tagBDSMA New Beginning

A New Beginning

bybarbarian queen 2©

They had been trying D/s play for awhile, each trying out both roles to see which they liked best. They had agreed on rules and safe words. She was finding the submissive role very satisfying. Or at least until he went too far. He had her blindfolded and naked. She did not protest when he tied her to the bed. The gag was a surprise.

"I don't want the neighbors to spoil our fun," he said, "be right back." Then she heard the others. She had no idea how many.

"Mmmmmmffffff, nnnnnnnn," she tried to object. They had talked about having a threesome, but this sounded like more and they had not set any ground rules for this.

"Ain't she a sight?" he said. A murmur of agreement. "Sorry about the gag," he continued, "I know some of you wanted her to suck you off, but we don't want anyone to break up our fun if she gets too noisy." A slap on her breast made her jerk. "Just have fun. My slut whore likes lots of cock." His sudden crudity shocked and angered her.

Hands touched her clitoris, probed her. "Man, she's dry as a fucking desert!"

"Here, use this." Fingers pushed lubricant into her. Then they began. One after the other mounting her and thrusting deep into her. She thrashed and fought. There was no joy, no pleasure in this. "Come on, whore," said her boyfriend, "you know you're liking this!" They finally finished with her. He left her tied, blindfolded, and gagged while he went with his friends.

When she was sure they were gone, she let her anger and hurt burst free. Tears soaked the blindfold and the gag muffled her sobs. She was limp and drained when he finally returned. He freed her, removing the blindfold and gag.

"God!" he said. "That was fantastic!" He slapped her playfully on the bottom. "You're a great slut!"

Her eyes turned ice cold. She said nothing as she went into the bathroom to clean up. He was drinking beer and watching a game on TV when she finished. She wrote a short note and left it on his pillow. He never saw her leave.

She walked out of town. She had no idea where she would go and at the moment did not care. The sound of motorcycles barely registered before they swept into view. She ignored them and kept walking until a huge biker blocked her. She went to step around him when he grabbed her wrist.

"Lost?" asked a deep, soft voice. She looked up at him. His eyes were hidden by his sunglasses, long black hair swirled around his shoulders, and his muscular body held the big motorcycle easily balanced while he kept her wrist in his hand.

"Hey, Demon!" called one of the other bikers, "either bang the bitch or let's go!"

Demon saw the flare of anger in her eyes, yet she had not struggled in his grip. "Go ahead," he said, "I'll catch up." With a roar, the others took off. Demon took off his sunglasses. She found herself held by hypnotic amber eyes. "You don't like being called a bitch, do you?" he asked softly.

"Not bitch. Not whore. Not slut," she snarled.

He pushed the kickstand down to steady his bike. "Tell me," he commanded. Before she could stop herself, she told him everything. By the time she finished, he was holding her against his muscular chest, stroking her hair and back, comforting her, giving her the touch her boyfriend had not. When he kissed her, she yielded, her lips parting under his, her arms around his waist.

"Hey! Take your hands off her!"

She stiffened. Demon's eyes glittered. "Is he...?" She nodded. "Do you want to go back with him?" She shook her head, no. Demon looked over at the man she had left. "You lost her when you abused her trust," he said with cold softness. "She's mine now." And he stood up, looming over seven feet tall. His gleaming amber eyes made the other man shiver. Suddenly afraid, he went back to his car and left.

Demon looked down at her. "Mine?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied softly. He put her on the back of his bike. She held him tight, her breasts pressed hard against his back, her hands warm on his bare stomach. He turned off the highway and rode along a dim track deep into the woods. In a small clearing, he stopped and parked.

"To keep you safe from the others," he said, "I must take you and mark you as mine."

She shivered slightly and looked up into his amber eyes. Could she give herself to another so soon after the betrayal she had at the hands of her former boyfriend? And what would she be getting herself into by being with a biker named Demon? She had often wondered what it would be like to have a strong man, a master. This looked like her chance to find out. She knelt before him, head bowed, offering her crossed wrists.

