tagNonHumanA New Encounter Ch. 03

A New Encounter Ch. 03


Kevin dressed after their most recent bout of sex. He was really going to have to get Mina to cut her nails, if this was going to keep going. He thought as he winced when his shirt landed on his scratched back.

Mina stepped out of the bathroom in her short uniform, still braiding her damp hair. Kevin stopped to watch her move about the cabin. The sight of her excited him, but he forced himself to think straight. He had several things he wanted to discuss with her.

"The meeting with the other men is set for conference room five in fifteen minutes." Mina told him, glowing with contentment. The sex they had just finished only complimented the glow from her finding out she was pregnant.

"Good, we need to talk." Kevin said as he stood and walked into the other room.

"What about," Mina questioned as she followed him.

"Sit down." Kevin said, pacing the length of the room.

"I think I know." Mina said, looking down at the floor. "You are still upset about how I have been treating you."

"Somewhat," Kevin conceded.

"You have to understand. This is all very new to me. I have never had to balance my command with my feelings." Mina told him. "I have to get used to the crew seeing us together. I love you, I have never been in love before and I don't know how to react when the crew is around. I have always been alone and in control. The crew has dubbed me the Ice Queen, but I am not supposed to know that. Please patient with me and help me adjust to these new feelings that I am dealing with."

Kevin felt his anger dissolve before her honest pleading. She was trying to get used to a new social dynamic. Now that he thought about it, he was going to have to rethink a few things as well. Like how was he going to explain all this to his boss, the press and government?

"I will try to be patient, and I will try to help you adjust to my presence. You are also going to have to adjust to being pregnant. That is going to change your command abilities as well. Are you going to keep command or retire to help raise the children? And if you do keep command, what am I going to do? We need to have several talks about that. I am not going to insist that you give up command, but we will have to talk about the future."

"Very well Kevin." Mina said smiling softly. "But that will have to wait until at least after the meeting. We should be going."

"Not yet," Kevin said. "One more thing, what did you mean when you said that you would only share my genes, not my body? How can you do that?"

"You will just have to wear a condom." Mina said simply. "We have developed several that will not break, but will keep the sperm alive long enough to go into stasis or be inserted into another female in the crew or back home."

"Condoms," Kevin almost groaned. "I hate wearing ..."

"I know. I have heard you complain about them often enough at home. But these ones were designed expressly for this task. They are so thin, that you will not even know that you are wearing it."

"Trust me, I will know." Kevin said firmly.

"You did not notice earlier." Mina said shyly.

"What do you mean?" Kevin demanded.

"I slipped one on you before you fucked me. It is currently in the stasis chamber in the bedroom. I wanted to keep it on hand depending on how your meeting goes. If you agree to share your genes then we can start right away. If not, then they are waiting for me if we want to have any more children."

"Mina..." Kevin said exasperatedly.

"Kevin, you know that this for my people. Trust me when I say that I will not let anyone have your genes without your consent."

"Next time warn me." Kevin said softly.

Mina smiled and said, "I promise. Now let's go, we are going to be late to the meeting."

"Okay, but I don't want you or any of your crew around while we talk about this."

"Okay," Mina replied, looking hurt.

"It is not that I don't trust you, but you are very distracting when I am trying to concentrate on something other than taking you to bed and making mad passionate love to you all night long."

"Well, we will just have to keep doing that until you get it out of your system"

"In that case, we will never leave the bedroom, ever again."

"Promise?" Mina grinned and gave a very un-captain like squeal when Kevin swatted her behind as they went out the door.

The walk to the conference room took only a few minutes, Mina, showed him several of the features of the ship, but Kevin was having a hard time focusing on as the female crew wandering about the halls on various duties. Several times Mina took his hand and squeezed to get him to watch where he was going.

They arrived at the conference room and found all fifteen men seated around the table. Their mates were hovering behind each chair. The men were from all corners of the globe and represented every nationality. Mina waved Kevin to the chair at the head of the table and stood beside him to address the humans.

