A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 02


"Meg, is Katie gay?" I ask quietly.

"Uh? What? No! She's a bit, you know, well whatever the opposite of bisexual is... non-sexual?"

"Asexual, actually" I cannot help correcting. "Sorry, I keep slipping into teacher mode."

Meg smiles, "Oh, I'm sure there's a lot you can teach me! And if there's anything you want me to teach you..." I cannot help smiling as the flirting is back.

We head off at a gentle jog and head away from the village along the lane that rapidly becomes a broad, level path through the woods. We chat as we jog until Meg says, "Sorry, Sam, but I really need to pee."

She steps off the path and heads behind a tree where I can hear her moving. I keep thinking of that glance I'd had of her beautiful smooth pussy when she flashed me and, even though I shave too, I feel it is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Two things happen: I can feel myself becoming hugely aroused and, without conscious volition, I follow Meg behind the tree.

Her skirt is pulled up above her hips as she squats; she is facing towards me but is looking down at her pussy as her pee starts to flow, a gentle trickle, the drops sparkling where the sunlight catches them. I can feel my cunny becoming very wet very quickly at the sight. I take another step closer and she looks up at the sound.

Suddenly I realize what I'm doing. "Oh God, please forgive me Meg. I don't know why I followed you." I take a step back, blushing.

"No, Sam, stay! I... I'd like you to watch me pee."

I swallow and nod as I step forward once again then squat. We both gaze at the gorgeous gash in her perfect vulva. The stream builds and I recall the feel of peeing my panties, the hot liquid flowing over my skin and last night, masturbating as I peed in the garden; what would Meg's pee feel like on my skin... Shit! What am I thinking? Her flow slows and stops and we gaze at each other. "I don't know why I..." I begin but Meg interrupts.

"I saw you peeing your panties yesterday and I enjoyed watching it. It seems only fair to let you see me if you want." She smiles and we both stand. I wonder if I want to make love to this woman. I'm fairly certain that she wants to make love to me but I'm unsure of whether I could go through with it. I did promise not to hurt her.

"Thank you for... for letting me watch," I manage to say, "I, um, liked watching you, um, pissing." I am bright red but Meg smiles happily.

"Shall we continue our run? Unless you need to pee?" she asks, hopefully, but I shake my head and we resume running. Whenever we stop talking I find my mind replays the sight of Meg peeing; my panties are sopping as a result and I'm grateful that the black leggings I'm wearing don't reveal anything.

"Did you like my shaved pussy?" Meg suddenly asks.

I'm really not sure how to answer this, particularly as my immediate thought is 'Yes, it is fucking gorgeous!' "It, er, looks very good," I manage, "I much prefer being completely smooth down there myself." I add, trying to sound casual about it.

"I only shaved yesterday morning. It was, well, after seeing you when I helped with your panties on Sunday. I just thought you looked so sexy and I wanted to be like you... um." I get the impression she said a bit more than she intended

"Meg, you keep telling me I'm sexy but, okay I'm not quite an old dog, but compared to you I'm about as sexy as a potato!"

"No, Sam, you're wrong. You're very attractive but it's more than that. I can't explain what it is about you but there something very... sensual about you. You keep trying to hide it, to pretend it's not there, but it is... and I think it makes you an incredibly sexy woman."

I don't know what to say to this. I also realize that I have no idea where we are or where we're heading on this run and I suspect that Meg may be making it up as she goes along. I'm about to ask her when, suddenly, I find we're out of the woods and heading down a country road that runs into the village. I am completely disorientated as to how we came to be here and tell her so.

"The Ladywood curves around the village so we're just coming in from a different direction. I thought we deserved a coffee after our run." She smiles as we come to a halt outside a quaint looking little tea shop and café. Meg leads the way in and as we enter I see that it is larger inside than I expect with over a dozen tables. In one corner there are three women sitting at a table; the young woman, Bex, I recognise from behind the bar at the village dance while the other two are older than me; Meg walks over and greets them before making introductions. "Sam, Bex you know, while this is Claire, Bethany's mum - you remember Bethany?" I nod, smiling. "And her partner, Lillian."

"Yes I definitely remembered Bethany!" I tell Claire as I shake her hand. Claire has wavy brown hair and brown eyes, her skin showing a few fine wrinkles but she smiles easily and often. She has a full figure, somewhat overweight but this comes across as more motherly than anything else.

