tagRomanceA New Holiday

A New Holiday


I woke up and found I was still holding you. We had spooned as we laid down on the left side, or your side of the bed. I was still holding your naked right breast, the nipple poking slightly at the middle of my left palm. I loved holding you like this and knew when you woke up that you would leave the bed, maybe not right away, but too soon for me, so I dared not move, even to stretch. I felt a slight change in your breathing as I began breathing slightly harder, since I was awake, my breath traveling along the sensitive skin on your neck. There was nothing I could do about this, and you began to stir as I began to fake like I was sleeping as you shifted slightly obviously awake.

"I know you are awake or you wouldn't be breathing on that spot," you mewed slightly groggily.

My quick response was to gently caress the luscious breast in my hand and kiss you on the neck, just below the left ear before my gravely morning voice responded, "The breathing was an accident of waking up, that kiss and this one are not." I reached out my tongue and slid the tip around in a circle before kissing again.

"Oooohmmmm!" it was a cross between an O and a hum you do when I surprise you and melts you at the same time.

I took my cue from that as being favorable for keeping you in bed with me for a while longer, and my intentions came up between us as I softly whispered in your ear, "I love you. I can't believe that I'm still so lucky to wake up to this beautiful sight before me."

"I love you!" you sang softly with a great big smile, still haven't opened your eyes, "But that doesn't mean I am ready for that again."

I peeked over at the alarm clock, "It's been a whole 30 minutes since we obviously collapsed! What do you mean not ready?"

"It's only been thirty minutes!? You do know that I'm still getting used to that thing! We've only been married a couple of months." You half giggled and shuddered as your eyes shot open, turning your head to face me. My humor while well intentioned and true, backfired.

"Nine weeks and 3 days."

"Whatever, it's too early for math."

"I thought you liked thinking about my math?"

"That was before I knew what the math was like. Having dimensions and actually holding them is another matter entirely."

"I feel so used for my math skills, and dejected because of them," I said with my most hurt and crushed tone of voice.

You quickly spun and ran your fingers through my hair as my eyes could finally catch hold of yours, taking away any doubt of me being serious. "Aww, my poor little baby!" you mused as you continued to pet my head.

I stuck out my lower lip, making my best pouting face, "Kiss it and make it better?"

You pulled me in giving me a quick peck on the lips, as I tried to pull you in for a longer kiss.

"No, not there," I continued my pouting, as I thrust my hips upward slightly, poking into your stomach, "there."

You're laughter was a dead give away to your answer. It wasn't that you didn't like to, or even that you weren't willing to. It was because you knew that I didn't actually enjoy it, and that it never seemed to stop there. Not that it had ever stopped me from using it to further my goal of trying to keep you orgasming for the entire first year of our marriage. It was a lofty goal and I was willing to risk failure if I could achieve even half of my goal. I was way behind but working very hard at it.

"Not until I get some more sleep, you cook me a wonderful breakfast, and if you're a really good boy, I'll let you shower with me."

It was all I needed to hear to get me out of bed. I knew that when we got in the shower it was going to be wild. It was the home of your hottest fantasies and there were a few left that we hadn't done. It was only a second before I had kissed you, both your nipples, and hopped over you, bounding naked toward the kitchen before running back in to grab my robe and back out, leaving you laughing and giggling still in bed.

"I said more sleep first!" you yelled not really meaning it.

Running back in the room my robe not tied at all and hanging open frantically circling the room eliciting more laughter. "Where are my keys and wallet? We're out of milk and eggs and I can't cook you breakfast without them!"

Finding them and running out again, I could hear you struggling to breath, crying you were laughing so hard. I was out the front door before I realized I wasn't wearing shoes and running back in to the room and slipping them on, bouncing around, causing everything that should have been in my robe to dance. I was slightly worried that you weren't breathing with your laughing at this point so I paused until you did before running away again. I had sat in my car and started the engine before my erect penis came down touching the cool plastic of the steering wheel, causing me to shriek like a 14 year old before his voice cracks, finally understanding what her laughter was about. Finding you starting to recover from the last shock, I threw off my robe and grabbed your hands, wrapping them around the head of my now slightly chilled penis.

