tagGay MaleA New Camping Experience

A New Camping Experience


It was the summer of '79. I'd just graduated high school and was going to attend college in the fall. The days were warm, and it turned out that the nights got even hotter.

My family always camped for our summer vacation, as far back as I could remember. We always went to the same place, a state park about 80 miles from home. It wasn't "roughing it" very much. Even though we slept in tents each camp site had an electricity outlet and running water on a pole at the front of the campsite, and a bathroom/shower building was just down the trail for us. There were hiking trails, and a river snaked it's way through the park, deep enough to swim in.

When we first started camping, Dad had bought an old army surplus tent. The thing weighed a ton and was a bitch to set up, but it fit my folks, my older sister Lana, and me. As time went by, we got newer tents, and eventually our campsite had three - one for the folks, one for my sister, and one for me. This year, however, there were only two, since Lana was spending the summer with her boyfriend up north.

I missed Lana. We would roam, explore, and swim in the river all day, then hang out around the campfire at night. There wasn't any sibling rivalry between us, and if we weren't siblings we'd have been best friends. We did pretty much everything together. Without her, I was kind of lost and bored.

I got up early one morning and decided to go check on a tree that Lana and I had carved our names on about 8 years ago. It was a decent hike from the campsite along a trail that, judging by the overgrowth, probably hadn't been used much since her and I walked it. I only kinda-sorta remembered where the tree was, and was walking slowly trying to get my bearings when I first heard it.

The wet, rhythmic sound wasn't anything that I'd ever heard in the woods before. I paused and cocked my head, trying to locate the source of the noise. It seemed to be coming from ahead of me, further down the trail. Quietly, as not to scare off whatever it was, I crept forward.

The trail opened up to a small clearing, and as I reached it I heard a grunt that obviously came from a person. I edged towards the clearing, keeping myself mostly hidden. When I was able to see into the clearing, my eyes flew open in surprise.

In the clearing was a man probably around my dad's age, late 40's or early 50's. My shock was because he had his pants down around his ankles and kneeling before him was a much younger man, my age or so. The younger man was furiously sucking the older man's dick.

I wasn't naive, nor a virgin, nor a prude. I knew all about sex, and had gone "all the way" with a girlfriend in my junior year of high school. But the scene before me, two men having sex, was something I'd never seen or even considered...it was primal and it shook me to my core. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the view, and both fear and excitement ran through me.

I felt my dick stiffen in my pants as the older man grasped the younger man's head and started roughly pushing in and out of his mouth. The younger man seemed to like it, his hand flying on his exposed dick as he jerked himself off while getting his mouth fucked. The older man's thrust became quicker and more jerky.

"He's going to get off in the other guy's mouth," I thought, my own dick exploding to full hardness in my shorts. I don't know why that excited me so much, but it did.

My hand crept down to the front of my shorts and I began stroking myself through the material as I watched the older man grow nearer and nearer to orgasm. I almost came myself when the older man shoved his cock deep into the younger man's mouth, enough to make him gag, threw back his head and grunted loudly.

"He is...he's cumming in his mouth," I thought, excitedly. I could feel the wetness of my own pre-cum making the head of my dick slick inside my underwear.

The older man's hands fell away from the younger's head. The younger man, still quickly stroking his own cock, resumed sucking. It was only a few seconds before I sensed more than felt the younger man cum.

I'd been stroking myself through my shorts and suddenly I was cumming too, thick full cum coating the inside of my underwear. I must have made a noise when it happened, because the older man's head turned suddenly in my direction. As my own orgasm came to a shuddering conclusion, his eyes locked with mine.

A bolt of pure electricity blasted through me. I couldn't tear my eyes away from his even though I desperately wanted to. I wanted to run, not be caught by his stare, but couldn't move.

The spell was broken when I saw him smile and wink at me.

Released from my paralysis, I stumbled backwards then turned and almost ran down the trail. My bare legs and arms were scratched from the underbrush, but I didn't notice that until I ran out of breath and stopped.

Once I did stop, my mind played over what I'd seen and my dick threatened to harden again. I shook it off, and suddenly realized that I had a huge problem. The front of my shorts were wet with my cum. It looked like I pissed myself. I couldn't go back to the campsite looking like that.

