tagLoving WivesA New Approach

A New Approach


It had been another one of those conversations, the kind we'd had many of over the years. A little confrontation over the way something was said versus the manner in which it had been perceived and things went on from there. Forty five minutes later we had managed to keep it civil this time and we found ourselves on the topic that always seemed to creep into these discussions. For years I'd felt that there was a lot left to be desired and we tried to discuss it in a constructive manner but the net result was always the same. Trish just plain and simply had no sex drive and I had one the size of the entire state.

We had seen a therapist about it at one time, but nothing much came out of it. When we had sex I always had to initiate it. Once I got her aroused either manually or orally Trish would be into it big time. She loved the intimacy that came with it but didn't seem to have any interest in it until we were there. It wasn't unusual for me to make advances on her, guiding things toward the bedroom and she would send me along first while she took her wine glass out to the kitchen or folded the blanket that she'd been snuggling in or any of a number of things. Invariably she'd get distracted by something else. Forty five minutes to an hour later she'd show up in bed and wonder why if I'd not fallen asleep, was lying there frustrated and/or furious.

Our sex life was down to two or three events a year, always on a Sunday morning (previously it had been always on a Saturday night). Lots of wonderful foreplay in the form of fellatio and cunnilingus (which I loved and could always bring her to climax by) followed by either missionary style or cowgirl position and that was it.

She is a gorgeous woman who has aged very well. At fifty she can still easily pass for twenty years younger. At five -four and a hundred and twenty five pounds, she is nicely built with soft natural B cup breasts, a trim waist, and an ass that looks great in jeans or yoga pants. In a swimsuit she more than holds her own. Her attire is always very conservative however and to try to get her to wear something sexy or alluring is downright impossible even though she'd look great in just about anything.

But back to the conversation. One more time I tried to explain how much it affected my life that we didn't have any more of a sex life than we did and as a result how adversely it affected her as well. She had to deal with my irritability and when I was in a sexually deprived funk I certainly wasn't as productive with regard to my business and our income.

For some reason, whatever it was that I said, this time it actually seemed to hit home. She said she finally really realized just how important a healthy sex life should be for both of us and for me in particular. In passing she also mentioned something about how important it is should be to pursue our desires, a statement that I took particular note of.

The conversation took place on a Monday evening. That week Trish was particularly affectionate and attentive calling me in the middle of the day just to say hi and once running back into the house to give me a hug and kiss after she'd already left. I was a nice "lovebirds" sort of a stretch.

On Friday night she told me that she had invited her friend Marly over for dinner the following evening. When we have guests, I usually do the cooking as I'm a more adventurous chef as well as a neater one, generally leaving the kitchen in better shape. As I suspected she might,

Trish asked if I would mind cooking. I really enjoy the opportunity to prepare something for more than just the two of us and readily agreed.

Saturday evening at seven the doorbell rang. As Trish was upstairs, I answered the door to find a tallish woman with short cropped copper colored hair, high cheekbones, sparkling green eyes, and a disarming smile. She handed me a bottle of wine and introduced herself as Marly.

As I ushered her in I surveyed her further. A slubby beige silk jacket topped loose fitting dark taupe trousers and under it was a cream lace something. Tall heels peeked from under the hem of the trousers and I realized she was probably only a little taller than Trish. The heels made a nice sound on first the tile floor of the foyer and then the wood of the hallway. I smelled sandalwood and citrus as she passed. All in all, an attractive package, not what I'd normally call a traffic-stopper, but definitely easy on the eyes.

Trish didn't show up for close to fifteen minutes, so Marly and I had a good opportunity to acquaint ourselves. Marly worked for one of the accounts that Trish worked for. I'd heard her mentioned a number of times as Trish described her work days. I knew they grabbed lunch together from time to time but that was about all I knew. Marly made herself comfortable perched on one of the kitchen stools as I fed a braised and stuffed pork loin into the oven along with vegetables for roasting. When Trish made her entrance I was in the midst of shaking up a pair of cosmos. She looked particularly fine to me that night, pairing her best fitting pair of jeans with a slightly sheer black blouse. Her black bra underneath just barely showed through. Maybe not all that sexy to most people, but on my wife it was about the hottest thing I'd seen her in for a long, long time.

