tagRomanceA New Friend Pt. 03

A New Friend Pt. 03


After the phone call and the night in the stadium I made a concerted effort to avoid Ella. She had already taken up enough of my thoughts, I didn't want to let her take over completely. And besides, she was still clearly with Nick – I saw them making out in the hallways and the cafeteria all the time. More so lately, it seemed. So I avoided her in the hall, resisted picking up the phone at night (who knows if it was her anyway) and made sure not to linger outside of school on the days I knew she might be hanging around. At first I thought it was working, but then I began to wonder if she had been interested at all. There were no new notes, she made no effort to get my attention. Maybe it was all over. Maybe I wasn't going to be trapped under her control. It was a calming thought for the most part, and yet, in the back of my mind, the image of her perfect, half-naked body thrusting in the dim light under the bleachers remained. A reminder of what I would never have.

A few more weeks passed with nothing, and I really started believing that she had used me to fulfill some dirty fantasy of her own – that I didn't actually mean anything to her - until one day I walked into my AP chemistry class and there she was, sitting at one of the double desks, as if she had always been there.

"We have a new student, Ella, joining the class everyone," the teacher said, "she has decided to try to take the AP test this year and will be sitting in on classes for the rest of the semester." Shit. Just my luck.

"Ella will need a desk partner...James, you have an open seat at your table, don't you? She'll sit with you."

Of course. I sidled over to my desk and sat down. The desks were actually tables with drawers built in underneath. Each table sat two students and they were arranged in rows facing the front of the classroom. My desk was the in the last row, farthest from the teacher. Ella sat down next to me on my right. I turned to say hello but she just stared forward as if she didn't even know me. A few people from the class looked over and grinned at me. Ella rolled her eyes.

That class went on like that for a few days. Ella sat at my desk and completely ignored me. I tried a few times to engage her in conversation but no luck. It wasn't until the next week that it happened. We were sitting at our table as usual, listening to the teacher drone on about some unimportant element, when she reached over with her pencil and wrote on my notebook I can't talk to you. Not here.

I looked at her. She was still staring straight forward, watching the teacher, then she wrote,

But I want more.

Something stirred within me. My stomach twisted. Blood moved south.

We'll have to be careful this time. And quiet.

I cocked my head. What did she mean by that? Where did she plan on taking me this time? And then she reached over, took my hand in hers and moved it, ever so slowly onto her lap. She was wearing leggings and a long tshirt. I looked up at her but she was still watching the teacher, her face expressionless. She spread her legs slightly and pulled my hand farther in, positioning it between her legs. I could feel the warmth radiating from her crotch and my fingertips sensed the moisture already soaking through the leggings. Holding my hand in place with her left hand, she reached over with her right and wrote, if you want me, prove it.

I couldn't move. I stared up at the board, willing myself to stay in control. Ella's hand was still over mine, holding it in place and after a few seconds she started pressing in, moving my fingers up and down over what must have been her clit. Time slowed down. We both sat facing forwards, watching the teacher write on the chalk board, and I let her move my hand, stiffly at first, and then as I gave in more gently, more fluidly.

The chance of getting caught was obviously turning Ella on. Her neck and upper chest were turning red and her breath, so steady at first was begging to quicken. I was nervous. Someone would surely see us – see my arm angled towards her lap, see her free hand now clenching her pencil tight. My heart beat fast and hard. I was getting harder down there too. I could feel my cock squeezed between the inside of my pants and my leg. It was warm and the pressure felt good, but I was still nervous. I looked around at the other kids in the class. No one seemed to notice what we were doing. Ella moved my hand in bigger circles now and I tried to resist, to push out from her, but somehow I didn't have the strength.

Ella leaned forward and, putting an elbow on the desk, rested her chin in her hand. Her eyes were still wide open and she had a small smile on her face. I was no where near as calm. My eyes darted left and right and I winced at the idea of being discovered. My discomfort was overwhelming. Looking over at Ella though, it seemed like knowing how uncomfortable was turning her on even more. Minutes passed. The teacher droned on. I told myself to think of something else. To pull my hand away. To do anything to escape the reality of fingering his girl who I had secretly lusted over in the back of my chemistry class, but nothing worked. As she moved my hand around and around and her leggings got wetter and wetter I felt myself grow even harder.