I made my way to the river, using side trails that I didn't expect anyone to be on. Once there, I made sure nobody was around, kicked my shoes off then took my shorts and underwear off and jumped in. I rinsed my clothes out and washed the cum that was plastered to my dick and groin off. Putting my underwear and shorts back on, I swam for a bit trying to calm myself down.

My folks were up when I got back to the campsite. Dad was at the grill, cooking breakfast as Mom was setting plates and napkins out on the picnic table. "What happened to you?" she asked, looking over my wet sodden clothes and the scratches on my legs and arms.

"Uh, went swimming," I stammered. My heard pounded, somehow expecting her to know what I'd done, what I'd seen.

"You're all scratched up," she said.

"I, uh, went exploring before I went to the river." It was a meaningless explanation, but she seemed to accept it.

"You'd better go shower and get that river water off of you," she said. "Those scratches might get infected. Breakfast will be ready when you get back."

I nodded, then grabbed some dry clothes, a towel, and a cased bar of soap, and practically ran to the shower building. The building had two entrances, one for men and one for women. The men's room (and I assume the women's, also) had toilets and sinks as soon as you walked in then a short hallway led to three showers, each with it's own door that locked. In my haste, I almost ran into someone as he came out of the one of the showers.

My heart stopped as I recognized him as the older man from the clearing. His eyes widened a bit, then a lazy grin crossed his face. "Enjoy the show?" he asked quietly, looking around to make sure nobody else was there.

"Uh, what..." I stammered. I started to try to get around him, into the safety of one of the showers, but he blocked my path.

"In the woods...you know, when you watched me get my dick sucked. He's good, by the way, loves sucking cock," he said, smiling.

My heart was pounding so hard that I couldn't seem to catch my breath. Curiously, my dick started to harden in my wet shorts again.

He looked me over. "Did you fall down after you ran off?" he asked, looking at the scratches on me. "You probably should wash them. I'll help."

I wanted to run, wanted to make made my feet move and get away from him. Instead, his hand took mine and I jerkily followed him back into the shower that he had just exited. I stood trembling as he closed and locked the door behind us.

"You're not going to shower with your clothes on, are you?" he asked, pulling his shirt off and hanging it on a hook on the wall next to the door. He pulled his pants off, revealing that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He hung his pants with his shirt, then stepped over to me.

I was seeing a naked man for the first time. He was taller than me, and heavier. He wasn't exactly muscular, but wasn't flabby either. He had a thick coat of hair on his chest, and impulsively I wanted to run my hand through it. More importantly, his thick cock dangled between his legs. The cock I had seen in the younger man's mouth earlier.

I trembled as he took the dry clothes and towel from me and laid them on a short bench, then he pulled my shift off. I didn't know why I was letting him do this as he unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down. Robotically, I stepped out of them.

I'd never been naked in front of anyone before. Even my one time with my girlfriend, we'd undressed and done the deed quickly in complete darkness. However, it never occurred to me to try to cover myself in front of him.

He started the shower, and gently pushed me under it. The shower head blasted out hot, stinging water, and I felt his hands on my hips as he manuevered me fully under it's spray.

My dick wasn't as confused as I was, growing to its full length as soon as I felt his hands on me. I was literally shaking by now, but I didn't know if was from fear or excitement.

His hands fell away from me for a moment, then returned slick with soap. He gently scrubbed me, his hands roaming all over my body until they converged on my dick. The feel of his fingers lightly wrapped around it made me almost cum right there and then.

I felt his hard cock press against me, rubbing up and down the upper part of my ass as he slowly stroked me. My second orgasm of the day came out of nowhere, raging through me and shooting thick ropes of cum onto the shower wall. I shuddered with each blast, and when it was done I was so weak that I'd have fallen if he hadn't had his arms around me.

I felt so damn GOOD. The afterglow of the orgasm, the heat of the shower, and the feel of his body pressed against my back combined to put me into a state of pure satisfaction. I felt like I could stay like that for hours.

However, he gently pulled away from me and spun me around. His hands slid up to my shoulder, applying pressure to move me to my knees. Instantly, I knew what he wanted. He'd gotten me off, now he wanted me to get him off. In my near-nirvana state, I slowly sank to my knees, his hard cock inches in front of my face.

"Go ahead," he said, "open up. You know you want to."

I did. Never in my wildest dreams or nightmares did I EVER think about sucking a man's cock. Yet, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do right then and there. My lips parted, and I closed my eyes as his cockhead slid past my lips and into my mouth.