Lillian has a slight Mediterranean cast, with dark eyes and her dark hair cut short and her body slim. She wears a checked shirt with the sleeves rolled up, jeans and boots; every inch the butch lesbian I think to myself. She also has a number of Celtic looking tattoos visible on both arms and something intricate on the side of her neck, running down under the shirt collar. At a guess I'd say she probably has a lot more artwork on her body that I can't see. However, despite her distinctive appearance, every time she looks at Claire there is a deep affection in her gaze.

"Claire, Lillian: this is Sam Cummings who's just moved into the house at the end of Ladywood Lane."

"Ah, you must be the 'very pretty lady with Miss Dike' Bethany was tellin' us about," laughs Claire.

"Who's 'not Miss Dike's girlfriend'," adds Lillian. "Beth was most insistent on that point. I'm guessing she said something inappropriate and got corrected?"

"I don't know if it was inappropriate, so much as a surprising question from an eleven year old," I reply. "Meg explained later why she asked it."

"Meg was very good with her when Lil and I got together," Claire tells me. "Ms Shaw, the head teacher, she was also very good, making sure that the kids is taught to be tolerant and accepting of people regardless of their sex, colour, religion or sexuality."

"Have you started to settle in? How are you finding living here?" asks Bex.

"I love it," I reply earnestly, "it seems a very warm and welcoming place. I could do without the foxes mating and waking me up with their horrible screams though."

"It's the wrong time of year for foxes mating," Lillian says, perplexed. "They mate in January. Are you sure it was a fox you heard?"

"Well, it sounded like a woman shrieking and I sort of assumed it must be a fox," I answer uncertainly. "I can't really have been a woman, can it? It must be an animal, surely."

"Perhaps it was a woman outside having a massive orgasm!" suggests Meg, mischievously. The others laugh and I try to join in but I cannot help the colour rising in my cheeks. The thought shouting in my mind is, 'Was it Meg at the gate? Had she seen me the other night in the garden, or last night in the woods?' It definitely wasn't Meg in the woods last night, I'm sure. And the figure at the gate was a just trick of the light and my imagination.

"Meg, your embarrassin' Sam!" observed Claire.

"I'm getting used to Meg's sense of humour," I tell her, as my face gradually cools despite Meg's continuing grin at my discomfort. "Anyway, I definitely heard something the night before last that woke me up and..." I begin to redden again, "and well, I didn't get back to sleep for a while."

We continue to chat and they tell me about life in the village and themselves. I feel very at ease with these women who seem to so readily to accept me. After an hour or so, Claire and Lillian inform us that they have to leave. As they are getting up I take the chance to excuse myself saying that I need to use the toilet. Bex announces that she has just remembered something and needs to head off too and we say our goodbyes.

As I look around for the toilets, Meg comes up behind me and whispers, "Come with me." She moves past me and I follow as she leads me into the Ladies. Inside there are three cubicles and Meg ushers me to the stall at the far end, which seems slightly larger than the other two. I can guess what's coming and so I'm not surprised when Meg whispers, "I want to watch you pee this time, Sam." I start to slip my leggings down and Meg immediately reaches forward and pushes my panties down. I sit on the toilet and she kneels to pull both my panties and my leggings to my ankles before removing them completely, easing them over my shoes. Meg raises the panties to her nose and sniffs them deeply "Mmm, your pussy smells good. I gave you my panties earlier so I should keep these," she tells me as I recall the panties she threw at me before we set off.

I feel very horny as I open my legs. Looking down I can see my labia are swollen red and puffy and I can smell my arousal. I reach down with one hand and press a finger each side of my slit; I spread my fingers, opening my labia as I relax and begin to pee as Meg watches me intently, her eyes sparkling with excitement. Part of me cannot believe what I am doing while the rest of me wants all this and more! My flow eases to a trickle and I close my fingers: the final dribble flows across my fingertips. Do I dare do this in front of her? Yes, I do: I feel so aroused and kinky that I cannot resist. I raise my wet fingers to my mouth and suck them savouring the salty tang sharp on my tongue; I cannot help wishing there were more.

"Good?" asks Meg is a hoarse whisper and I can only nod, my fingers still in my mouth. "And you say you're not fucking sexy! Would you like to watch me pee again, now?" she asks and again I can only nod as I feel my pussy flood with excitement.