"What are you doing and why is it so cold?" the shock of it bringing you back from your hysteria.

"My penis landed on the steering wheel! I screamed and ran back in to put clothes on, and my hands are cold so I have to use your hands to warm him up again."

I wasn't sure how much of it you heard before you fell apart with laughter again. I wasn't too concerned at the moment as your hands were still in mine, me using them to warm myself again. I could still see the tears running out of your eyes, and I couldn't tell if it was because of pain from laughing so hard, or that you had married an idiot. It didn't take me long to pull on some pants and tee shirt before heading off again out the door.

I made it to the little family owned shop around the corner in record time running inside saying hello to the employees that I saw everyday. I nearly tripped myself running to the doors where the milk and eggs were. I grabbed them quickly and headed back to the front to pay for them. When I had set them on the counter, and began pulling my wallet from my pants, the older woman behind the counter turned bright red and shielded her eyes.

"Oh my god! Michael, your fly is down. The one eyed monster is playing hide and seek sweetheart." She began laughing out of embarrassment because of my obvious arousal.

Normally I would have turned and ran, but this was no normal occasion. I had a very important breakfast to cook for the woman of my dreams and the one I was lucky enough to call my bride. There was the fact that if I was a good boy, I would get a great reward and who could even dream of turning down giving someone their fantasy. I leaned down to look, looked back up and still red and slightly chuckling clerk. I looked around seeing no one else and couldn't contain my own laughter as I tucked him back through my pants and out of the way before zipping them up.

"Dianne, does this mean I get a discount for once?"

There was no hope of her responding as she finally was over the embarrassment and her laughter filled the tiny store. "Are you laughing at the size, or the discount? Because I have to tell you, I actually scared my wife with it." I quipped to massage my now fragile self-esteem.

There was no holding back her tears by this point and it was painful to watch because I was in such a hurry. Again my sense of humor was getting in the way of my dreams and ultimate goals for the day. There was one thing I wanted to do 10 minutes ago and it was still set in my mind to get it done. There was just no way around the fact that this woman might have a heart attack if I said anything else. I laid a twenty on the counter, leaving the store, double checking as I got in my car that she was still laughing at the counter.

I made it back to the house before the embarrassment of the store set in, but I laughed it off with a chuckle knowing it would be worth it once breakfast was eaten and received my reward. As I opened the door I yelled "Honey I'm home, breakfast will be ready soon!"

I could hear her giggles at the sound of my voice knowing that she was probably laughing still. I figured it wouldn't be the best time to tell her about the other woman that had laughed regarding my penis today just yet but after the shower and before she went to the store herself. They knew we were married anyway so it wouldn't be long before she found out. Better it come straight from me.

"What do you want for breakfast my lovely Crowned One?"

"I'll just have a muffin," you called back to me as I didn't know whether to cry or drive back to the store and get my money back.

"How about an omelet the way you like with the onions and green peppers? Maybe a waffle or French toast as well?"

"No, I'm fine with the muffins I got yesterday."

"Got it! One large omelet with onion and two chopped green peppers coming up. The waffles will be checked for our brunch menu and replaced with a muffin. Is there anything else you want my love?"

The silence from the bedroom was replaced by a head poking out of the bedroom, and then back in before she called back, "No, that should be good. Are you alright?"

"I'm wonderful! Just can't wait to finish breakfast."

I could hear a soft giggle as you closed the bathroom door, a habit you only had when you were going to shower. I bound down the hall and into the bedroom, crashing through the bathroom door to see your terrified look while you sat on the toilet and I fell on the floor trying to remove my shirt.

"What are you..."

