tagGroup SexA Neighborhood Full of Surprises

A Neighborhood Full of Surprises


Authors note: This story contains episodes of infidelity. I know that some readers resent that so I recommend that they not read this story if they will be offended.



I just moved into the neighborhood when I learned that I was in a predominantly Jewish community. Even though I had been raised Catholic, I was very used to cultural diversity from growing up in New York City and I even enjoyed the Jewish humor. I had purchased this three-bedroom ranch home in New Jersey, which had a rough finished basement and a fenced in yard with a swimming pool. I was still single and a very fit 27 years old. I was proud of my 6 foot 200 pound sculptured physique and I kept myself in tip-top shape. My favorite athletic activities were tennis, golf, scuba and downhill skiing. I also worked out all the time. I was also very proud of my good looks and sexual prowess and I had been blessed with an impressive cock.

After high school and a four year stint in the Marine Corps, I attended a junior college and obtained my associate degree. I then worked for a firm as a computer programmer writing code for second generation IBM computers. The department of data processing was then renamed Management Information Systems, a term in keeping with the direction of the industry. IBM pulled off a major marketing ploy when it announced the 360 computer. It seemed that every major firm was lining up to order one. All the early machine did was run second generation programs in emulation. Then software companies emerged providing software for the 360 that IBM did not have. The need for skilled personnel was incredible so I decided to pass on the other two years of college and I started my own recruiting firm for computer programmers.

The demand was overwhelming and I always had more openings than candidates. The fees for finding qualified staff ranged from 20 to 30% of the base salary. Business was booming and it was very competitive. That's when I found a niche business. I started a contract for hire firm whereby a company would contract with me for staff at the normal contract rate. However the company had the right to hire the contractor after a 10 month period without a search fee or they could pay the search fee at any time and hire the individual. The benefit to the individual was that he or she could decided not to work for the company and remain with my firm as a contractor. It proved to be a very lucrative business at the time.

At the house I set up the basement as an exercise facility and I used the extra bedrooms as a guestroom and an office. The backyard was well landscaped around the fence and very private. It allowed for sunbathing in the nude by the pool. I was looking forward to the summer months ahead as I loved to swim and sunbathe in the nude. This particular housing development was very typical of a one builder subdivision containing five different models of homes, all of them on ¼ to ½ acre lots. Everyone kept their place very neat and presentable. I had not yet met any of the neighbors and residents but knew I would soon since spring had arrived and people would be outdoors more often. The year was 1968.

I was working in the front yard on a Friday while most people were at work and the kids were in school. I took advantage of the warm weather that day and I was working without a shirt and wearing a very small snug pair of shorts while catching some rays. That's when I spotted Mary, although I didn't know her name at the time. She was jogging down the street wearing a snug fitting light blue outfit with a halter-top. She looked like a female athlete. She was not slender and she was not beautiful but she had a striking appearance. Her legs were shapely and muscular, her breasts seemed firm and solid and she had an ass you could crack an egg on. Her blond ponytail swayed back and forth as she jogged by the house. As I watched her move down the street I felt a stirring in my loins and my shorts definitely displayed my arousal. I finished working in the yard and I was putting the tools away when I saw her coming back down the street.

This time she slowed to a walk and then started up my driveway. "Hi, I am Mary Goldman I live just around the corner, welcome to the neighborhood," she exclaimed.

"Thanks my name is Walt and I just moved in this week," I replied.

We shook hands and as I felt her touch I felt that stirring again. Mary looked right at my crotch and then complimented me on my fitness. I returned the compliment telling her how fit she was as well. She asked me if I was pretty well settled in and I told her that I was but that I needed to pick up a dinette set.

"You're kidding, we are selling ours, not that it would be your type but why not take a look at it," she said. "We are only asking $50 for it", she continued.

I said the price was right and that I would be willing to look at it. Mary said to give her ten minutes and then to come over to their house, leaving the directions with me. Ten minutes later I threw on a shirt and headed over to Mary's house. Arriving I knocked on the door and she promptly answered the door wearing the same jogging outfit. I could see her hard nipples pushing at her bra top and the folds of her pussy were visible in the shorts. She turned down the hallway and told me to follow her. I watched her gorgeous ass all the way to the kitchen and by now my hardness was very visible in my shorts.