We swap places and, as Meg begins peeing, my fingers move without thought from my mouth to run them along my hot nether lips. I gaze at Meg's beautiful bald cunt and imagine tasting the golden fluid flowing from it then licking deeper to taste her love juices. I glance at her face and see her smiling at me as her fingers dip into her stream and, as I did, she places them in her mouth. Her fingers dip once more into the now diminishing flow. I see them rise up, wet and shiny and realize that Meg is offering them to me. I take a small step forward and bend, opening my mouth to receive them. As the taste hits my tongue I feel a jolt of pleasure like a miniature orgasm pass through me. A moan of delight escapes my mouth as her fingers slide out.

To my surprise Meg stands, turns and straddles the toilet bowl backwards, spreading her arse cheeks wide. I stare down and can see the dark pucker of her anus that now starts to bulge and I hear a faint hiss. "Fuck!" I gasp as her anal ring opens and I see the pointed end of a turd start to slide out. "This is so wrong," I whisper but I cannot look away. I can smell Meg's shit now: a strong musky scent that should repulse me but I find myself aroused further. This is the most intensely intimate and erotic experience of my life and I have no willpower to deny my fingers entry into my cunny or halt them as they begin rubbing.

I gaze in fascination at the six inch length of shit, brown and sticky, that curls from her arse. I see her bulging anal ring contract, pinching off the turd, which falls with a soft splash into the bowl below. I feel my orgasm building as a second, smaller length emerges and I gasp as I climax. Meg is watching me over her shoulder and, as the orgasm passes, I see her smiling at me.

"Pass me some paper, Sam sweetie," asks Meg. I obey: this woman could ask anything of me at this moment. I am captivated by the sight of Meg's brown-stained anus as I grope blindly for the toilet paper. I locate it and pull off a length, holding it out to Meg. She grasps my hand and holds it firmly. "Do you trust me?" she asks.

I swallow as my heart hammers in my chest. "Yes, Meg," I croak.

She moves my hand down, towards her arse, to her dirty pucker. I have said I trust her but how can I do this? How can this be happening? But... this is an adventure. Fuck! I'm going much too far with this 'new adventure every day' thing; and yet...

"Wipe me Sam, please: wipe my dirty hole!" She is half begging, half commanding.

Despite the orgasm I am still as randy as hell - what's happening to me? I want to do this, I want to wipe this beautiful, sexy woman's shitty arse hole. With care and gentleness I wipe her, tearing off fresh paper until she is spotless.

We both stand and Meg pulls her dress back down before helping me back into my short leggings. As she pulls them up her face is so close to my pussy that I wonder what she will do... but she does nothing, just slides the leggings into place. However, once I am dressed she kisses me lightly, midway between my cunny and my tummy button, a sort of suggestion of what might have been, or might be in the future. She stands up and opens the door, leading the way to the sinks where we stand side by side. Neither of us has spoken and we wash and dry our hands in silence.

My mind is in turmoil over what I'm feeling, what I've seen and, oh god, what I've just done. Meg is leading the way and as her hand reaches out to open the door to the Ladies room she turns to me. "Sam, that was so kind of you. You are such a special friend to do that for me."

I don't know how to take what she has just said. I feel belittled, like a child who has just done a good deed. Five minutes ago she could have done anything with me: seduced me, fucked me, asked me to eat her pussy, anything. Now... I am such a confused turmoil of emotions. I can't believe that we watched each other pee and yet I'm still feeling aroused; I am embarrassed at seeing Meg shit and that I wiped her arse afterwards, ashamed that watching her aroused me so much that I masturbated in front of her. Despite all that, as I look at her, I cannot help feeling the same magnetic attraction as on that first afternoon when she began flirting with me.

I push past her. "I need to go home," I tell her as I rush from the teashop. Outside I run hard for home; I don't know if Meg follows since I don't look back. Once home I slam the door shut behind me and there, on the bottom stair where I dropped them, are Meg's panties. I burst into tears and rush upstairs where I curl up on the bed sobbing.

CHAPTER 9 - 'What am I becoming?'

