tagNovels and NovellasA New Dawn Ch. 03

A New Dawn Ch. 03


Dawn caught Phillip gazing obviously at Lisa's breasts as she leant forward in her tight top. Being drunk he laboured under the delusion that he was being subtle in his staring. Dawn kicked him under the table and he looked up blankly, as if he had felt the contact but not the pain and was puzzled by it. Then he grinned impishly, realising why she had kicked him.

Before she continued with the story Dawn asked Lisa, "so, any thoughts on that last installment."

Lisa was more prepared this time, "no, apart from I really liked it. I think I actually liked the flirting with waiters more than the sex part. I found that very...well, exciting."

"I know what you mean. Do you think I should have fucked the waiters too?"

"Oh, well, I, no, what you did seemed right. As you said you could if you wanted to."

"Yes, sometimes the actual act is the disappointment. Anyway, after the waiters had gone, Antonia said 'I'm going to take Dawn shopping now for some clothes.' I didn't know anything about this and made a feeble attempt at protest, but was too pleased to make much of an effort.

"Frederico opened his wallet and gave Antonia some money, 'I wish I could come with you, nothing would give me more pleasure, but I have to get back to work. Here, take this,' he turned to me here, 'you are not offended? It is only so Antonia can buy you a nice dress.' I shook my head. It hadn't occurred to me to be offended that he was giving the money in return for sex. Then I worried that I should have been offended and perhaps that _was_ the reason behind the money. But I think he just wanted to treat me, and he knew Antonia didn't have that much money to spare. It was a thoughtful gesture to help her without causing her embarrassment. Frederico spoke some Italian to Antonia. She told me he thanked her again for bringing me, and that they arranged to meet the following Thursday when they would talk all about it. He said to me, 'thank you Dawn this morning has been wonderful. Tonight I will make love to my wife like I have not done for many weeks. You are a very special girl. I hope you have the most amazing journey.'

"He kissed Antonia and when he kissed me he reached up and stroked one of my breasts. Antonia saw it and smirked, but the couple at the table behind frowned disapprovingly, but I didn't care. It was all I could manage not to reach down and start rubbing his cock. As we left my nipples were once again very pronounced through my blouse. The two waiters stood by the exit, staring at my breasts with exaggerated lust now that they were in on the game and one pinched my bum. I gave them a wink over my shoulder as we entered the bustling street and were swept away from the restaurant, so I didn't even see Frederico leave. Antonia had my hand and dragged me through confidently. 'What are we buying?' I asked when I had managed to get alongside her.

'I want to get you a sexy dress, and some underwear.'

'Oh. Are you buying anything?'

'Not today, it's all you.'

'Well, as I'm travelling I haven't got much room.'

'Don't worry it won't take up much space. We're going to a shop where I know them well and they can help us choose.'

"We entered a glass fronted shop, with a discrete dummy wearing a black dress in one window and a collection of expensive looking shoes in the other. It was very classy, with paintings on the wall and designer chairs and sofas. This impossibly beautiful and stylish woman seemed to appear from behind a dummy and glide up to us. Suddenly my brazen display of breasts felt silly and cheap, with her wearing this smart trouser suit and elegant light shoes. She had long, straight black hair and in her shoes was taller than me. She was thin, with angular cheekbones that gave her a stern look. I shied back as she approached, slipping behind Antonia. When she saw Antonia she smiled broadly, which lessened her harsh demeanour dramatically, and they greeted each other with a kiss on each cheek. Antonia introduced her as Isabella. She kissed me also, but after a quick, professional appraisal that I thought concluded that there was something she could work with here. She didn't seem as aloof as I had first feared, but I didn't feel comfortable either.

"They spoke for a while, Antonia occasionally indicating me and Isabella looking me up and down, her hand on her chin. They laughed a few times and Isabella made some expressions of shock. It was all rather disconcerting and I would have been offended normally to be spoken about so blatantly, but I had rather gotten used to it that day. I tried not to appear put out and went to examine some clothes. They were all designer labels and one simple blue dress with thin straps had a price, which I translated as 200, which is a lot now, but was unbelievable back then for a student such as myself. I had that horrible feeling of being in the wrong place, and had I been on my own I would have nonchalantly looked at a few more dresses, pretending not to be shocked by the prices, then fled. But I tried to look as if I belonged there and sat on a steel, high backed chair waiting for them to finish.

