tagGroup SexA Need for Lust

A Need for Lust

byblack saphire©

A need for Lust I initially posted this under 'Loving Wives' but realised after the comments that to develop this story further, it would need to go under another category. I made some minor changes and am now reposting it

Adrianna paused as she stood outside the door of the office. Taking a deep breath she pushed open the door and stepped inside. She was relatively surprised at the opulence that greeted her. No doubt the office was in a high rise tower in on of the upper class suburbs, yet the interior décor was much more than she expected.

Thick carpet was laid wall to wall and the sofa set in the lobby area was in plush leather. The receptionist sat behind a circular glass table and was immaculately dressed. She made her way toward her.

"May I help you?" the receptionist asked warmly. Adrianna noticed how tight the girls blouse was, so tight that it tented up around her bosom, offering a peek at the lacy black bra she was wearing.

"Umm.... Lucy sent me." Adrianna said matter of factly. "I'm Mrs Torrens."

"Uh huh. Mrs Carnaud did make the recommendation." Smiled the receptionist as she ran her pencil down the list of names in the book. "Your appointment is at two. If you'd like to have a seat, Dr Williams will be with you in just a moment."

Adrianna glanced at the door, considering for a brief moment whether she should stay. Lucy's words rang out to her. She made her way to the sofa and sank into the luxurious comfort of it, adjusting her skirt as she did so. She looked up at the clock, she had 15 minutes before her appointment. Adrianna picked up a book and began to leaf through the pages. But she wasn't reading anything. Her mind was thinking back to her conversation with Lucy, hardly a week ago.

** *** ******

"Oh God, I don't believe I'm telling you this" Adrianna mumbled quietly.

"Well, if you cant tell me, then who the fuck can you tell?" Lucy laughed back at her, almost mockingly. "Come on, that's the trouble with us women. We hardly talk about sex."

"You're ALWAYS talking about sex" Adrianna laughed back.

"That's coz I'm a hot bitchy slut!" Lucy smiled, slapping Adrianna's hand playfully. "But seriously Adi, you know you can talk to me."

Adrianna smiled. Lucy was one of the few people that called her Adi. Most everyone else called her Anna, including her husband Lance. Aside from Lucy and her own parents, the only other person that called her Adi was her old boyfriend from college. But that was so many years ago.

"I'm bored Luce." Adi grimaced. "Bored and I feel guilty as hell about it."

"By bored I presume you mean in the bedroom?" Lucy said, this time with concern. "It would have to be or else you'd have told me about this months ago."

Adi smiled weakly. She went on to explain to Lucy that the passion seemed to have gone out of her sex life with Lance. They still did it at least once a week but somehow that wasn't enough anymore. And the times that they didn't wasn't good enough either.

"You mean he doesn't make you cum?" Lucy asked.

"Its not that straightforward Luce. Its... well.. sorta like its got into a pattern."

"How so?" Lucy prodded.

"Well, first off he doesn't seem to be as interested in sex anymore. I know its coz he's busy and all. But what I really mean is that we'll kiss a bit, then he licks me down there – and you now I've always told you how good he is at that! Then we fuck. Its great and all but I just feel there's something missing."

"You miss the all consuming orgasm! The little ones don't get you off anymore." Lucy smiled.

"Oh I don't know. I guess we've both just got used to each other. I want the mind blowing sex all over again. Damnit Lucy, I'm only 36."

"Yeah, and Lance is pushing 40 this year. How long you guys been married? Is it 11 or 12 Years?" Lucy asked.

"12 this year." Adi sighed. "I do love him Luce, I really do. Its just that I feel like my pussy needs a good, hard pounding. I need to feel wanted. I need to be fucked and cum so hard."

"That's it Adi." Lucy smiled. "talk dirty to me. You know I love it!"

Both the women laughed together. Adi felt better talking about her sexual frustrations to her best and longest friend.

"There may be something I can do to help you know." Lucy said, leaning in closer to Adi. "But you have to be sure you want to do it."

"I'm all ears." Adi said and her eyes grew wide with what Lucy told her.

** ***** ***

"Mrs Torrens. Mrs Torrens?"

Adi was quickly brought back from her daydreaming by the sound of her name being called. She looked and smiled, almost embarrassed.

"The Dr will see you now. Room Three. Second door on the right." The receptionist indicated.

Adi straightened her skirt and adjusted her blouse as she stood up. She walked smartly down the corridor, the sound of her heels absorbed by the thick carpeting. She knocked on the door and it was opened almost instantly by a very attractive woman.

