tagNovels and NovellasA New Dawn Ch. 02

A New Dawn Ch. 02


Dawn couldn't help herself from being obvious as she looked at Lisa. Her look was too long and too studied to be polite. Lisa was wearing a midriff top, and an obvious push-up bra that made a gift-wrapped presentation of her chest. She had tight leather-effect trousers on and for the first time Dawn really appreciated what a fine figure she had. He slim waist made Dawn momentarily mournful for the tautness her skin was now losing. Not that she was bad for her age, but that smooth, elastic quality of skin is only found in the young, or those who exercise fanatically. Then she smiled and opened the door, "Come in Lisa, you look lovely tonight." They kissed on the cheek.

Philip emerged from the kitchen and repeated Dawn's appraisal, "wow, you going clubbing afterwards or something Lisa?"

The younger woman blushed slightly, "no, I just thought..." They all waited but she didn't complete the sentence and an awkward silence fell.

Dawn ushered Lisa in. "Right, we decided to go with the theme tonight and we've done pesto linguini and lamb with rosemary, just like I had that night at Antonia's. But first a drink."

They talked for a while, Lisa needed to relax, after feeling foolish for being overdressed. Both Dawn and Phillip were dressed in jeans and shirts. She had wanted to appear sexy, but when she was getting dressed she had changed repeatedly. Why did she want to look attractive? She had chastised herself for it, but her confidence had been shaken the last time by Dawn's story. She was accustomed to being the most attractive woman in a group and this usually sufficed to confer some measure of authority. But she had felt like a girl again, eager to be accepted by her older sister and her friends, whilst fearful of exposure. Always afraid they would trick you into displaying your naivety or innocence at the age when everyone wanted to be adult. She hadn't had that feeling for years now, but it had come back again at Dawn's last week. Dressing like this she felt she could regain some authority, could demonstrate that she wasn't inexperienced, that she deserved to be there. Then their lingering looks and comments had made her feel she had been too obvious, crass even and they would misinterpret what the clothes meant. She had detected the very obvious sexual undercurrent and given their stories she thought Phillip would want her, but she wasn't sure of Dawn. No mention had been made of encounters with women as yet, which she was grateful for. She thought she'd have to leave if it went that way. Lisa convinced herself she was gathering fantasies to spice up her sex life with Steve. Certainly they had been more active over the past few weeks. These stories had at least shaken some of her lethargy away.

Dawn and Lisa talked of work, the office gossip, who they disliked, while Phillip carefully selected jazz CDs and attended to the dinner and drinks. He interjected occasionally when they spoke of someone he knew, but he let them talk. Dawn had worked at the University for several years now, so she could pass on the big myths. Being relatively new Lisa was keen to hear all the gossip and intrigue. Phillip knew Dawn had been very cautious about telling Lisa her stories, since she did not like to involve work in her private life. It was a nice irony that many regarded Dawn as the quiet, model employee with a stable private life, whilst others became entangled in messy affairs. Dawn viewed them as amateurs, allowing sudden urges to be confused with love, simply because they had not gained enough experience to differentiate. As Dawn told Lisa of the investigation into financial dealings of one of the senior managment Phillip could see Lisa logging all of the information, she must have wished for a notepad to test herself on it over and over.

Dawn had made the decision that it must be Lisa to ask for the continuation of the story. But she also wanted to get through a good chunk tonight, so Phillip delayed the dinner while Dawn poured a third drink and slowly moved the conversation in the appropriate direction. Eventually Lisa found herself asking, "so, you were going to tell me how the rest of you're European trip panned out."

"Yes, why not? Have you had much time to think about the last one? Any thoughts?"

Lisa looked confused, she hadn't expected to have to interact on these, but merely be the passive recipient of the stories, "well, I thought it was quite interesting."

"Interesting? How? Did you find it exciting? Disgusting? What?"

Lisa cleared her throat, "exciting I guess." Feeling emboldened and determined not to be cowed she added, "Steve and I had a good fuck session that night."

"Did you tell him?"

"Oh God no. He wouldn't want me coming here, we'd have an argument, and he'd call you a slut. All that stuff. I hate it when he disapproves of my friends, so I just keep them separate."

"So you mean you initiated your session because the story excited you?"

