tagNonHumanA New Eden

A New Eden


Hope everyone likes the story; it was just something that kept running through my mind like a broken record. Anyway enjoy the repeating, vinyl sound and please vote and comment. Thanks!



The annoying squeaking of tennis shoes echoed down the hospital corridor as a young nurse ran to room 303. Her dark hair bounced softly around her shoulders held there by excess hairspray, small feet skidded as she stopped abruptly in front of a stereotypical brown door.

The nurses heavy panting was drown out by a sharp wail of a woman. Her hands pushed the door in and rushed to help the doctor with the laboring woman, blood was splattered across the bed and pallid scrubs of the doctor.

When the door slammed against the wall, the body of the doctor flashed around, the nurse swallowed; this wasn't the doctor that she knew. Black hair cascaded down his back in blue-black ripples, orange colored eyes rubbed against her soul and a scream bubbled up in her throat.

The overly beautiful face sneered at her fear and his rough voice barked, "Get your ass over here and help with the birth of my mate!"

The nurse's horror struck eyes landed on the pale woman as she writhed in pain on the bed. Whimpers and pants filled the room along with the smell of blood. The nurse managed to ask, "What's wrong with her?"

The man turned back to the woman on the bed with a look of disgust, "This human body is not strong enough for the birthing of my beloved Eden. Now if we have to, we will cut her out."

With that both the man and the nurse went to work. Nobody disturbed them and the worked until a small, wiggling baby girl was held in blood soaked hands. The nurse saw that the poor mother was dead from blood loss. Her small hand pulled the covers over the body and stepped away from her. She couldn't help but think that the woman was better off. Her brown eyes' were drawn to the man and was surprised to see love and relief, wash over his chiseled face.

The girl just lay in his arms, quietly staring back at him. He bent over and placed his lips on her four head in a touch of pure love. His orange eyes landed on the dead woman covered with the sheet and then the nurse. "Feel privileged that I have let you live after this," he growled, "I need someone to care for Eden, since she is too small and fragile to take with me. I require you to take her and raise her. Do you understand?"

The nurse shook her head, yes she understood.

The man smiled showing white teeth that looked sharper then daggers. "Tell me your name human."

"Brigit." the short, curt voice stated.

"Alright Brigit, now two more things. This child will be raised in your care, but she is not human. She is my mate and is a half blood demon. Understand so far?"

The small dark head nodded yes again, she had no choice but to understand, either that or be killed.

"Good, now I do not want her around human males. She is mine and I intend on taking her as mine the moment she turns eighteen. She is not to be around anyone that I do not specifically give permission."

With that last statement, he walked toward her and grabbed her arm and a black mark appeared on her wrist, "That is so you may contact me if you have any questions about Eden, anything else and I will dispose of you. You may not marry, date, or so much as bring the smell of another male near her. If you do, you will be killed." His gruff voice hit her ears with an echo and the child was placed in her arms tenderly.

Brigit looked up from the child and found that the man was gone and so was the bloody body that had lain on the bed. It was like a dream, slowly fading from her mind but the child confirmed that it was not. Her hands were stiff as she washed the child and as Eden started to cry, the black mark on her wrist burned horribly.

"Shush baby, it's just a bath." the child quieted and the burning in her arm was relieved. A soft blanket appeared beside Brigit and she wrapped the orange and black blanket around the baby girl and walked out of the hospital without a backward glance.


Asmodeus looked through the portal watching the human named Brigit carry his beloved away from him. Anger and longing filled his heart at the thought of waiting eighteen long years for Eden. Masculine laughter echoed through the darkened chamber, Amon stepped through solid rock into his room.

"Looks like someone has problems with a female." his deep voice laughed.

"I'm not in the mood Amon; go away before I rip that blond hair out of your scalp." Asmodeus growled as he lifted a glass of French wine to his mouth.

A light smack on the back of the head, knocking the nearly black liquid over his robes.

"Damn it! That was a good glass of wine!"