"Mrs Torrens?" enquired the woman.

"Uh, yes" Adi replied. "Adrianna Torrens."

"I'm Dr Williams." The attractive woman replied.

Adi was taken aback but recovered quickly. She wasn't expecting a woman doctor and Lucy hadn't elaborated on that either. She had only skimmed over the details with Adi and said that if she decided to go through with it, it would be a "life changing experience."

She extended her hand and smiled warmly at the doctor. "Just call me Adrianna or even Anna is fine."

"And you can dispense with the Dr. Just call me Vicky." Vicky led Adi to a small discussion table. "I'm going to have to ask you a number of very personal questions. Please don't be embarrassed or withhold anything. Trust me when I say that we really do have your best interests at heart."

Adi nodded and sat down. Lucy had warned her when she agreed to do this that to garner the full benefit of the program, she would need to cooperate fully.

After answering numerous questions, Vicky smiled at Adi. "Have you ever had any fantasies involving women?"

"Uh, no. not really... No." Adi replied blushing slightly.

"Some women have had thoughts or dreams involving other women – even if you have no inkling to act them out. It was just a question." Vicky smiled. "I'll need you to sign this consent form. You do understand that everything that happens henceforth remains strictly confidential. You will understand that is why Lucy, uh, Mrs Carnaud , didn't – in fact couldn't- fill you in on too many details. That's another reason why we only work on recommendations."

Adi looked over the form pushed in front of her and signed it.

"Great!" Vicky smiled. "We'll see you back here tomorrow for your first session."

** **** ***

Adi slept fitfully that night. Her thoughts were filled with what the new day would bring as well as the events earlier in the afternoon. She hadn't realised it but all the sexual talk with Vicky had excited her tremendously. Her wet panties were evidence of that. Adi had briefly contemplated bringing herself off with her fingers but remembered that Vicky had told her not to "play with herself" and or get herself off in anyway. It was just as well that Lance had come home late and crawled quietly into bed, giving her a cuddle as he fell asleep.

As instructed, Adi dressed in a loose fitting t-shirt and track bottoms for the session. She arrived promptly at 11am and was shown into a room to the left of the lobby. This room seemed a little more clinical than the previous room but yet it was still warm and cozy. Vicky was waiting for her.

"Sleep well Adrianna?" Vicky asked.

"Actually no."

"Nervous were we?" Vicky smiled. "There's really nothing to be nervous about. Well, we may as well get started. Remove your clothes an sit in the chair please."

Adi looked around for a partition where she could change. Vicky noticed her gaze and laughed. "There's nothing to be shy about Adrianna. Just strip off and leave your clothes on the table. If it'll make you more comfortable, I could strip too?"

"N-No, that wont be necessary." Adi said as she started to peel off her t-shirt.

Vicky watched appreciatively as Adi's breasts came into view. A lovely beige bra with blue flowers covered the mounds of flesh and Vicky could see that the underwear was expensive. As Adi peeled off her tack bottoms, a matching pair of bikini panties covered her pussy. Adi removed her bra and Vicky noted that the breasts did not say too much. Rather, they spaced out a little to the side reducing the nice cleavage that the bra provided. Adi's vagina was covered by a thick growth of pubic hair and Vicky wrote down on her pad that the hair would have to go.

Adi moved slowly to the chair and sat down in it, jumping slightly at the cold feel of the leather. Vicky pressed some buttons on the console and the chair started to recline – much like a dentists chair. Vicky pressed another button and suddenly Adi was startled to find her ankles clamped to the chair and her wrists clamped to the arms of the chair as well.

"Just relax." Vicky smiled, noticing Adi's startled gasp. "Its just to keep you in place."

Adi started to relax when she felt the bottom of the chair begin to move and her legs started to separate. The back of the chair continued to recline and the top half of her body was almost horizontal but not quite. Her legs continued to be spread but and were now also raised a little above the horizontal. The chair stopped its spreading and reclining and started moving inward, causing her knees to bend. All the movement stopped leaving her in a position akin to a visit to the gynecologist.

"The first thing is to clean you up. And at the same time be comfortable with your nakedness with anybody. Full control of your sexuality is when you are not ashamed or embarrassed by your nakedness." Vicky announced somewhat clinically.

