tagNon-EroticA New Dawn Ch. 05

A New Dawn Ch. 05


The baby arrived without fuss at forty weeks. However, they had all noticed how, in the past few days, increasingly Susan was tidying and arranging, checking and refolding all the clothes in the nursery. Perdy was said that Susan was "nesting", getting ready for the event, her unconscious wanting everything ready in due time. On Wednesday evening after the children were in bed, Susan stood to go to the toilet. She was longer than usual and returned, smiling but also in some discomfort.

"My waters just broke, I need to get to the hospital."

Harry stood and reached for the bag they had ready packed for the last ten days. Perdy and Lizzie ran to steady Susan. Ola appeared and held a phone in her hand.

"Ambulance will be ten minutes, that OK?"

"Perfect Ola, thank you."

Precisely ten minutes later and the ambulance pulled into the driveway, through the gates Ola had opened. The crew were in the house and talking to Susan within a minute, they had brought a wheelchair in and Susan was gently moved to the Ambulance. Inside her wheelchair was secured and a seat belt engaged to hold her steady. With Blues and Twos on she was whisked with Harry to the Maternity wing of the local hospital.

At almost ten pm Richard Josip Harold Parker arrived and opened his bright blue eyes, filled his lungs and screamed his disapproval. Susan held him and Harry sat on the bed his little finger grasped tightly in a tiny fist. Through tears and kisses they welcomed Rick Parker into their lives. Susan placed him to her breast and he suckled tentatively. Tired but elated the new parents took turns to hold and hug and kiss their newborn. Harry left the Hospital at two am, suddenly all alone in the Entrance to the Maternity Unit.

A car flashed its lights and Harry squinted. The car door opened and Josip stood and waved at Harry.

"Thought you might need a lift Parker, everything OK?"

"Josip you star, yes everything's perfect, it's a boy..."

"Don't say no more, tell the others otherwise I get horsewhip, come."

Harry walked over to the car and sat in the passenger seat. Josip climbed back in and started the engine.

"Josip, how long have you been here?"

"Couple hours, is no big deal, I wait for you."

"Thank you, please let's go home."

"Sure thing Harry Parker, new daddy."

They drove in companionable silence, arriving back to a tumultuous reception. Harry repeated all the statistics and was congratulated on remembering everything. Finally the inevitable question, had they decided on names. Harry nodded.

"Richard Josip Harold Parker, but he's to be known as Rick ."

Josip gasped and Ola slapped his back,

"Harry Parker you sure about this?"

"Absolutely, we're agreed completely on this, if it was a girl she would have been Dora Perdita Neta Ola Elizabeth Parker."

"Wow, you really thought about this new parents." "Absolutely."

"Harry you want tea or something stronger?"

"Tea please Ola, I couldn't deal with alcohol right now."

Later everyone went to bed and Harry finished up his second cup of tea and went upstairs. He undressed and fell into bed. Two minutes later, Perdy appeared and slipped in next to him, followed by Lizzie the other side. Harry smiled and slipped an arm round each. Then he fell into an exhausted sleep, snug between the two women.

Waking at six thirty he felt the two warm bodies either side of him. He lay with a smile plastered to his face, enjoying the moment. Perdy woke and kissed Harry. He smiled and kissed her back. Lizzie stirred and raised herself to kiss him and Harry repeated the gesture. they lay back and snuggled down.Harry realised they were all naked, but it didn't seem to matter. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and six year old Kyle burst in.

"Grandad, where's Nanny?" he shouted as he launched himself at the bed.

Climbing over Lizzie, he sat on Harry's chest. Harry grinned,

"Nanny is in the Hospital looking after your Uncle Rick, how about that for a surprise?"

"Wow, Nanny's got her baby, it's popped out, all done."

"Kyle, careful with Grandad," Lizzie said,

"Yes Kyle, Grandad's still not totally well, you need to be careful with him," said Perdy.

"Really?" said Harry and grabbing hold of the girls proceeded to start tickling both of them.

They all thrashed around, the girls trying to stop him, Kyle bouncing on his chest like a rodeo rider. Finally retaliating both women went for Harry, He whisked Kyle into his arms and tried to stand. Fatal decision, he disappeared under a flurry of arms and giggled helplessly, Kyle switching sides joined his mothers. Ten minutes later the disheveled bed lay mostly on the carpet. Harry sat on a pillow on the floor, Perdy lay sprawled on the mattress, as Lizzie sat in a chair panting, Kyle on her lap. They grinned helplessly. Ola appeared with a tea tray and Em,

"Sound like elephant stampede you noisy devils, wake Em, here go see grandad, there, big hairy nude man on pillow. Susan will not be happy with you three supposed grown ups."