"Good, I thought you were already determining that I was not a good boy." I interrupted as you began laughing, seeing me all tangled in my shirt. I finished removing it and looked longingly at your naked form.

"Get out and wash your hands before you cook my breakfast. You are not being a very good boy at the moment."

I kissed my way up your foot and up your shin to your knee before you giggled and playfully pushed me out the door with your foot. Down the hall it seemed for the hundredth time before I was at the sink washing my hands, thoroughly getting them scrubbed. I whipped out my cast iron skillet and went to work cooking up some sausage for my omelet, then some hash browns in the sausage grease, our omelets, and some bacon before draining the bacon grease to cook our green beans for dinner. I cut up an orange and grabbed a banana.

When it was finally prepared, I laid it out nicely on a tray, remembering your muffin halfway down the hall. I turned around and made it all the way through the hall. I didn't know how many more times I would have to go down that hall today, but I was hoping it wasn't anytime before dinner.

I walked in our room and place the tray on my side of the bed, beside you as you had fallen back asleep while I cooked. I sat on the floor with my back against the bed listening to you breath for a moment while I recounted the last 12 hours in my mind. What I got was a whirlwind of sex and flashing an old lady who would never forget it. As I chuckled at the last part, I felt your fingers again in my hair.

"Good morning again my love, what are you laughing about?"

"I'll tell you later. Are you hungry? I have some fruit, your muffin, an omelet, and of course bacon. And if that isn't pleasing enough for you, he's still more than willing," I said as the tip of my once again erect penis poked from the top of my jeans.

You looked down and smiled appreciatively, then kissed your fingertips before rubbing them on him. "You'll have to wait; I have a lovely meal to eat. And if your big head keeps being so good, you might get to play in the shower. Would you like that?"

He twitched in response and seemed to follow along with what was said, hiding once again as I sat on the bed next to you. I helped you sit up and adjusted our pillows behind, allowing you to lean back. I placed the tray in our laps and held your hands as I prayed for our food, this day, this woman, and that I bring her all the joy she could take for one day.

I ended the prayer and kissed my beautiful wife. I sat in silence watching your eyes while you talked about something while eating. I finally realized you were asking me a question and snapped back to reality, "I didn't hear a thing you just said. It was a little like time didn't exist there for a moment. What were you asking?"

She chuckled softly, careful not to spill our breakfast, "I said are you going to eat your breakfast or stare at me eating mine all morning?"

"Can't I do both of those and add you as my breakfast delight?"

"You can do both, but not the delight. I told you not until later."

I groaned slightly and finally began eating my hash browns and omelet. I couldn't help but stare at you this morning. You were glowing, radiant and the only thing in the world. I think I made it to three bites before I was lost again in your charms. When you found me staring again, you leaned in and kissed me, pulling me back again to the present. "Eat your breakfast or you won't be able to play at all today."

I hurriedly munched away at the feast I'd prepared, seldom glancing away from you as you slowly ate. I knew that the sooner that I could get done with mine, and you done with yours, that the sooner I would be able to get you into the shower. I couldn't believe that in the hour since I woke up, that this day would be so crazy.

"Did you bring us anything to drink love?" you asked softly.

"I didn't." I mumbled sliding the tray to balance on your lap. I walked quickly to the kitchen and got out some glasses for our milk. Returning to our bed, I found you with your head leaning back, eyes closed. I stared a moment before sneaking up and breathing softly on your neck.

"Mmmm," a soft moan escaped across your lips.

"Here you are my love." handing your glass of milk to you before sitting again.

It wasn't every day that I would worship you like this, but on special occasions of my own making. I would come up with fantastical holidays such as I Slept Terrifically in Your Loving Arms Day and No, You Did Not Just Throw Your Pillow at Me While Dancing Naked at the End of Our Bed Day. I hadn't come up with a name for today but I was coming close. I knew it had to do with something about how your beauty was glowing and your soul was shining through your eyes.