Lisa snorted, "yeah, I guess so. Does it matter? We'd been talking about sex, so it's not that strange it would be on my mind. And I was a little drunk too."

Dawn indicated the end of the interrogation by popping a mint in her mouth. "Okay. Back to Italy then. So I stayed the night at Antonia and Marcello's. I slept fantastically well I must say. I'd been sleeping in cheap hotels and hostels for a week, so to spend a night in a good bed was very welcome. In keeping with Antonia's style of d cor the bed was very soft, with feather pillows and satin sheets. It was June then so although it would get much hotter it was still uncomfortably warm during the night. Those cool sheets and the enveloping mattress meant that once I'd stopped listening to them make love I slept straight through. I didn't hear them get up and was awoken by a knock at my door and Antonia enquiring `Dawn, are you awake?'

"I mumbled that I was and tried to look awake when she came in with a tray and some pastries. She was wearing a silk dressing gown, her hair ruffled. Like a lot of people who wear make-up all the time she looked incredibly pallid without it. She handed me the tray and sat on the edge of the bed. `Marcello has left for work already. He says he hopes you slept well and that he can see you tonight. If you do not have any immediate plans, I was hoping we might spend the day together in Florence. I have some shopping to do and we can have lunch.'

"I nodded whilst wiping some pastry from my mouth, `yes, that would be nice.'

" `Good' she patted my knee under the sheets. `I will need to get ready, so do not hurry to get up.' Then she left. I finished my coffee, took a shower and emptied the contents of my rucksack on to the bed. I was unsure of what to wear. I hadn't brought any smart clothes with me, yet I was sure Antonia would take us somewhere nice for lunch and she would be well dressed. I decided to wear linen trousers and a blouse, which I tucked in, just to give the appearance of smartness. This made it a little tight and I undid a few buttons to show some cleavage. Nothing beyond what you'd do any night out really, but I wasn't that used to making such a conscious decision about it. I'm afraid to admit I rather admired myself in the mirror a bit before going out into the lounge. Antonia still wasn't ready, she called out from her room to make myself comfortable. I watched a bit of Italian TV, but obviously didn't understand a word, so went and looked out of the window on to the little street below. When you encounter living clich s in life I always find it rather comforting, as if the world isn't as unpredictable or unknowable as you fear. This was one - there were three old Italian women, all large and dressed completely in black. They stood by one of the doorways talking, one even carried one of those wicker baskets. Four boys kicked a football up the street and were admonished by the women. Two old men sat by a table smoking and drinking coffee. You just wanted to stop everything and hold that scene. Anyway, I was feeling all romantic about travelling again when Antonia tapped me on the shoulder.

"She looked good. Here hair was immaculately placed again. She had on a black T-shirt and smart slacks. Her make-up, although heavier than I ever wear it, suited her, highlighting her strong features and broad mouth. She must have been about 38ish then, so not old at all, but with that arrogance and stupidity of a nineteen-year-old I thought this was ancient. I remember thinking, `I hope I look as good as her when I get to that age.' I think that now when I see attractive fifty-year-olds, so perhaps you never stop being condescending, you just shift the age limit.

"We took the train into Florence. On the way Antonia gave me some further insight into her married life and for all I knew then, all married life. `We are going to meet someone today Dawn. His name is Frederico. He is my lover.' I was a bit shocked, but mainly disappointed. I really wanted to believe she had a good marriage with Marcello. She continued, `you must understand, in Italy it is very common to have a lover. When we are young we are very close to our families and under their watch. It is maybe different now, but when I was young most men and women were virgins when they married. So we don't have the same sexual experience you young people do in Britain. When we get older and more confident, everyone begins to think they missed some fun, so they take lovers. Of course, we do not speak about it, Marcello would be angry if he knew, but it is accepted that it happens. You must not be caught, that is all. Who knows, maybe Marcello has a lover too. I think it is good for our marriage. You must understand that I love Marcello. I just want to experience sex with other men. You can understand that can't you?' Who was I to say anything?

`You will like Frederico, he is very sophisticated. He has a good business and a very beautiful wife'

"This puzzled me. The fact that he had a beautiful wife seemed to make him more attractive to Antonia. The looks of your wife demonstrated status, and so I think it made him more appealing, closer to the type of man her family would have wanted her to marry. It wasn't that she was unhappy with Marcello, but this was her way of having both aspects, the man she loved, but also dabbling in the life she could have had. Maybe it was a revenge thing on her family too.