Adi stiffened as she heard a door open and she saw two figures walk in. Both figures were in loose fitting robes and had a hood across their heads. They looked like a cross between monks and the Ku Klux Klan. Adi smile a little at this thought. Neither figure spoke as they came toward her. Adi gasped as she felt a cool liquid being applied on her vaginal mound. At the same time, the other figure started to stick electrodes on to her body, her temples, her fingers, toes and finally on her nipples.

She raised her head to see what the other person was doing and found that her mound had been lathered up and was going to be shaved. "How deliciously erotic" Adi thought to herself. What she found even more erotic was that a stranger was doing it. A stranger whose sex she didn't even know! She felt the scrapings of the sharp razor as it shaved away her pubic hair. She had never ever shaved her pubes in her life although she had often considered it and had asked Lance many a time if he would do it for her.

As her pubes were shaved, she felt her nipples stiffening. She was getting turned on by the shaving. She closed her eyes as she felt the razor moving across her mound. She felt fingers pressing against her vulva , pulling the skin and making it taught before the razor peeled away the protective hairs. She strained her neck to watch as slowly her hairy vagina became bald. Expert hands pinched and pulled the most private of her parts stripping it of its hairs. Adi relaxed back into the chair as she was towelled off and wiped clean.

"Have a look" Vicky announced as she placed a mirror at her vagina. The mirror was magnified and Adi could see her pussy clearly – more clearly than she had ever seen it in her life. Her vagina was completely hairless. Even the hairs in the inner lips were cleaned off. Adi realised while staring at her pussy that she was wet. Her pussy was leaking and the smile on Vicky's face was further testament to the fact.

"Okay. Now for step two. You're going to be blindfolded for this. The idea is that we want to remove some of the distractions and allow you to focus on what you feel." Vicky said. "Be sure to relax."

A pair of goggles were placed around her eyes and slowly the lenses were darkened until she couldn't see anything. Adi felt slightly disorientated for a while but slowly grew accustomed to the darkness. Soft music filled the room as Adi felt a slight pressure and a warm sensation at the mouth of her vagina. She felt it slip between her already moist lips and slide into her. It felt smooth, slightly flat but rather wide. She knew it wasn't a cock, regardless what it was it felt warm and nice inside of her.

Adi moaned as the probe started to move in and out of her slowly. She sighed softly and then her body stiffened as the probe suddenly began to hum inside her. She understood why she was blindfolded now. She would have tried to see what it was inside of her and how it was moving if she wasn't blindfolded. This way, she was only aware of the feelings inside her pussy and it was nothing but pleasure.

"oooohhh....what are you doing to me???" she moaned.

"Just relax and enjoy it Adrianna. Don't fight the feelings." Vicky said.

The humming inside of her became more powerful and the angle of penetration changed somewhat. The probe was now rubbing on her upper pussy walls on the outstroke while the instroke penetrated her completely. On each outstroke, she felt a shudder go through her as the probe stimulated her g-spot.

"Oh yess....more...more....this is sooo good.. Oh yesssss!!" Adi moaned. Her hips were bucking upward to meet the thrusts of the probe. It was so gentle yet so intense. Her pussy didn't feel full like when she was being fucked but the sensations were just exquisite. But she wanted more. And she knew what it was.

"My nipples!" she cried out. "Play with my nipples!"

As if by magic, the electrodes on her nipples started to pulsate. Little jolts of electricity shot through them, teasing them and stimulating them. She felt like tiny, hot fingers were tweaking her nipples and as each jolt teased her nipples, a corresponding jolt set her pussy aflame.

Adi cried out in pleasure as her body started to stiffen and her pussy pulsate. She felt her back arch off the chair and then her stomach spasm wildly as hot waves of pleasure washed over her. Her eyes saw flashes of red and she was awash in a sea of crimson. Her thighs trembled and her mouth was agape in a silent scream as her body shook and trembled. As awareness came back to her, she felt the probe still humming softly inside her while the electric pulses on her nipples had stopped. Her eyes were still blindfolded

"How did that feel?" Vicky asked.

"Oh wow. That was really awesome."

"Then get ready for round two." Vicky laughed.

** **** ****

Adi came again from the stimulation of the probe and electric impulses just as she was coming down from another mind numbing orgasm, she felt hands on her thighs and a warm meaty object pressing against her vulva. She moaned involuntarily as she felt the thick piece of meat separate her cunt lips and spear into her. There was no mistaking it – it was a thick cock.