The dinette set was perfect and I told her I would take it. I said that I had to run out to the bank and pick up some cash and then I would swing back by to pick up the set. Mary smiled and said that she needed a small deposit to hold it for me. As I reached for my wallet, she stepped up to me and grabbed my cock through my shorts.

"This will do," she said hungrily.

I took her into my arms and we locked in a deep French kiss with both our tongues driving into our mouths. I moved my hands down to cup her beautiful ass and massaged her ass cheeks through her shorts. Then I slipped my hands into shorts and needed those beautiful globes. I have never held such a firm ass in my life. Mary had reached into my shorts and fished my cock out.

I dropped to my knees and pushed her shorts and panties down and off of her legs. I grabbed her ass globes again and pulled her pussy to my face. Mary was a natural blond with very little pubic hair and her pussy tasted delicious. I inserted my fingers into her pussy as I licked her clit steadily. She came almost immediately shaking and drenching my face with her pussy juice.

After she composed herself briefly she said, "Come on into the bedroom."

I followed her into a bedroom and she dropped to her knees pulling my shorts down. My large cock bounced in the air and she grabbed a hold of it with her dainty hands, Mary then proceeded to lick and suck my cock although she could not get a lot of it in her mouth.

"I have to have this in me," she gasped. We both shed our clothes quickly and she flopped down on the bed with her legs open in invitation.

I moved on top of her and eased my big prick into her sopping pussy. It was snug but because of all her juices I slid in without difficulty. I moved in a steady pace and I knew I was getting to her.

"I have never been so full, oh fuck me, please, fuck me!" she gasped. I pounded her pussy for what seemed like hours bringing her off multiple times with her last orgasm leaving her shaking and holding me tight. "Thank you, thank you", she kept saying over and over. Then I blasted her cunt with my seed and it caught her by surprise with the force that it hit her inner walls and with the amount of it.

We stayed in each other's arms for awhile and then I rolled over and lie next to her. I played with her tits as we talked. I complimented her on their firmness as I rolled her eraser hard nipples in my fingers. I learned that she had three children in school and that her husband traveled frequently. She was also upset with her husband who was satisfied with an occasional blow job lately and seemed to have lost interest in pleasuring her. That was hard to believe considering the wonderful shape she kept herself in. Mary told me the neighborhood was mostly Jewish but I would like it, they had great parties.

Mary was pleased to hear that I had my own business and when I wasn't with clients I worked out of the house. We also made a pact to workout together and I told her she could use my home gym and swimming pool anytime. I told her that I was dating a couple of girls now and then but nothing serious. Mary had started to fondle my cock and balls again and I was soon rock hard once more.

This time Mary elected to sit on my cock and she eased herself down onto it. I reached up and played with her tits as she bounced up and down on my cock. She had more multiple orgasms and exclaimed that she couldn't cum any more. She lay on top of me saying that her clit was almost raw. I rolled her over off of me and then I turned her onto all fours to fuck her doggy style. I told her that this should give her clit a break. I pushed my cock into the hilt and started fucking her from behind. Mary looked gorgeous in this position with her beautiful ass pointing up toward me.

I started to play with her ass and began to lubricate her asshole with her cunt juice and my saliva. I managed to get one then two fingers into her asshole and she seemed to like the double penetration of my cock and fingers. I kept staring at her beautiful ass and I made up my mind that I had to have it. I moved my cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance to her ass and she tensed up.

"I have been butt fucked before but never with a cock so big," she told me. "Get some lotion from the bathroom," she said in a pleading voice.

I told her to stay just as she was and I went to the bathroom to retrieve the lotion. I returned with the lotion and applied a generous amount to her ass and to my cock. I also used my saliva to make my cock even more slippery. I eased my cock into her ass little by little, sometimes a ¼ inch sometimes a ½ inch in and then back out. I went a little deeper each time.

