tagSci-Fi & FantasyA New Beginning Ch. 05

A New Beginning Ch. 05


Authors note;

My apologies for taking so long with this, other projects and the holidays caused me to slow done, plus I wanted to change direction a bit.

I have no clue how long this will run or how long it will take to complete, I'm back at work now, so expect the next part to be at least two weeks away.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it and as always, please comment and forward any idea's or advice, I'm still learning and really appreciate it.



Jessica Davis faced off against Roger Harris, the older Marine held his Ceramic blade with a casual and expert grace as they circled each other.

She had been training with him for some time now and felt she was nearly as good.

Harris had dead eyes, they gave away nothing as he moved in perfect balance. He had watched her improve to the point that he was now wary of her skills with a blade or in unarmed combat.

Jess had learnt from the best, not just Harris who was the best, but also from Choi and Gibb's both of whom had years of combat experience and moves that were in no handbook.

His fake lunge was fast, most wouldn't have picked it for a fake, but she did. Twisting her body as if she thought it was real, she remained balanced and countered with a lightning fast faint of her own that put him so very slightly out of place.

Harris's eyes widened in the nanosecond of realisation as her real attack slammed her foot into his knee and then her blade brushed lightly across his throat.

She twirled away, blade up and ready.

"You're dead." She said with a grin.

"Nice fake." He said as he rubbed at his neck, if she had meant it, he would be spurting blood from his jugular and even if she hadn't finished him, at full force the knee kick would have disabled him.

Jess grinned wider, her mouth was small and petite with full lips that promised a fantastic blow job.

"Why are we doing this naked again?" she asked with a smile.

Harris grinned at her, he had used the excuse of being able to see each other's muscle movements, but she clearly wasn't buying that anymore.

"Because I get to see you naked." He admitted with a shrug. Enjoying the way her breasts swayed and jiggled as she laughed.

"Harris, we fuck all the time, what's the point?" she giggled out as she sheathed her knife and walked towards her clothes.

Harris watched her perfect ass as she walked away from him, her hips swayed in a way that no Marines' should, not even the female ones.

"I'm OLD Jess, but I'm not so old that I can't enjoy looking at what you have." He growled out, his tone lustful.

She turned to face him.

"Fuck OFF, you fuck like a twenty year old." She giggled and eyed his hard cock.

Harris looked her in the eyes, he wanted her again, even though they had already had sex before the training session.

"Would you?" he asked a little breathlessly. Knowing she could and often did refuse sex now.

Jessica thought about it, she was ready for sex, she was almost always ready for sex.

"Sorry, I think we have done it enough." She finally said with a slightly sad smile. Wanting to feel him inside her again yet unwilling to as she was going to see Hank in less than an hour.

Harris shrugged, she was her own woman and a fellow Marine, if she said no then no it was.

"Yeah sure. Just asking." He said with respect.

Corporal Jessica Davis waved at him and picked up her PT suit. Slipping into its figure hugging fabric before walking out of the training room.

Harris sheathed his Ceramic blade and shook his head, Jess wasn't just good, that last manoeuvre had been so fast he hadn't even seen it until the very last moment. Logically, he knew no one could move that fast.


Marine Captain Hank Choi sat in his small office, reading the latest reports on his troops.

The boarding teams were as good as they would get and the PI troopers were now more Marine than PI.

He wanted to get Miller out of the brig and reinstated, it had been former Captain Miller's idea to retrain them and create a Marine 'boot camp' for the PI troopers.

It had worked well, with the PI troops and a few real Marines gathered up as they headed towards Janus Four, they were now actually just over a half Battalion in strength. Numbering five hundred and eighty-two deployable troopers.

That wasn't counting the PG's, Sixty four of them, Twenty nine with the Marine Zt-360 chip.

He had given Gibb's the PG's to train up and he felt impressed with him and the girls, he was confident that the brighter ones would do as well as his Marines perhaps even better in some cases. He was even thinking of trying to persuade Rawlings to create a PG only unit.

Previously he had assumed that all PG's were made the same way, that the few defective ones were a by-product of normal mistakes.