Adi gasped as the hard cock invaded her depths, spreading her insides apart and exciting her completely. Slowly it moved inside of her, stretching her and moving deeper into her. Finally she felt it nuzzle against her cervix. This cock was a big one!

Again, she appreciated the blindfold. She needn't have to think about whose cock it was or what it looked like. She just concentrated on the feel of the meat inside her. It was cock – pure cock. She felt it throb within her and then slowly start to withdraw. It pulled out of her and then slowly worked its way back in.

Adi groaned and licked her lips. She sensed movement around her and then felt something warm clamping around her face. Just as suddenly, there was the unmistakeable smell of pussy. A hot, steaming pussy was thrust onto her mouth and Adi inhaled of the smell and texture. She stuck her tongue out and gave a tentative lick. It tasted warm and fruity, almost citrus like.

"That's it. Lick it. Lick it good." It sounded like Vicky. "You're so horny even eating pussy turns you on."

Adi realised Vicky was right. She was in the throes of ecstacy and she would do anything. The cock in her pussy started to move faster as she raised her mouth and licked deep into the juicy pussy.

Her body felt like it was a fuck machine. The cock in her pussy speeded up its thrusts and she felt herself being pushed back with each inward movement. Adi removed her mouth from the pussy above her for a moment, "Yesss. Yess. Fuck me... Fuck me hard....Oh Yesss... Harderrrrr!"

Her pleas were answered as the cock started to hammer into her. Adi gasped and moaned into the pussy and her tongue worked faster, licking all the dew that leaked out of the seething pussy above her. Vicky's moans filled the room as well while the owner of the cock began grunting loudly.

Adi thrusted her body upward against the impaling cock. She felt her thighs quivering and an orgasm approaching. But somehow it was different. She felt like a dam about to burst. Loud squelching noised filled the room as the cock plunged in and out of her pussy. Adi suddenly tensed and sucked hard on the pussy in her mouth. Her entire body trembled and her legs shook as she felt a buildup of pressure inside her pussy.

"Nyaaah..Unnnh... Ohhhh Cummmiinnggggg!!!" she screamed out as the cock was withdrawn from her pussy and she felt deep contractions inside her pussy. Then the dam really did break and she was squirting! One, two, three contractions and she felt each contraction accompanied by a wave of liquid. Adi had heard about female ejaculation before but this was the first time she was experiencing it.

"Hot Mamma!" a deep voice said. "She's squirting all over! Look at her go!"

Adi was still recovering from the tremendous orgasm when the cock was inserted into her again. It started pistoning in and out of her at a feverish pace, knocking the breath out of her.

"Oh god...Ohh.. that's soo good. Oh Fuckkk.. Fuck meee. Yes, yes, yes!" Adi screamed out.

"Lick me baby... lick me...I'm gonna cum all over your face...." Vicky screamed out as she mashed her pussy harder onto Adi's face. Seeing her cum so hard and watching the thick cock working in and out of Adi only served to heighten Vicky's lust. She squeezed her thighs harder around Adi's face as her own orgasm swept over her.

Adi felt Vicky's thighs squeezing her head and she opened her mouth to suck harder and drink in the juices flowing out of Vicky's sweet pussy. She tensed her pussy muscles at the same time, trying to milk the cock ramming into her pussy. Her stomach was fluttering wildly and she felt like she was in a perpetual state of heightened sexuality. The cock in her tensed, then swelled up and began to spurt its hot lava into her.

Her body shook with another orgasm as she felt the hot lava pouring into her. Vicky's pussy continued to mash into her mouth and she was grateful it was there or else she would be screaming out obscenities. Her whole body tingled, right down to her toes and this time, instead of crimson red washing her eyes, she saw a kaleidoscope of colours.

Adi must have blacked out for a moment because when she awoke, the room was empty and she had been cleaned up. She was still naked but the restraints had been removed. It was then that reality hit her and she realised that she had taken another mans cock up her pussy and sucked another pussy. Both for the first time in her life. Surprisingly, she didn't feel guilty but rather exhilarated at the memory of the pleasure she had just experienced.

"You awake I see." Vicky said, walking into the room. "You did very well. How do you feel?"

"Ohh.. Amazing." Adi replied, smiling softly. "Was it..was it you on my face?"

"Yeah... you were pretty amazing too." Vicky laughed. She showed Adi a tape. "Everything was recorded for you. So you can see everything that happened – but only if you want to. We'll keep it here off course and you'll have the security key, so no one can distribute it and discretion is maintained."

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