tagGay MaleA New Adventure Ch. 01

A New Adventure Ch. 01


I was 40 when I first admitted to anyone I was gay. I had been married and had children and performed all the right duties of suburban man. I had kept my secret well, ever since I had my first erection I knew it was the thought of hot guys, hot cocks and the thought of kissing an older guy that made me get the hardest throbbing in my groin.

When I was 40 I discovered the internet, at first I just chatted, that turned to cyber and then I included a few pictures and found some regular friends. We had really hot conversations, nothing was held back and I found myself relaxing into the role of a gay submissive slut. I found Ben, he was so sexy and I loved the way he commanded me to do things on the webcam, he seemed to know which button to press and by the time he had me literally squirming with pleasure. I was hooked.

Ben lived with his partner Robbie in a town about seventy miles from me. The chats got more and more intimate and went on for several months, I just could n't wait to log on each night. I would click on his name in eager anticipation of what he had in store for me.

I became his online slut, I knew he was gay and in a relationship so I did not think it would go any further, his partner worked most evenings and knew he liked to chat, so there seemed no harm in it. Then one night Ben said he wanted to meet me, I had known for some time that I needed to meet him too but thought it impossible. After some mutual reassurance that it was a good idea and didn't threaten anything we arranged to meet in a bar in his hometown.

The day came and I was very nervous but even more excited, it almost scared

me that I knew the exhilaration I was feeling would ensure I did not back out. I had taken a train and arrived early, I sat at the bar, nervously eating too many peanuts, the barman was friendly and I was glad it was not busy because the idle chatting seemed to pass the time more quickly and also stopped me looking at the entrance doorway too frequently. Now and again I would glance at the clock, it was now 7:45 and we had arranged to meet at 7:30, I was just starting to convince myself that he was not going to show up when in he walked.

He was nearly six foot tall, sexy trim figure, lovely dark eyes and a smile that exuded confidence. I felt my stomach tighten as I walked over to shake his out-stretched hand, he apologised for being late and looking over my shoulder asked the barman to bring over his usual. It had not even entered my head that this might be his regular drinking hole, but he seemed to know everyone and he gestured and guided me to table in the corner.

The barman brought over two beers and I sat transfixed by this powerful, self assured man who knew so much about me. He complimented me and thanked me for turning up and his pleasant and causal nature soon put me at ease. We chatted for a while about our different lives and I found myself flirting outrageously on every opportunity, it was as if I could not help myself. I was just drinking the last of my beer when he asked if I would like another drink or to come back and see his house. He told me Robbie was working that evening and he would not mind anyway. I really didn't want another beer, I needed to stay as sober as possible and after a moment of hesitation agreed to go home with him.

Ben had a smart Mercedes with leather seats and just about every extra and I realised that his clothes all looked expensive too, everything about him was so sexy and I knew I was slipping under his spell. The house was impressive too, as he entered the newly built house he guided me through to a big lounge with two cream leather sofas, he lipped into the kitchen and put on a coffee. I looked around the room, it was fantastic, everything was modern, neat and tidy. I felt comfortable and relaxed.

Ben brought in the coffee and sat down beside me, he let his hand rest on my leg and leaned over and kissed me. It was an electric feeling as our lips and tongues met, we naturally embraced and I soon found myself holding him tightly as we kissed and I knew I wanted him to have me in every way. My hands caressed him and as my hand moved up his leg it found the hard swelling of his cock stretching his trousers, I rubbed over the firm bulge and traced the contours of his lovely cock, he pushed into me and kissed harder. Ben suggested we should go upstairs and I had no doubts as I followed him to his bedroom.

We stood at the bottom of the bed and kissed again, this time Ben started to unbutton my shirt and his hand pushed in pulled and pinched at my nipple, I undone his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and slipped down the zip enough for my hand to slip in. I gently lifted the waistband of his shorts and pushed my fingertips down slowly. My fingertips met with his hot wet cock and I wrapped it in the palm of my hand and shuddered with pleasure. He pulled off my shirt and pushed me down onto the bed, he undressed and then removed my trousers, he was naked and I just had my briefs on as he lay down half next to me and half over me. We kissed as my hands found his liberated cock and started to stroke it and move his skin up and down over his solid wet tip. I could not resist it anymore and moved down to kneel between his legs and tasted him for the first time. I felt like I was about to cum as his cock pushed its way around my mouth, I gently wanked him as my other hand cupped his balls, I was in the perfect place. I don't know how long I was there, it was pure pleasure and I was lost in it. I loved the sighs of pleasure as he lay relaxed and dominant as I lapped at his cock and balls, I loved the way he pushed into me, I loved being his gay slut. His hands moved down and held my head in his crotch and I felt his cock start to throb even more, he gave a long moan and I felt the base of his cock pulse as he pumped his hot cum into me. I tasted his hot cum and as he relaxed I rolled it around with my tongue and then he gave another sigh and another hot jet exploded into my mouth. I swallowed eagerly and licked all around him, not wanting to waste any of the ultimate aphrodisiac. I kissed his stomach and then his chest, still enjoying the texture and taste of his hot seed in my mouth. I was lying under his arm, looking at his lovely face when he turned and kissed me, I wasn't expecting it now and it was like the first time all over again.

Without warning, he slapped my arse hard and suggested we have a shower, I still had my briefs on and as they were soaked with precum it sounded a good idea. Ben guided me to the bathroom and started the magnificent double power shower, it was one of those showers with jets at three or four levels surrounding you and it was like a sensuous massage as we embraced naked in the cubicle. Ben used a shower gel with a musky scent and his hand stroked and slipped over my rigid cock and then he turned me around and I felt his strong hands part my cheeks and slide up and down until I was covered in suds. I felt my arse push up instinctively inviting him further, his hands were everywhere and I felt his fingers invade me so easily I wanted more. I was facing away from him, leaning towards the edge of the shower, jets of water prickling every nerve and then he kissed the back of my neck and pulled me in close, I felt his hard cock rampant and hot, I rotated my arse cheeks slightly and he pushed between them, I heard a suppressed moan as his throbbing cock found my hole and slid in, he gripped me tight and started to slide in and out, every stroke felt bigger and better. I could feel the full power of his whole body focussed on my arse, I felt so stretched, so hot , so sore and yet so wonderful all in one. He seemed to swell even more and my pleasure almost made me collapse as he pumped his whole self into me, he almost screamed as he came into me and I felt the heat of his cum deep within me. Three or four times he filled me, each time more intense, more ecstasy.

The tension eased and he turned and kissed me, holding me in his arms, then he asked me to wash him down, his cock was still sexy, seemed to be half flaccid and half firm but it was lovely and I kissed it gently as I rinsed him down. I had cum at some point, I don't know the precise moment, the pleasures were so intense. I washed myself down as he stepped out of the shower and wrapped himself in a shower.

Ben went for some drinks and when he came back upstairs I was drying myself. We were relaxed in the bedroom just wrapped in towels drinking a glass of white wine when I heard a key in the front door and someone entering the house. I panicked but Ben was quite calm, he told me not to worry. It was Robbie home from work and I quivered as I heard him come up the stairs. How would he react? I didn't want to be caught like this. I stood up just as he entered the bedroom and I stood aghast, Robbie was the barman.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/08/18

Very hot story.

Very hot story. Thanks for sharing.

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