Choi had been looking into it with renewed interest though, after seeing Jessica's file, or part of it. He had looked at the others, new codes and differences were evident, perhaps some attempt to create women for different tastes?

He didn't really think that was it though and wished he had a better understanding of Genetics and the various codes stamped on the girls files.

The polite knock on his door interrupted his thoughts, Jessica was due and he assumed it was her.

"Come." He said with his usual brusque tone.

Jess opened the door and stepped in, giving a respectable salute.

"Jessica Davis reporting as requested SIR." She kept to the formalities and would do so until he indicated not to.

Hank returned her salute, "close the door and take a seat Davis." He instructed.

Once the door closed he smiled warmly.

"How have you been? We don't seem to get much time together lately." He said with affection.

"I'm okay Hank, I miss the days when we're alone, even if you hardly show me any affection then too." She said with a sad smile.

Hank nodded his understanding, she was learning more and more about how couples interacted and it was well past the time he showed her in a physical way what he felt for her.

Only problem was, she was now classed as human and a Marine in his command. Regs were very clear, he could do nothing about it.

"Jess." He said softly and with feeling.

She didn't wait for his explanation.

"NO, you told me I'm special, you TOLD me you loved me. I've waited Hank. I'm still waiting." She said with tears in her eyes.

She might not truly understand LOVE, the way people talked about it, or the way the books read. Still she knew that denying what she felt was killing her.

He was torn, duty and honour were ingrained into him, respect for the corps and it's values had shaped his entire life.

Frustrated he sighed.

"I can't Jess, I'm sorry. I do love you and want you, please try to understand the position I'm in." his voice wasn't pleading, it was strong and determined. He needed her to understand.

She shook her head fiercely and stood up. Unzipping her jump suit as she did.

Before he could object she had pulled it open and had exposed her bra and the top of her panties.

"Don't." he growled as she climbed over his desk and grabbed him by the collar.

Jess ignored him and firmly attached her lips to his. Forcing a kiss.

Hank could have pulled away, but deep down, this was what he wanted and didn't, he kissed her back just as hard and pulled her to him.

Neither of them were thinking much as they clawed at one another, pulling at their clothes until they were both naked.

She straddled him in his chair, lifting herself up as they kissed, she worked her hips and soon had his rampantly hard cock pressing at her very wet opening.

"Jess." He moaned as she slid down his shaft, saying her name in a way that neither of them was sure if it was an objection or an encouragement.

"Hank." She mouthed as they continued to kiss, sighing his name out as she felt him fill her.

She was in almost complete control as she bucked her hips and slowly fucked him, finally feeling him inside her like that wasn't to be rushed.

They held each other as they ground together, slow and deliberate, revelling in the feel of their bodies finally being one.

He kissed her neck and down to her breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples as she slid up and down his large cock, he was bigger than anyone else she fucked and she loved the way it felt when she took it all the way into her.

Each time she bottomed out on it, she rolled her hips, taking extra joy in the sensation of him inside her, fully feeling the way he too liked that. Hank ground upwards when she did, wanting it inside her as much as he could.

Trying to get as much of his cock into her with each thrust.

They panted and kissed, her hands roamed over his strong chest, searching, feeling, wanting to experience all of him.

His own hands explored her body, caressing her soft flesh, revelling in her as they loved each other with slow passion.

For nearly half an hour they went on like that, just wanting and taking each other, experiencing the sensation of being together.

His need got deeper and he started to thrust faster, lifting her up in his arms he stood with her still impaled on him. She wrapped both her legs around his hips as he did.

Still she bounced with him, together they kept a mutual pace as he bent down to lay her on her back over his desk.

Now he moved faster, thrusting harder and harder into her, she matched him easily and wantonly, bucking her hips and pulling at him with her legs in perfect timing.

"Ohhhhh Hank." She gasped out with passion.

Their lips crushed together almost painfully as they fucked, to her it was fucking with feelings, not really understanding that they were making love.

Hank gasped and groaned as he started to cum inside her, lifting her up in his arms as he shoved all of his prodigious cock as deep as it would go.

"I Love you Jess." He groaned out.

She climaxed too, "Uuunnngggghhhhhh." She moaned out as she came. The feeling of his cock spurting inside her sending her over the edge into bliss.