"I asked Antonia what they had been talking about afterwards. She never tried to hide any of this from me and said that Isabella had asked her about her lover (it seemed talking of lover's was commonplace in these shops). Antonia had said that he was very happy, he'd just had a treat, indicating me. Isabella was enjoyably shocked, 'you mean...?; and Antonia had nodded and that had been the laughter. She had told the story of the waiters also, but not the train. She certainly didn't mind telling people about me, and she related this with all such openness that it was obvious she didn't see anything wrong with it, which deflated any outrage I might have felt. Antonia had gone on to say that I was her friend who she wanted to introduce into sex. She wanted to buy me a dress that was classy, but which left little doubt about a desire for sex. Not slutty she had insisted, but undeniably sexy.

"Antonia called me over, while Isabella went off to collect some dresses she thought would suit her requirements. 'Isabella will give you some dresses to try on. Make sure you come out and show us how they suit you. I want something which is as sexy as you are.'

"It was a long shop and Isabella took my arm and guided me down the back. She seemed warmer now and chatted away in Italian, lifting up each dress. I made appreciative noises and smiled exaggeratedly. She ushered me into a neat cubicle. I undressed quickly and lifted up the first dress. The curtain pulled back slightly and Isabella poked her head in. She took a quick look at my body, but I was determined not to look naive so I just carried on as normal. She handed me some black high heels, 'you will need some nice shoes to show off those dresses.' I turned to face her and took the shoes from her. 'Grazi.'

"The first dress was a shiny light blue number, very short which hugged every curve. It was strapless and had the back cut out so it opened round to the side. I took a look at myself and was quite pleased. With the shoes on it made my bum look nice, and it definitely looked expensive. I pulled the curtain back and made an extravagant exit. The only way to get away with this was to be confident, if I had tottered out tugging down my skirt it would have just been pathetic. Antonia was sitting in a plush velvet chair and Isabella was standing next to her. They both stopped talking and looked up expectantly. They were approving, but not over impressed, much to the disappointment of my pampered ego. Isabella spoke and Antonia translated, 'it is nice but not your colour. And it does not make enough of your breasts. There is a better dress in there.'

"The next one was a full length black dress with straps down the front to my navel. These pushed my boobs flat giving a good amount of flesh on either side. It was open at the back to just above my bum. It looked like an evening gown and I felt very sophisticated. Antonia beamed at this one and Isabella was more positive. But they decided it was too formal, and maybe I wouldn't get the opportunity to wear it too often. I disagreed, saying I thought I could wear it to a variety of functions. But I may have been swayed by the price tag of 400.

"We stood there arguing for a bit, and I said I didn't know what Antonia had in mind. Isabella said, 'we need a man's opinion. Wait there.' She then went back up the shop and spoke to a middle aged man who was looking through some dresses. She had a brief conversation, pointing towards me. He nodded in agreement and she led him towards us. 'This is Fillipo. He has offered to give his opinion.' He bobbed his head shyly and we introduced ourselves and I went back in to try on the next one. This was a blue dress, with thin straps and midlength skirt. Quite simple, but I felt very comfortable in it. It had under support so it pushed my tits up, and was low cut across these. Everyone liked this one. Fillipo was given first verdict. 'Very sexy, if I saw someone wearing that I would follow them around the room.' I nodded my thank you. Antonia thought it was perfect and Isabella thought it suited my body shape and skin tone.

"Isabella then spoke to Antonia for a bit and she then told me, 'we like this one, but now that Isabella has seen you in some dresses she has some more ideas. So can you just try on some more to be sure.' I didn't see the point, but Isabella was off collecting more outfits already.

"The next one was not a dress, but some black PVC trousers and a matching halter top. This was cut down the side, so the sides of my breasts were clearly visible. The trousers were incredibly tight and I struggled to pull them on. My knicker line was too visible so I took them off and put the trousers back on. It gave such a smooth appearance to my bum that it just begged to be patted. I wasn't sure I could see myself wearing this, I looked like a stripper, but it did feel very empowering. When I exited Fillipo gave a low whistle. Isabella half-turned me and indicated how my breasts bulged provocatively from the side. Antonia asked me turn around so they could see how it looked from behind. I did so and leant forward to give them a good view of my bum. There was mumbled agreement all round. I could see Fillipo was sitting on his hands, presumably to quell the urge to grasp my tightly clad buttocks. Antonia and Isabella exchanged a knowing look and I realised we weren't trying clothes on for my benefit any more.