Ella pressed my hand tighter against her pussy and I realized I didn't care that I was in the middle of chemistry class. I forgot about the students in front me and the teacher at the blackboard. I curled my fingers into her and pressed up against her clit. Ella's back straightened and she let go of my hand for a minute, but I did not retreat. I knew what she wanted and I moved my fingers accordingly, feeling the ball of her clit roll around under my touch.

Ella's hand moved to my knee. I was still sitting up, looking forward, trying not to attract attention. As my fingers continued their slow, circular orbit around her clit, Ella's hand tightened on my knee. She was getting close, I could tell. I made the circles smaller and applied more pressure. She was breathing hard now and moving her hand, every so slowly up my leg. When she ran her fingers over my now rock hard cock I shuddered. I couldn't help it. But I didn't stop touching her and soon, her hand cupped around the clear outline of my cock, she exhaled deeply, her eyes shut tight. It was all I could do not to cum myself and lucky I didn't, because not seconds later the teacher called on me to answer a question. I stumbled through an answer, trying to remain composed as Ella raised her head back up, expression blank, and wrote on my paper, Nice job. See you on the Glade Trip?


Every fall Northern High Seniors go on an overnight camping trip called the Glade Trip. It's supposed to teach us independence and confidence and all that, but for most of the kids in my grade it was a chance to spend a night away from the eyes of their parents and teachers. The school would be dropping us off in a secluded part of forest about 3 miles from camp, helping us set up our campsite, and then leaving us under the supervision of a few volunteer chaperones for the night. I had been looking forward to it because I love the woods (camping is something that runs in the family, remember?) but now that Ella clearly had a plan for the trip, I was less sure.

I wanted her badly. I wanted to take her into my tent and do things to her that I had only dreamed about doing. It's not that I had never been with another girl before, but I'd never had sex and Ella had already done things with me that were way beyond my comfort zone. I wanted to taste the juices I had smelled a hint of during chemistry class. I wanted to cum on her like Nick had done. I wanted to make her get down on her knees and suck my cock and I wanted to make her cum again. It was clear that seeing me hard turned her on, and the knowledge of the effects I could have on her made me me crave her even more. Then again, she was still technically with Nick and the knowledge that he would be there made me feel queazy. Clearly they would spend the trip together, right?

The ride out was uneventful. I sat towards the front of the bus with a few friends and Ella sat near the back with her usual crew of girls. Mercifully, the lacrosse team had a game that weekend and wasn't coming on the trip. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

I had borrowed a tent from my dad's business and when we arrived, I got to work setting it up towards the outside of the clearing we would be camping in. The chaperones had organized a bunch of activities for people to do (fire building, a nature walk, a search for edible plants), but I hung back. I had done all those activities before and besides, I wanted to see what Ella would do – to try to figure out what her plan was.

It took a few minutes to find her in the group – she had elected to do the fire building group and was standing a few feet away from the fire pit, shoulder to shoulder to one of her girlfriends. Ella looked as hot as ever in tight navy blue pants and a red and black plaid flannel shirt. As I was watching, I saw her look over in my direction and then nod to her friend, who also looked over. Her friend looked at me in a strange way – she looked curious but nervous. Could Ella be telling her what we had done? Was she going to tell Nick? My face must have betrayed my nerves because at that moment Ella caught my eye and smirked again. Then she turned her back to me, stepped closer to her friend, and whispered something in her ear.

That night we had a campfire and again I saw Ella sitting next to her friend, looking in my direction. This time when she caught my eye though, she smiled and nodded her head towards the woods behind my tent. I was still registering the movement several seconds later when she nodded again and flashed her hands up at me twice, opening and closing her fingers. And she mouthed the words "20 minutes."