"Gentlemen, I am Mina, the commander of this vessel. This is my mate, Police Sergeant Kevin Jacobs. You all know why you have been brought aboard. You have all agreed to be mated to the women standing behind you. There is however, a larger issue pressing us at this time. I will now leave Kevin to discuss this with you. Ladies, if you will come with me, we are needed in medical."

Kevin waited until the doors closed after the last female left before turning to the rest of the table.

"Gentlemen, I assume all of you here understand English." There were nods from everyone there. "Good, then let's get down to business. Has anyone else been told the reason for this encounter?" Again all heads nodded. "Then we have several decisions to make. I have already decided to be a monogamous mate to Mina. But they will need our genetic material if this species is to survive. To that end, they have developed a special condom that will keep our sperm alive until it can be loaded into a stasis chamber, or another female can be impregnated. Now do any of you have any thoughts about this?"

A large black man with an English accent spoke first, "I feel the same as you do old boy. I am very attached to Jasmine, and would do nothing to hurt her physically or emotionally, but we have to do something for these people."

There was general agreement around the table. It was obvious that the girls had spent a lot of time selecting the men that they were going to partner with.

"Well, as for me," said a tall thin German man, "Copper and I have discussed this and we both feel the more the merrier. She has no problem with me doing it the old fashion way with her people." A few of the men agreed with him on this.

"Well, it is up to each of us how we proceed, but I think that we should have a consensus about this. I for one have no intention of being used as some breeding stud, only here to get as many girls pregnant as I can with no regard for me," said an oriental man sitting at the foot of the table. "In my country women come after men. The man is to be looked after, not just used to breed."

The discussion continued for some time, each man having his say about how they should proceed. In the end, the majority wanted to stay monogamous with their mate, but agreed to have their sperm saved for the rest of the girls that wanted it. The few that wanted to have sex with other girls agreed that they would discuss it with their mates first.

Kevin stepped out of the door to find a guard standing there. She was small and black, with a little flick of white at the end of her tail.

"Yes sir, can I help you?" She asked politely.

"Yes, we have finished our meeting and I would like to speak to Captain Mina."

"Yes sir, if you will just remain in the conference room I will inform the captain that you are finished and that you are ready for them."

Kevin turned back into the room and the doors closed as the girl touched a spot behind her ear. A few minutes later the doors parted and Mina led the rest of the girls in. Kevin announced their decision and each of the girls hugged their mates. Kevin saw the German's girl squeal with delight as he whispered in her ear. "I know just the girl to start with." She exclaimed and she dragged him by the hand to the door.

"Well that seemed to go well." Mina said as she led Kevin back through the corridors towards their quarters. "We have to meet with your president in about two hours. I think we need to discuss how we are going to handle that meeting."

The doors parted and they passed inside. As soon as they were over the threshold, Kevin slammed the locking panel with his hand and grabbed the collar of Mina's uniform, ripping it down the back and pushing her into the bedroom.

"Kevin, what are you doing?" She screamed as he threw her onto the bed face down and tied her hands with the back of her tunic. He ripped her panties off, shredding them in the process before rolling her over and stuffing them into her mouth. She looked up at him with wide eyes as he pulled the rest of her uniform off and threw it into the corner. She had not worn a bra under her uniform and was naked but for the boots she wore. Stepping back Kevin pulled his shirt off and dropped his pants. Kicking them out of the way with his shoes and pulling off his socks he was naked and towering over her, his cock thrusting up before him like a spear.

"This is to teach you what happens to bad girls who do bad things that they know they are not supposed to do." Kevin told her coldly. "You slipped a condom onto me and saved my sperm for someone else. You have shredded my back with your claws. You set up a meeting with my president without discussing it with me and you have treated me like a piece of meat. Now you are going to be punished." He sat down and rolled her onto his lap, ignoring her struggles, he started to spank her. Not very hard, but enough to turn her backside a nice shade of red, holding her tail out of the way kept her in place.

