tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA New Day For The Brady Bunch

A New Day For The Brady Bunch

byRob Conner©

Authors note: This is not my usual type of story. But the idea came to me and I couldn't resist.

Carol Brady unlocked the door to her husbands office building. Mike Brady is one of the city's most prosperous architects along with his partner Jonas Wilson.

Ah, Jonas Wilson, what a hunk. 6'6" inches tall about 240 lbs. of muscle. Blonde hair and blue eyes and great buns.

Carol knew all about those buns. She also knew about his package. 11 1/2 inches and 4 3/4 circumference. (she had measured).

She loved her husband. But he had several faults. He had a more than average size cock (about 6 inches) but he didn't use it very well. He also was cursed by premature ejaculation. If he even thought about sex he would shoot. But he could eat pussy with the best of her lesbian lovers. But that just wasn't enough.

Carol liked a take charge, dominate man. Mike, to be kind was a wimp. Carol led him around by the nose. He did as she told him with out question.

While that was fun for awhile, and she had married him for security and social status, not his performance in bed. She needed more. A real man.

A year ago when Mike brought Jonas on as a partner, Carol knew she had found her man.

Jonas had seduced her in less than 24 hours. Had her sucking his cock and taking it up the ass in 48. She was totally under his power in 72.

He was controlling Mike in a week. Making most of the decisions for the business.

As time went by, Mike had become more submissive and more swishy every day. He hadn't even slept in the same room as Carol in the last 3 months he was home. Mike had been gone on a "business" trip for the last two months.

She had gotten a call from Jonas telling her to come by the office at exactly 9 PM that night.


Carol locked the door behind her. She saw the lights were on in Mike's office.

She could see from the doorway that Jonas was seated in a leather arm chair. Seated at Mike's desk was a woman with long blonde hair, dressed in a dark blue business suit with a white silk blouse underneath.

Something about her struck Carol as familiar. Then it hit her. Those eyes. They were her husbands eyes! My God it was Mike!

"Carol this is Margo. She is replacing Mike, who has retired. She will be the managing partner in the firm." He said with a smile.

"What the hell is this shit?" Carol stormed

Margo looked at Carol with a look of disdain showing on her face.

"Shut up and sit down. You're not in charge here. I am." She said in a quiet voice that still commanded obedience.

Carol almost fell into the chair from the shock, not only from Her appearance but the tone of command in her voice.

"Mike the Wimp is gone. Margo the forceful businesswoman has replaced him. Get used to it. A lot of things are about to change. At the office and at home." Margo said

"Mike was a wimp. But he found out what he really was meant to be. A woman. He started on hormones 11 months ago. Had several surgeries done. Mike had to die for Margo to live."

"Margo is very self assured and very dominate. She is in charge. Make no mistake. Do so at your own peril. You may ask questions now. But this is the only time it will be allowed without punishment. " Margo said

"Where have you been for the last two months? Can you still function as a man or did you get it cut off?" Carol asked

"I have been at a very special Spa. They finished my transformation. Plus I learned all I need to know about being a woman. I also got experience as a dominate. It was funny in a way. I found out that as a woman I liked to be in control. Total control." Margo answered

"Come over here in front of me." She commanded, turning in her chair.

Carol did as she was told.

"Get on your knees." She ordered

Carol got on her knees. She could see the matching short skirt that went with the suit.

Margo stood and unzipped her skirt. Underneath was a short half slip. When she pulled it down you could see her shapely legs covered in fine white silk stockings with a slight sheen. They were attached to a white lacy garter belt. Over the belt was a white matching thong. Her front looked flat. No sign of a cock.

