tagBDSMA New Cuckold Ch. 01

A New Cuckold Ch. 01


It had been a long day. I finally made it home after nearly twelve gruelling hours in the office. As I walked through the front door, all I could think about was ditching my shoes, grabbing a drink, and flopping down on the couch to relax. Imagine my frustration when, as I entered the kitchen, I saw my wife Sarah sitting at the table, a serious look in her eyes.

Sarah's large body took up the entire chair, and then some. Her luscious curves seemed to go on for miles, her beautiful behind especially a sight to behold. My eyes darted down her ample thighs before quickly returning to her concerned face. As I walked over to sit across from her, it became quite clear that my plans of relaxation were about to be put on hold, perhaps indefinitely.

"We need to talk," Sarah began, her beautiful serious eyes connecting with my lazy exhausted ones.

"I gathered as much," I replied, growing exasperated already.

Sarah sighed, clearly detecting my annoyance. She shifted in her chair, and leaned in my direction.

"I'm not too happy with the way our relationship is going," she continued. "You haven't been around much lately, and quite frankly, I'm growing bored."

I gulped. "I'm sorry. It's just that work has-"

"I don't care!" Sarah exclaimed, interrupting me. "I'm tired of the excuses. Something needs to change around here, or else."

I could tell Sarah was quite serious. I had never seen her like this before, and I began to tremble nervously.

"Sarah. You know how I feel about you, I'll do anything to make this right. You know that." I replied, trying to mask just how shaken up I was.

"Good," she replied. "I think I know just the change."

Sarah stood up, and beckoned for me to follow her as she made her way upstairs. Walking behind her on the steps, I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous ass. Watching it slowly move up and down with each step in a nearly hypnotizing fashion, I realized I truly would do anything for this divine woman. I had clearly made a mistake in neglecting her like this, and I needed to make it up to her, big time.

We made our way into the bedroom at the top of the stairs, and Sarah motioned for me to stop. She walked over to the dresser, and started fumbling around in one of the drawers. I grew somewhat confused at this point. Was she going to show me a new pair of lingerie to help spice things up in the bedroom a bit? Admittedly, the thought was greatly exciting to me.

That excitement quickly transitioned into fear when Sarah turned around, a certain device in hand. It was pink, plastic, and rather small. I realized quickly what it must be - a chastity device. I had heard about these online, but I never expected to see one in person.

"What is that for?" I barely managed to stammer out, my eyes fixated on it.

"Why, you, of course!" Sarah replied, deviously.

"Wait a minute-" I began, but Sarah quickly interrupted.

"You said you would do anything, and I'm going to hold you to it. Besides, your performance in bed has been poor, and quite frankly, selfish, these last few years." Sarah said, clearly growing angry. "Now, drop your pants, and let's get this over with. Strip off the rest of your clothes while you're at it, too."

I considered objecting, but something in the back of my mind stopped me, and I ended up silently complying. I slowly slid off my pants, and quickly kicked them to the side before removing my shirt and socks as well. Sarah stared at me impatiently, making me feel more uncomfortable by the moment.

After what felt like an eternity of undressing, Sarah approached me and casually grabbed my flacid cock. Seemingly without any care, she quickly snapped the device in place and locked it. The feeling was immediately oppressive. It felt like my very manhood was being stripped from me, and the color of the device was hardly helping. It even had a little green bow on top, a final insult to what remained of my masculinity.

"That's much better." Sarah said, contentedly. "I've read online that husbands tend to be much more compliant after wearing one of these for a few days.

I gulped as Sarah walked over to the closet and opened a safe, which she must have had installed on one of my long workdays. How did I ever notice? I truly had become neglectful. Sarah quickly deposited the key, the only key, in the safe before closing and locking it. She made her way back over to me, and examined my naked trembling body up and down.

"Drop to your knees." Sarah barked.

Without a word, I did as I was told. I could feel the device chafe a bit as I lowered myself to the cold hardwood floor. It was clear this thing was going to take some getting used to. Doing my best to ignore my discomfort, I looked up at Sarah's massive, beautiful, body towering over me. I could barely see her face, and the position made me feel so tiny and insignificant.

"This is how our relationship functions now," She began. "You are no longer the so-called man of this household. You have no say in anything. You do whatever I ask, without hesitation, or there will be consequences. You will come straight home from work everyday and perform your chores and serving me in any way that you desire. Is that clear?"

"Y-yes." I replied, barely able to process what was happening.

"Good. You're going to need a lot of training, and I don't expect this to be easy for you at all." Sarah continued. "But in the end, I will be a lot happier, and that's what truly matters. Right?"

I nodded in agreement.

Without any further words, Sarah suddenly grabbed the back of my head and thrust it into her crotch. Even through her clothes I could smell her intoxicating scent. It intermingled with her sweat and pheromones, and it was nearly too much for me to handle. My cock began to stiffen, but the cage fought back, leaving me in a great deal of pain and pleasure as she held me against her.

"Of course, good behavior will be rewarded," Sarah said, playfully. "You want that, don't you?"

"Yes!" I did my best to reply, my voice muffled by her large body.

"Unfortunately, you haven't earned that yet." Sarah replied while pulling my head back away from her.

She walked back over to the drawer, leaving me in a daze, my cock aching more with each passing moment. I was having trouble focusing, but I could see her making some changes to her outfit. I couldn't figure out exactly what, until she turned around and took a few steps back towards me.

Sarah had removed the majority of her clothes. Her entire upper body was left naked, her luscious breasts in plain, and glorious, sight. My useless cock raged even harder at its prison, practically betraying me at this point. Sarah was also mostly naked from the waist down, except for one new article of clothing - a strap-on harness, complete with a big pink dildo.

"Do you like it?" she asked, playfully. "I picked it out to match your cute little cage."