Mina kicked her legs and twisted to avoid his palm, but she realized that he was not trying to hurt her. She felt her pussy start to get wet and drip down onto his leg. His cock rubbed her opening, but the position was all wrong for him to get inside. The head of his dick merely teased her extended clit and worked her lust to an even higher pitch. She moaned and ground her pelvis to his as he spanked her, getting more forceful with each impact. Finally she shuddered and screamed into her panties as his cock flicked her clit at the exact time his hand slapped her ass the hardest. Her pussy convulsed and shot girl-cum down her thighs and over his cock.

Kevin did not let her finish her orgasm, but flipped her off his lap and onto her back on the bed. Standing quickly he rolled her over again onto her belly and pulled her up to her knees. With one thrust he drove his entire length into her convulsing snatch. Mina screamed again into the panties and buried her face in the bed. His cock took her over the edge again and she started to cum before she finished her last orgasm.

Kevin kept pumping in and out of her at top speed, going right to her cervix with each thrust and a few times into her womb. He grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head up and turned it to the side. Mina was grunting with each thrust, drool running down her chin and her eyes were rolled back into her head. She was lost in an orgasmic haze, completely into the moment.

He sensed his own impeding climax and decided that this load was going where he had not had a chance to go yet. He grabbed her tail and pulled it out of the way and drove his dick balls deep into her ass. Mina screamed even louder at the intrusion, they had discussed anal sex, but had not had the time to try it yet. If she had not been so wiped out from coming continuously for their entire fuck Kevin would have hurt her badly, but her muscles were completely relaxed and he slipped in with no problem. Her ass channel massaged him and tightened as he flicked her clit again. She came with one last explosion, her muscles locking him in place and the feeling brought him off.

Kevin shouted in relief as he shot his load deep into her bowels. He let go six strong jets of cum, Mina moaned as she felt each scalding explosion. Kevin lay down on top of her panting as her knees gave out and she collapsed on the bed. Pulling out he rolled of her and fought to catch his breath beside her. After a few minutes, he pulled her panties out of her mouth and threw them on the floor.

"I have never felt anything like that before," Mina gasped beside him. "You were so forceful. I was scared when ripped my clothes off, but I did not think that you would hurt me. The spanking was a nice touch."

"Well that you deserved." Kevin said firmly. "After the way you treated me and deciding to keep the sperm in storage without asking. I figured you needed to be punished."

"You can punish me like that any time you want." Mina smiled.

"Good, because I intend to, now you said something about a meeting with the president?"

"Yes, we have observed his schedule and he is having a quiet dinner with his wife in about twenty minutes. There will be no surveillance or secret service present. It is the perfect time to meet him."

"And we are going to just walk in the front door?" Kevin asked sarcastically.

"No, through the tele-portal that we used to come aboard, it will place us in same room through a solid wall. We will be able to see them but they won't be able to see us and we can make sure that they are alone before we go through."

"That sounds like a plan." Kevin conceded.

"One last thing, we need to get you to medical before we go. You need your communications implant."

"Communications implant," Kevin repeated.

"Yes," Mina replied, touching a spot behind her ear. "All personnel have them and in the event that something was to happen to me, the ship would be able to locate and retrieve you. Also, I like the idea of being able to call you and whisper dirty things to you without anyone else overhearing."

The stop in medical only took a minute for the doctor to implant his communicator and sync it to the computer. Now they could track him anywhere on the globe and rescue him in the event this meeting went south. They walked down to the tele-portal chamber and the first officer and another crew member were waiting.

"Good luck Captain. We will hold off all other meetings until you report or return."

"Excellent XO, you should be hearing from us one way or the other shortly. Activate the portal for observation only."

The rear wall of the chamber disappeared and they were looking into the private dining room of the White house. The president and the first lady were just sitting down and the waiter was hovering at the door. When they were settled, he served their salads and left the room through the swing door to the kitchen.

"Activate for one way transport." Mina said and the wall shimmered again. Mina took Kevin's hand again and led him through the wall. They reappeared inside the White House looking at a very surprised chief of state.

"Mr. President, please remain calm and don't call out for your security people. We only wish to speak to you." Mina said quickly raising her empty hands.