The campfire ended and I waited with anticipation. If it had been any lighter out, the bulge in my pants would have been obvious. I was so hard that it was hard not to touch myself right there in my tent, but the possibilities of what was to come were to great to waste time alone. After about 10 minutes I headed out, my flashlight in hand. I knew where I was going. There was an old stone foundation and the chimney of an old house out in the woods, and Ella would be waiting there. Waiting for me to touch her again. I thought about how I wanted to do it. How it would feel to slip my fingers into her pussy and then how it would taste when I pulled them out and brought them to my mouth. I thought about how it would feel when I pushed myself into her. I wondered how she would want it at first? Would she want to ride me? Or would she want it like she had it the other night, from behind?

The woods were dark and I made my way slowly, stepping over fallen trees and ducking under low hanging branches. By the time I found the skeleton of the house it felt like I had been walking for hours. I looked around, catching my bearings. I was standing at the edge of the foundation, at the spot that must have once been the front door. There was a low remnant of a wall to my left and directly in front of me was the chimney. I stood at the front of the house, listening for any sign of Ella and then, with surprisingly little sound, she stepped out from behind the chimney.

She was wearing the same outfit as before although now the flannel was unbuttoned far enough for me to see the outlines of the tops of her breasts and her hair was down. She walked towards me, her eyes on mine, that same old smirk on her face. She moved like she had that first day in my room, coming so close to me that I could feel the heat radiating off her body. Her lips seemed inches away. Her chest moved up and down as she breathed. I wanted to pull her into me, to feel her hips against mine, to touch her perfectly round ass.

I reached out to take her in my arms but she stepped back.

"You know I've been thinking, James," she said her voice low and playful, "You've spent all this time watching me, hearing me, touching me, and what do I have to show for it? You have all these images in your head when you want to jerk off, but I don't have anything."

I was only half listening to what she was saying. I was watching her lips move, imagining my lips moving with them. Imagining pushing her to the ground right then and taking her for my own. What was getting into me?

"You've seen me do things, so I think I should get to see you do things." She concluded. "Fair is Fair."

What? What did she mean by that? Through the haze of attraction and sexual desire I tried to form the thoughts required to interpret her statement. She wanted to watch me? Watch me do what? And then, in a moment's movement, everything became clear. Ella turned, whistled towards the chimney, and out came the friend with whom I had seen Ella talking to all night. The girl was shorter than Ella with short, red hair, and a skinny waist and a small, round ass. "This is Amanda," Ella said. Amanda was naked.

"Amanda thinks you're hot, James, so if you really want me, you'll have to prove it one last time."

Amanda stepped towards me, her head bowed slightly. She looked nervous but interested. Ella moved towards me and took my hand. She smelled like sex and desire. She led me by the hand back towards the chimney, behind which was a flat piece of earth with a blanket and several pillows arranged in a makeshift bed. Regular James would have resisted, would have thought twice about being led to a spot like this, about having sex with a stranger, about having sex while someone else watched, but something had come over me in that clearing. Something in the air, in the darkness, in the craving for Ella's touch pushed me forward.

Amanda followed behind us and, when we all reached the blanket, laid down, ready. Ella took me over and positioned me at the girls feet. I waited. Ella kneeled down next to Amanda and traced her fingers up her stomach and down. Amanda smiled and squirmed with anticipation under her touch. Ella looked at her, a look of satisfaction on her face and then let her hand slide down over Amanda's patch of hair and slid her fingers into Amanda's pussy. They glided in with ease and Amanda opened her mouth in a silent moan as Ella moved her hand slowly in a circle. I could see how wet Ella's fingers were already, and as Amanda began to grind her hips into Ella's fingers I realized how hard I had already become.

Ella continued to touch Amanda for a few minutes until Amanda began to arch her back and squeeze the blanket in her hands, clearly close to the point of no return, at which point Ella withdrew her hand from between Amanda's legs, turned towards me (she was still on her knees) and reached up to unbutton my pants.

"So you liked that little show, did you?" she said, the sight of my hard on pushing through my exposed underwear. I nodded, and she ran her hand along the underside of my cock, rubbing it through my boxers. "Now come here," and she pulled down my boxers too, exposing my hard, stiff penis to the air. Amanda bit her lip underneath me and opened her legs wide, one of her own hands in-between them, working to sustain what Ella had built.

