A Naughty Nurse for Ned


"Get my lotion and rub it all over my body." I got the lotion and started to rub it onto his skin. I squirted lotion onto my hands and rubbed them together and then started rubbing it into his shoulders and back. I spread it over his firm buttocks and the backs of his thighs and then calves. Ned turned around as I began to lotion the front of his calves. I raised my eyes and his huge penis was right in front of my face. I slowly worked my hands up his thighs still applying lotion liberally to my hands first. My hands tingled as they followed the lines of his body. My heart raced at his every moan and encouraging groan. I slide my hands up both thighs allowing his penis to graze the back of my hand as I worked toward his groin. I cupped his heavy balls in my hands and worked the lotion in deeply. As I rolled each testicle between my fingers Ned had to steady himself by gripping the shower safety bar.

"Oh yeah girl, that feels so good; grip them balls in your hand!" Ned's words motivated me to continue. Wanting only to please him I squeezed his nut sack one more time before sliding my fingers up the creases of his groin causing his nerves to jump.

Finally all that was left was his penis but I didn't want to lotion it quite yet. I lifted him in my hand, it was heavy and thick in my hand, and leaned in slowly. I looked up at him just before slipping him between my lips. Ned's eyes were glazed over with desire but staring intently at my mouth.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible and took him into its warmth. Ned's eyes closed and I pushed half of its length in my mouth and to the back of my throat. I turned my head to the side and sucked as I moved back from it holding it firm in my hand. I moved back toward him and took him back inside running my tongue against the underside. I feel the thick vein pulsate against my tongue. So there is feeling in it, I think to myself.

The thought that I was pleasuring him made me try harder to get the reaction I wanted. I moan deeply sending trembles though his flaccid rod and it jumped against my tongue. I begin to make a humming noise as I move back and forth on it and feel it twitching and jerking as I go. "Oh God, yes. Mmmm that feels so great!" He began stroking my soft silky hair as he urged me on.

Suddenly he pulled away from me. I looked at him disappointed from my kneeling position on the floor. "What???" I stammered.

"We need to stop. Nurse Wilson will be coming though soon making rounds and she always checks in here to make sure it's empty." I jumped up and tried to pull myself together as Ned hurriedly got his clothes on.

Just as Ned finished tying his shoes the door to the shower room opened and there stood Nurse Wilson. "Oh! I thought everyone was though in here by now." She started and looked at us suspiciously.

"Yes Nurse Wilson we got a late start but we were just about to head out." I told her quickly as we moved toward the door.

As we went past her and into the hall she touched my arm. "Sandy, I would like to speak with you after you get Mr. Steele settled back in his room." She smiled at me. "Just come see me at the nurse's station."

I walked Ned back to his room worried. "Do you think she knows something? Could she have seen?" I asked him. "Oh God what will I do?"

Ned took my hands. "Just relax; I'm sure it's nothing. There is no way she saw anything. But if we had continued she would have gotten and eye full!" He chuckled and so did I imagining her face if she had walked in a couple minutes sooner.

I leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on his lips then moved out the door before he could even react.

I went straight to the nurse's desk where Nurse Wilson was waiting for me. "Sit." She pulled a chair out for me and I sat down obediently. I took the opportunity to look her over as I sat waiting for her to speak. She had dark auburn hair that fell to the middle of her back. Pale almost translucent skin that was smooth and flawless. She was thin, maybe a size 6 with large C cup breasts. She wore little makeup but dark red lipstick. She was beautiful like a vintage movie star. I guessed her age to be around 40 but she could pass for 35.

Finally she turned to me and placed a hand on mine which were folded together on my lap. "I just want to see how you are getting along. I know how hard it can be your first week, trying to get the hang of everything and used to the ways of elderly people."

"Oh. Well Nurse Wilson, I am getting along pretty good. I am just trying to get to know my patients and sometimes I get a little behind on showers like today." Trying to make an excuse for being in the shower so long with Ned; I added that.

"Oh dear it is fine, I just wanted to let you know that if you ever get over whelmed I am here for you. And call me Betty!" she squeezed my hand "I think we are going to be good friends."

I went back up the hall to Ned's room and let him know what she had wanted. "Whoa I was nervous! I thought we were found out." We laughed and talked a while and then I had to go check on my other patients before the lunch trays were delivered.

My pussy stayed hot and wet all day as I went from patient to patient and tried to concentrate on my work. All I really wanted to do was lay down on one of their beds and finger myself until I had a mind blowing orgasm. My nipples were so erect that even the senile patients were staring at them one even reached out and pinched one. I jumped back in shock but the sensation caused my pussy to throb uncontrollably.