"I don't understand!" I replied, clearly in shock.

"Well," Sarah continued. "I used to suck your useless cock all the time. You'd come home sweaty and tired, and I'd dutifully pleasure you anyways. I think it's about time you returned the favor. Just think, this one can't be sweaty or hairy, so it's a pretty fair trade-off!"

"No way, Sarah, you can't expect me to do that!" I said, nearly shouting.

"Oh? I think I can," she answered, sinisterly. "That little cock of yours will never be free unless you do what I say. Besides, you don't want me to leave you, do you?"

"No, of course not." I replied.

I couldn't believe she was going to make me do this. I closed my eyes, gulped, and leaned forwards toward her dildo. Suddenly, I felt Sarah's hand on my chin.

"Open those eyes. Look up at me, and realize your place." Sarah commanded.

I was in no position to refuse, so I did what I was told. I wrapped my hands around her soft thighs, and reluctantly opened my mouth to accept her cock. As it slid between my lips, I could feel the cold unforgiving plastic touch my tongue.

"Come on now. Worship it, adore it. Treat it like a good little slut would treat a real cock." Sarah said, looking down at me.

I began to wrap my tongue around it, and slowly started to bob my head up and down on it. I did my best to keep my lips pressed against my teeth, and was surprised at how tiring this quickly was becoming. Sarah clearly sensed my apprehension, and responded by placing both of her hands on the back of my head. Her grip was commanding, but gentle, at first. I took it as a sign to pick up the pace, so to speak.

I took a deep breath, and let Sarah's cock slide deeper into my mouth. In spite of my discomfort, I began to aggressively work my tongue up and down the shaft. I could feel the saliva building up in the bottom of my mouth as Sarah's grip on my head began to tighten. Her substantial hips began to slowly slide forward as my eyes began to widen in fear.

Sarah's cock slid along my tongue, and began to press against the back of my throat. My first reaction was to try to break free, but her hands held me in place.

"Now now, do you know how many times I had to go through this?" Sarah asked, playfully. "You'll take it like the good little slave that you are." She paused. "Yes, that's right. I think I'll call you slave from now on."

Thoughts began to race in my head, but they were quickly overridden by the sudden urge to gag as Sarah's cock pressed further. Drool began to drip down my chin, and my eyes started to water as Sarah pulled her cock out of my mouth. For a brief moment, I dared to hope for relief, but those hopes were dashed as Sarah quickly thrust back into my mouth, and down my throat once again. My throat contracted quickly, and I gagged again, this time more violently. However, Sarah did not pull back after this one, and instead forced herself deeper into me. My forehead now pressed against her crotch, and I could do nothing but gag, cry, and hope that this would be over soon. My throat throbbed against her plastic cock, and I could feel myself running out of air. Droplets of saliva dropped from my chin onto the floor, and tears streamed down my cheeks.

After what felt like an eternity, Sarah yanked me back. I started to pant and gasp for air as she rubbed her cock on my cheeks.

"Look at you slave. You can barely even handle this. You need far more training," Sarah said, disappointment ringing clear in her voice.

She grabbed my chin again, and thrust herself back into me. My lungs were still begging for air, and my throat now ached, but Sarah did not seem to care. With one hand she gripped my hair, and with the other she held the back of my head in place as she began to fuck my throat.

Sarah was merciless this time. She would thrust her cock all the way into me, until my chin connected with her harness, before withdrawing it most of the way and repeating. With each repetition, her wonderful thighs and stomach would jiggle and undulate, and I'd catch a quick glimpse before being enveloped in her crotch again. This unfortunately was small consolation for the immense suffering I was going through. I choked, gagged, sputtered, and occasionally cried out as she used my mouth for nothing more than her amusement.

A puddle of drool began to spread on the floor below me as Sarah's fucking grew in intensity. Her body was beginning to glisten with sweat, and I could hear her pant with each thrust. Despite this, she was grinning, clearly enjoying her revenge for the years of my poor sexual performance. This whole ordeal was truly succeeding in making me feel emasculated and worthless.

As the face fucking reached its climax, I was reaching my limits. My vision was beginning to blur and narrow, my jaw ached, and my face was a mess of saliva and tears. The gagging had mostly stopped, as the muscles in my throat had become completely exhausted. After a few more minutes of this, Sarah gripped my head hard, thrust as deeply as possible, and held my nose in her bush.

"Look up at me, slave," she stated. "This is just the beginning of your training. You'll look back on this fondly as an easy day in the near future."

She smiled, held me in place for another 30 seconds, and slowly slid out of my throat. I collapsed onto the floor, a panting pathetic mess. As my faculties slowly returned, Sarah leaned down towards me.

"Enough being lazy, slave," Sarah said. "I'm hungry, get downstairs and start working on dinner. You'll serve it to me here in bed when it's ready."

I nodded, not wanting to incur Sarah's wrath and potentially earn another face fucking. I scrambled to my feet, and scurried out of the room, the tiny padlock on my chastity cage jingling as I left.

Sarah leaned back on the bed and sighed, before speaking to herself.

"That was fun. Maybe next time I'll have to have him try the real thing."

Sarah chuckled to herself, and lay in the bed, content, naked, and glistening.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/02/19

If Submission Is Your Thing

This was an interesting story if you are into the submissive lifestyle but it has a limited appeal to most LW readers and should probably be in the fetish catagory. To paraphrase the kids on Americanmore...

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by Anonymous07/25/19

Murder - suicide

Seems like his best long term strategy.
There is no love in humiliation and no hope for anyone who would willingly consent to it.

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by Anonymous03/24/19

Domination or bullying?

Seems more like bullying to me !

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by Anonymous03/22/19

Pardon me!

Is this erotic?

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