I poured the cosmos and then fixed myself a martini. We snacked on some nice gooey brie slathered atop wheat crackers. Marly turned out to be one of those type of people that was forever touching everyone else in the room as she spoke, her hand lightly resting on their arm or hand if it was resting on a counter or tabletop. Normally I find this a little annoying but with her it just seemed very genuine and unaffected.

Wine was uncorked, dinner was served and then dessert and coffee which Trish suggested that we enjoy in the living room. She had insisted on my starting a fire earlier which I had been stoking every fifteen or twenty minutes. A nice amber glow had settled in the firebox, lending a warm aura to the entire room. I plunked down in my favorite spot at one end of the sofa and Trish disappeared upstairs again. Marly commented on how comfy it was then shed the silk jacket. It turned out that the lace garment beneath was a camisole, baring her shoulders and making it impossible not to notice her ample breasts.

Again Trish was gone for what seemed to be an inordinate amount of time and when she reappeared she at first flitted past in the adjoining hall in what I could have sworn was her robe. I saw the lights in the kitchen and then dining room go out and then she joined us through the dining doorway. Sure enough, Trish was wearing her thick fluffy robe and as I began to wonder what was up she reached for the light switch and twisted the dimmer until the fireplace was the major source of illumination for the room. What happened next stunned me.

Undoing the sash, Trish slipped the robe off and tossed it over the back of a chair. Under the robe she had worn only the ecru silk camisole and bikini panty set she had purchased a couple years earlier in Europe. Even in the dim light her nipples were evident through the filmy material. Striding across the room she slipped onto the sofa and cuddled up beside me.

"Remember our discussion Monday evening?" she asked.

"Uhh... yeah."

"Well I decided to take the bull by the horns."

I was dumbfounded and speechless. Not really certain yet as to what was going on, I decided to just keep my mouth shut and go with the flow.

As she began playing with my hair and stroking my thigh, Trish began to explain that she and Marly had been talking on tuesday during lunch "and well... one thing led to another and we came up with this idea."

As Trish continued on. Marly rose and undid the waiststring of what I now realized was pyjama bottoms, allowing them to fall to the floor and revealing that she wore a simple white thong beneath. She then stepped out of them before also settling onto the sofa nuzzling up to the other side of Trish. By then my arm was around Trish and hand on her shoulder which Marly proceeded to lay her head against. It was very sweet and cozy and at the same time hot as all hell. Of course the fact that Trish's hand had come to rest at the now bulging crotch of my jeans made it even more so.

I kissed her, deeply and sensually. Trish seemed to melt as I did and I noticed Marly also gently kiss her shoulder. The hand at my crotch was gently squeezing me. With my free hand I cupped one of Trish's lovely breasts through the thin silk and felt her nipple go rigid, begging through the cloth to be sucked upon. Marly was began playing with one of her own breasts with a hand slid up under the lace of her camisole. I felt Trish slowly unzipping my jeans far enough to be able to reach in and grasp my cock. I kissed her again.

"Why don't we take this party upstairs." she mumbled.

In unison we rose then mounted the stairs, Trish in the lead, her silk panty clad ass right in front of my face. Marly was right behind. On the second floor Trish guided us toward the spare bedroom, from which a warm flickering glow beckoned. Within was a veritable love nest, candles scattered around the room, soft music playing, and the scent of jasmine incense in the air creating an intoxicating atmosphere. The hide-a-bed sofa that normally occupied the west wall was gone. Instead, a king-sized mattress occupied a good portion of the floor, fitted up with fern printed sheets.

A dozen pillows were strewn about and a bucket with ice and a bottle of champagne accompanied three slender glass flutes atop the dresser which had been draped in a deep green cloth.

Trish pulled her camisole up over her head and off, unveiling her lovely breasts, both nipples rigid, begging for attention. I gently fondled one breast while drawing her tight to me but not before she managed to slide a hand into my jeans again in order to grasp my cock through the knit fabric of my briefs. With the other hand she finished unzipping me and then pushed the jeans down until I took over, pulling them down and over my knees then feet. She unbuttoned the white oxford shirt and pushed it off my shoulders and soon it joined the other clothing on the floor. I drew her close again and more deep passionate kissing ensued, tongues insistently probing each others mouths.

