A New Acquisition


"Be still."

Whimpering slightly, Arina did as she was told, the stinging pain of her bottom a constant reminder of the consequences of defying him. Firmly Eric forced his finger deeper into her tight little hole, ignoring her discomfort. His thumb slid into her pussy and Arina gasped, briefly distracted from the discomfort of his other finger in her asshole. Slowly he worked both of them in and out till Arina was moaning and frantically pushing back against his hand, seeking relief from this torment.

Abruptly, Eric pulled his fingers from her and set her on her feet. Harshly breathing, he pushed down on her back until she was bent, then forefully shoved himself into her tight channel. Arina cried out, hot pleasure streaked through her. Returning his finger to her asshole, he pushed it in, then two, stretching out the tight muscles. Arina whimpered, but from the pain of his fingers or the pleasure of his pumping hips, she wasn't sure. Eventually the two combined until she couldn't tell one from another.

Screaming as the tension in her womb exploded, Arina could feel Eric stiffen above her. He shouted his release, then collapsed to his knees, his head resting on the small of her back. A moment later, when their breathing had relaxed, Eric surged back Arina's body, and gathered her tenderly in his arms.

Sitting back down on the chair, this time with Arina snuggled in his lap; Eric asked her "Do you know why you were punished?"

"Yes, m'lord." she answered, her eyes lowering from his in shame.


"Because I didn't do what I was told when I was told."

"And?" he asked.

Puzzled, Arina looked at him. What else had she done?

"You fought me during your punishment. It wouldn't have lasted as long if you'd held still and took what you knew you had coming."

"I'm sorry, m'lord." she said quietly.

"You're forgiven, my love." Eric said, pressing a soft kiss to her neck, and she snuggled up to him, basking in his quiet approval and the gentleness of his embrace.

"We need to put some salve on your bottom." Eric said after a moment like that, standing up to deposit her on the bed. Quickly Arina rolled to her stomach, not wanting to lay on her sore bottom more than necessary. Eric briefly left the room, coming back with a small jar of some kind of white cream.

Soothingly he rubbed it into her red butt, before pulling the blankets over her, "Try and get some sleep, Arina." he whispered in her ear. "Dinner will be ready in a couple of hours." Pressing a soft kiss to her neck, Eric turned to leave. Sleepily Arina smiled at his retreating back, before closing her eyes and dozing off.


Feigning casualty, Eric took a long swallow of his brandy, and continued reading the paper. The only discernable evidence of his ire was the tense muscles of his jaw.

On the front page was an article about the missing Lady Arina Moran. She'd been traveling home for the holidays, when she disappeared. The brief description listed fit his Arina perfectly. Disgusted, Eric threw the paper down on the table, then finished off his brandy. He knew that he should return her to her family . . . and yet, it wasn't as if he weren't going to marry the chit. Soon, she'd be pregnant and he could marry her without looking week.

Besides, Arina was his, by God! He wouldn't share her, or allow another have a chance at her hand. Shoving back his chair, Eric resolutely stood and headed to where Arina was still recovering from whatever it was the slavers had drugged her with. He'd show her who she belonged to. By the time he was done, there would be no doubt in anyone's mind. . . . Arina was sleeping on her stomach, when the soft sound of the door opening woke her. Drowsily she opened eyes, but the door was closed so she let them drift shut. Startled, they popped open as the bed dipped under the weight of another. Arina struggled to roll over, but Eric's strong hand on her back stopped her.

"Relax, little girl," he commanded. "I rather like the view." His palm smoothed over where her bare ass was peeking out of the bedding. Trembling, Arina did his bidding, wincing when he brushed against the welts on her bottom. He spent some time caressing the soft skin there, then he was gone, returning a short moment later. He climbed on the bed to straddle her, firmly pressing her into the mattress.

Before Arina was sure what was happening, Eric grabbed her right wrist and wrapped a soft black cord around it, securing it to the headboard. Frightened, Arina cried and fought, hysterically trying to free herself, but Eric ignored her, deftly capturing the other hand and securing it, too. Sobbing, Arina pulled on the ropes, but they held firm.

"Stop it." Eric scolded, his hand caressing her back soothingly. "You're going to hurt yourself." Trembling, Arina stilled, her tear-streaked face pressed into the bedspread as she waited for him to tie her legs down. Moments passed and he still made no move to tie them, just moving them under her, so that she was kneeling, ass in the air, breasts pressed into the mattress.

Abruptly he stood up and walked away. Listening intently, Arina could hear him moving around the room. There was the scrape of furniture moving, then he went briefly into his room and dragged something else out, and across the floor. Eric stopped next to her, and she turned her head to see that he'd positioned a mirror next to the bed. There was another mirror behind her, so she could see the lewd displayed of her pussy. Gasping, she buried her head in her arms, face scarlet with humiliation. Eric roughly grabbed her hair and jerked her head out of her arms.

"Keep your eyes on that mirror, Arina." he warned, then climbed back up on the bed, settling next to her. His palms slid so they framed her bottom, and he pulled her cheeks apart, holding them open for inspection. The darkness of Eric's hands contrasted sharply with the pale skin of her cheeks, and below the full lips of her pussy gleamed with her inner moisture. Arina blushed brighter, but forced herself to watch.

"I love the way you blush." Eric chuckled, and Arina whimpered in embarrassment. Then Eric slid his hand under her, touching her core gently.

"You're wet, Arina!" he mock scolded, eyes bright with triumph and amusement. Horrified and embarrassed, Arina buried her face back in her arms.


Crying out, Arina jerked as his hand sharply hit her.

"Don't make me say it again, Arina," Eric warned "or I'll take the crop to your ass, understand?" Mutely Arina nodded, wide eyes on his in the mirror.

Eric returned his hand to where it had been before, touching her where it felt the best. His other hand kept her cheeks open so she could watch as one long finger slipped easily into her pussy, pressing deep. Moaning Arina arched her back, pushing his finger as far in as it could go. Teasingly, Eric withdrew his glistening finger, then pushed it back in. Arina groaned gutturally as he put another finger in there, stretching the tight muscles of her cunt gently. Arina whimpered and wiggled her hips, trying to tempt him to fill her, but he was having nothing of it.

Blearily she forced her eyes to stay open, watching his fingers slide in and out of her dripping pussy. Then they were gone and Arina cried out at the loss of his fingers. But Eric was moving behind her and positioning his cock at the entrance to her body. His muscles flexed as he drove home, uniting them. Arina wiggled her hips, panting, waiting for him to withdraw, craving the ebb and flow of his mastery over her. Eric began to slowly move, his hands settling on her ass, his thumb moving to press firmly on her rosebud.

"M'lord . . . "Arina protested, her voice pleading. Eric ignored her pleas, and pushed his thumb all the way in, Arina's hold burned as it swallowed his thumb. Eric could feel the steady motion of his cock through the thin membrane that separated her ass and her pussy. Eric picked up speed, and her pleasure grew and grew, starting in her stomach and spreading all over, until she shook from the ecstasy of it. Screaming, her back arching, Arina unconsciously pulled on the ties, then Eric grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her fully onto him, shouting in satisfaction at his own orgasm. They collapsed, Eric on top, his thumb sliding out of her.

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