tagInterracial LoveA Naughty Nurse for Ned

A Naughty Nurse for Ned


I was just 18 when I got a job as a CNA at a nursing home. It was the first job I had ever had and I was very nervous my first few days. The RN showed me around and explained the daily routine of the home. She also introduced me to the patients on the wing I would be working.

Most of the elderly people were in wheelchairs or bedridden but a few got around good and seemed to be mentally fit. I immediately noticed an elderly black man because the area that I lived in did not have many black people and I personally had never even spoken to a black person before.

His name was Ned and he greeted me with a welcoming smile and reached for my hand to shake it when we were introduced. I held my hand out to him and he turned it over and kissed the back of it with his soft warm lips. I turned beat red and pulled my hand away quickly. Ned just chuckled and winked at me.

Now my duties as a CNA were to bathe, feed and clean up after the patients. Some of the patients did not need to be bathed just assisted but others had to be bathed, cleaned up after they used the bathroom and fed.

Ned was one of the more independent patients and didn't need a lot of help but the policy was to supervise all showers in case of someone falling or having trouble and needing some help.

So on my second day of work I made my rounds and got all my patients that needed help washed and dressed leaving my ambulatory patients for last. Out of 10 patients I had 3 that could shower themselves; Ned, a white guy and a white woman. I took them in the order of their room numbers and that left Ned for last.

The old white man's name was Bill and he was a very grumpy guy. He complained the whole way though the shower and was still complaining when I left him sitting in the dayroom watching television. "Dang gone new nurses, can't get the water temperature right, near bout burnt my skin off!"

I tried to ignore him but it being my second day and me still a nervous wreck I was a little bit upset. My next patient did not make me feel any better. She kept calling me by her daughters name and telling me she knew I would never amount to anything. "Margaret, I told you if you didn't stay away from that awful boy and finish college you were going to end up cleaning toilets and now look at you! I am so ashamed! What am I supposed to tell the ladies at the country club? My daughter watches people shower for a living. How embarrassing."

By the time I got to Ned's room I was nearly in tears. "What's the matter little lady?" He asked as I walked in.

I looked at him in surprise and he smiled at me. He had the nicest smile I had ever seen; his teeth strong, straight and very white. I couldn't help but smile back. I shook my head and tried to get into a better mind set. "Good morning Mr. Steele. Nothing is wrong, it's just hard to adapt to so many different personalities. Are you ready to go get your shower?"

"Sure Miss Lady just let me get my clean clothes and we can head out." He gathered his clothes and I followed him to the shower room down the hall. "So how old are you Miss Lady? You look mighty young."

I blushed at the way he looked me up and down. There was just something about him that made me comfortable but nervous at the same time. "Eighteen, I just had my birthday last week." I thought I heard him make a moaning noise but when I looked at him he just smiled at me again.

"Well you are a young one. Whatever made you want to work with a bunch of old fogies' like us?" He sat down on the shower bench and started to pull off his shoes and socks.

"I just like doing something that makes people feel better and I had a neighbor lady that was always nice to me then she went to a home and I never saw her again. I thought about how lonely people like her must get in places like this and I decided I could work here and help make someone happy." I looked at Ned's face and he was looking at me intently and kind of sad.

He shook his head as if he was clearing out his thoughts. "Well there are certainly a lot of sad and lonely people here." He smiled again. "Luckily I am not one of them! My whole family will be visiting on Sunday. The kids and grandkids come every Sunday. Bring my favorite foods and we watch football. It's the highlight of my week!"

I smiled at his excitement. "Well Mr. Steele, you are a lucky man!" While he was talking he had managed to get his clothes off and now he dropped his boxers. My mouth dropped open and I turned redder than I ever had before. I thought to myself, a very lucky man!

For a man of his age his skin was firm and smooth. He still had good muscle tone and was very physically fit. And he had the largest penis I had ever seen. Now yes I was only 18 but I was far from innocent. I had seen a few penises in my life and had watched a few pornographic movies with my boyfriend. I had even seen black men in pornos but nothing like this. It was completely soft and lay halfway down his thigh not to mention it was as big around as my wrist.

