tagRomanceA New Friend Pt. 02

A New Friend Pt. 02



I thought, as I walked to school the next week, that something might be different between us. Ella had come to my house unannounced and, unasked, and had given me the best orgasm I had ever experienced – I knew better than to assume we would be together, but maybe she would want to hang out more? That hope was shattered though, when I caught her and Nick making out again in the lunch room. How could she like doing that in the middle of such a crowded space, I wondered? And what the hell happened last Friday? Part of me felt gross for having been touched like that by a girl who was clearly involved with someone else. And to have been used – obviously she had no real interest in me...right? But another part of me secretly hoped it would happen again.

As it happened I would get my chance sooner than I expected. After about a week of no contact, of me seeing her in the hall and her acting as if I didn't exist, I opened my locker to find a note waiting for me.

I hope you've enjoyed thinking about last Friday. I hope it's helped you do what you do in that room. I've been thinking about it too. I tried, but I can't get it out of my mind. I want to give you something else to think about. Something that will make you cum even harder? I will be out under the bleachers at 7:00 tonight.

- el

I couldn't believe my eyes. What was happening here? She was right of course, I'd been thinking about what had happened between us constantly, replaying it in my mind as I made myself cum night after night. But what did she mean by something else? And why beneath the bleachers? Waiting until 7 that night was the longest wait of my life. Finally, around 6:45, I made my way out to the Lacrosse stadium. It was getting dark out, but there were yellow lights lining the bleachers. I found my way underneath the first set and walked slowly through the lattice works of iron beams and the shadows they cast in the yellow light.

It took 20 minutes of finding my way around the stadium before I head the noise. A minute later I had found her. Or should I say them. Ella was leaning with her back against a vertical iron beam, making out with Nick. Next to them a low brick wall ran parallel to the outside edge of the bleachers, a remnant of the old track that used to stand where the Lacrosse field is now. I was standing about 25 feet behind them, hidden by the shadow of a beam. I started to turn away, revolted by the thought of them touching each other and wondering whether she was trying to teach me a lesson, when I saw something scraped into the ground. Words. Watch me. The James I knew would have left then. Walked away and found something else to occupy my mind. But that afternoon with Ella had awakened something in me. Something uncontrollable. I turned back towards them.

Ella was wearing a skirt again, a longer plaid one this time that came down to her knees. She had a sweater on too, and her hair was braided behind her head. Nick was pushing her against the beam with his body, his hands positioned on her upper back and on her hip. He was taller than she was and Ella had to stretch her neck up to kiss him properly. She had her hands up, behind her head, holding the beam on either side at first but, as I watched, she let them fall, first resting them on Nick's shoulders, then bringing them down to her waist and lifting up. As she pulled her sweater up I saw she wasn't wearing anything underneath and the sight of all that skin made me dizzy.

Ella threw the sweater to the side and turned around, her arms back up behind her head, this time holding onto Nick's neck for support. Ella ground her ass into his crotch and I saw her lips form into a smile. She was facing me and I had a perfect view of the both of them. Her breasts glistened in the light and as she slowly ground her ass into him, moving it in slow circles, they swung slightly. Ella's head was back, resting on Nick's chest and his was down, his lips resting on her exposed neck, his eyes closed. The sight of her grinding into him was too much for me. I found myself reaching down and rubbing my now hard cock through my pants. Just as I did so – had I made a sound? Did she see a movement? - Ella looked up in my direction. She shouldn't have been able to see me, I thought, but that same small smile on her face told me she knew I was there.

She kept grinding into Nick, allowing him to move his hands from her waist up to her breasts. He squeezed both hard and she pushed up into the caress. She kissed his neck and that seemed to urge him on. He let one hand slide down her exposed stomach, fingers tracing lines over her tan, silky skin, and then he was reaching up under her skirt, pushing it up as he traced the line of her inner thigh with his fingers, nails biting into her skin. Ella closed her eyes and breathed out with a soft moan and leaned back, pushing her hips forward, inviting his touch. As her skirt lifted up I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. Her hair was trimmed into a small, tight crop just above her pussy.

Nick was moving quicker now. I watched him start to move his fingertips in small circles, taking note of the way he dipped his fingers, every few strokes, into her pussy, picking up lubrication. Ella moaned more audibly and opened her eyes again. She was staring right at me. She bit her lip in obvious pleasure and moved a hand over Nicks , guiding him deeper into her. With her other hand she traced lines up her stomach, nails making visible red lines appear in their path. Nick was breathing harder now and his hand was moving faster, egged along by Ella's guiding hand. I was getting more worked up too. I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall down to my ankles, exposing my now rock hard cock. As I gently stroked my penis with my right hand, I pulled down on my balls gently with the left, so that the skin on my penis grew tight. It was hard not to make a sound, but I didn't want Nick to know I was watching so I held my breath as I stroked myself.

Ella was grinding her hips again, moving in unison with Nick's hand as he fingered her, and all the while she was looking in my direction, her eyes half closed but aware of my presence.

"Oh fuck, I need it." the words slipped past open lips. "Yes. I want it, I want to cum."

Nick, clearly turned on by her voice, pulled up the back of her skirt with his free hand and slapped her ass hard.

"Yes!" she cried out. He slapped her ass again, and then she was pulling away from him, moving over to the brick wall and bending over. She was sideways to me now, bent over with her elbows on the wall, her back parallel with the ground, and her ass in the air. She reached back with one hand and pulled her skirt up, revealing her naked legs again.

