tagRomanceA New Beginning to Our # 1

A New Beginning to Our # 1


Please note: This romance story has little sex in it until the very end. So if you're looking for a stroke story you'll have to look elsewhere.

Couples in this story are Karen and Robb and Shelly and Vick.

"How long have we known each other now Vick", Robb asked as the four of them were just starting to share a mixture of some wonderful deserts from the great selection offered by the ship. We would usually do that at dinner, you know, pick two or three and then share them between the four of us. We were again sitting at the dinner table as our cruise ship steamed towards our next port of call on our 11-day vacation.

I looked up at him with a mouthful of something incredibly sweet and delicious and say, "I think it's 17 years now." I looked at my lovely wife and asked, "Shelly do you know for sure?"

But before my wife could answer Karen, Robb's wife replied, "It will be 16 in August."

"WOW 16 years" I said!

We have been going on vacation with our friends each year or sometimes twice a year. Oh there were times where it had been more than a year since we saw each other due to family matters or deaths or some major expense etc. But usually we met once a year in early summer and on average we had been traveling as a foursome for 16 years. "Sixteen wonderful years as far as I'm concerned", Shelly said. Karen agreed and Robb and I both joined in too.

My name is Vick and I am semi-retired and financially stable. I had a great pension and had a large nets egg from my mom and dad's life insurance after they passed away. While I couldn't go nuts I could live very well. I was lucky enough to invest in the high-tech industry and even more lucky to escape a year before it came crashing down again. I now have my money spread in a group of mutual funds that pretty much guarantied me that they will stay ahead of inflation and offer a yield I think is fair and equitable. I'm satisfied that I will have enough money to last me for the rest of my life regardless of how old I get and a lot left over for my wife.

The company, which I worked over 22 years offered early retirement and I jumped at it. Based on the salary I made the pension that was provided gave me a great monthly income on top of my investment income. Additionally they offer medical insurance for me until I turn 65. I also have my wife insured under the plan and it covered almost everything. It's a great retirement plan and a very good way to live. So I was sure we were set for life.

Our kids and our friends' kids were all grown with the youngest being my daughter of 20 and the oldest being a boy of 23. My wife was 43 and I was 45.

As I think back at the fun and the fantastic places I have been to and seen over my life, I knew I was a lucky man. Ever since I was 18 years old and in the Navy I have been traveling all over the world. Now it was like a habit or hobby.

Shelly worked just for the fun of it and to get away from me I'm sure some of the time. We enjoy doing things together but we both also like our free time.

Anyway, we vacation and travel a lot. And whenever we could we would meet up with Robb and Karen at some set destination and had a week or two of fun and laughs until our sides hurt. We have been almost all over the Western Hemisphere with them. Many states of the USA and most of the Caribbean and South America have had our mugs visit them. We have enjoyed life to its fullest for the past 16 years according to Karen.

Some of our trips included partying in Rio during festival week and explored the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. We have taken trips into rain forests to see places few white people have ever seen. And we have swum with stingrays and deep-sea fishing. We have gone up the Amazon River on an old steamboat that broke down and had to have the Brazil army guard us from the rebels and drug people. And we have gone down the Grand Canyon in a raft. There had been trips to some dangerous places and some to islands where we just did nothing much but sleep in, eat wonderful meals and lay out in the warm sun and the only other thing we did there was go sightseeing. We had seen some of the prettiest waters and tropical islands anyone had ever seen. We have taken a guide and his boat and gone to islands that had no one living on them. The beaches were deserted and the water spectacular. And we have camped in a tent on the island of St Johns VI. Now we were starting to explore the islands in the south pacific. Life was grand.

We have stayed in some very exclusive hotels and we have camped out in the desert of the Southwest or in the forest of the Northwest, and many other places in-between all over the USA. And we have taken many cruises, at least 12, as far as I could remember. We had done pretty much everything we could think of and enjoyed each other's company more than anyone else we knew.

