tagGroup SexA New Clutch for Janna

A New Clutch for Janna


Janna: I'll be your sex slave for a night if you fix the clutch on my car.

Gram: You'll do anything?

Janna: Anything.

Gram: Even my friends?

Janna: Even your friends.

Gram: They can do anything they want?

Janna: YES but you have to supply the dope. I want to be good and stoned and you have to give them some Blue pills. I don't want any softies or quitters.

The next day.

Janna tugged on his foot that was sticking out from under her car. "Get that clutch fixed yet big boy?"

All he could see was her ankles and the hem of her sheer blue robe. He knew she had nothing else on under it. Janna knelt down and dug his limp dick out of his pants and took the whole thing in her mouth, swishing her tongue around it till it was too big to fit. She squeezed some lube, she just happened to have, on him and started to stroke with speed. As he was getting close he felt her mouth on the tip and she started sucking, her hand steady. He finally tipped over the edge and started pumping into her mouth.

After he was empty Janna grabbed a blue shop towel and wiped him off. "You better finish tonight."

"I'll try." He croaked.

That was Friday night. After the test drive the date was set for Monday, 5 PM.


Gram made a list of what he wanted her to wear and left it on the bed when he went off to work Monday morning. She had to be ready by four even though he would get home at five. He liked the idea of her waiting around in her sexy lingerie. His cock was dripping all day just thinking about it!

Janna didn't know what to expect but she had her list or orders as Gram called them, so she followed them to the letter. After all, her car shifts fine now.

First was a long bath, some powder and some perfume. Then she laid out the black lingerie on the bed that was on the list, all his favorites she noticed. She started with clipping on the six strap garter belt around her narrow waist and flat stomach and pulled on the seamed stockings thinking that the seams won't be straight later if she's a lucky slave. Then she pulled on the crotch-less panties from Fredrick's Of Hollywood from the seventies! She could almost feel his mouth on her tingly bits now. Then came a half bra covered by a tailored button up blouse. Her breasts were tight against the sheer nylon that caused wrinkles in the fabric to radiate out from her nipples. "He loves my tits" she thought looking in the mirror.

Her heart jumped when she heard the door unlock at five. She flung the soaked towel she was sitting on behind the couch and ran to the door. Gram came in and spun her around and liked what he saw. He told her to sit in the wooden chair and wait wile he showers. When he came out in his robe he had a package. It was a black leather hood with only a round mouth hole. "No talking tonight, you are my slave, so remember that!"

Janna's pulse quickened, this was new to her. He told her to get to her knees and he pulled the hood over her head. It was all dark and quiet inside as she felt him buckle the back tightly. Suddenly she felt a wet dick push past her lips and teeth into her mouth. She could taste the cum already. Great she thought, now I'll have cum breath. He pulled out and lifted her back onto the chair. Then she felt some pills being pushed into her mouth and a glass of water put into her hand. She drank.

After sitting there for what seemed a long time Janna felt a warmth flow through her body. She became aware of the hood pulling on her hair, the tightness of her garter belt and straps keeping up her stockings. She ran her hand over the silky stocking top feeling how her thigh bulged out from them just a little. Her heart was beating faster now and she desperately wanted a cock inside her, anywhere.

Janna heard the door bell ring. Gram pulled her to her feet and leads her to the door. He pulled her hand out and she felt some pills drop into it. "Just hold your hand out."

"Oh my god." she thought. She felt her nipples harden from the cold air when the door swung open.

"See I told you she was my slave. Do what you want with her tonight" She heard Gram say. "And she wants you all to take some Viagra pills"

"Is she up to it?" Some guy asked.

"She's up to it!"

Janna felt the looks as the pills were plucked out of her hand three times. "Get them some beer from the fridge so we can watch your beautiful body." Gram barked.

She did as she was told, not bumping into much as she fumbled to the kitchen and back with the bottles. After serving the drinks she was told to stand still in the middle of the room. She could imagine all those dicks getting hard from the pills and the sight of her. Janna smelled some weed being lit and soon felt it between her lips. She took it in deeply and held it in as long as she could. As far as she knew, it was passed around and came back to her for another drag. Holding her breath she felt the first hand touch her body. It went up under her top and fondled her breasts. Soon more hands followed. She was ready to swoon with the stimulation when they all stopped.

"It's time to undress these guys." Gram ordered. They all sat down and she was pushed to her knees and led to the first one. She felt around and found his legs, pants, and belt, undid it and pulled the pants off. She felt the heat of his dick before it found her mouth. Janna never deep throated before but she wanted to now. After a few plunges she was pulled off and pulled to the next guy.

