tagNonHumanA New Encounter

A New Encounter


Kevin returned home after another disappointing day. The police station had been chaos and he had completed nothing of value, just gone from crisis to crisis. He was looking forward to a quiet night with his cat Mina and the ballgame. Opening the door to his apartment he received the shock of his life.

Standing in the kitchen was the strangest creature he had ever seen. It stood just over five feet and had blonde hair and a tail. Cat like ears stood on top of its head but it had no fur. Soft pink skin glistened in the soft light from the kitchen window. It was dressed in a crop top t-shirt and Daisy Duke cut off jeans. It stood on its toes, without the benefit of high heels. Hearing the door closed it turned and looked him in the eye.

"Kevin, your home at last," it said in a soft voice as it came toward him. She, as it was definitely female, judging from the size of its breasts beneath the t-shirt, smiled at him and brought him a soft drink. Kevin noted that her hands were the same as his, four fingers and a thumb. Her face was very human looking, but there was a trace of feline in the shape of her nose, and her eyes were definitely cat's eyes. They were the exact same shade of green blue as Mina's.

"What are you? How did you get in here?" Kevin asked backing away from the creature in front of him.

"It's me, Mina." She said simply. "I live here with you."

"You are not Mina. Mina is a cat and you are not a cat. What have you done with her?" Kevin yelled. Mina was the one living thing that he loved. He treated her like a person and she responded, as well as a cat could to that treatment.

"I am so Mina." She replied with some heat. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. "Let me start at the beginning and I can explain everything."

"MINA." Kevin screamed as he started to look around the apartment for his cat. He was scared for her and wanted her in his arms to make sure that she was all right. He lunged forward and picked up a collar on the floor, it was snapped in two pieces. "What have you done with her?" He demanded.

"I'm right here." She replied. "Sorry about the collar, but it started to choke me when I began to transform."

Kevin turned and started down the hall to the bedroom but she caught him by the arm and dragged him back to the couch with surprising strength.

"Just sit down and I will prove to you that I am Mina." She said and she turned to show him her left side. She flipped her hair back from her ear, there just below her ear was a small discoloured mark, the same mark that Mina had below her ear. Kevin sat down sharply on the couch.

"You found me at the animal rescue centre. None of the other cats would come near you. I came right up to you and licked your little finger. You picked me up and the rest of the cats seemed to relax and sigh. The centre worker said that they had never seen anything like it before. She said that I was rescued from the streets near 7th and McBurney. There had been a murder in the neighbourhood the same night, a man had had his throat cut by something with long claws and they were collecting all the strays in case there was a wolf or coyote in the area."

Kevin sat lost. He remembered the conversation. There had been no one else in the centre at the time. There was no way this creature could know about that. He remembered the story about the murder as well. Before he could voice anything on the case she spoke again.

"I killed that man. He found me when I arrived here and took me in as a present to his wife. Once there she took good care of me, but he beat her regularly. He always brought her presents afterward and I was the latest. Two weeks later after watch him beat her every night, I felt that I could not stand by and do nothing any longer. That night he beat her into unconsciousness. I waited until he passed out from drinking too much and then I ripped his throat out. I turned into this form and call the police and left before they arrived. I watched from the back fence and saw that they took his body away and her to a hospital. Once I knew that she was safe and would not be in trouble with your laws I left. Shortly after that I was picked up the animal control people and taken to the centre. You found me the next day. That was two years ago by your measurement of time."

Kevin sat in shock. He knew the case, but was not involved. The police had been completely stumped by this one. The coroner had been at a lost to explain the wounds on his neck, they had not matched any know species on the planet and the 911 call had not been from the wife. They had closed the file after the extent of the woman's injuries were confirmed. Just one more wife beater killed, but not be the victim this time.

Kevin finally found his voice. "Why are you telling me this? Why are you showing me yourself like this? Are you going to kill me too?"