She put the Tray down on the bedside table. At which point Harry winked at Perdy who motioned to Lizzie, who nudged Kyle. With a shout all four jumped on Ola, pulled her to the floor and proceeded to tickle her mercilessly. She screamed and wriggled, her housecoat had fallen open was soon detached and her shortie nightie failed to hide her modesty as they regrouped and started again.

"Stop please Parker, Lizzie, stop Perdy, I..."

The rest was lost in her screams and giggles. She rolled on her back and her legs thrashed around. Suddenly a new roar erupted as Josip and the children arrived to help Ola. Within seconds the bedroom was in chaos as small skirmishes broke out. Kyle launching himself at sixteen year old Irena. Em sat on Beata, who grinned as Kaja, Cezar and Jakub charged at Kyle and Em, trying to save their sisters. Suddenly the sides changed and Harry dived on Perdy whilst Lizzie took out Josip. As Ola sat up grinning all the children descended on her.

Finally exhausted they all sat down panting and puffing. Ola had tears in her eyes, a grin all over her face, Josip could hardly raise his head, whilst Perdy and Lizzie lay back on the floor side by side. The children sat on the bed grinning, quickly regaining their breath.

Harry sat up, saw the grins on the childrens faces and had time to shout,


before the adults were engulfed in giggling, wriggling children again. Defeated they crowded together, laughing and asking for a truce. Irena, triumphant, raised her arm, fist closed.

"Victory to the children, we r..."

Harry made one last effort and pushed her over against the bed, raising his own arm.

"Adults Rule..."

was only just out before his disappeared in a flurry of young bodies.

"Breakfast," Ola shouted and hauled herself inelegantly to her feet.

Cheering, the children led by Irena disappeared downstairs, like a raiding party in search of booty. Ola grinned, then helped Harry stand, they hauled Josip upright, as Perdy and Lizzie staggered to their feet.

"We are getting to the point where we're going to lose every time."

Harry said as he doubled over with a stitch in his side.

"Speak for yourself Harry," panted Josip, "I am good for a few years yet."

"Look at you both, two old men, beaten by a bunch of kids."

"Ola if I had the energy I would sort you out, as it is let this be a warning to you." Harry panted, seeing everyone grinning.

"Shaking in my boots Parker, you frighten me." Ola laughed.

"Wife, you need to be more respectful of menfolk, we are leaders."

"Josip, close the front of your pants please, making other girls laugh."

Lizzie and Perdy patted Josip's back as he straightened his pajama bottoms. He reddened as they grinned, holding each other upright.

"think we all need big drink and sit down." he said.

"No time, supervise children in kitchen, otherwise all breakfast cereal gone."

"Irena, will be in charge."

"She is worst offender appetite of Shrek on steroids, go, go ,go."

Josip wandered out, holding his side. The three stood grinning as Ola refastened her robe.

"Not know why you laugh, you have twenty minutes to tidy this up, or no breakfast."

She turned away and swept out, followed by a stream of pleading, which she ignored. They looked at each other and laughed, sitting on the wrecked bed they drank the lukewarm tea, then turned to clear up the mess. Fifteen minutes later, robed and slippered they entered the kitchen, wading through the collection of odd breakfast cereals scattered on the floor.

"Josip was too late, hurricane hungry kids got here first," said Perdy, bending to pick up the larger pieces of trampled cereal.

Slowly they began removing the collection of crushed and not too crushed cereal. Harry got the vacuum cleaner out and swept the floor, whilst Perdy and Lizzie cleared up the collection of scattered cereal bowls and pools of milk and juices abandoned on the table. Ola stood, hands on hips, surveying the disaster area, shaking her head.

Josip appeared soaking wet, but grinning.

"They are all in the master shower together, I think they're clean. Irena is dealing with it, she's washing hair and covering them in shower gel."

They smiled, Irena was growing up to be her mother. Soon they heard her calling out to the children and organising their getting dressed. Fifteen minutes later they trooped downstairs, ready to go. Josip shrugged and went to change. Ola had the lunch packs ready and soon the house was quiet again, Josip doing the school and nursery run.

"What time can we go see Mum," said Lizzie, as she walked out of the kitchen.

"Visiting times are two til eight pm, but I can go in anytime. I'll tell Susan you'll be in later okay?"

"Yes, Perdy and I have some work to do, another exhibition, this time it's family portraits, which we are sponsoring."

"Ohhh, I like the tie in, good thinking. What does Mum think?"

"She's well onboard with it, made some good suggestions. I'm including some photo's from my childhood."

"Really, what the three of us, together?"