When we stopped to catch our breath we found Marly in the process of removing her top as well, revealing a pair of grapefruit size breasts capped by huge aureoles. Her nipples were less protrusive than Trish's but that did nothing to detract from the beauty of her succulent orbs.

Still grasping one of Trish's, I reached out with my other hand and touched one of them then grasped it too, fascinated by the difference in feel between the two. Marly drew tight to the two of us.

Releasing Marly's breast I took the hand of Trish's that wasn't preoccupied with groping my penis and guided it toward Marly's chest, coming to rest there. We both then held and fondled one of the melons and I felt Marly kiss me on the shoulder much as she had Trish on the sofa. My body was tingling, a marvelous penumbra having settled in over me. I felt Trish pushing my briefs down and off me, exposing my rigid member completely. A moment later, both women's hands were exploring it as well as my balls. My hands were all over the two of them, caressing their shoulder, backs, breasts, and asses.

Marly lowered herself gradually, kissing my body all over as she did. Once she was on her knees she then kissed my cock, first the tip and then the shaft as Trish held the base of it. Then I felt her lips around the tip and next thing I knew it was completely engulfed by her hot wet mouth. She took it deep, all the way to the hilt as Trish released her grip and pressed herself against my side, wrapping one arm around me and stroking Marly's head with the other. I buried my tongue into Trish's mouth. This was incredible.

I tugged downward at Trish's panties, exposing the crack of her ass and she took the cue, pulling them off completely, then pressed herself firmly against me again and we resumed our tongue wrestling. Marly continued to ply me with her considerable oral talent. It was the sloppiest, deepest blow job I'd ever experienced, as good as inside any quim I'd ever felt, maybe even better. Somehow she kept her tongue in constant motion, even while deep throating. One hand gently held my ball sac and every few strokes of my shaft she would pause to lick and kiss my nuts.

Before too long I felt the surge rising and pulled away before I came, managing to keep things under control. This was way too much fun and I wanted it to go on and on. With my hand I guided Marly's head toward my wife's crotch and then watched as Marly kissed her first on her lower abdomen then buried her nose in the short soft pale brown curls lower down. Acommodating the advances, Trish splayed her legs slightly, allowing Marly access to the promised land and I watched as her tongue explored the slit and lips that I knew would by now be wet and juicy, ready for action and attention. I also knew that Marly had found her clit when Trish involuntarily jerked slightly and uttered a "Ooh!".

With Marly earnestly at work on my wife's snatch, I moved behind Trish, pressed up against her, and wrapped my arms around her shoulders in a bear hug. My rigid pole was nestled in the cleft of her ass cheeks. As Marly worked her magic I felt Trish's body go from stiff to completely relaxed and eventually back to a different sort of rigid as she approached orgasm. Just as she had with me, Marly knew it was time to stop.

"Maybe you should lie down." I said to Trish.

She headed for the mattress, laying on her back, head on a pillow. I followed, crawling between her legs as I spread them apart for access. On all fours I leaned in and picked up where Marly had left off, kissing Trish on her now sloppy wet pussy lips before sucking them into my mouth to swish around. My tongue then found her clit and within a couple minutes I finished the job Marly had begun, sending Trish into an intense orgasm accompanied by some loud noises that seemed more animal than human.

As was usually the case, she needed me inside her immediately. More than happy to oblige, I plunged my member into her hot wet hole, my hands gripping the backside of her knees as I pinned them to her shoulders. It may have been missionary, but it was totally obscene let me get as deep into your hole as I possibly can missionary and it was marvelous. I felt Marly's hand between my legs, grasping my gonads just as Trish crested again. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the need to release my seed and I spewed a torrent deep within Trish's womb.

We gasped for a bit, attempting to regain both breath and composure before Trish slipped off to use the bathroom. My cock was still hard, as well as dripping residual love juices. Marly proceeded to lick and suck everything clean, to the point that when Trish returned to the bed, I passed on a turn in the bathroom, having been already been given a good cleansing orally. We snuggled and chatted for a while before all falling asleep.