"Kill you. Oh Kevin, I could never hurt you. I love you. You are the reason I was sent here."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

Mina sat down beside him, staying close but not touching him. She knew that he still had not completely accepted that she was his Mina.

"I was sent here from my planet to see if we can make contact with your race. There were over one hundred of us sent in our ship and we spread out to almost every major city on your planet, looking for the right person to make contact with. You are that person."

"You are from another world." Kevin said softly. "But of course you are. Smitty put you up to this didn't he? Nice job on the costume by the way. However did you get that tail to stick?" He grabbed her tail and gave it a sharp yank. Mina screamed much like a cat would when you pulled their tail.

"That hurt." She said smacking his hand. "It's attached. How would you like it if I tried to pull your dick off?" She reached for his crotch and Kevin backed up quickly.

"Sorry, but this is too crazy to be real." Kevin said. "I thought it was a costume and this was a gag by one of the guys at the station."

She shot him a dirty look. "Don't do that again."

"Okay, look, I said I was sorry. Please forgive me."

"I never could stay mad at you."

Kevin thought this was true. In the last two years, no matter what Mina had always loved him. Even when he had stepped on her by accident or rolled over on her in the night at the beginning of their time together, she would cuddle up to him quickly afterward.

"As I was saying, my people have come to find the right person to help us make contact and save our race."

"What do you mean 'Save your race'?"

"I will get to that in a moment. We have decided to make our presence known to certain people in the general population. If we went to the governments, we would be locked up and studied, and our existence denied and hidden."

"How can you say that? You don't know that would happen. Our government would love to meet a species from another planet. It would prove that we are not alone in the galaxy."

"Tell that to the first mission to this planet. They are still being held somewhere by the different governments of this world, including yours. As much technology as you people have, you are still not like the people on your space shows on television. You people still panic at the thought of another species coming here."

"I guess you are right." Kevin agreed.

"I am. Now today several others of my team are revealing themselves to their people and we will communicate the results later. We have been watching you for a long time. Kevin, you have been selected as the best subject for the experiment."

"Whoa, what experiment?" Kevin replied backing up even further into the corner of the couch.

"Trust me you will like it. For many generations now, my people have been having difficulty reproducing. Female births out number males by about twenty to one and the males that are born are sickly and often sterile. We need a fresh supply of male genetic material to perpetuate our species. In our search of the galaxy so far only humans bear the correct genetic markers to keep our species alive. To that end, we must see if our two peoples can reproduce together." She smiled shyly at him.

"You mean you just want us as breeding stock?" Kevin was disgusted by thought.

"No, we want to see if you can help us sustain our race through mutual respect and trust. If it turns out that we can inter breed, then we will approach certain males of this planet to request genetic material to impregnate ourselves. The males that we contact will have the right to refuse and that will be the end of the issue. But we are hoping that you will agree to help save us."

Kevin pondered this. Like most cops he was a compassionate person and he could not stand to see another suffer. That went for animals as well as people. How could he not help an entire race survive if he could stop their suffering?

"So you just want me to give you a sample of genetic material to see if it will work?"

"Yes" she said simply.

"Well that would not be too bad. What do you need?" Kevin asked, already suspecting what the answer would be.

"A sample of your sperm would do nicely. I have seen the amount you discharge and think that would be more than sufficient."

Kevin now blushed and looked embarrassed, Mina had been present when he jerked off and on the rare occasions that he brought a girl home. Usually they would go to her place because Mina would be unpleasant when he brought a girl home. She would avoid him for days afterward, but it was not as bad when he came home from her place as she could still smell her on him, but did not have to watch the act itself.

"Well then, I guess I'd better go get you your sample." Kevin said making to stand.

"Where are you going?" Mina asked, pushing back down on the couch.

"To the bedroom. You need a sample and I am going to get it for you."

"You don't understand we need to know if our two species can interbreed. That means breeding."

"You mean that you want me to..."