"Anyway, we went into this old building down a side street, with just a brass plaque to indicate it was a business. I'm not sure what they did there exactly - handled exports I think. It didn't look much from the outside, a three storey-terrace with flaking and yellowing paint. Inside it was very swish though. Marbled hall, extravagant pot plants and neo-classical paintings. The receptionist smiled with an official air at Antonia. That smile told me a lot, firstly that the receptionist knew about Antonia and Frederico, but more importantly that it was nothing unusual or shocking, but a commonplace. I wondered whether every businessman was expected to have a lover, and positively frowned upon if they didn't. We sat in the waiting area, Antonia casually flicking through some fashion magazines. I didn't know what to expect really, but tried to look casual and unconcerned.

"The secretary told us to go up, and Antonia led me to the top of the building. I noticed a bit more haste in her than usual, so we were both slightly out of breath at the top of the stairs. Frederico met us at the top. He was a handsome man, I know that's an overused term, but he was classically handsome. He had a strong jaw, intelligent blue eyes, was 6-foot odd, and oozed confidence and charm. He was dressed so smartly, in a green, cotton suit and open necked shirt. His hair was groomed perfectly and he wore some square, designer glasses. I immediately felt scruffy and young. He must have been about 40, and I suddenly felt like a foolish child and started being clumsy. I didn't know whether to kiss him on greeting and stumbled forward awkwardly. He touched my arm and kissed me on both cheeks, smiling warmly.

"Antonia introduced us, `Frederico, this is Dawn, the young lady I told you about.' I looked at her sharply - she had told him about me. What had she told him? The story of the train yesterday? I think I flushed with embarrassment and annoyance. Already feeling nervous, this put me at even more of a disadvantage. He looked me up and down discretely, his gaze snagging on my breasts, which made me think she had told him.

`I understand you are travelling around Europe?' he asked, showing us into his office. It was incredibly light and spacious in there, the walls were all white, and these huge windows were open with long muslin curtains blowing gently. He had a large, antique desk facing towards us from the corner, a bookshelf and a long white leather sofa and two matching chairs against the back wall.

"I was telling him about my proposed route through Europe and in doing so, regaining some confidence. This was a topic I was comfortable with after all. He showed polite interest. `Can I get you ladies a drink?' he asked. His English was good, but unlike Antonia's it still carried a heavy Italian accent. It seemed like businessman's English. Antonia said she'd have a sweet wine, although it was fairly early still. I opted for a gin and tonic. Next to the book cabinet was a cupboard that he opened to reveal a drinks cabinet and fridge. `This is the sort of office I'd like' I thought.

"We sat down, Frederico next to me on the sofa and Antonia in a chair opposite us. We chatted quite easily for half an hour, and had a second round of drinks, but it had that feeling of waiting for something else to happen. And, just when I thought that maybe we'd be going to lunch soon, Antonia said `So, Dawn, after yesterday, would you like another adventure?' I tried not to look panicked and bought some time by placing my glass down slowly on the table. Looking steadily at Antonia I replied `Maybe, but that would depend what it was.'

"She smiled, `Oh, nothing like yesterday. I just wondered if you would like to make love to Frederico. I will go out and come back in an hour. I would like to give you as a gift to him. He will give you a very good time.' Christ, they didn't mess about. Actually I did want to fuck him pretty desperately. As soon as he'd greeted us and he had looked me over I thought it would be extremely pleasurable to have this experienced man undress me. It was still a shock when she put it so plainly though. I also found the idea of being given as a gift very erotic. I know all the stuff about being treated like an object, but it flattered me and the idea of being proffered up as a sexual present probably decided it for me.

"Frederico had turned on his side to face me, he lifted my hair over my shoulder. `Of course, if you do not want to, you can go for a walk and Antonia and I will make love. But I would love to be with you. I think you would enjoy it too.'