"I love you too." She whispered in the throes of her climax, at last truly understanding what lovemaking was.

They lay like that for a while, him above her with his cock inside her, her, relaxed and sated, legs dangling on either side of him.

They kissed slowly and lovingly. He stroked her damp auburn hair as she ran her hands over his back.

"We shouldn't have." He whispered as he looked down at her face with care.

"We had to." She said softly, caressing his cheek and smiling up at him, looking deeply into his dark eyes.

He couldn't deny it. It had been more than he had ever hoped and the act had made him realise just how foolish he had been to try to stop it.

He nodded and kissed her tenderly.

She smiled and then started to giggle softly.

Curious, he held her and quirked an eyebrow at her.

"What?" he asked, unsure as to why she was having a giggling fit.

Still giggling slightly, she stared up at him with her bright blue eyes.

"Your face, your grumpy face, it's not grumpy now." She laughed.

He gave her a mock scowl.

"I'm NOT grumpy." He declared, knowing full well that he often did look fierce to others.

She patted his chest and smiled up at him.

"Haaaa." She snorted out before lifting up a bit and planting a kiss on his lips.

He was getting hard again, still inside her, her giggling had stimulated his cock in a way that made it start to grow again.

Jess felt it and bit her lower lip in pleasure, gazing into his eyes.

"Mmmmm....again?" she breathed out in excitement.

Hank nodded at her with a wide grin as he started to slide out slowly and then back into her just as slow.

Her back arched and she wrapped one leg around him, pulling him deeper.

"Fuuu...." She stopped herself and gulped.

"Make love to me." She whispered the correction.

The words meant a lot. Hank kissed her slowly as he moved with deliberate slowness inside her.

"I will my LOVE." His tone soft and caring.


Jess walked down the familiar corridors of the 'Jean-Paul' with a light step, they had made love several times and it had only been a summons from Rawlings that had stopped them doing it more.

Hank, Captain Choi now that she was a Marine and in her Jumpsuit again, had kissed her apologetically as he dressed.

She had watched him leave with a smile. They both knew it wouldn't be the last time.

She wasn't tired, in fact she felt energized and headed towards the hanger bay.

The automatic security scanners let her in and she walked briskly to Connor's Drop Ship. She knew he would most likely still be tinkering with it, obsessively maintaining it, even though there were over a hundred mech's on board that kept all the birds flying.

Sure enough he was, changing out a few parts with newer ones he had somehow managed to beg, find or outright steal.

"Sir." She said as she gave him a smart but slightly loose salute.

"Corporal." He returned with a lazy half salute.

"Sorry Jess, no flying lessons today, we'll be dropping out of FTL in a few hours and I want this old girl ready." He explained as he picked up a new piece for the thruster controls.

She knew what it was, having read up every scrap of information she could get her hands on about the old style drop ship.

Jess was already a capable pilot for it, Connors was a good teacher and she had a quick mind that picked up everything he had to teach.

She shook her head and held out the info pad she was carrying.

"I wasn't after a lesson." She said with a smile.

"I was looking at the scanner and data feed from our encounter with that Destroyer. I think I found something and wanted your opinion." She explained as he took the pad from her.

"What am I looking for?" he asked as he looked at the 3D image that popped up. It displayed a still of the 'Jean-Paul' and the Destroyer, moments before they had Jumped into FTL.

Jess leaned in and pointed at the small dots, they were the Hornets that the Destroyer had launched. With a hand movement she zoomed in and enlarged them.

She pointed to two larger craft that were in among the enemy Hornets.

"Those, I can't find them on the data base and they look interesting." She said, her tone curious and hopeful that he might know what they were.

"No fucking WAY." He gasped out in recognition.

Jess looked at him quizzically, "So you DO recognise them, what are they?" she asked eagerly.

Connors shook his head and stared at them for a while, changing the angles and checking as much detail as he could.

"Well, I was thinking they might be an updated version, but these look exactly the same.... Those are Dragonfly Class fighter bombers. They aren't in the data base because fleet decided not to build them, only six trial ones got built and then stripped down years ago." He still stared at the images, switching angles as if obsessed.

Jess could tell he thought they were something special.