"Fuck me, yes, but if you prefer, I can always just fuck you." Mina said, lunging forward and locking her lips to his.

Kevin sat stiffly for a minute and then started to kiss her back. Her lips were soft and inviting, her breath smelled sweet and her tongue was longer and rougher than any he had felt before. Her arms went around his neck and pulled him to her. Kevin responded by pulling her into a tight hug. Their tongues fenced back and forth, they chewed gently on each other's lips. Kevin noted that hers were still more pointed and smaller than a human's teeth. His hands slid up her back beneath her shirt and rubbed the soft pink skin of her back. She felt warmer than any other girl he had been with.

His hands continued down her back and he reached her tail. This through his game off for a moment as he explored its connection to her skin. It joined her back just as seamlessly as his arm joined his shoulder. He ran his fingers around the base of her tail and was rewarded with her wiggling her hips, grinding herself rapidly hardening cock

Mina broke the kiss long enough to pull her shirt off over her head and rip his shirt open. Their bare chests met and her hard diamond like nipples dug into him. Kevin brought his hand back to her chest and grasped her nipple gently. Mina moaned and stuck her tongue back down his throat, this time Kevin met her halfway and fenced his tongue in and out of her mouth.

For more than half an hour their hands, lips and tongues played with each others. Finally Kevin broke the kiss and pushed her off him and stood up. Pulling her to her feet Kevin took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. As he crossed the threshold he could see that Mina had been busy that day. The bed was made with fresh sheets and there were towels and lube on the bedside table.

He pulled her into his arms and started to kiss her again. She responded passionately and Kevin slid his hands down her back and around her waist until he found the button for her shorts. A quick flick of his fingers and they were open and he started to push them down. Mina wiggled her hips for him and helped push the shorts down. As they pooled at her feet she started on his pants. She however was more impatient than he was and she simply used her claws and shredded the clothing from his body.

"Hey, those were expensive," Kevin complained.

"I'll buy you new ones. Now shut up and fuck me." Mina demanded.

Kevin took her at her word and pushed her down on the bed. She kicked her feet out of her shorts put her feet on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Kevin gazed down at the feast before him. She was completely shaved and bare. Her pink slit was open and glistening, her juices running down her crack.

Kevin kneeled between her thighs and leaned in close. He inhaled her scent and found she smelled like peppermint. Diving in he locked his lips to her cunt and began to suck and lick her deeply with little warning.

Mina screamed and locked her legs behind his head. Her hands went to her nipples and pulled and twisted them. She immediately started grinding her pussy up at him. Kevin was lost in her depths. He had not been this excited in his life. His dick was hard as blue steel and dripping pre-cum in a steady stream.

He started to explore her sex with his tongue. Her clit was more prominent than any other woman he had been with and when she came she squirted her juices into his mouth, another first for him. Kevin found himself drinking her love oil down as fast as he could get it. He reached under her and grabbed her ass cheeks to hold her steady and found that some of her essence had run down her but crack. Taking advantage of the lubrication he stuck his thumb up her ass.

Mina screamed again like a stepped on cat and shuddered as she squirted even more juice into his waiting mouth. Kevin twisted his thumb and fucked it in and out slightly. Mina arched her back even higher off the bed and grabbed the back of his head, pushing him even tighter against her vulva. Kevin sucked hard and swallowed all she had to offer as Mina collapsed on the bed.

Kevin stopped sucking and started licking her gently. He removed his thumb as she started to come down from her orgasm. She lay panting on his bed, her body covered in a light sheen of sweat. Finally she pushed his head away from her crotch and Kevin sat back on his heels, his cock straight out from his groin and a puddle of pre-cum under him. When she caught her breath Mina looked down and smiled at him.

"If I had known you were going to do that so well, I would have told you the truth long ago."

"Glad you liked it." Kevin said standing up before her.

