promises though." Christine thanked him and said we would be there, then hung up. I said. "I'm not going to strip!" she told me she just needed moral support. I agreed to go with her.

We were met at the door by Peter 'call me Pete' who told us he was the manager and asked us to come in. He asked which one was Christine and nodded when told. I introduced myself as moral support and he said he understood.

Pete told Christine that if he agreed to do this she would have to perform twice and was expected to be fully nude, not including stockings and suspenders on both occasions. She said that would be OK. He asked her to stand up and then to undress to her underclothes. Christine was reluctant at first but did it taking off her blouse and then her skirt, she was wearing sexy underwear and stockings and suspender belt with her three inch heels showing off her legs to good effect.

Pete asked her to move to the music playing and show how she could look sexy while wearing very little. Luckily for her she had practiced well and even turned me on a bit. Pete was impressed. He said. "I like what I see but I will need you to do a full performance at about five one afternoon. The place will have few punters in and he can then judge if you could do an evening performance." Christine said that she would like to try." Pete asked if she was prepared to do lap dances as well and she said she would. We left and went for afternoon tea so that Christine could let it sink in.

We arrived at the club at four thirty and Pete introduced Christine to the girls who were surprisingly friendly. They said to come to the changing rooms and they would help her get ready. When she was in there they told her "The lights will bleach your skin so you need a foundation all over but especially the bits your swimsuit covers." And they helped her to cover herself. She later told me they even put it on her pussy lips.

I was having a quiet drink not bothered by the activity around me; there were ten men in already to watch the strippers one of whom was on the stage doing her bit. These were fully paid as no tips really came around until later. Then the MC announced a new girl 'Candy' who would be entertaining them for the next few minutes. Christine was onstage and they hit her with a spot. For a few seconds she just stood there which actually heightened the expectation. She was still in her skirt and blouse and the punters were confused about her. Then she started to move and was very sexily not stripping but caressing her breasts, the punters were intrigued and were murmuring about she was older could be the wife. Christine then slid her skirt up her legs a little to display her stocking tops. And they muttered even more.

When Christine started to undo her blouse the men were openly interested and were talking to each other about what they would see on this housewife, they were pleased, when the blouse was open, to see her nipples showcased in the see through bra. She finished taking off her blouse and again caressed herself making her nipples stand up. She again slid her skirt up to display her stockings and a little glimpse at her matching panties. The men were giving interest and a little applause. Pete told me "They normally pay little attention to the strippers at this time."

Christine had now moved on to removing her skirt and the men were pleased with the little knickers she had on. All but one of the punters had moved to the edge of the stage and was holding money. Christine was moving wearing the suspender belt, stockings, bra and knickers. One of the strippers told her to move to the edge as she would get tips, nobody had said about that as it doesn't happen in the early shift.

When she got to the edge of the stage two men slid fivers into her stocking tops and then she moved back and sexily removed her bra, taking care to hold the cups on until the last moment and then caressing her nipples so that they were like organ-stops. The men actually did applaud and two more waved money at her so she moved to the edge of the stage again and collected more.

As she removed her knickers she was very coy and held her hand over her pussy for a few seconds and the men encouraged her to show by waving even more money at her and she moved to them and as they stuffed money in she removed her hand and posed with open legs.

Next she started to play with her pussy, while the men watched, and actually had an orgasm. The men wanted more and Christine's stocking were bulging with money. She laid on the stage and opened her legs wide and really worked her clit with glistening fingers and loads of money landed on the stage for her. Eventually the music ran out and she had to stop. The other stripper helped her to collect the cash and she took bows and applause.

After she had dressed she joined Pete and I at our table, He said. "That was unbelievable, it just doesn't happen at this time of day. You are definitely on for tonight. Can you be here for seven?" Christine said. "Yes I'll be here but I want my hubby to be in the audience when I come on."

Everything agreed, we left and went home.

When Christine arrived, the other strippers, a new set from the afternoon, were quite hostile. She asked what was wrong and was told of her performance drawing so much attention this afternoon. There were only so many tips to go round and if she was as successful this time it would be a short evening. Christine said, "If I get any tips they will be shared equally amongst you. I am not doing this for the money, but I don't understand why they were so generous earlier." The girls were much more friendly after this and suggested that it was the unusualness of a housewife stripping that caused the sensation.

Allan and I went to the strip club and found Frank already there, He was surprised but we just told him we were there to see what he found so interesting there.

The evening was in full swing and one of the strippers was getting to the end of her show, Frank was paying attention to her and stuffed a fiver in her stocking. Allan asked frank why he found this OK but not his wife stripping and he said. "They are paid to be whores for our use and it's wrong for her to do it." I was concerned that he couldn't change but felt it was too late to do anything about it.

Frank was pointing out some of his work colleagues to us when they announced the next act. "And now for a new lady at the 'Starlight Lounge', Candy, please give a big round of applause to welcome her." He left the stage and the spot illuminated Christine, still in blouse and skirt but more sheer and shorter. She stood like a rabbit in the headlights and Frank started to get up.

Allan held him down and said if he did anything much the bouncers would throw him out so settle down. There was a tension in the room as Christine stood, then she moved to the beat and went into her routine of caressing herself through her clothes. As she stroked up her legs the stocking tops showed too and the men who had been quiet sucked in a collective breath. Frank's eyes were locked on her. As she started to unbutton the almost sheer blouse it was obvious the bra covered very little as it was just as sheer. Her nipples came into view and there was a quiet 'Ahhh' from the crowd. Then a little applause started.

She took off the blouse and presented her tits by lifting them up and squeezing her already erect nipples and there was more applause. She teased more and eventually started to undo he skirt. She had carefully shown no more of her stockings so built the anticipation as she slowly slid the skirt to the floor. The stockings seemed to bring a thrill to it all.

I looked at Frank and he was mesmerised by it.

Almost as the skirt hit the floor there were men with money stuffing into her stocking and G-String, with careless touching. Christine accepted all this as she had in the afternoon. The bra removal was done quite quickly and she showed herself off to good effect. Then the string came off and more money was presented and accepted.

Christine proceeded to frig herself off and came, obviously, in front of everyone. Money rained like confetti and the spot dropped to loud applause and shouts for more. One of the other strippers helped Christine collect the money and they were offstage.

I turned to Frank and he was smiling and crying at the same time. I asked. "What did you think of that?" He said. "It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen." He was sporting a real tent and was ecstatic about her performance.

Some of his workmates came over praising him for letting his 'hot' wife strip and thanking him. They said they were going to get a lap dance from her. Frank was shocked but kept quiet until they had gone, he asked." Will she really give lap dances?" I told him that was part of the agreement and he was pleased and shocked at the same time. As he sat watching her giving many lap dances you could see him melting and when she gave him one he was beyond all hope.

The strippers got more money from her than all combined would have made and were very happy. They told her they would be happy if she came back as they had got some ideas from her that would increase their stock.

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