While we liked each other and had fun, there was no unacceptable or major sexual behavior between us. We all kidded with Karen being the major tease with her sly remarks. But I knew she loved her husband as much as I loved my wife Shelly. I know Karen was a big flirt and could make my cock jump just by seeing her in her bikini and smiling at me as I looked at her breasts or between her legs. She was extremely beautiful. But she was also a fairly conservative woman who loved her husband very much. They were truly friends and I would have never done anything to destroy that or my marriage to Shelly. I loved my wife. Now don't get me wrong, we kidded and played around and pulled gags on each other but any sex was with our spouses and only them. And we all knew it. We would have done nothing to wreck the enjoyment between the four of us. Oh she knew she excited me and I think I did the same to her, maybe. My wife was a lovely woman with a happy disposition and a good nature. She was attractive and pretty still having to maintain that girl next door or high school sweet heart look.

She also recognized that Karen was extremely beautiful but she also knew Karen was so easy going and lay back and friendly. Shelly didn't feel threaten by Karen at all and they were great friends.

It was hard sometimes not to at least attempt to say something. But I never did anything to try her. Yet, I didn't want her badly. You see Karen was the most beautiful I had ever known. Oh I'm sure there were even more beautiful women in the world but Karen was actually sitting next to me or dancing with me. I have seen her lying on the beach with her straps down and the sides of her full breast showing or her shapely round beautiful ass or the crouch of her bikini with those long legs under it. And they were all not more than a few feet from me. She was not in the movies or on TV she was there right there for me to see. My cock would get hard jus thinking about her or looking at her photos later on when I got home and have them developed or scanned.

She always reminded me of one of those old Charlie's angles. Oh what was her name, the one with dark hair, oh yes Jaclyn Smith I believer. Anyway, Karen had almost jet-black hair and big green eyes. Her measurements I was sure were better than average but she looked extremely sexy most of the time. Dressed in jeans or an evening gown Karen was so fucking damn beautiful. She was fairly thin after having two kids and being 39. And she was tall, maybe close to 6 feet. I knew she always worked on keeping her weight down too. Her hips were normal for a woman of 39 and her stomach was small. She had the roundest ass of any woman I had ever known. It sat up high and was shaped like a heart, perfectly wonderfully. Her breasts were not huge maybe 34 B but she always wore a type of bra that accented them pushing them up to form wonderful round mounds of female flesh. And her legs! God her legs were so long and shapely. In fact they were longer than Shelly's, which was my wife's best feature.

Now don't get me wrong, Shelly was the love of my life and actually my high school sweetheart. We had been together since high school and I did love her so very much. She was my life. I wouldn't do anything to make her sad or hurt her intentionally. But I had a desire for Karen that I felt I hide rather well over these 16 years. Oh I'm sure Robb knew I liked looking at his wife. But when you marry a woman as beautiful as Karen I guess you get use to it. And besides Robb and I were good friends and I would have never tried to cheat on him or my wife Shelly I'm just not built like that.

As I remembered back over all the years we had been together I had seen Karen dressed in many different outfits and they all only served to stimulate me. As I looked at our vacation photos I would marvel at just how beautiful she was back when she was just 23 and now when she was 16 years older she was just as lovely. If she was dressed up for a formal evening in a strapless or off the shoulder gown she looked spectacular. And when she stood there in her bathing suit, which was always a large type of bikini never a thong or anything close to it, she was the image of sex to me. She never wore a real revealing bikini or anything she didn't feel comfortable in. But she did show herself off just a little with her bikinis.

I think it was her face that made men look first. Karen had a face that was so very lovely. She had the whitest teeth and the brightest smile. Her body was in very good shape thin and mature but her face was special. She never acted like a teenager or looked like one. She looked like a beautiful woman even when she had a ponytail or her hair was wet. I couldn't help but look at her just like all the other men around.

Like I said, I'm sure Robb was used to it by now. And I was sure that during the years they had been married Karen never cheated on him or him on her. He was a handsome man and kept in good shape too. Karen was the youngest of the group, the kid as we called her. She was one of those rare women who knew she was beautiful but she never showed off or was stuck up or tried to make the other woman with her feel smaller. She never acted or felt she was better than the other women in the group. This woman was a real person and a treat to be with.