She pulled down the thong. Out popped a hard cock. But no balls. The cock was bigger than Mike's had been

"Like what you see Carol? Nice isn't it? New type of surgery that they do in Eastonia. A former KGB plastic surgeon has perfected this procedure. What it does is implant the testicles inside and lengthens and increases the diameter of the penis, while making them almost invisible when not in use. By taking the correct hormones and conditioning I not only function as well but with much better control. I cum when I want. If I don't want to I won't. When I fold my pole inside, You can see I also have a vagina. It is fully functional. Just can't become pregnant." Margo explained

"God that is amazing. How long did it take?" Carol asked

"About three surgeries over two months. Then a two week recovery period. It cost about 250 thousand dollars. But well worth it. To me anyway." Margo answered

"Where did the money come from? I didn't know we had that much laying around?" she asked

Margo laughed, "You are a stupid bitch. I have millions in off shore accounts. All skimmed from Mike's business. Plus Mike had a small fortune before he married you. Also remember that money that you got from your parents estate and the settlement when they died in that plane crash? Mike told you he lost it in several bad investments. Wrong! He converted it to cash and sent it off shore."

The only thing left are the children's trust funds of which I have full control. The house and the cars are all in Margo's name. As is the business. Mike sold it to Jonas. Then Mike disappeared with the money. Margo showed up and bought 70% of the company and 100% of everything else."

"So my dear, You have the money in your pocket and your personal checking account. All your credit cards are cancelled. By this time all the locks on the house have been changed. Also as we speak your car is being towed. Who's a wimp now?" Margo laughed

"But why?" Carol asked

"Why not? Mike discovered he was the wrong sex years ago. He was also tired of being led around by the nose. It pissed him off, but he did get off on it too. Then he found out about your little affairs about two years ago. Mike had never cheated on you, but you were willing to toss him aside like rubbish."

"Mike met Jonas right after his discovery of your infidelity. He and Mike became close friends. One night over more than one fifth of scotch, Mike confessed all. The same thing had happened to Jonas not six months prior. His ex had tried to clean him out. Luckily he had eye witnesses and video tape. So he had great sympathy for Mike."

"Jonas came up with an idea to take care of Carol. It was a good idea and would have worked. But Mike decided to combine it with his coming out as Margo. Then it became a great plan!" Margo giggled

"Mike needed a good architect to help him because of the growth of his business and someone to handle the work during his transition. Jonas was tired of working for someone else. So Jonas came on as Mike's new partner. You fell like a slut that you are. But I must confess it was quicker than Mike had hoped for. Soon you were fucking and sucking wide open. I thought it was cool that Jonas got your anal cherry. I like to watch that video. You hollering like a banshee as he jammed that monster cock up you virgin ass."

"Watch the video?" Carol stammered

"Of course. All of your encounters are on video tape. The bedroom at the house is wired and Jonas's house is too. The motel room that you use at the Plaza hot wired. The owner is a close friend who had caught his spouse cheating. He was happy to supply a room. It stays busy as he rents it to his friends to catch cheating spouses." Margo laughed

"Mike started his transition soon after. Laser hair removal. Some surgeries that would not show, and a strict hormone regimen. He made several trips to Eastonia during the last year. That's why Mike didn't sleep with you anymore. It's hard to hide a hairless body, wide hips and C cup boobs." Laughed Margo

"You were so busy humping Jonas, you didn't even notice. But the kids did. Mike had to explain what was going on. How their Mom had become a cheating slut. He also explained about the sex change. They took that part pretty well. Supriseingly the boys took your affair better than the girls did. They were very upset. They thought Mike was going to make them go with you. Plus they knew how much Mike loves them and how he treated all the children the same, no matter who their biological parent is."