"Who are you and how did the three of you get in here?" He demanded standing up.

Kevin spun around and saw the same black female from outside the conference room standing in the corner watching the doors, a weapon on her hip.

"Mr. President, I am Police Sergeant Kevin Jacobs, of the New York city Police. The being standing beside me is Captain Mina. We need to talk to you so, please do not call your security."

"Very well, you have one minute."

"Thank you sir," Kevin said. "Captain Mina is from a planet on the far side of the galaxy and she has brought her ship here to try and save her species."

"Mr. President, my people are somewhat more advanced than yours, we have discovered faster than light travel and communications. As you can see we also have developed matter transmission. The progenitor of the dominate species on our planet was feline, thus our appearance. However, we maintain the ability to transform at will into a completely feline shape. If you give me your word that you will not call for your staff, we will demonstrate."

"Proceed Captain," he responded stiffly.

"For reasons that will be made clear later, I will not be changing, but Marine Sergeant Whiskers will, Sergeant."

The black female stepped out from the corner and extended her hands to the President and the First Lady. They each grasped her extended hands.

"As you can see and feel, Sergeant Whiskers is a completely live individual. She is not a hologram or facsimile in any way. If you like you can take her pulse." The President extended his finger up her wrist and felt the steady beating of her heart.

"Okay, I believe that she is a real person," said the First Lady.

"Thank you Ma'am. Sergeant," Mina waved the sergeant over to the other side of the table. Whiskers stood at attention and frowned in concentration. She seemed to grow smaller with each passing second. It was like watching something from a science fiction movie at high speed. In less than a minute and completely fur covered small house cat hopped up onto the table from where Whiskers was standing. She sat down and primly waited for orders.

"Okay, I believe you," said the President. "Now if you can change back so that we can continue our discussion." Whiskers nodded and cocked her head to the side. Her face lengthened, her fur retracted into her body, her limbs grew as did her tail. In seconds she was standing naked beside the table. She calmly reached down and pulled her tunic up and over her head. Slipping into her boots she stepped back into the corner to wait for further orders.

"What can we do for you...?"

"You will have to excuse my husband." The First Lady interrupted. "When someone throws him a curve, he completely forgets his manners. Won't you join us for dinner?"

"Thank you Ma'am, that is most gracious." Mina replied smiling. "Sergeant, you can report back to the ship now and tell the XO to proceed. I don't think that we will be needing your services any longer."

"Aye Captain," Whiskers replied. Tapping a spot behind her ear she whispered something and the bookcase vanished. In its place the portal to the metal room appeared and she calmly walked through it. The President leapt to his feet and walked over the restored bookcase. He even pulled a book from the shelf and flipped it open.

"Fantastic, if I had not seen that for myself, I would not believe it." He said.

"Sit down dear and talk to the Captain and the Sergeant. I will speak to the chef." The First Lady said walking to the swing door to the kitchen.

"How can I help you Captain?"

"You can begin by releasing the members of our race that you are currently holding in your secure facility in the Grand Canyon. We have known where they were for some time, but getting them out would have started a witch hunt on your planet and we did not want that."

"We have no facility in the Grand Canyon and no members of your species held there." He replied automatically.

"Sir you have them, you know you have, we know you have them, now do we really need to go through this nonsense."

"John, do as the Captain says," came the voice of the First Lady from the door. "Don't play the Potomac Two Step game with her. She has been honest and up front with you. With their technology, they could have abducted us both in a heartbeat and held us for ransom."

Mina smiled at the First Lady and winked at Kevin. "Thank you Ma'am."

"Call me Helen dear. Now then how can we help your people?"

"Helen." The President said exasperatedly.

"Well, you are just sitting there with your mouth hanging open; someone has to take this discussion in hand. Ah, here are the salads." She smiled at Mina as a white coated waiter entered bearing two more place settings and salads. "Dinner will be poached salmon with dill sauce, potatoes au gratin, and cherries jubilee for desert. I hope it is to your liking."

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