Janna was on the third man when she felt a tongue on her butt, slipping into the crack. She almost exploded with pleasure, she was going to get as well as give! The tongue probed all along her crack a little deeper every time. She could taste the cum from the cock pumping into her mouth but was getting sensory overload when the gentle tonguing turned stronger. It found her ass hole and was trying to push into it. She couldn't think but took a deep breath and pushed down over the dick in her mouth as far as she could wile lifting her ass to that wonderful mouth. As she came up for air she tried to relax her ass hole to let that splendid tongue in where it wanted to go. It went in a little but she thought "I'll be needing something a little stiffer." Then she was pulled off number three and passed to four. Funny she thought," I can't tell which one is Gram."

"Where is the ass guy?" I wanted to ask but new hands were on me now and another pair were running up and down my stockinged legs, every time getting closer to my clit. I feel like I'm falling into a trance, trying to pull off pants and suck unbelievably hard dick wile getting my clit teased was too much. I guess I spent too much time on this one because I could feel his hard cock get harder and cum started spurting into my mouth. I heard a chorus, "Swallow it, swallow it" so I swallowed it and swallowed it!

Then I was pushed back to my knees and my shirt was pulled up to my arm pits and two hungry mouths started sucking on my nipples. I started to orgasm just from that but when a hand found my clit that almost sent me over the edge. I was pulled to my feet, still shaking. I felt and heard a chain being clipped to a ring on my hood and was made to follow whoever was leading me. I was lost in my own house, in a daze with lust and a taste of semen in my mouth. I felt the edge of a bed and was pushed onto it and was rolled onto my back.

"Watch this." I hear Gram say and he lifts my legs onto his shoulders. I felt his hot mouth on my pussy, licking and sucking. Soon he had my clit in his mouth, sucking and rubbing it against the inside of his front teeth with his tongue. I was in the midst of an orgasm when the bed moved and a cock was shoved into my gasping mouth, his hands on my head. I couldn't resist and concentrated on myself. I was shaking like a seal. I have never orgasmed so hard or quick before in my life.

After I finished cuming and swallowing I was rolled over onto my stomach. I suspect the ass guy was back because I recognized his technique. My clit needed a rest but not the rest of me. The tongue felt great, quickly finding my ass hole. Other hands were undoing my bra and pulling it off, I felt a mouth kissing my back and shoulders and the sides of my tits which were squished under me.

All that ass sucking was bring me back to life and I started to lift my butt up, pushing back to the hungry mouth, at one point getting to my knees to get that tongue inside me, it felt so good.

Suddenly it all stopped and I was pulled on top of someone. Soon a dick was in my cunt and I sat up so it could go in deeper. Hands were on my swaying tits again and I could feel hands on my back as I fucked the guy. A hand pushed me roughly forward. I could feel a finger was on my ass and I could feel lube being rubbed on, then in my ass hole. I knew what was next.

The tip slid between my cheeks wile I was being fucked from below. The tip found the right hole and pushed slowly in, then out, then in deeper. He was moaning with pleasure from my tight ass gripping his shaft.

My head, which I've forgotten all about, was grabbed and another dick was shoved inside past my clenched teeth. I couldn't think at that point. The ass guy was going deeper with every thrust and the cunt cock was doing its job too.

The bottom dick started to cum and pumped a full load into me. Soon the ass guy was ready and really penetrated my ass and ejaculated deeper then anyone before. I was expecting to get a mouth full too but nothing happened.

Everybody climbed off and I was rolled over onto my back. I felt worm wash cloths wipe me down. How considerate!

Next I felt some tit sucking and then I was rolled over again.

"I want to fuck her in that beautiful ass too." Someone said. Then I felt the cock enter my slick ass hole and start to pound away. This was a big dick and I felt it going deep. He came with a grunt, I could feel his dick throbbing, shooting more cum up my poor butt.

After he pulled out I was left lying on the bed, face down for about twenty minuets. I thought I could feel the sperm swimming everywhere in me. Shackles were put on my wrists; I was pulled off the bed and lead out to the living room. I was chained to an "I" bolt in the ceiling that I never saw before, arms stretched above my head.

Hands were on me feeling my tits and sliding all over me. I felt a still hard cock sliding between my ass cheeks. It slipped in and started the familiar pumping wile he reached around and was expertly massaging my clit. I didn't think I had it in me but the old feelings were coming back. I started to tighten up trying to orgasm and I guess that started him cuming too. How romantic!

He pulled out and I was left hanging their limply, cum dripping out of everywhere.

I heard everyone leave, some slapping my bottom, some giving me a last squeeze. Gram lowered me down and laid me on the couch. I thought I was done but he put his cock on my lips and I had to open my mouth. He fucked my face for a long time, finely emptying his lot in my mouth. He then slinked off to bed and it was up to me to undress my poor cum filled body.

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