He watched me as I looked him up and down but didn't say anything. He noticed my flushed skin and the nervous sweat beaded up on my forehead. "You are a very beautiful young woman." I jumped at his words and looked away.

"Thank you." I looked at the floor still embarrassed. I noticed that Ned hadn't made a move to get into the shower yet but was afraid to look up at him again. "Are you okay? Do you need any help?" I asked without looking at him.

"I do need something." I looked up quickly worried that something was wrong but he was just sitting there on the shower bench. "I have not been able to get an erection in years so you don't have to worry about that but I enjoy the way I feel when you look at me. The innocent curiosity makes me feel young again and warm inside. So if you don't mind, would you just watch me shower? Make an old man feel good like you said you came here to do?"

His words made me feel sad but also happy because I wanted to look at him and have the power to make him feel the way he had described. So I watched him. I watched him let the warm water run over his body and slowly lather his skin up with the soapy wash rag. He started with his head which was covered in salt and pepper hair, cut short to his head and neatly kept. The soap running down his neck and back, white bubbles against his dark skin a beautiful contrast.

My eyes followed his hands as he ran the cloth over his broad chest and tight stomach. As he tried to reach his back I walked to him and took the cloth from his hand and he turned his back to me allowing me to softly scrub his back with it. I took my time moving slowly from his shoulders down over his shoulder blades and to the middle of his back. I heard him moan in pleasure as I allowed my bare fingers of my other hand glaze his skin moving behind the hand with the wash rag.

I felt so naughty as he moaned again a little louder when my hand slid over the top of his buttocks. "Oh yes little girl, that feels so good." His words encouraged me to go on but also shocked me into giving him back the cloth and move back to my safe spot.

Ned continued to wash the rest of his body and I continued to watch in fascination. He moved the rag over his groin area and to his huge penis. He lifted it from its resting spot on his right thigh pulling it up over his stomach and lathered up his sagging balls. I licked my lips as the bubbles engulfed them and he slowly ran his hand up and down the long shaft of his penis, pulling his foreskin back from the dark purple head.

I caught myself thinking about massaging those large nuts and taking his limp penis into my mouth. I felt myself getting wet inside my panties and knew I was treading on thin ice. Good girls did not stand around watching old men rub their penises let alone daydream about sucking their cocks. As my eyes caught Ned's I realized I was not a good girl.

Ned wasn't smiling now. Even though he did not have an erection I could tell he was very aroused mentally. He continued to lather his penis and scrotum while I watched literally watering at the mouth. His soft penis was so big I could not even imagine how big it could get if it was to become erect. I absent mindlessly rubbed my breasts though my scrubs trying to ease the aching in them. Ned's eyes never left mine but as I rubbed my breasts he let out another small moan.

The sound was enough to snap me out of my trance and I dropped my hands to my sides. "Okay Mr. Steele, we need to be finishing up here and get you back to your room."

Ned finished washing the rest of his body, rinsed of quickly and got dressed. He really was a handsome man. He dressed in khaki slacks and a polo shirt that gave him a pro golfer look. We headed back to his room. When I turned to leave him at his door he grabbed my hand. "Please don't let what happened scare you off. I haven't felt so alive in years. I hope we can continue our friendship."

I smiled sweetly at him and patted his hand on mine. "It's all innocent fun Mr. Steele. I am still your nurse and I would love to be your friend."

His thumb was stroking the inside of my palm causing my nerves to jump. "Please call me Ned." He lifted my hand to his mouth, turned the palm up and kissed it softly. My nipples jumped and an urge surged in my loin. "I might be to old to cut the mustard but I can still lick your jar." He whispered as his tongue slid over my soft palm.

I started to laugh and pulled my hand away. "That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! Ned I do believe you may be one of those dirty old men my momma warned me about!" We both laughed harder than either of us had laughed in a long time. I was still chuckling as I started passing out lunch trays to my other patients a half hour later.

After lunch I have free time to check on my patients and see if they need anything before I go home at 3:00. Most of my patients were taking naps, some were watching television in the day room but Ned was outside in the courtyard reading a book.