"You my friend need to go and have some fun with a Succubus before you settle down with your pretty mate." Amon grunted as he settled his long body into a straight backed chair, "What's the fun of being single if you can't enjoy it?"

"I don't want a shitty succubus, they put out for everyone. I want her!" he said jerking his finger to a painting on his wall.

Amon's blue eyes ran over the painting taking in the curvy woman that graced the canvas. Blue eyes landed back on Asmodeus' orange ones, "My friend it had been over four-thousand years since you saw her in your visions, and it won't take long for another eighteen to pass."

A deep sigh echoed through the room, "I know, but she was destined to be mine. I could feel her spirit the moment I was created."

"I know my friend." with that Amon faded away and left his dearest friend agonized over his beloved woman.


18 years later:

"Eden!" a shrill voice yelled.

A sigh broke through the lips of a pretty eighteen year old. Her mother was calling her from down stairs and she was just getting to the good part in her book. She stood up and walked over a moss green carpet to her door and yelled down the stairs.


"I need you to come down stairs for a minute, I've got a surprise for you!" her mother voice called.

"Alright, I'll be right there." Eden yelled back.

She slipped on her favorite green flip flops and walked back out the door.

Her slender feet walked silently down the hardwood stairs and stepped into the living room. They were not rich people and her mother did not work a job, but they did have enough money that they could live comfortably. Eden even had a little spending money to go along with it.

She crossed the smooth floor of the cream colored living room and walked into the kitchen where her mother was. Brigit had aged harshly in the last eighteen years, dark brown hair was now steel grey, a straight back was a stooped as a crones. Demon magic seemed to have drained the life out of her.

Brigit turned at the sound of Eden's footsteps and a smile cracked her hard features.

"Hey mom, what's the surprise? I thought we had already exchanged gifts for today?" Eden said as she smiled.

Something silently died in Brigit's eyes, she sighed loudly and ground between her teeth, "I have one more gift for you, this is from someone you will know very soon, and he requested that I give it to you as a gift."

A confused look crossed Eden's face as a large package was nearly thrown into her arms. "You said "he"? I don't know any boys, who is this from?"

"I can not tell you, it's forbidden." With that Brigit basically ran out of the room to get away from her.

She frowned at the rapidly disappearing back her mother, sighing she walked forward to the small island that sat in the middle of the kitchen, and laid the package on the white linoleum top. The shiny orange wrapping sparkled under her finger tips like molten fire.

The moment her hand sat it down, the wrapping fell away as if it had a remote control. Eden stared at the package as if it was a snake. She watched it closely for several seconds and determined it wasn't going to move she made to open the gift. The cardboard flaps easily lifted and revealed more orange paper.

This time the paper didn't move, Eden's excitement got the better of her and she ripped the paper out of the box revealing another black, velvet box beneath. Her ivory colored hand lifted the long box from the paper and took a deep breath. A spicy musk emanated from the velvet box that sent chills down her spine.

She flicked the clasp and lifted the lid, Eden expected to see jewelry or maybe even some sort of perfume, but instead a large black feather with an orange border lay in a bed of black velvet. Perplexed eyes roamed the feather and her curiosity got the better of her.

'this is so unusual' Eden thought, 'what does it mean' as her thoughts spun out of control she ran one finger along the edge of the inky feather. A cry of pain escaped from her mouth as the edge cut through her skin like butter. Her eyes watched the feather slowly float to the floor and knew it had to heavier then that to cut her finger.

"Eden? Are you alright?" her mother called from her room.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Stumped my toe on the counter." the lie slipped easily through her lips as she picked up her weird gift. A shrug graced her shoulders; she would put it away and look at it tonight. She carried it gingerly to her room and placed it on her dresser.

Her book called her back to the world of evil demons, maidens, and princes. Her mind flew away from her world into another. Her gift undisturbed, but not forgotten, laid silently waiting till nightfall.


Asmodeus watched her with happiness. She got her gift. The moment she touched it he could see her clearly in his head. He felt every little feeling and heard the very thoughts in her head.

He searched her mind and nearly laughed, she was attracted to his scent. He was very pleased; she was everything he had hoped.