"Yeah and some contemporary ones of Perdy, Kyle, Em and me."

"Sounds good, when does it open and can I get a ticket?"

"Dad, I was hoping you would open it..Please?"

"Me? but why me?"

"Because your my Dad and your also a new Dad."

"Wow, well of course, I'm flattered you'd even consider me, phew."

"You were my first and only choice."

"What about Perdy, doesn't she have family would her Dad like to do it?"


"Wha.. why?"

"Ummm, have you noticed we never talk about Perdy's family?"

"No, not really, I just guess it never struck me, is there a problem?"

"When Perdy came out, when we were at College, her parents..."

"Shut the door in my face."

Perdy, looking at the ground stood by the lounge doorway.

"My parents think I'm some kind of harlot, perverted and bound for hell."

"Oh my God, Perdy I had no idea, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to pry, I never..."

Harry walked to Perdy and hugged her to him. Her arms slid round his sides and she sighed.

"Harry, you, Lizzie, Kyle, Em, Susan and Richard are all I have, and all I need."

"Have you tried approaching them recently?"

"My Father returned the civil ceremony invite with the inscription "Whore of Babylon" written across it, so no I haven't had any contact recently."

Perdy's shoulders shook and she buried her face in Harry's shoulder. Lizzie moved to her and laid her head on Perdy's back.

"Darling girl, let it go, I am so sorry, not just for you, but for them, they're missing out on Kyle and Em."

"Oh, Harry how do you see the good in everything."

"Because I have Susan, You, Lizzie, Kyle, Em and little Rick, how else can I see the world. For me, after so long in the dark, I can see the sunshine, feel the wind and look at the best treasure on earth."

Lizzie slid round to join herself to Harry too, Perdy moved and she and Lizzie wrapped themselves against Harry.

"And in all this, I get to hug and cuddle with two of the three most beautiful women in the world. My cup runneth over. Joy to the world."

They laughed and Perdy wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. Harry dabbed his handkerchief at her face, drying her gently.

"Thanks Harry, I do love you very much. You're the best Father in Law a girl could have."

"And you darling girl are the best, most beautiful, talented, life enhancing Daughter in Law a man could wish for."

"Oh Daddy, I love you so much."

"Likewise baby girl, life would be and was unbearable without you."

"Right, let's get on, come on Perds time to mount up and move out."

Perdy grinned and went out to finish getting ready, Lizzie kissed Harry again and turned to go. As she moved away Harry grabbed her wrist, gently.

"Oh No, not so fast, I need some information from you baby girl."

"Oh, Oh, now let me think, Don Quixote are you about to tilt at Perdy's family windmill?"

"Baby Girl! I'm surprised at you. Did you expect me not to want to right a terrible wrong?"

"Hmmm, be careful, you're going to stir up a lot of very hurtful events and there's bound to be a vocano of emotions waiting to blow. Sure you want to do this?"

"For Perdy, yes, I love her like I love you, she's hurt and I want to stick a metaphorical Band-Aid on it."

"Nut case, oh, she's ready, go careful fellah, Coming Perds."

Lizzie ran out the room, and Harry saw her catch up to Perdy, they kissed quickly, then, coats in hands, went out the front door. Harry stood looking at the floor, he heard Ola behind him.

"Parker, are you going to the hospital this morning, I have present for new baby."

"Ola, you shouldn't have, bless you. Yes I'm going to finish up and then head off, thank you."

Harry finished getting ready, went into the kitchen where a gift wrapped box stood on the island counter top. He kissed Ola on the cheek and squeezed her arm. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

"You're a good man Parker, you have become a very special person to the Jarnewski's."

"Likewise Ola, it wouldn't be right without you guys, you're our family too."

"Get on with you Parker, go see new baby, Rick, good name."

"thanks, see you later."

Twenty minutes later Harry pulled into the car park at the Hospital. Taking a huge bunch of flowers and Ola's gift he headed for the Maternity centre. Susan looked shocked at the size of the bunch of flowers, but grinned as Harry's face appeared round the side of them. A Nurse whisked them away and Harry sat at Susan's bedside. Rick lay in a cot by the side of her bed, he was asleep. Lying on his back, he snored and occasionally twitched. They stared in fascination at him.

"He's dreaming that his milks being taken away."

"Harry, that's cruel, no he's dreaming of running and jumping with his nephew and niece."

"Lizzie and the gang will be in this afternoon, so when I go, I'll leave it til much later before coming back, that way they get some quality time with you."

"Harry you don't have to you know, you're Ricks Dad, you get preferential treatment."

"I've had that for the last six years, a couple of days won't matter. Anyway I have a top secret mission I'm engaged in."