"What was I to do? I nodded. `Okay, nothing kinky though.' Frederico looked puzzled, and Antonia quickly translated what I meant by kinky. He laughed, `no, no, nothing "kinky" Dawn. There is no need for that.' That rather dismissive `no need for that' turned me on - kinkiness was for people who couldn't make love properly, whereas with Frederico there would be no need for additional stimulus. I was impatient for Antonia to leave now. She kissed Frederico and then me, whispering `relax and have a nice time.'

"When she left I felt momentarily awkward. How do you start this sort of thing when it's so explicit? Frederico moved over to me and started stroking my neck. `Relax, my beautiful girl. You have nothing to be nervous about. You are young and sexy, it is the old man like me who should be nervous before your flawlessness.' I mumbled something as he rubbed both shoulders and then began kissing the back of my neck. As he moved around the side of my neck the tension suddenly flooded away and I relaxed. He felt it in my shoulders and moved up to my mouth. I surprised myself with the passion of my kisses, grabbing the back of his head and forcing my tongue into his mouth. I felt very eager, but he dampened my youthful exuberance and kissed me with slow, longing desire, cupping my lips and chin as he stroked my back. I was already a mess of desire. I just wanted to touch him, but I knew the sort of desperate clawings you do as teenager when you reach the lust stage would not be appropriate here. The sex I had had up until then always seemed to be something that you rushed to get to, like a journey where you just wanted to reach the destination. This felt like a journey where the trip of itself was the most enjoyable part. He pulled away, and holding my face close said `undress for me Dawn. I want to watch see your body in the full light.'

"I stood up and for the second time in as many days stripped in front of a stranger. I kept my eyes locked on his, so as to avoid looking embarrassed and as a means of feeling in control. I slipped off my shoes and then unbuttoned my blouse to just below my bra. I then leant forward and stroked his cheek, giving him a good view of my cleavage. I kissed him and then pulled away, as his hand reached to stroke my thigh. I turned my back on him and looking coyly over my shoulder (I'd seen this in a film once and thought it would probably look good), undid my trousers and slid them down, arching my bum towards him as I did so. He reached up and stroked my buttocks, sliding a finger teasingly underneath. I would have been happy to stay there and let him take over, but I bit my lip and decided to continue. So I straightened up and turned to face him, stepping out of my trousers. I finished undoing my blouse and let it fall open. The look on his face told me it was working. He had his hand up to his mouth, trying to look composed, but his other hand was gently rubbing his crotch. I was a bit full of myself then, so slid my hand in my knickers, and closing my eyes, gently rubbed the outside of my pussy. I shrugged off my blouse and took off my bra, which I trailed over his face like a cheap stripper.

"We kissed some more, and I took the hand that was on his crotch and placed it on my left breast. I was still standing, leaning over him and I rocked gently, his hand cupping my swaying breast, rolling the nipple between the fingers. I was so turned on by now, I really just wanted to rip his clothes off, and get his cock inside me. But I managed not to, I knew it would be better the longer I waited, and that such behaviour would demonstrate how young and inexperienced I was. Still, when he pulled me to him and laid me down on the sofa I nearly came with the first brush of his hand across my stomach. He knelt beside me, taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt as he stroked my stomach and breasts. I just closed my eyes, smiling stupidly. Then he took my hand and standing in front of me, placed it on his belt buckle. I didn't need any further directions. I undid his belt and unzipped his trousers, then peeled them down slowly. My look was fixated on his crotch. I had never anticipated seeing a cock as much as that one. Mario's and Franco's had been almost incidental the day before, I hadn't really thought of them much. But the anticipation and excitement this time had me wide-eyed. I don't know what I was expecting, they're all pretty much the same after all, but I just wanted to get at this one. He was wearing plain, expensive boxer shorts and it was straining at the fly, so I could some of the flesh beneath. He stepped adroitly from his trousers - no awkward stumbling here - coming toward me. I pulled the boxer shorts down, so his cock was dragged down and then suddenly freed, bobbing up like a ball in water. I all but devoured it, I had got myself so worked up in anticipation of it. After sucking rather greedily on it, I regained control and slowed down a bit. I remembered to look up at him while sliding it in my mouth to the halfway point. A previous boyfriend had been very keen on blowjobs and had told me that the best part was when he looked down and saw me looking up at him with his cock gliding in and out of my mouth. I guessed most men were the same here, and Frederico groaned appreciatively, stroking my hair.

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