I kneeled down between Amanda's legs and paused as Ella ran her hands all over my body, raising goose bumps and causing me to let out an audible moan. Then she put a hand around my balls, her thumb resting above the baste of my cock and guided me towards Amanda's waiting pussy.

"Come on now, James, I want to watch you. I want to see how well you can fuck Amanda. Show me, show me how you'd fuck me." she was whispering in my ear and I could hardly see for the expanse of my desire to fuck someone, anyone. Amanda lifted her hips to accept me and Ella guided me in, one hand on the base of my cock, the other pushing my ass down, and then I was inside and I gasped at how good it felt. Amanda gasped too, her back arching into me. Ella was still nearing next to us, and she guided me forward and back, controlling the speed at which I pushed into Amanda. Soon the sight of us fucking was too much for her though and she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth.

At the sight of our kiss Amanda let out a moan of jealousy and Ella turned to her next, putting her mouth over Amanda's nipple and sucking. Amanda let out another moan, this one of pleasure, and pushed her hips into me with greater passion.

The sight of them kissing turned me on even more and I thrusted harder now, pushing Amanda's body back slightly with every pump. Amanda started to moan and Ella got up for a second. At first I didn't notice – I was too focused on the feeling of my cock sliding in and out, on the sight of Amanda twisting underneath me in pleasure. And then I felt Ella's breadth on the back of my neck, and she kissed my ear and I felt a hand reach up and cup my balls from behind.

"She's almost there James, but you cant come yet. Finish her off and you can have me."

I nodded and pumped harder, controlling my thrusts so that they didn't hit the spot just below the head of my penis that I knew would send me past control. Ella was tugging on my balls now and it felt incredible. Summoning as much self control as I could muster I reached up and slid my thumb over Amanda's clit. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped "yes."

Ella's hands were back at my waist, guiding me into Amanda and I could hear her whispering encouragements into my hear ans she helped me fuck her friend. "harder, do it, make her cum, god you're hot." The individual comments washed over me but the tone of her voice, so sultry and commanding turned me on even more. I wasn't going to be able to hold it back much longer. I was sweating and so was Amanda and as our bodies hit a rhythm and her hip thrusts matched mine and her back arched and my thumb traced circles, Amanda let out a scream as a hard orgasm shuddered through her body.

I paused for a few seconds, watching Amanda go limp on the ground, her head leaning to one side, her chest rising and falling slowly as she drifted into sleep. And then the voice in my ear said "now" and I felt hands leading me up onto my knees and turning me around and there was Ella, stripped down to her panties and bra. She looked incredible, all curves and lips and eyes. She smiled that same smile and then stood in front of me, her pussy just in front of my nose, and pulled off her panties.

I could smell her scent and I reached forward and pulled her towards me by the backs of her legs. She came willingly this time and as I ran my tongue along the length of the outside of her pussy she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her crotch. She tasted salty and bitter and I licked her again, savoring the flavor and the warmth. Her pussy was practically dripping and I stayed kneeling before her, sucking those lips until she released my hair.

"James" she said, lifting my chin so that I could look up at her face, "I cant wait any longer. I need you to fuck me, now"

I was ready, but instead of getting down on the ground she walked over to the chimney, leaned her body onto it and turned back to look at me. Her arms were up, her forearms resting against the bricks at about head level. Her legs were spread shoulder width and her ass was pushed out, waiting. A glint of liquid dripped down her inner thigh. "Come and get it" she said, her eyes half closed, her mouth remaining open.

I got up and moved over to her quickly. I realized that during the past half hour I had been stripped naked and as I sidled up to Ella my dick rubbed against her ass and she hummed with pleasure.

"Please James, I need it, please"

She was pleading. SLAP. My hand left a red mark on her ass where I hit it. She hummed again and murmured "more." I slapped her ass again and she moaned out loud. I reached a hand between her legs and felt how wet she still was. Her legs were straight and she spread them even farther, waiting. I couldn't stop myself any longer. I reached down, took my cock in my hand and guided myself into her, pushing deep into her pussy with one thrust. She cried out with the pressure and I couldn't help but call out too – her pussy was so much tighter than Amanda's.

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