"What are you up to Harry?"

"Susan, you know this new Exhibition, well Lizzie told me about Perdy's par..."

"Harry, no, please leave it, Perdy gets awfully upset about this. She thinks it's best to just leave it. Please Harry think very carefully about what you're doing. Oh no! You're just going to go right to their house aren't you?"

"Yup, I am, got the address from the book in the kitchen and I intend to beard them in their den."

"Sounds very biblical, you know they are very strict Church right?"

"I gathered that, "Whore of Babylon" isn't your average insult."

"Be careful, you're stirring up a real hornets nest."

"I will, but I'm on a mission on this one."

"Harry I do love you, but sometime.."

Susan let the end hang. Rick meanwhile was waking and his arms and legs were flexing and stretching. His eyes flicked open and he began to mewl. Harry reached into the cot and gently lifted the squawking bundle into his arms, Susan smiled as Harry gently sang as he rocked his son.

"Shall I see if he's hungry?"

"Here, there you go Rick, Mummy to the rescue."

Pulling her nightdress to the side, Susan placed Rick to her breast where he happily suckled. Harry looked in awe and love at mother and son. A single tear fell down his cheek. Susan felt a lump in her throat, and fought back a sob. Harry gently stroked his son's head, over the small amount of dark black hair that was plastered to his skull. His other hand found Susan's arm wrapped round Rick. and he held it. Shortly after Susan switched breasts and Rick contentedly filled his belly.

Rick, sated, fell back off Susan's breast and emitted a loud belch, eyes closed he slept again. Taking him gently Harry placed him back in his cot, where he lay peacefully, a wrinkled smile on his lips. Susan adjusted her nightdress and lay back.

Remembering Ola's gift he handed the package to Susan. Inside was a silver piggie with a curly tail and a slot for coins. Harry laughed as Susan shook it and they heard the jangle of coins inside. Harry kissed her forehead and promised to come back later. She nodded and closed her eyes.

Two nurses came in each with a vase of flowers, complimenting Harry on the displays. Harry placed Ola's gift on Susan's bedside table and slipped out of the hospital.

Using his satnav Harry found the large townhouse in a popular part of a Newtown, about thirty miles from his home. He parked and walked up the pathway, rang the bell and stood back. A tall man grey haired and clean shaven, about five years older than Harry answered the door. He stood barring access.

"Yes, can I help you?"

"I believe you can, are you Peter Kerraway, husband of Anne Kerraway and father of Perdita Kerraway-Parker."

"We have no daughter, she died."

"She didn't die, she married my daughter."

Harry moved closer,

"She married my daughter and they have two children, your grandchildren."

"My daughter is nothing to me, she is a whore and a deviant, I repudiate her, I cast her out, now get off my property."

Peter Kerraway stepped back to close the door and Harry stuck his foot in the gap. The door swung forward and jammed Harry's foot against the door jamb. Harry winced but wouldn't move.

"Can I ask you a question, do you really believe your wonderful, talented, beautiful daughter is a deviant?"

"She lies with another woman, it is forbidden by God."

"I think that's lying with another man and it's part of the old testament. I don't think Jesus ever railed against women who chose women. I think your God says you should forgive others trespasses, as He will forgive yours. I think also there is an epithet about the sinless should cast the first stone. Also isn't vengeance and justice the province of God?"

"I.. I will not.. trade scripture with you on my doorstep.."

"Okay invite me in and we'll talk like mature men, or we can stay here and attract the attention of all your neighbours."

"Peter, Peter, stop it, stop it, enough is enough. Let that man in, I want to know what's happening with my daughter."

"We have no Daughter..."

"Yes we do have a daughter, and grandchildren, I want to hear about them, I want to see my daughter."

"Anne, this is listening to the devil's disciple, he speaks with a ..."

"Shut up Peter, shut up, enough.."

Peter Kerraway was dragged back and a beautiful older version of Perdy stood at the open doorway.

"Please come in Mr..."

"Parker, Harry Parker, I am pleased to meet you Mrs Kerraway, thank you."

They went through to an immaculately furnished lounge. Peter Kerraway sat in an armchair, head in his hands, sobbing. Anne Kerraway sat in the other armchair and beckoned Harry to sit on the sofa. Harry sat, then she asked if he wanted tea or coffee. Harry asked for tea and she rose and left the room. The silence broken occasionally by a sob from the armchair to his left, Harry looked around the room. It was fussily dressed, lots of framed pictures and prints, many display cases, bookcases and a piano. The piano was covered in photos of Perdy from a baby to early teens. There were no pictures of her older than sixteen or seventeen.

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