Her trust pleased him. "Remove your clothes," he said softly. She did so quickly, folding and laying them aside. He had quickly stripped and his penis had begun to swell. He knelt in front of her. He caressed her cheek. "This will be fairly quick," he said softly as he gathered her in his arms. He kissed her, feeling her silky skin against his. Her hips rocked against him as he aroused her. He laid her on the ground, held her arms over her head and plunged into her.

She arched, gasping in shock and pain as he forced her to accept the most enormous penis she had ever felt. He thrust again. He thrust again. He was huge! He took her quickly, bringing her to a shattering orgasm as he pulsed his own deep into her. She lay quivering under him, her hips still rocking against him. He still held her hands over her head. His free hand caressed her cheek. "I have taken you," he said softly, "now I must mark you as mine."

"Please," she moaned, writhing on his still hard penis, "please stay in me when you do it." He felt so good!

"Yes," he agreed softly. He picked up a huge knife and showed it to her. The he leaned down to her breast. She arched to his lips. He sat up, straddling her hips, keeping her impaled on his massive penis. He caressed her left breast, gripping it in his large hand, squeezing it. She moaned, her hips moving against him. With slow deliberation, he carved a small pentagram in the taut skin of her breast and then a sigil for his name in the center.

She was whimpering when he finished, her blood seeping over his hand. He leaned down to lick her breast. His tongue moved over the carving, removing the blood. When his lips closed over the carving, she convulsed in orgasm caressing his monstrous penis with her intense spasms. He held her tight until her orgasm faded then he slowly withdrew from her. He held her a few more minutes. Then he had her dress, leaving her panties and bra behind. Her shirt was left open, the tails tied at her waist. He pushed the fabric aside to kiss his mark on her breast. She moaned, arching to his lips.

He put her back on his motorcycle and started down the highway. He soon caught up with the others. There were a few grins as they saw her behind him. He moved to the front of the pack and led them all to their camp. When they stopped, he put her in front of him and bared her breasts showing his mark.

"She is my woman," he said with cool softness, "not a camp bitch or whore or slut. Mine." His cold golden gaze looked over the others. They shifted nervously and everyone nodded agreement. "Strip, woman," he whispered in her ear. Trembling, she complied. The other bikers watched her, shifting a bit. "Kneel." She went to her knees, back straight. She felt something cool around her throat. A chain collar. HIS chain collar. She quivered, aroused. "Show them," he whispered, "show them you are mine."

She unzipped his pants to free his massive penis. Then, moaning softly, she began kissing the hot weight in her hands. Her lips and tongue caressed his hardening length, savoring the taste of him, taking him as deep into her mouth as she could. His hips moved slowly as her mouth and tongue sucked on him. A hoarse grunt, a hard jerk, and he exploded into her throat. The bikers watched her throat convulse as she greedily swallowed every drop of his fiery ejaculate. She cleaned him with her tongue then leaned against his thighs. His hand caressed her head. He looked down at her. "Shall I share you?" Her arms tightened around him, she kissed his penis again.

"If you wish," she murmured. He looked deep into her eyes. He could see that she really did not want to accommodate all of them, yet she would if he required it. He had asked, not just handed her to them. He caressed her again.

He looked at the others. "One time only," he said, "you may share my woman. One time only. Then never again." She lay back as the gang lined up. It took hours and each one made sure she had a hard orgasm before he withdrew from her. She was limp and throbbing when the last one slowly withdrew from her.

Then Demon was with her, holding her in his arms, caressing her. "You did well, woman," he murmured, "I am pleased." She put her arms around him.

"Please, Master," she breathed, "take what is yours." And he mounted her, plunging deep into her tender body. She arched and convulsed in an immediate orgasm. Another savage thrust. She writhed under him, wanting the sweet pain of his monstrous penis in her on and on. He took his time, savoring her body, the intense caressed of her orgasm on his steel hard penis. He took her to sated exhaustion and beyond until her only focus was the huge, steely organ penetrating her convulsing body again and again. And again...

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