Soon I had worked the entire length into her ass and picked up the pace. Mary had become accustomed to my size and began to push back into as if she was trying to get more cock in her. The girth of my cock seemed to get larger as I had never fucked an ass as beautiful as hers and I was extremely turned on. I could feel my balls tightening as my come started to build. I blasted shot after shot of cum deep into her ass.

"Fill my ass up with your cum," Mary yelled.

She moved her ass in a circle and clenched and unclenched her anal muscles milking my cock dry. Her ass was like a vice squeezing the semen out of my cock. I left my cock in her as we rolled to our sides and then as it softened it fell out of her ass with an audible pop.

"That was unbelievable, no one has ever fucked me like that, I have never had so much cum in my ass and pussy," she muttered.

I told her that was the very best sex I ever had with anyone. We cleaned up and then kissed goodbye, while promising to get together again soon. The next month was unbelievable. Mary and I would have sex two or three times a week. We had gotten into a routine that we would eat each other first, often in a 69 position cumming in each other's mouth. Then I would fuck her in any number of different positions bringing her to multiple orgasms before I flooded her cunt with my seed. Finally, my favorite with her on all fours I would pound that beautiful ass until I filled it with cum.

Mary was an athlete in every sense of the word including her bouts in bed with me. There was nobody I enjoyed fucking more than her. Mary would come over to the house to use my exercise equipment and sometimes we ended fucking and sucking on the equipment. She also used my swimming pool and she always wore her thong bikini displaying those incredible globes of her ass. I often put sun tan lotion on Mary's back, legs and ass. Sometimes I would tease her and push a well lubed finger under the thong strap and into her asshole. That usually led to us adjoining to the house to fuck our brains out.

One weekday we decided to sun bathe in the nude and I covered Mary's entire body with sun tan lotion. First I rubbed it on the front of her body covering her tits, legs and pussy area. I used the opportunity to finger her pussy get her juices flowing. I had her roll over and then I massaged the lotion into the back of her legs, shoulders, back and finally her ass. I spent a long time on her ass and had inserted first one then two fingers into her asshole. As I was playing with her ass, I noticed that the neighbor's daughter (a college freshman) was watching us from her attic window.

I hadn't expected anyone to be home in their house but I decided to give her a show to watch. I coated my cock with sun tan lotion and then added salvia as I always do. I moved behind Mary and eased my cock into asshole. She cooed and raised her ass a little higher for the best angle. I continued to fuck Mary until I was about to cum, then I pulled out of her ass and sprayed cum all over her back. I spurted 6 or 7 times with the first blast landing in her hair and on her shoulders. The rest of the semen covered her back and ass cheeks.

I replaced my cock in her ass and I massaged the semen into her skin as I kept an eye on the girl in the window. It appeared as if she was frigging herself because she had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open with her arm moving rapidly. Mary had now turned around and put my cock in her mouth to suck me dry. I kept watching the window and when the girl opened her eyes again, she realized that I had spotted her. She disappeared quickly from sight. I had never expected anyone to be looking out of the attic window which was the only place that anyone could see into my yard.


The following weekend I introduce myself to the neighbors and I learned that their daughter Sylvia was a freshman at the local college. The parents were kind of aloof and conceited and I decided not to interact with them more than necessary. Sylvia was a shy girl and I got the feeling somewhat sheltered. I invited her to use my pool anytime that she wanted and I never gave her the impression that I knew she had spied on me.

One day when I was working at home I saw Sylvia sun bathing in her backyard and I told her to come over and use the pool. Her parents both worked and they would not be home until that evening. She came over reluctantly and was obviously very shy. Sylvia was about 5'5", 120 lbs. with light brown hair and a trace of freckles. She had a tiny waist with smallest breasts and a cute little bubble butt. Her legs were her best feature, she could model hose with those legs. She cut a cute figure in her two-piece bathing suit.

I offered her something to drink and she surprised me by asking for a beer. So I got a couple of beers and we sat by the pool chatting. She was a pleasant very intelligent girl. I always wore my Speedo bathing suit, which showed off my cock and that day was no exception. Sylvia could not keep her eyes off of my cock. We had a few more beers and then we decided it was time for a swim.