One of us moaned...I'm not exactly sure if it was him or me. Inexpertly, I started sliding my mouth up and down his shaft. He tasted slightly of soap, yet there as a bitter musk there also. The taste excited me, and my limp dick tingled like it wanted to harden again, despite having two mind-blowing orgasms in the last hour.

I fumbled on his cock for a minute before I felt his hands grasp the sides of my head. "Let me," he said, and started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. Another groan of excitement, one that I knew came from me this time. His thrusts quickened, and I gagged slightly as his cockhead bumped up against the back of my throat, but I didn't want to pull away from him.

My hands found his hips, and I felt them give a little sideways jerk with each time he slid into my mouth. In the back of my mind, I recognized the movement from the clearing. He was getting close. He was going to cum in my mouth!

My dick jerked, hardening slightly as I realized I wanted him to cum, to fill my mouth with his juice. I started sucking hard every time he pulled back, and in seconds I got my reward. I heard him grunt, felt him shove his cock deep into my mouth as my mouth filled with the salty, slightly-bitter taste of his cum. The feeling of his cock throbbing with each pulse was incredible, intoxicating. Instinctively, I swallowed, his thick cum sliding deliciously down my throat.

He jerked a few more times, then I felt him relax. He gently pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled me to my feet, and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his thick, wet, matted chest hair against my almost-smooth chest. I felt...wow.

"I didn't think I could cum again so soon," he chuckled. He kissed the top of my head, then released me. He turned the shower off, then handed me my towel as he grabbed his.

"I'm Paul, by the way," he said, drying himself off.

"W-Will," I said, slowly toweling myself dry also.

"Had you ever done anything with a man before, Will?" he asked, dropping his towel and picking up his clothes.

"No," I stammered.

"You're a natural," he said, smiling. "You were made for this."

I blushed at the compliment, but knew in the back of my mind that he was bullshitting me. I'd only sucked his cock for a minute, inexpertly. He had done the rest.

He finished dressing, then watched me as I put on my clean, dry clothes. "I'm at site 75," he said. "If you'd like more, that is."

I nodded, more to acknowledge what he said than to agree with him. "I hope to see you again," he said, then cracked the shower door open and peeked into the bathroom. Seeing it was clear, he gave me a wink then stepped out, closing the shower door behind him.

I gave him a minute, then left the building. I stumbled back to our campsite, hung my wet clothes and towel on my tent to dry, and ate a quick breakfast. Mom and Dad said they were going hiking, and I told them I was going to take a nap since I'd gotten up so early.

I got in my tent and closed it behind me. I laid down on my sleeping bag, my mind going over what had happened, what I'd just done over and over again. As I did, my dick grew hard again and despite having cum twice already, I pulled it out of my shorts and started stroking it. I could feel his cock in my mouth still, a lingering taste of his cum still present.

I realized that I was as much excited by his confidence as I was excited about what had happened. He knew I would suck his dick before I knew I would. My hand flew on my throbbing dick as I saw his lazy grin, his thick mat of chest hair, his full thick cock in my mind's eye. A third weak orgasm hit me as I remembered feeling his cock throb in my mouth and fill it with cum.

My poor dick stung after the orgasm ebbed away from me. I'd rubbed it raw. I cleaned my cum up with a washcloth from my backpack, put myself back into my shorts, and quickly dozed off with the bliss of the utterly sated. As I did, I realized that I DID want more. Much more.

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by eroticwriter0005/03/19

Very Nice

Some of us know very early in life what we are attracted to, but never meet that mature man that would have shown us the way.
Thanks for bringing Will to life and letting him cross paths with an oldermore...

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by Anonymous03/17/19

So beautiful...

Our young man has been introduced into the beautiful world of homosexuality, and I’m sure after a few more encounters with his new, older friend, he will understand his future path in life as a youngmore...

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by Anonymous03/16/19
by RobJasper03/02/19

Hot camping sex!

Such hot erotic camping sex and played right into my fantasy life of sex outside and in the showers! Thanks!

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by Rwa476812/06/18

Just a guy from Oklahoma

Loved your story, I could see myself in this boys place enjoying having this man fuck my mouth and filling it with his cum. You have me thinking about buying a new tent and heading to Texas for a campingmore...

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