"Take it out and fuck me. I need it now" Ella was looking back at Nick, holding her skirt up so that he could see everything. She was breathing hard and her body swayed slightly in anticipation. Nick unzipped his pants and pulled out his member. It was smaller than mine (nice!), but he was ready to go. He moved towards her, put a hand on either side of her waist, and pushed himself into her pussy. Ella cried out in pleasure and moved the hand that had been holding the skirt up to cup one of her breasts. She let her head drop down as Nick began to thrust.

"Harder. Please...I need it" she panted, and Nick obliged, pulling himself into her. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The sight of her naked back, the skirt pulled up around her waist, her breasts moving with each thrust was nearly too much for me to handle. And then there was the idea that she had wanted me to see. Had wanted me to watch her get fucked like this. I was moving my hand faster now, gliding over the head as much as I could bare, waiting. I couldn't cum yet – I wouldn't.

Nick was grunting with the effort of fucking Ella, and Ella was still talking, goading him on. At one point she looked up over her shoulder and I thought I caught her eye, but she was looking for Nick because a moment later she told him to slap her ass again, harder this time. He did, and then reached up and pulled her hair back so that her back arched and she exhaled with pleasure. Ella was off her elbows now. She kept herself propped up with one hand on the low brick wall and with the other reached back and started to finger herself.

I was getting close. I leaned against a nearby pole and continued to touch myself as I watched. I was using both hands by then, one moving up and down the shaft, the other applying pressure to the base of my penis and the area behind my balls. It was almost too much pleasure to bear, but I wanted to wait for Ella. I wanted to cum at the same time as her and I could tell she was getting close. Ella was fingering herself faster now and pushing herself back into Nick who was pumping harder than ever. Suddenly I saw Ella throw back her head and heard her let out a long, warm moan as her back twinged and her legs bent.

"Fuck," she shouted, "that was good.. Now it's your turn" She said those last words at Nick, but I felt like she was saying them to me too. She turned around to face him and knelt down in front of his cock, waiting. Nick knew what she wanted. He took his wood in his hand and started pumping away. I was over the edge now, seconds away. Ella knelt there, mouth open, smiling, eyes on Nicks swollen, hard cock as he finally let out a moan of his own and came on her face, his orgasm covering her lips, her cheeks and her chin. Ella smiled even more and used a hand to wipe the mess into her mouth, sucking her fingers with each taste.

That final sight of Ella sucking her fingers dry and enjoying every drop did the trick. I pushed my thumb into the base of my erection, tugged on the space behind my balls and squeezed my shaft just under the head and came harder than I ever have before, my load squirting all over the ground in front of me.

By the time I had my pants back on and had gathered my wits about me Ella and Nick were walking away towards the other side of the stadium. Ella was swaying slightly as she walked,weak from the ponding she took. Nick was walking tall, holding her hand.


That night, at home, all I could think about was what I had seen. And how she had looked at me. I started to wonder whether I had imagined her knowing I was there. She had left that note, but had she really expected me to come? Had she really wanted me there? I thought about what it would feel like to be behind her myself, how it would feel to slap her ass and grab her by the waist.

My father was out on another trip so, having the place to myself again, I was startled when the phone rang around 11:30. I had already gotten into bed, but being occupied with what I had just seen and done, I was having a hard time falling asleep. There was a phone next to my bed and I picked it up.


"Did you like what you saw?" It was Ella's voice – calm and curious.

"Ella, I.." I didn't know what to say. She wanted me to watch, she knew I was there

"Did you like it?"

"Yes," I couldn't lie at this point, it had turned me on so much. "did you see me?"

"I knew you'd be there," she said, confidently, "and I liked knowing you were there. I came so much harder knowing you were watching me"

A pause, and then "James, what are you doing right now?"

"I'm in bed"

"Are you thinking about tonight?"

"Yes, I can't stop"

"I am too," and she let out a long, weighted breath. "I'm getting wet again just thinking about it"


"Oh god, I can't help myself, I've been so horny ever since I saw you looking at me the other day. I want to cum again. "

I could hear Ella breathing harder now and could guess what she was doing. I imagined her lying on her bed, the phone crooked between her shoulder and her ear, both hands between her legs. But then the thought of Nick and how little I actually knew this girl made me cautious. Don't let her take advantage of you, I decided.

"I wish you could see the panties I'm wearing" she cut in, "would you like that? To take off my clothes and touch me like I'm touching myself right now?"

"But Ella, what about Nick, I don't think we should..."

"Don't worry about him, I know how to handle him."

"Wait, cant we just hang out some time?"

"No, I want it now. Are you hard yet?"

I paused. I didn't want to tell her. I didn't want to be thinking about her. I didn't want to let her make me lose control again. "Yes," it was too late. My hand had drifted up my leg and I was touching myself again, unable to control the need to cum.

"Fuck, I want to see it. I'm so wet. I'm close. Tell me you're thinking about this evening. Tell me you liked it."

I couldn't speak, but I was breathing hard now. I was pumping faster and it felt incredible. "I can hear you James, I know you want it too – did you touch yourself tonight? When you were watching me? Are you touching yourself again right now?"

No response.

"Did you imagine it was you fucking me?" I stayed quiet, holding back, her words were coming quicker now, she was panting, "did you like seeing me cum?"

I couldn't help it. Hearing her talk about me watching her – knowing she was thinking about fucking me – I gasped, let out a moan, and came right then. Ella knew exactly what happened and I heard her drop the phone and a muffled moan as she finished herself off as well. I waited on the line for a few minutes for her to say anything, but the line went dead.

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Very interesting plot

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Neither Story

Neither story seems to be a romance story. Could it be building to one, quite possibly. The writing is pretty decent, and the plot interesting.

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