I awoke at 1:07 according to the digital clock. At first I was more than a little disoriented but then the images of earlier slowly trickled back into my consciousness. It wouldn't have seemed to be more than a dream were it not for the fact that I was lying there between Trish and Marly, the three of us naked. Trish looked absolutely angelic. Marly had her back to me, but her ass was divine in the flickering light of the three or four candles that remained lit. Lying there in a fetal position, her cheeks presented themselves as soft orbs begging to be caressed. Raising myself up on one elbow afforded me a view of her tits, squashed against each other, similarly calling out for attention.

I needed to relieve myself and after slipping out from between the two sleeping odalisques I trotted off to pay homage to the commode. When I returned, Marly was getting up as well and we embraced standing in doorway. It felt delightful to be there naked in each others' arms in plain view of Trish, sound asleep just eight feet away. Marly played with my cock and in no time at all it was stiff again.

"I need to pee." she whispered, then released me and continued down the hall. I slipped back under the covers, nestling up against Trish. She stirred slightly but seemed totally unaware that there was a swollen cock pressed against her backside. When Marly returned, Trish stirred again and at that point also woke enough to decide that she too needed relieve herself. By the time reappeared I was on my back and Marly was squatting on my knees, bent over with my cock in her mouth. Trish lay down beside us and rested a hand on my shoulder. She proceeded to watch Marly working her mouth magic on me.

After a while Marly sat upright then moved forward, now straddling me at my hips. My member lay flat against my abdomen and she proceeded to grind her slippery wet pussy against it. I'd call it dry-humping, but it was really anything but dry. Then she held it upright and poised herself above it.

I looked into Trish's eyes. She had the sweetest, most loving expression on her face that I think I've ever seen as she intently returned my gaze. I felt Marly impaling herself on my tool and whatever expression came over my face must have pleased Trish immensely, as her lips spread wide in a glowing smile. She leaned over and kissed me.

Meanwhile, Marly started slowly sliding up and down on my love pole and before long was riding it like a pogo stick. My attention began to focus on the wonderful sensations going on down there. Her tits bounced merrily as she rode me and she cupped them in her hands, playing with the nipples as she did. My hands were on her thighs. Trish stacked up a couple pillows and leaned against them as she watched me receive one hell of a cowgirl ride.

After an extended period of this, Marly raised herself up and off my cock, turned around and then with her back to me planted herself on my shaft again. It was interesting in how different she felt inside as I slid deep into her juicy hot quim. As she again began the up and down action the feeling was amplified. Marly also seemed to be really enjoying the position, as there were a steady stream of "Ooooh! Oooooh! Ooooh!s" coming from her that were rising in both pitch and intensity.

Again it went on for quite some time and then again she rose up and off me, this time planting herself on all fours with her ass toward me. I scrambled up and knelt between her legs, then guided my cock back into her sodden cunt. After a few strokes in that position, I altered my position to a squat, straddling her on my feet, banging away at her feverishly like a wild animal. It felt incredible and the idea that my wife was lying a foot away watching me take this other woman in a position I had never been able to talk her into made it all the more intoxicating. Marly's cries of ecstasy were rising in both volume and pitch. She had lowered her face to the mattress and was resting on her forearms, positioning her posterior further upward in a manner that offered me even better vantage to slam away.

Eventually it was all too much and the floodgates opened, I released my spunk deep within her love channel, groaning unintelligibly as I did. When I was done, I pulled out and stood, a thin strand of viscous fluid stretching from the tip of my cock to the slit of Marly's swollen clam, glistening in the flickering light of now three only candles.

Trisha disappeared, but returned shortly with two hot, moist washcloths. After mopping off we chatted for a few minutes before all collapsing on the bed. All three of us were fast asleep in no time at all.

I always wake up early, but the next morning it was nearly eight when I did. Trish and Marly were curled up to either side of me, deeply asleep. This time no one awoke as I quietly slipped off the mattress. After a shower and shave I made my way downstairs. I closed the flu and straightened up from the previous night. Trish's robe and Marly's pyjama pants were stealthily carried upstairs and left in the guestroom on the dresser as the two concubines lay dreaming. The unused bottle of champagne and now bucket of tepid water were removed on the way out. A pot of coffee was put on and I chopped various things in preparation for omelets at the appropriate time. I then settled in with the morning paper and a cuppa joe.

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