"I went back in to try on the next outfit. This one was long again, tied around the neck with broad straps which connected below my bust. It was a nice shape, but the trouble was it was made from a sheer white cotton. Without my bra my nipples were clearly visible. It was like net curtain material really. I couldn't see who would possibly wear it. I thought I can't go out of the cubicle in this, but guessing my reluctance Isabella pulled the curtain aside and pulled me out. As I stepped out I realised I had been so absorbed by how visible my breasts were I had forgotten I had taken my knickers off for the last outfit. I stood there, practically naked before these three people.

'Now that is sexy,' Fillipo said, alternating his gaze between my breasts and my fanny.

'It definitely gives out the right message' Antonia commented, nodding towards my bush she added, 'maybe too much though.'

I thought they were being serious, 'but I could never wear it out.' Isabella was speaking, 'she says with the right lingerie underneath it could look stunning. But I told her that after this lunch you must not be wearing a bra.'

'Oh,' I said, not really knowing what to say to this.

"I went back in to try on the last outfit. This was a black satin dress with thin straps and a very short skirt. It was quite loose fitting around my bust, so when I leant forward you could see my nipples. I thought it was probably more lingerie than dress, but now was no time to be coy. Antonia clapped when she saw it and Isabella smoothed it down saying complimentary words. 'It is for the man to decide,' Antonia said. 'What do you think Fillipo?'

"He paused, he had obviously preferred the see-through number. The women were unanimous in favour of this one and tried to persuade him. 'Walk up and down Dawn. See how here breasts move?' They were jiggling quite a lot beneath the loose top. I was standing in front of Fillipo now and Isabella was sitting next to him. She was talking and Antonia kept up a translation. 'We can adjust it if you think that would be better? We could take the skirt up maybe?' Fillipo nodded and Isabella rolled up an inch of the already miniscule skirt. Fillipo indicated it should go higher. She rolled up another inch, so now the bottom half of my fanny was visible. Fillipo indicated higher again. He was now very obviously stroking an erection through his trousers. Isabella stood behind me and lifted the skirt up entirely to reveal my dark red bush. I looked nervously up the shop but it was empty.

'And we could lower the top maybe?' With that she slipped the straps off my shoulders and the dress tumbled down to my midriff. The best thing was to be brazen, so I turned round and bent over to give him a good view of my bum. Isabella slid the satin dress upward and it glided up and sat on my back. I didn't know what would happen next really, but it was incredibly erotic, being the centre of attention for these three people. I heard a zip undo behind me and turned round to see Fillipo had pulled out a thick penis and was masturbating slowly. I stepped out of my dress now so was naked apart from the high heels. I stepped back into the closet, with the curtain open and fixed my eyes on him as I ran my hands over my body. Then Isabella sat next to him and took his penis in her right hand and wanked him faster.

All three of them were looking at me, so I put on some poses, running my hand across my bush, and squeezing my breasts. Isabella seemed to be getting excited and expressing it through the speed with which she wanked Fillipo. Within a few minutes his cock twitched back and then lurched forward like someone throwing a headbutt. A big spurt of jism launched in the air and landed on the carpet between us, like something from a cheap sci-fi movie. Fillipo quickly pulled out a handkerchief and Isabella wiped his flagging penis clean. She put it away and zipped him back up and gave him a tender kiss. He seemed embarrassed and kept looking at the pool of drying come on the floor. He got up quickly, bowed to me and scurried up the shop.

"All three of us burst out laughing. 'Bravo' Antonia said. 'I think it is the black dress then.' I pulled the curtain closed again, rather stupidly after what I'd just been doing, but there you have it. I put my trousers back on, and the red blouse, undone to its now standard point and without a bra. Needless to say my nipples were so pronounced they looked painfully constrained against the fabric.