"Mike quickly stomped that idea. He told them that he had adopted them and they belonged to him the same as the boys did. Their lifestyle wasn't going to change. Then they were told about some of the plan. And sworn to secrecy. They did a good job. Marcia, Cindy and Jan all said they didn't owe you any loyalty. They lived the good life because of Mike." Margo said

'What's going to happen now?" asked Carol

"Well you have a couple of choices. One you can take what you have left and hit the road. Or two you can give your body, heart and soul to your Mistress. Do exactly as you are told without question. Have sex with whomever you are told to. Any sex act you are told to perform. Become the company "Customer Relations " Director. In plan language, the company slut." Margo smirked

"Jonas, Please don't let this 'thing' do this to me. I know you love me. Please Jonas." Carol begged

Jonas laughed a diabolical laugh. "The only thing I love about you is that sweet asshole. That and how you like me whipping your nice white buttcheeks. Plus I'd be real careful about calling Mistress a 'thing'. She has a long memory."

The fury in Margo's face was easy to see.

"Get the fuck out of my building bitch! Right now! You no longer have a choice. And don't come near the house or the children. I have a restraining order. I'll have you put under the jail. Get out now!" stormed Margo

"You can't do that. You don't exist. There is no Margo Brady." Shouted Carol

"I'd advise you to check it out. Margo is Mike's twin sister. She is the executor of his estate. They had been estranged until a year ago. There is a death certificate for Mike Brady. He died in a small plane crash in Mexico two months ago. She has custody of the children and control of their trust funds. This is because of your adultery and mental problems." Said Jonas

"What mental problems?" screeched Carol

"Bad mental problems. You've been treated for years for a variety of mental problems including nymphomania and drug addiction. You've been hospitalized several times. These took place when you were on your "separate" vacations. A nice thick record. All signed by several respected psychiatrists. " said Jonas

"The orders are signed by the Chief Judge of the Civil Court. You failed to show up for the hearings. Your lawyer tried to make excuses for you, but the third time you were done. So sorry." Laughed Jonas

"What hearings? What Lawyer? I know nothing of this!" she cried

"Must have happened during one of your black out periods." Chuckled Jonas

"Yeah you have them all the time. You lose track of several days at a time. That's another reason I got custody of the kids. Plus they chose for me to be their guardian." Laughed Margo.

"So Ms. High and mighty Brady. You have no options. Only to do as I say without question. Well their is one more option." Said Margo

"What is that " asked Carol

"I can sell you to a friend of mine as a pain slut. You would look good with piercings and tattoos all over your body. Plus all the welts and scars from your beatings and torture. A real fun life." Answered Margo

Carol knew she was done. There were no options left. Company slut or pain slut. It wasn't very hard to choose.

She said, "Alright you win. What do I have to do?

Margo walked over and slapped her across the face hard enough to knock her off her feet.

Carol fell into the leather chair behind her. "What is that for? I told you, you win."

Margo walked over and ripped Carol's blouse open. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her near inch long nipples stood out from her silver dollar sized aureole.

Margo grabbed the offering with her long painted fingernails and gave a mighty twist, causing her victim to cry in pain.

"Listen Carol darling. Remember, I am the Mistress. You are the slave. I hold your fate in my hands." She said in a quiet but firm voice, as she slapped Carol's breast in a slow melodic cadence.

" Here are some of the ground rules. You never look me in the face without permission. You speak with your eyes on the ground. You speak to me from your knees, with your hands clasped behind your neck. That is your standard position. But most important. My name is Mistress Margo. You only speak when spoken to and then only with permission. Any violation will be punished on a progressive manner. The more you screw up, the worse the punishment gets. Understand slave?" Margo asked

"Yes Mistress." Said a broken Carol Brady from her knees.

"Very good slave. If you keep it up I may let you suck me off later." Margo said

"Thank you Mistress. My duty is to serve." She spoke

Margo and Jonas were very satisfied.

Anew day had started for the Brady Bunch.

I got this idea the other day while watching reruns. I know I'm a sick puppy, but someone has to do it!

Depending on how the story is received, I may add more parts.

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This Is A Great Start

Now do The Big Bang Theory. I have Bernadette and Stewart having a revenge sex affair after Bernadette catches Howard in bed with Rajesh. Amy Farrah Fowler, trying to be a 'bad girl' has brief affairsmore...

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