The woman Brigit, had done well with his mate, he needed to remember to give her youth back to her when he made Eden his tonight. Elation bubbled up in his chest as he watched her.

He saw her reading a book and studied her features. Short brown hair waved to her shoulders, a smooth four head sloped into a straight nose and tapered down to kissable lips. She was identical to the painting on his wall. Asmodeus had painted that from his visions that he had since youth.

Always yearning for her, needing her by his side. He was pulled from his thoughts as she rose from the chair by her window and start shedding her clothing. He realized she was getting ready for a shower, his eyes glazed over in lust as he got a glimpse of her young body. Perky wasn't the correct word, a Succubus would die for a body such as this.

He felt heat pool below his belt, as his eyes darken in his lust for her. Orange eyes ranged down her back and lingered on her slightly larger then average derriere, it was as if she was made for him. He heard a chuckle and he made the image disappear.

His brother Amon was once again laughing at his need for Eden. "Finally get to see her uh?"

He heard Asmodeus hiss, "Leave! I must have everything ready for her arrival tonight."

"Well isn't that nice, I had a couple of girls for us to go and play with for a while. Shame you're tied up." Amon boomed out.

A loud growl whipped through the room, just as a large granite statue smashed against the wall where Amon stood three seconds earlier.

Asmodeus clapped his hands and four brimstone imps appeared in front of him. Their black, skeletal bodies wavered slightly in the scorching heat they just came from. They bowed in unison as asked in quiet voices, "What may we do for you, oh prince of demons?"

"I'm going to need clothing, human food, and some rope." Asmodeus stated with an evil grin. The imps disappeared and the Prince of Demons waited patiently till it was time.


Eden sighed as she stepped out of the shower into the steaming room. At the moment she was wishing for a tub where she could lean back and just relax for an hour. She slipped her favorite t-shirt on and wiped the mirror with her hand. Nothing to be pleased about except her eyes.

The greenish gold color was pleasing. But everything else could be better. Another sigh came from her pouty lips, why couldn't she be born with better looks. Eden turned away from the mirror and walked into her room. She surveyed it, and found it clean enough. Her green carpet was spotless and everything was put away.

Her body plopped down on her bright green comforter, 'this was heaven' she thought. A cool breeze blew across her thighs from the open window and made her shiver. It crossed her mind to close it but decided she liked it better open. The scent of honey suckle floated in, intoxicating her senses. Another sent caught her attention, it was the spicy musk she had smelled earlier with the gift.

It was very faint but noticeable. Eden stood slowly and walked to her white dresser and stared at the feather that laid there. Nothing moved, she couldn't help but reach forward to touch it. Before her finger brushed it she heard a cough behind her.

Eden's scream was heard around the house as she whirled to see a man standing in her window. He leaned lazily against the frame with an arrogance that made her bristle.

"Who the hell are you?" Eden stuttered out in surprise. Her hazel eyes glowed more gold as her fear took hold.

"I'm the one who sent you that feather, my dear."

Eden's eyes glanced down at it and back up to the man that was mostly in shadow.

Asmodeus saw her confusion; he knew she couldn't see his face and that scared her. So he obliged and step off the window seal and into the room.

Her gasp of surprise was loud in both of their ears. Eden's eyes widened, He was beautiful, more then beautiful, and he was perfect. Ink colored hair cascaded down his back in ripples and it reflected blue highlights. Fiery, orange eyes bored into hers as she studied him. A straight, aquiline nose stood out proudly and slopped down into lush lips that every girl dreamed about.

He saw her staring at his mouth and he smiled, flashing sharp teeth at Eden. She blushed and looked away, not entirely comfortable with the direction her thoughts were taking.

Suddenly she remembered that a man was in her room, and she looked around panicked, out of the corner of her eye she could see him sliding slowly closer to her. Eden gasped and yelled, "Stay away, I'm not suppose to have people in my room!"

He snickered, "My dear Eden, I'm the one who came up with that rule. I wanted you to stay pure, you see."