"When I came out Isabella laughed and said something. 'She said you look as though you need sex.' I looked at myself and she was right. I was flushed red and my chest was heaving.

'I do,' I agreed.

"Isabella went into the cubicle and came out with the see-through dress. She spoke through Antonia again. 'She wants you to have this as a gift.' I protested but she insisted. 'But you must promise never to wear a bra with it.'

"I nodded my head to show I agreed. We went back up the shop, Isabella carrying my two new dresses and the shoes. When we got to the counter, which was round the corner from the changing cubicles, Fillipo was standing behind it. I was nonplussed. 'I didn't know he worked here.'

'Oh yes, he is Isabella's husband.'"

Dawn stopped and looked up. Lisa was leaning forward, impatient for more. At this point Phillip brought over the food. 'Tuck in,' he said, arranging bowls of salad and the barbecued meat and vegetables on the crowded table.

"Oh, good," Dawn wiped her hands and piled food on to her plate. Pouring more wine she inquired of Lisa, 'What I'm never sure of is how much of this was just down to me. You see from the moment I let Franco stroke my hair it all had a sense of logical progression to it. In two days I had fucked three strangers, walked around half undressed and stripped in front of another stranger while his wife masturbated him. Yet it all seemed to make sense, each one built on the previous experience. It's not that I wasn't in control, or was doing things against my will, it was more that my threshold as to what was acceptable was being subtly altered all the time. I appreciate Antonia had a lot to do with this and was very clever in her way, but I always knew she was doing it. So, I don't have any perspective on it. Do you think, given my age, you would have done the same Lisa?"

Lisa had obviously seen this coming and had been thinking about her answer before the question came. She still didn't seem sure though, and took a big gulp of wine to ponder further. "I have to say I don't know. I don't think I ever would have done what you did on the train, but then having done that, everything else, as you say makes sense. That train situation is one of those where I could say adamantly 'I would never do that' but I expect you would have said the same before it happened. So I have to say I don't know. Sorry, wimpish answer."

"No, that's very honest. You didn't just say 'No, you're a slut.' That reaction is too easy."

"Before you continue, can I ask a few things?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Are there things you won't do?"

"God yes, loads. Strangely, in some ways I'm quite straight. I probably don't do some things that your average girlfriend does. I don't like anal for a start. I've tried it but I just don't get it. I'm also not keen on swallowing. I think it comes down to how I view sex. I see it as a pleasurable, enjoyable act. I don't understand people who want to do 'nasty' sex. I think sex is fun, a really nice thing to do, why would you want to make it nasty? I won't put up with any domination stuff, and as I said before dirty talk is out. I remember this very sweet lad once got excited and said something like 'suck it you whore.' I stood up and slapped him so hard he almost cried. He begged forgiveness, he thought it was part of the game, but I just left. I won't stand for any of that shit. You might think it would happen a lot, that I'd get myself in to those situations, but actually you can tell those types usually. Most people are quite happy, grateful even to go along with what you have in mind. That's important and it's something I think I gained in those two days, that you create situations which have a certain tone, which you are the author of."

Dawn sighed, "sorry, I do go on a bit don't I?"

"That's okay. I've never met anyone who tells stories so well."

"If you're not too embarrassed to say, what do you like best about them? I'm assuming you like them to keep coming back?"

"The exhibitionism I think. I like that idea of almost exposing yourself or undressing in public."

"Have you ever done anything like that?" This was Phillip, he pretended to be concentrating on the food in order to look nonchalant.

"God no. Weeeeell. I have worn some revealing outfits a few times, and I flashed my boobs to some guys when I got off the train once. I was a bit drunk coming back from a work's do and they had been staring at me. When I got off I lifted up my top and flashed them."

"How did that feel?" Phillip was no longer concentrating on his food.

"I liked it. It was the rush before I did it, when the idea crossed my mind and I got up to leave, I felt quite weak. It was like stealing something. You ever steal anything?"

"Erm, a book once I think." Phillip confessed.

"Me? Nothing." Dawn stated.

"Well, I had a little period of kleptomania when I was a teenager, you know, a lot of girls do. And it was that rush before you picked something up. Of course, I didn't need the things I stole, but for that ten minutes or so prior to, during and just after the act it was exhilarating. Flashing my boobs reminded me of that."

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