After cooling off in the pool we dried off and I got a couple of more drinks. Sylvia was lying on her stomach and I noticed her skin turning pink. I offered to put some lotion on her back and she agreed. I rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and the middle of her back. Then without asking I began to do her legs, she tensed a little but didn't stop me. I continued to cover her legs with lotion occasionally letting my hands brush over her buttocks and touch her bikini covered pussy between her legs. I could tell she was getting turned on.

"Would you like me to play with you," I asked.

She just nodded yes, seemingly lost for words. I tugged her bikini bottom down and off of her legs and then I massaged her ass with the san tan lotion. I fingered her pussy and her asshole causing her to have a couple of orgasms. I removed her bikini top and reached around to fondle her small pert breasts. She had very sensitive nipples and cooed loudly as I played with her tits. I rolled her over on her back and leaned over to suck her tits. I descended down her body and then placed her legs over my shoulders and began to tongue her pussy. She went wild as I reached and tweaked her nipples as I ate her to an intense orgasm.

Sylvia told me that she was a virgin and wanted to stay one as long as she could, but she wanted to make me as happy as I made her. She had me stand up and she lowered my Speedo down my legs. My rock hard cock was right in front of her face. She began to suck on my cock surprising me by how much she could get in her mouth. I came very quickly and she gulped down every drop on my cum. Sylvia continued to suck my cock and I remained hard.

She kept sucking my cock trying to take it deeper in her mouth testing her gag line. Sylvia was an excellent cock sucker, one of the best I ever had. I blasted a second load of cum into her mouth, which she greedily swallowed. We both put our bathing suits back on and took a dip in the pool. Afterwards we each had another beer and Sylvia told me how much she liked sucking my cock and how she hoped we could continue our relationship on those terms.

So Sylvia would show up from time to time and we would eat and suck each other into exhaustion. I also continued to have the marathon fuck sessions with Mary. This was quite a neighborhood and I still hadn't been to a party yet. Mary bragged about the parties and how loose all the neighbors got. She said that they weren't really swingers but sometimes people paired off with different partners. I was definitely looking forward to my first party.


Mary and her husband decided to have a cookout and invited me along with a number of the neighbors. I asked Mary if I should bring a guest and she told me not to. She said I would probably enjoy meeting the neighbors without having to worry about a guest and that her best friend Miki would be there alone since her husband was out of town. I offered my pool for use following the cookout.

The party started at 6:00PM with cocktails and the cookout. After everyone had eaten, people just mingled and visited. Everyone was very pleasant and engaging. Mary had introduced me to Miki who was a very striking woman. She was about 5'6", 125 lbs. with very dark brown hair. She has very shapely breasts, the narrowest of waists, which flared into the roundest shapeliest ass I had ever seen. I learned that Miki also had three children and that her husband was an entertainer and traveled extensively with his partner. I was really becoming impressed with how these Jewish women maintained their figures after childbirth, at least the ones that I had met so far.

Miki was wearing a blue blouse tied above her waist showing off her fantastic abs and a pair of white hip hugger slacks that emphasized her ass. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her ass all night, something that did not escape Mary. At one point I was talking with Miki when Mary came up behind her and placed her hand on one of Miki's ass cheeks.

"Walt has not been able to take his eyes off of your ass all night," she said.

Miki and I looked at each other and we both were embarrassed. "Come on," said Mary as she took our hands and lead us into the house.

We followed her to one of the bedrooms and she closed and locked the door behind us. "Check this out," Mary said as she opened Miki's slacks and pulled them down to her knees along with her panties.

Miki just stood there under Mary's control. "Go ahead touch it, caress it, kiss it, finger it," Mary told me.

I ran my hand lightly over Miki's ass and she shivered a little. I then kissed her lovely cheeks and massaged them in my hands. Mary was fingering Miki's pussy and then placed a pussy lubed finger into Miki's ass. Miki was trembling and cooing between my caresses and Mary probing her. She shuddered and had a mild orgasm.

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