I liked Robb too. He was fun and a good friend. I think he and I were better friends than most of the guys' back in our hometowns. Maybe it was the fact that we only saw each other a few times a year. Or, maybe it was the fact that both of our wives hit it off tremendously the first time and really liked each other and did things together. There was no jealousy or competition between them. Robb and I would find ourselves waiting for them while they shopped for hours more than once during our trips. But we always had so much fun together and enjoyed traveling we didn't care. Then when we got home we would always write each other and said what a great time we had again. We would always start planning our next trip.

Two years had past and my wife was ill. She and I found out later that she had developed a bad heart. After another year she had trouble breathing and finally passed away. I was devastated. Karen and Robb came to the funeral and it was a very sad time for all of us.

Afterwards I went to visit them a few times that first year having dinner and hanging out for 3 or 4 days. But it wasn't anywhere near like it used to be. They would go to work and I would hang out at the hotel or join a group of men looking for a foursome for golf. Then when they came home from work we would meet for dinner and maybe go back to their house for a few hours. But it was sad for me and finally I stopped visiting so often and made it no more than annually.

As time went by I visited them less and less and while we still stayed friends and in touch over the phone or Internet or sending the most outrageous cards for Birthdays or holidays we had stopped vacationing together. They would send me photos and I would always scan them into a file marked Karen. I had maybe one or two hundred photos of her. I saved them all from the first time we met them. But I stopped going to see them giving then one excuse or the other. I mean I was a third wheel in their twosome now.

I guess it was about 3 years later when one day I received an e-mail from Karen. This was very unusual. Robb would be the one to send me notes from both of them. The note simply read, "Vick. We just found out that Robb has cancer of the liver and has maybe a year or less to live. While we are getting second opinions we are of course devastated. Felt you should know right away since you and he are the best of friends. Love. Karen

The note hurt my heart almost as badly as my wife passing away and I wrote her back asking if there was anything that I could do? She wrote back asking if I would come and visit them. Perhaps we three could travel someplace before he gets to ill and before he started treatment and became too tired.

I of course asked when she wanted me and she told me to write him like nothing was wrong and ask if you could come down and visit. Just tell him you haven't been down lately and want to get away for a few days and play golf. I think he would like to speak with you. It might help both of us Vick. Please consider it. I of course did what Karen wanted immediately. That night I wrote Robb a long and what I felt was a funny e-mail and asked if I could come visit his wife and that if he was there too it would be OK.

At first he told me it wasn't a good time and that he would let me know. A couple of days later, and I was sure after he talked to Karen, he wrote me and said, "Sure come on down and see Karen she has missed you. Me, I'm still recovering from the beer we drank the last time you were here. Come on down and see us. But I have to tell you I might not be great company buddy!"

I wrote him back and asked why but he told me he would tell me when I saw him. I didn't write back and ask why again, I knew why. I did write him and told him to have the beer cold and his golf cubs ready. And then I checked the airlines.

About a two weeks (14 days actually) later I was landing in the airport and they of course were there as usual to pick me up. We then heading for there house. Robb told me as we sat by ourselves on his back porch about his cancer. Karen made herself busy doing what ever and Robb and I spent about an hour crying and actually hugging each other. I didn't know what to do or say and I think after about a half an hour neither did he. He said, "If things get really bad buddy I want you down here again and stay with Karen. She'll need as much help as possible. So I'll let you know when I need you and please come."

I assured him I would and we hugged again and then said two hugs in one day was enough to last both of us. We went inside and caught Karen making drinks. We talked and brought each other up to date on our lives, other than the cancer. For three days Robb played golf in the morning with me but only 9 holes. He simply didn't have the energy.

We would go back to the house and he would take a nap before meeting Karen for dinner. She still worked and Robb and I had a couple good days and talked about what would happen if he didn't make it. I helped him get his personal things in order like a living will and a power of attorney and his finances. I had some good knowledge since I had buried my wife a few years ago.