By the time I got though with my work and had time to stop in to see Ned again my nerves were on end. I went to his room and sat on the bed facing him in his chair. I was breathing shallowly and my whole body was aching for him. The privacy curtain was partially pulled and no one could see us from the doorway. "I am so horny!" I blurt out as soon as I sit down. I reach up and pinch my own nipples though my shirt, then rub them.

"Let me see them. Pull up that shirt and let me see those beautiful tits." Ned licks his lips in anticipation.

I look around just to make sure and then I pull up my top. My firm breast stood up and my nipples stood out begging to be touched. As if on cue Ned cupped them in his strong hands and rubbed the nipples with his thumbs. I arched my back and made a purring noise deep in my throat. I watched as Ned moved in toward me and softly licked first one and then the other hard bud. My whole body shook against his mouth. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

My hips began to gyrate of their own free will and I could feel a gush of blood rush to my vagina. I felt like a bitch in heat with no control of my own actions. I needed to have my pussy touched!

Ned put his hand to my crotch and cupped my mound and I humped against his palm. "Oh you are a hot little thing. You need daddy to take care of that itch?" I nodded my head and he pulled me toward the edge of his bed then pulled my scrub bottoms off my hips.

No panties to hinder him he spread my cunt lips and rubbed my clit with his rough thumb. My body jerked against his hand and my breath caught in my throat. "You want this old black man to make you cum? Tell daddy to make you cum." He continued to softly rub that hard button.

"Please daddy make me cum." My voice came out soft and child like. The desire I felt for this man was unbelievable. "Make my little white pussy cum for you!"

Ned couldn't control himself after hearing that. The knowledge that at the age of 68 he was finally going to taste his first white pussy was too much. He buried his face into my hot musky pussy. He lapped at the juices that had been flowing from it all day cleaning my vulva of all the sweet nectar.

I let my body fall back on my elbows and raised my hips to his mouth opening my pussy up to him completely. I heard moaning and realized it was coming from my own mouth as he teased my hole with his long tongue.

"I am such a naughty girl. I want daddy's big black cock inside me!" My body was thrusting and squirming against his tongue begging for release. My eyes closed in pleasure. "Please daddy please! My pussy is so hot it hurts!"

I felt something pushing against my vaginal lips and opened my eyes. Ned was standing over me gripping his semi-erect dick into my tight hole. As big as his cock was even though it was not erect he managed to push it inside. The feeling was amazing and my pussy was full of black cock!

Then I felt it begin to swell! Once he was inside my tight wet cunt his dick knew just what we wanted it to do. It swelled up and hardened to an unbelievable size. Stretching my little hole as it grew. The sensation was unbearable and I came flooding his hard cock. My cum was lubricating both of us and allowing him to slide all the way inside my pussy. Soon that giant cock was hitting the back of my uterus and his large sagging nuts slapping my asshole as he drives it into me over and over again.

"Oh daddy please fuck that white pussy good. Your cock is so fucking hard and huge! It is tearing me apart; yes tear this tiny pussy open with that huge black cock!" The words coming out of my mouth shocked me but I felt like a nasty little slut and they seem appropriate.

Ned fucked me long and hard, groaning as I egged him on. "Yes daddy's little girl likes this big black cock don't you? All this black meat up in that tiny pink pussy. Who's pussy is this?" He moved his hips in a circular motion that was grinding the large mushroom head into my G spot and making me insane.

"Yours daddy! All yours! Whenever you want it and however you want it!" he leaned over me and kissed me long and deep with his gorgeous full lips and searching pussy covered tongue.

His body began to tremble and jerk and buck against me. I could feel his dick swelling even more and then spurt after spurt of hot semen hit the back of my uterus! He thrust into me with each burst of cum that shot out.

My pussy contracted against his thick cock and milked every drop from him. My ravished body welcomed his hot fluid into it and my entire being felt fulfilled. "Oh daddy that was so wonderful!" I stroked his head as it rested on my shoulder.

We both knew what time it was and that I had to go home. He kissed me tenderly one more time before getting up and putting himself together. I cleaned our juices off me and got my clothes back on. The room smelled of sex and we both looked like we had just done what we had just done.

As I left Ned's room I bumped into Nurse Wilson. She looked at me oddly and inhaled. I knew she smelled the odor of our love making and she looked from me to Ned's door and back again. "Oh Nurse Wilson I mean Betty, I was just leaving. You have a good night now."