I sat down beside him on the bench and took a deep breath. The air spelled of fall leaves and Ned's cologne. It was a nice mixture. I looked up at the large oak tree over our heads. The leaves were bright red and soon would all be falling. Ned looked up too and sighed. "Won't be long until the hard PA winter is on us and I will be stuck inside day and night."

I looked at him. "Why are you in here Ned? You get around good, your mind is sound and you have family. Why not live at home?"

He shrugged and closed his book. "Well my wife, Darcy, got bad a couple years back. Stroke. The doctor said she couldn't stay at home and I couldn't bear to be there without her so we moved in here together. She didn't make it long and now I am alone. I sold the house and just don't want to burden my kids by moving in with them." He patted my hand as it rested between us on the bench.

"Why not get your own apartment? It would have to be cheaper than this place and you would have your freedom." I turned toward him in excitement about my idea; my left calve tucked under my right thigh. Ned's eyes went to the space between my thighs then he looked me in the eye.

"It's too late for that. I am used to this now and I just don't know if I could take the loneliness of staying all alone." He smiled briefly and looked back up at the tree. "Darcy used to love fall. We met in the fall of our senior year of college and got married the fall I graduated from medical school."

I was shocked. "You are a Doctor?"

"Used to be a Doctor but that was a long time ago." He nodded absentmindedly at his memories.

"Wow, what kind of a Doctor?" This was amazing to me; I guess I had never thought of a Doctor being in this situation. But when you get old I guess you just get old.

"An OB/GYN. I delivered a lot of babies in my day!" he chuckled "And seen a lot of pussy. I used to think I had seen enough to last me a life time but......"

I blushed knowing that he was imagining my pussy. I was wishing that my Doctor was as handsome as him and I might not mind that yearly physical. The first one I had I was so scared and the Doctor was so disengaged that I felt like a cow sent to slaughter. I dreaded going back again.

"I wish my Doctor was like you, he is so rude and ugly." I said it before I even realized what I was saying. Ned chuckled again.

"So I am not ugly?" he asked "You know I never had any white patients, never even seen a white pussy before." My mouth fell open at the thought of mine being the first white pussy he ever got to look at.

"Never? And no you are not ugly; you're very handsome and friendly." I knew I was flirting but what was the harm?

"Girl you know in my day a black man would get strung up for seeing a white girl naked. Even in the North and even if he was a Doctor." He looked back down at the crotch of my scrubs. "But it's not too late yet." He reaches out and ran the back of his hand against my mound. I arch slightly into his hand.

I look around to see if anyone is with in view of us. There was no one else in the courtyard so I took his hand in mine and turned the palm toward my hot box. He sighed and teased my slit with his middle finger. Sliding it up and down until a small wet spot showed though the thin material.

He put his finger to his nose and inhaled my scent then slid the finger into his mouth. My knees went week at the sight of this distinguished elderly man tasting my pussy off of his finger.

Ned closed his eyes as he sucked on that moist finger. "Mmmm so sweet. I miss the taste of a sweet young pussy. It has been so long." His eyes opened to find me staring at him in uncontrolled lust, eyes half closed and breathing shallow.

My green eyes glazed over with desire and lips slightly parted I desperately wanted to fuck this old man and it showed. "Do you want to touch me?" I asked him shamelessly.

Ned nodded and I loosened the waistband of my scrubs. Faster than I knew he could move his hand was inside my pants and panties. I jolted when the electrical shock hit me as his long thick fingers searched out my hot moist center. The minute his two fingers entered my pussy I felt the orgasm hit me and my pussy clamped down on his fingers as they professionally probed me.

The gush of warm juices hit the palm of his hand as they shot out of me. I moaned, biting my lip to keep from screaming. He moaned in enjoyment at the sight of the young white girl cumming for his fingers. My head lolled back on my shoulders for a second and then I heard the door open.

Ned was out of my pants and holding the book in his hands before the door could close again. I hurriedly tied my scrubs and stood up on my shaky legs. "Well Ned, I will see you tomorrow you have a good night." I rushed past the elderly couple that had entered the courtyard and made my way back inside.