"Loved it." Mina replied. "Now it is your turn." She sat up and grabbed his dick. Looking up at him he was reminded again by her eyes that she was not human, but that did not stop the shudder he felt when her rough tongue licked the length of his cock before she swallowed him whole.

The feel of her mouth was different from any he had felt before. The seam in the middle of the roof of her mouth rubbed the head of his cock and took him dangerously close to cumming. Mina sensed this and dragged her sharp little teeth along the sides of his prick. The slight pain did the trick and he was pulled back from the edge.

Mina took her mouth off his dick and smiled up at him. "You can come in there later. Right now we need to test the breeding theory, and there is only one place for that cum to go to test it." She lay back again and spread her legs until she was doing the splits.

Kevin lost it and fell upon her, driving his cock balls deep into her in one thrust. Mina screamed a high pitch scream that could only mean one thing. Kevin stopped buried in her clam and looked down. Sure enough there was a trickle of blood running down his dick to drip off his balls. Kevin paled and looked at Mina's face. She was biting her bottom lip, her face white and her body tense.

"Oh Mina, I am sorry." Kevin said. "I didn't realize that you were a virgin." He started to pull out but Mina locked her legs around his waist, holding him in place.

"It's okay. I should have said something." Mina panted. "Just stay still a minute until I get used to the size of you. You are huge."

Kevin never really thought of himself as having a big dick, but for a virgin whose species were used to small sickly men, he must really feel huge.

Mina breathed through the pain of her deflowering. The sharp pain had scared her slightly but now it was passing and she was starting to feel pleasantly warm in her cunt. She started rocking beneath him, feeling his dick move slightly with her every movement. Kevin held completely still as she got used to feeling him inside and how much movement she could take. She began to move more energetically and Kevin took this as his signal to join in the motion.

He pulled his dick halfway out of her and she groaned until he pushed back in. Then she started to purr beneath him as he fucked her slowly and deeply. Mina was meeting his every thrust and pushing faster and harder. This was the greatest feeling she had ever had. He was stretching her quim and driving her towards orgasm again.

Kevin was also approaching the point of no return. The hot snatch holding him like a glove made just a little too small to be perfect kept clutching and grabbing him as he fucked in and out, moving faster with each thrust.

Mina reared up and wrapped herself around him; arms and legs locked as she spasmed and gushed her cream all over his crotch. Her claws dug into his back and pushed Kevin over the edge. His cock expanded and shot deep into her pussy. The feeling of his hot semen pulsing out of his even larger penis drove Mina back into another orgasm. Her clutching cunt milked every last drop out of his balls. There was so much that it ran out of her on to the bed. Kevin pulled out of Mina and pushed her hip up into the air.

"That will keep my sperm inside you." He explained. "This is to see if we can breed, right?"

Mina smiled up at him and said, "Yes, but some leaked out. We will just have to conduct a new experiment."

"Anything in the name of science and interspecies relations." Kevin replied, leaning down to kiss her.

"Good, because after watching you fuck other girls for the last two years, I want the same treatment you gave all of them."

"As you wish my love."


Ten years later.

Kevin sat on the front step of his house watching the kids play in the yard. Both boys had teamed up against the girl, but she was more than capable of holding her own. Her tail while longer was thinner than the boys'. Mina came out of the house and leaned over his shoulder and kissed his ear.

"I love it when you do that." Kevin sighed.

"If the kids crash early tonight, I will do other things that you love." Mina whispered softly.

Mina had reported to her people that she had found a species willing to help them. Other members of her crew reported similar contacts as hers, although there were some failures, the birth rate of the mixed species was moving forward quickly. The leaders of earth accepted what was happening as Mina's people brought technology that made it possible for man to explore the universe. Mina's people were delighted that they found a race of beings willing and able to help.

Just then their neighbor called hello and waved from the end of the lawn, pausing to watch the kids tumble and play with each other. As she turned to leave they caught sight of her tail, long and bushy. She was hunting for a mate and they both knew. The mixing of the two species had been a rousing success.

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