Betty raised her eyebrows and smiled. "You too dear, you too." I turned to go and she softly slid her hand over my ass. I jumped but kept walking not sure what she was up to.

That night I thought more about the idea of Ned getting his own place again. If he got his own place then I could go over and help him with anything he needed help with and keep him company. I was determined that he did not belong in that nursing home. I decided to talk to him in the morning about my plan. I lay down for the night with a womb full of his cum and a sense of joy.

The next day I couldn't get to work fast enough. I rushed to Ned's room and told him about my ideas. He thought about it and said he would only do it if I would move in with him. He said we could say I was his live in nurse and he would even pay me the wage of a live in. But he wanted us to really live together as lovers and be together until he passed. I was so happy that I kissed him long and hard, grinding my body against his until I felt his dick harden against my leg. I had forgotten to close the door in my excitement and suddenly I heard a gasp behind me.

"What is going on here?" I turned around and there stood Betty, her face flushed and angry looking.

"Betty it's not what it looks like." I tried to lie.

"I don't know how it could be anything less." She stopped me.

"I'm sorry but I......." I stammered not sure what to say.

"Mind you own business. This girl has done nothing wrong. We are both adults and I am free to do as I please." Ned spoke to my defense.

"I will deal with you later Mr. Steele! Sandy you go to my office right now!" I lowered my head and headed out of the room and down the hall to her office, knowing I had lost my job and probably any access to my dear Ned.

She grabbed my elbow and pushed me into a chair across from her desk. She leaned against the edge of her desk. "What is going on between you and Ned?"

"I want to be with him and he wants to be with me. He doesn't belong here, he is able to live on his own." I decide to be truthful what will it hurt now?

"Are you crazy? He is your patient. It is against the law to sleep with your patient. I could have you arrested." My mouth fell open and I started to cry.

Betty looked me over and shook her head. I started sobbing and trembling. I doubled over and sobbed into my hands. "Please don't report me. I'm sorry."

"Well we might be able to work something out." I looked up at her hopefully. "I agree that Ned doesn't belong here and should have his own place. I suppose I could talk to his family and help get him a place."

"Really? Oh Betty that would be so great!" I smiled at her though my tears.

"However..... there is one thing you will have to do for me." I looked at her questioningly. "I sort of have a secret too. And I would like you to keep my secret if I keep yours."

"Yes anything, you can tell me anything. I won't tell anybody, we are friends remember?" I nod eagerly.

"My secret is that I have been having fantasies about you." I cocked my head to the side. "I want you to help me make those fantasies come true and then we can work on Ned."

"What do you mean?" I had never even thought about being with another woman but must admit that the thought of being with this beautiful woman sent a tingling though my loins.

"I think you know what I mean...." She lifted her skirt up over her thighs. "I want you to eat my pussy with that innocent little mouth and then I will return the favor." She put one foot on each of the arms of my chair and exposed her bare shaven pussy to me.

The fire was back in my vagina and I didn't hesitate to move in. I placed my hands on her knees and slid them up her thighs spreading her open even further. My eyes took in her bald pussy mound and damp lips. Her clitoris jaunting out at me, it was much bigger than mine and jumped a little as I moved toward it.

I briefly allowed the tip of my tongue to touch the hard nub. Betty moaned and grabbed her breasts squeezing them hard. I moaned at her reaction to my touch and pushed my tongue against the bottom of her pussy then licked all the way to that tender nub again. Her pussy got wetter with each lick and I loved the taste and smell of her. Her moans were coming from deep inside her and soon were sounding like a purr.

My own pussy was now sopping wet and I needed more of her. I ran a finger across her wet vulva and slipped it inside of her tightness. I pushed it in up to my last knuckle and rubbed her G spot just as Ned had done to me. Betty bucked into my hand. I added another finger and she moaned "Mmmmm yes more!"

I slide two more fingers to her hole and twisting and turning managed to work them inside her tightness. I felt her pubic bone spread to allow me in. I worked my fingers in and out of her warmth spitting on her vaginal opening to help lubricate her for me.

Betty humped against my hand and I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it. I placed my tongue on the underside and licked as I suckled that hard growing nub. Just as I desired Betty went over the edge and squirted her cum into my waiting mouth. I pulled my hand away and lapped at her trying to get all of her juices.

I stood up and kissed Betty full on the mouth, a long sensual deep kiss letting her taste herself on my tongue. "Now I need to get to work. You can reciprocate after Ned and I get our own place. I know he will enjoy seeing you eat his pussy."

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