That night as I lay in my bed all I could think about was Ned. Everything about him was a turn on to me; his intelligence, his career, the fact that he was black, the fact that he had never been with a white woman, the size of his penis even if it didn't work and especially his age. I couldn't keep my hands off of my pussy, the minute I got home I went straight to my room and stripped off my clothes. I let my hands roam my tight young body and down to my soaking wet crotch, where I promptly rubbed and fingered myself to a wild orgasm all the while imagining my new friend was watching from the foot of my bed.

The next morning I got up early so I could fix my hair and put on makeup after my shower. I normally don't wear it to work but I wanted to look my best for Ned. I also sprayed myself with body spray so I would smell good for him. I did not wear a bra in hopes of getting the opportunity to flash him my firm young breasts.

I set straight to work when I got there knowing the sooner I got done the sooner I could spend time with Ned. Everything went well and even the grumpy patients seemed to be in a better mood today. I finished with the lady that thinks I am her daughter and headed to Ned's room.

As soon as I walked into his room I could tell something was wrong. Ned was sitting on the far side of his room looking out his window. "Good Morning Ned!" I spoke cheerfully as I moved toward him. He looked at me and looked away quickly. "Are you alright? You seem off today. Are you sick?" I was sincerely concerned by his mood.

I knelt down in front of his chair and put my hands on his knees. "I am alright Miss Lady. I just don't need a shower today I washed up in the sink. I am tired and just want to be alone today."

I felt as if my heart had broken in two. What had I done wrong? I had been so eager to see him and now I was basically being thrown out of his room. I hung my head and walked out of the room.

The rest of the day I just went through the motions of doing my job but my heart and mind were not in it. By the end of the day my mood had gotten so bad that I didn't know if I would come back the next day.

As I was walking past the nurse's station to go home I heard the next shift's RN ask our RN if anyone had come to visit Mr. Steele that day. I slowed down to listen in. Our shift nurse said no and what the afternoon nurse said next explained everything. "Those children know this is the anniversary of their momma's death. They should know better than to not show up today." She was still complaining when I moved away but I had heard all I needed to.

I quickly went back to Ned's room and slipped inside. He turned briefly to look at me then turned back away. I moved to his side and again knelt down in front of him. "I just found out what today is and I couldn't leave without telling you that I care about how you feel and seeing you sad like today has really made me upset. You don't have to say anything but just remember that I am always thinking about you and I care." I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him. I felt his hand rub my long blonde hair and pat my head.

I left him sitting by the window and went home. I knew he was still said but I felt he felt better knowing someone cared.

The next day I stopped by his room before starting my regular rounds and he greeted me with his usual smile. I knew right away that he was in a better mood. I reminded him that I would be back in a couple hours and went about my work.

The morning went by quickly and soon I was back in his room waiting for him to gather his shower items and clothes. "I am happy to see you are feeling better today Ned." I told him as we stepped into the hallway.

Ned nodded his head. "Just a bit of the blues Miss Lady. Just a bit of the blues." I pulled the door shut behind us as we entered the shower room.

"Ned I want you to know that I really enjoy the things we have done together." I began the speech I had practiced last night. "I feel like we should continue to make each other feel good because we are both consenting adults and I think we are good for each other. You have not done anything to me that I did not want you to do and I think I can make you feel good like you make me feel."

Ned was looking at me sideways as I stammered though my speech then he started laughing. "Girl you don't have to convince me. I am the band leader. I wouldn't give up what we have for nothing." He stepped out of his boxers and into the shower.

I was staring at his dick in awe long before he began to wash it. I longed to touch it and stroke it just as he was doing now. Once again he pulled the foreskin back from the bulging purple head and my eyes drank in the beauty of it. "Wash it for me." It wasn't a request it was an order.

I took the wash rag from his hand and lathered it with more soap before pushing it up between his legs. I felt the weight of his scrotum in my hand as I rubbed the cloth against them. I lifted his penis with my other hand and held it up against his stomach with the palm of my hand flat against it. I felt it jump ever so slightly in my hand as I continued to lather his balls; rubbing them ever so gently as I looked up into Ned's eyes. I slowly began to wash up the shaft of his cock and around the tip, and then back down again. I dropped the wash cloth onto the towel rack and took the shower head down to rinse the soap from him.

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