Then we really got serious one day and talked about how I was getting along and if I had a woman. I didn't have any long-term relationships and told him it was hard. He again told me almost ever day that he wanted me there in the end to be with Karen.

I stayed and they booked a trip for the three of us. On that next Saturday our cruise started. We got a last deal and were heading out again.

We had a blast for 7 days going to St. Thomas where we went to St. John, which is a much prettier place. The beaches there are incredible. Then it was on to St. Martins and a couple of other places. We always try and get a table with lots of people so we can meet other folks. We really need it this time.

At our table for 10, I met this great woman from Great Britain and she was on board alone like me. We were the only ones without a spouse at the table so we hooked up almost the first night. Amanda was her name and she was a hoot and kidded with Karen almost as much as Shelly had done when we were all together. She was new meat too the three of us, which gave us a great deal to chat with her. I loved her English accent and humor.

The four of us had a ball and it seemed just like old times. But Karen and Robb were in their room by 10:00 PM every night. However, Amanda was a dancer and a damn good one. We found ourselves out there on the dance floor dancing every night starting at 10:15 PM and continued until we closed the place or our feet were killing us. Every night we stayed up with the 20 year olds and partied like I hadn't done for years.

Amanda was a great deal of fun and a very, very willing partner in my bed after the third night of the cruise. She told me she didn't want to look like a harlot and screw me on the first night even if she wanted to "do me". So she held off until the third and said she bet she looked just looked like a woman who needed a hard one. Her works not mine.

We would shower and then get into bed and fuck ourselves until we just couldn't do it any longer. She was 35 and usually it was me that was drained before she was done with me. Thank God the Lord gave me a tongue as well as a cock that's all I can say. Amanda was actually only the third woman I had been with since Shelly passed away.

That next day, Thursday morning, I got teased really badly by Karen and Robb who told us very quietly at breakfast, "That by the way your bed was banging against our wall and keeping us awake all damn night. So tonight, please go to her room."

Amanda even blushed and hit my arm saying, "I told him to fix the damn bed or we should get on the chair. Sorry Robbie for keeping you up all night!"

He laughed and blushed, as did Karen. The people sitting at our table didn't have a clue. But I knew Amanda could hold her own with anyone I was sure. Amanda smiled and said, "For an old guy he does have some great stamina."

Karen smiled and said, "I know. I know! I heard you remember?"

She kissed my cheek and Amanda kissed the other one then they laughed until Karen was crying. Amanda never really knew how to take Karen but she told me she like her very much. Then as we were ready to leave the table and do our own thing while we did while we were at sea, Karen said, "So remember tonight you're in Amanda's cabin. If you get lucky that is!"

Amanda and I enjoyed each other the rest of the cruise spending a night in my cabin and then the next in her's. We made sure the bed was OK too. I didn't need to give Karen any more amino than she already had. Every morning she would bug us saying we looked tired and what was wrong the bed not soft enough. That was her main theme in the morning. Amanda and I dragged our sexually used bodies out to breakfast with them everyday. And Karen was ready for us.

While the cruise was great for me, since I had some of the greatest great sex of my life every night and then again in the morning. Sometimes before dinner and then again after we came down from dancing for sure after that first evening. Amanda a very well built woman with very nice breasts and long legs. Her ass was that of a dancer's and her thighs were the smoothest and silkiest I have ever stroked.

Amanda was a woman who really truly enjoyed fucking. She was very hungry and told me she hadn't had a man in some time, over a year. She exhausted me every night.

But I could see as the days went on that my friends weren't having a great time. It was sad when I realized one day that this might very well be the last trip for the three of us. I talked to Amanda one night after she drained me for the second time and told her that Robb had cancer and may not make it. It was sad for her too. She told me she really enjoyed the two of them and felt Karen was a beautiful woman who she might take a fancy too if she had the chance. I sat up and smiled thinking about the two of them going at it. My cock came back to life and w did it a third time that night! She told me she would have to remember that and talk more about Karen and her in bed together. She told me she was bi and had been with three women. That seemed to excite me greatly and the sex was even better.

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