Eden backed into her dresser and held her hands up to see if she could stop him from moving forward, "Yeah right, you're just a crazy guy that crawled trough my window!"

In a blink of an eye he had her pressed up against her dresser with his black clad chest against hers. "We're two stories up and you can't climb up when there isn't anything to climb on."

His eyes were staring into hers and she was acutely aware that she had very few cloths on.

She placed her hands on his chest to push him away but the moment she laid her hands on him a sharp pain ran up her arms.

Eden watched in amazement as black ropes swirled up her forearms, "What's going on!" Eden squeaked.

No answer came from Asmodeus, he watched as his marks spiraled around her and fade into her light skin as if they'd never been seen. Tears ran down Eden's face, who was this man that had her pinned against her dresser? Why couldn't he just leave?

Her eyes closed and she heard the voice of her mother screech at the beautiful man that held her captive.

"What the hell are you doing? This wasn't part of the bargain!"

Eden's eyes flew open and she gasped, "Bargain? What bargain? Did you sell me to this man?"

Brigit had the gall to look ashamed, "No, I never sold you to him. He claimed you as a child."

Eden could not break her eyes away from him, even with the disgust she felt.

He must have seen the hate in her eyes for he sighed, "Don't hate me; you were born to be mine."

"I was not born to be anyone's, let alone yours. I wouldn't pick you if you were the last person on earth!" in her anger Eden didn't realize what she said.

A gasp came from her mother and the lights started to flicker ominously, a growl moved through the room.

Eden watched as the man in front of her morphed from a god to an alien creature before her eyes. Black, granite-like skin appeared with scales and ivory horns ran down his spine. Eden writhed in fear as the beast tightened his grip on her; he bellowed in her face, "YES, YOU ARE MINE!"

"No I'm not!" she cried, but her voice was so much smaller that it didn't make a difference at all to the giant that held her.

Talons fisted in her sleep shirt and then she was being dragged to the window.

"Mother stop him!"

Brigit knew better then to do anything, she was just a poor human in face of a demon, what could she do? Hes thoughts flew from place to place, searching for an answer. Something glimmered in the back of her mind but she didn't voice it out loud.

When she made no move to stop him Asmodeus smiled and wave his huge paw towards her, "I give you back what I have taken over the years."

With that the Prince of Demons stepped out Eden's window and was gone. The night was quiet, no screams, no Eden.

Brigit stood there in surprise and saw herself in the mirror of the dresser. Her back was straight and she was young again. All the years he had taken from her were back. Then it crashed in her mind that she just gave up a girl to a demon. What could she do?

She ran out of the room and down the hall, her body crashed into the lock door at the end of the hallway. Eden had never been allowed in because of the danger but Brigit had collected every piece of knowledge and lore on demons and angels and every other creature that she could over the years and she knew precisely what she had to do.

The heavy, padlocked door swung open with a squeak and a small room greeted her eyes. Candles, old tomes, and chalk presented themselves and she went to work.

After a couple minutes she was chanting an ancient verse, Brigit didn't dare call another demon or even an angel as they both were fickle creatures know to switch their alliances. No what she needed was a hunter.

The candles flickered and the room seemed to grow smaller, she chanted louder. Over and over, and faster till the words bled into themselves. Her heart beat was like a drum; suddenly she dropped the book, pulled out a knife and slit her palm, dripping black blood onto the pages.

The lights then went out entirely and a creak was heard, then another. Brigit knew she had summoned it. Suddenly its voice crackled in the darkness, "Whom shall I hunt mistress?"

"Asmodeus, Prince of Demons. Bring the girl he has snatched back to me."

"It shall be done, but what price will you give me?" the darkness asked.

"Anything." Brigit spit out, her eyes widened the moment she said the words.

"I like the terms human, I want you." his voice hissed and Brigit screamed for she had just let a hunter out and now it was without a master. That was the last thing she thought as she felt her limbs ripped from her as she was devoured.

Seconds later the darkness rolled in on itself, and yellow eyes glowed from the darkness, this was its time.

To be continued....

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