I must have cried myself to sleep because I find myself waking in the mid-afternoon, sunlight shining through the window. I sit up feeling sticky-eyed; sticky elsewhere too as I feel the fabric of the leggings adhere to my vulva when I move. I smell of sex and sweat from the running; without thinking I strip and head downstairs to the bathroom. At the bottom I again see Meg's panties and I feel my throat constrict with emotion but I clench my jaw and walk past them.

I turn the shower on, letting the water run until it is as hot as I can stand before stepping in. Though the water feels good, soothing the tension in me, I am weeping again. Shit! The thought occurs to me that moving here might have been the biggest mistake of my life and I feel panic and the same dark wings of depression that have dogged the past year of my life. No! I will not go back there. I turn and lift my face, letting the water spray scrub the tears away. I focus on washing, losing myself in the ritual of soaping and rinsing.

I dry myself and pull on my dressing gown and head into the kitchen. I realize that I still have no milk so it's either wine (not good when I'm feeling low) black tea or black coffee (neither are appealing) or... ah yes, some instant hot chocolate: comfort in a mug! There is a knock on the door and I hear Meg calling my name. Shit! I cannot talk to Meg right now. I step into the hall and I can see Meg's silhouette on the glass in the door.

I take a breath to steady my voice and speak loudly, "Meg, I'm... I'm okay but... sorry, I can't talk now. I... I just need some time, some space..."

"Sam, I just wanted to talk..."

"No!" I say sharply, but then soften my voice, "No, Meg: not now. Maybe... maybe tomorrow. Please, just go now."

There is a long pause and then a quiet and reluctant, "Okay." There is a further hesitation before I see her slowly turn and leave. I realize that this is hard on her; well, all that's happened is hard on me too.

Five minutes later I'm heading into the sitting room with a mug of chocolate where I curl up in the armchair, pulling the fluffy dressing gown tight around me as I snuggle into it. I realize that it still smells of Meg, from when she wore it the other morning. How has this woman invaded my life so thoroughly in such a short time?

And yet I inhale deeply. I am fascinated, captivated even, by this woman. I have loved being with her but... I take a deep breath and try to steady myself so I can think properly. I used to pride myself on my clear-headedness and I certainly need that now.

I have never considered myself anything other than straight and yet I know that I had become - no, I still am - attracted to her. Could I - would I - sleep with her? Um... maybe. I try to dig deeper into what I feel. I picture the two of us naked in bed together. The idea definitely appeals to me, though I don't know for sure whether I'd enjoy it in reality.

What about my new pissing kink? Where has that come from? I even tasted my pee several times and now Meg's too, for fucks sake! And more than the pee, watching Meg shit then wiping her dirty bum? I recall how much this had all turned me on... I could go all cod psychology and tell myself that it's my kicking over the rails of the prim and proper life I lived for so many years. However, convincing as this might sound as a justification it is too pat and I suspect it is false. So what is it? Meg says she sees that I'm sensual but that I hide it, deny it. Those moments with Meg were so incredibly sensual and also intensely intimate, a sharing of something normally so private. I realize that this is the clue: I want to be close to someone, really close; to know them and be known, to share completely. A best friend. No, a soul mate.

I sit, pondering as I sip the hot chocolate. I bury my nose in the collar of the dressing gown, smelling the scent of the woman I had sent away, the woman who so attracted me, who liked to watch me pee and be watched by me as she pissed and shat, the woman called Meg who aroused me in so many ways...

What does she want? 'Me' is the obvious answer; her words and actions have made that clear. But why me and what for? A friend? A lover? A pet? I recall her condescending, humiliating words: 'You are such a special friend to do that for me," and my reaction to them. It was not what I'd just done that upset me, I realized; no, it was what she'd said. I wanted a friend, a soul mate, a... oh God, maybe even a partner. Did she just want a pet, a plaything, a, a fuck toy?

The hot chocolate is gone and the light has changed. I glance out of the window: the sun has gone, covered by clouds that have brought twilight early.

So where exactly am I? Surprisingly, I can contemplate sleeping with a woman, though I don't know where it would lead. Ha, that might be more than just another daily adventure! What about the pee and toilet stuff? I hadn't thought I might be bisexual, but I guess I was wrong about that; maybe this kink has always been there too, unnoticed and unsuspected but a part of me nonetheless, part of the inner sensuality Meg thinks I have. I went with it as an adventure but, being honest, I've enjoyed it. And so does Meg... hmmm.

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