"Soooo, why are they there and why weren't they built? Some one has." She wondered aloud. Hoping to prompt more answers from him.

He answered without looking at her as he zoomed in as close as he could on one.

"They need two pilots, neural connectors making them almost one. They cost the same as a destroyer to build too. Lack of willing pilots and high costs made them hard to man and too expensive for fleet to properly consider." His tone sad and regretful.

Jess had a flash of insight.

"You were one of the test pilots, that's how you know." She gasped out.

Mark Connor looked up at her and nodded.

"Six years ago, how do you think a pilot as good as I am ends up flying drop ships on an out of date cruiser like this." He confirmed with a hint of bitterness.

It wasn't false pride, Jess knew he was an amazingly good pilot and had wondered in the past why he was on the 'Jean-Paul'.

Still, her immediate concern was whether anyone else knew about the Dragonfly's and if they were a danger to the 'Jean-Paul'.

"Mark, do you think tactical knows what they are? Or Captain Rawlings? How dangerous are they?" she asked carefully, aware his feeling were on edge.

He shook his head.

"Doubtful anyone here but me knows and as to dangerous, limited FTL capable, two forward facing Lancer launchers with six in each, four 360 degree Gatling Railguns and a cutter port for boarding. Not to mention it's load of Crawler bombs, those puppies attach to a ship and then scan for weak spots, crawling along the hull and detonating where they will do the most damage."

He sighed wistfully.

"My wife and me flew like gods in one, it felt so good." He said more to himself than her.

Jess laid a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"We should tell the Captain." Her voice soft, full of concern for him, yet strong with urgency.

Conner's nodded and seemed to give himself a mental shake.

"Lead the way Corporal." He said firmly, duty and military protocol taking over.


Tactical was full, a larger version of the image from Jess's info pad revolved in the centre of the room, Fleet officers observed it with fascination as Conner pointed out it's numerous and deadly features.

Marine Captains Choi and Miller stood to one side, any animosity put aside, not just because Choi had managed to get Rawlings to see reason, but also because this new threat featured something that was very relevant to the Marines.

Miller pointed to the Cutter portal on the Dragonfly.

"You thinking they have Marines on board?" he asked with a grim look at Choi.

"Doubtful, most of the Marines are accounted for and already on our fleet ships or at staging areas. I'm guessing re-tasked PI with Marine type weaponry and altered Battle armour." Choi replied with a shrug.

Miller grunted and had to agree with the experienced Choi, it sounded about right, Marines were incredibly loyal to their ships and the Corps, it would be highly unlikely any would side with Niles and his new order.

They both knew it was bad though, boarding was a dangerous thing, but the Dragonfly's might just have an edge, they were not cutter/drop ships, they were a fully operational combat vessel. Added to that, it was an unexpected surprise that Niles had been thinking along the same lines as Choi.

Boarding wasn't used anymore. Was Niles going for a surprise like they were? They didn't know, but it needed consideration.

Miller swallowed his pride and accepted Choi's superior experience, even if he wasn't officer trained.

"Hank." He used Choi's given name, they were of equal rank and this was his way of showing he accepted it.

"This ship has boarding alerts in every compartment, you said this was how you guys did it in the past, what if we reactivated those old protocols on this ship? Niles is old, but he's thinking New style vessels."

Choi nodded.

"Any boarding party from his ships will expect unarmed crew and be unaware of the auto response teams...that we CAN set up if we go full old style." Choi agreed.

Miller was finally thinking like a Marine from Choi's past.

"It's going to get messy Choi." He grumbled.

Choi laughed.

"If it's easy don't call a Marine." He echoed the sentiment, using one of the ancient saying of the original space Marine corp.

Captain Rawlings looked over at them.

"Let's hope it doesn't get to that, Connor will brief the Hornet Pilots on these new ships and hopefully we can take them out before they get close enough." His words were hopeful but his tone wasn't as they looked at the sleek but well armoured Dragonfly on display.

They desperately needed more Hornets, with the ones they had, already committed to escort their own cutters, it would be left to the two older hornets to try to fly defence against the dragonflies. Repaired and rearmed, ready to fly but a doubtful match.

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