"My Queen, are you enjoying Waking up To the Glowing Star and Shining Beauty of the Woman I Love Day?" I asked holding our food steady knowing you would laugh at the crazy remark.

You guffawed at the ridiculous comment, leaning closer and puckering your lips, wanting me to complete the distance and return the kiss. As our lips touched, you pulled away, wanting to finish your breakfast after the quick peck. I sat there puckered a few more seconds as you giggled and finally give me a wonderfully long and soft kiss. "No more until you finish."

It didn't take me long to completely devour what was left of my food. I was famished after the night we had just had. It wasn't that long ago that we had gone to bed and I needed something to get my energy back. When we had finished, I carried the tray away, back to the kitchen and you came out wearing your robe.

I think the amount of food that I had eaten had worn off the initial excitement that had energized me for getting so quickly out of bed and the reality of getting so little sleep set in. Wanting to do so much for you and with you could keep me awake but my heavy eyes gave away how tired I was as you looked at me. I knew I needed more sleep and I knew you were going to send me to get some. As I returned your gaze, I could tell you wanted it to.

"Are we getting that more sleep now my love?" I asked, groggy and dazed.

"Maybe, unless you are ready for that shower." The end of the sentence trailed off in volume as though you didn't really want me to hear it and even if I had noticed the lack of enthusiasm, I didn't let on to it.

"How about I carry you back into our bed, caress every inch of your skin as I fall asleep knowing you'll be there when I waked up again? That way I get to celebrate Waking up To the Glowing Star and Shining Beauty of the Woman I Love Day again." I made no attempt to let you answer as I scooped you up in my arms. Your arms fell softly around my neck as your soft robe tickled my skin on my just and stomach, while your lips found my cheek.

"Oooh! My big strong Warrior Mine!" you giggled with a strong dose of sarcasm.

I carried you in our room and playfully began to act like you were too heavy as I dropped you on my side of the bed. I realized my mistake immediately though as I was off balance leaning over you like this, my face landing in your lap as my body began to fall to the floor.

I couldn't tell if your scream was pain, shock, anger at the bad joke, or a large guffaw before you began laughing hysterically at the sight of me, face first in your lap, one arm still trapped beneath you the rest of my body strung out behind me crumpled on the floor. I began talking into your robe to act like it had all been on purpose eliciting another burst of laughter.

"What are you saying?" you asked still laughing.

I cocked my head slightly so that you would be able to hear, "I said, if your robe was off already I wouldn't have to move before sleeping again, but the problem with that would be the obvious raspberries as I was trying to breathe while sleeping."

Your hands fell on the back of my head and you bent in half with laughter as I was beginning to wonder if you were trying to smother me. I was in bliss though and could still breathe so I wasn't fighting it. "Are you waiting for me to eat my way through the robe or are you ready to take it off now so we can go to sleep?"

I made no attempt to move and you were too busy laughing to care as my left hand tried to reach up, blindly fumbling the air looking for the zipper to your robe. Since my face was in your lap, my right arm still pinned beneath you, and me reaching behind my body to do this, I was lucky to even have found one of your lovely breasts in my hand. The excited sound I made into your lap making you laugh again.

"Stop making me laugh and get up here and kiss me. You'll never be able to celebrate today again if we spend the rest of the morning laughing. Besides, my cheeks hurt from smiling." You pulled my head out of your lap as you said this.

Although my eyes, were locked on yours, and I fully intended to kiss you at the time, my other head had a wonderful idea and my mouth came over your robe covered left breast with a soft and playful bite. It was difficult trying to kiss you with your smile and laughing at my continued playfulness. "Will you stop smiling and kiss me already so I can get you nekid before running my hands everywhere along your soft skin as we fall back asleep?"

Your laughter continued for only a moment and you pulled my head tight against yours, our lips meeting, opening and our tongues dancing as they came together. It was soft, sweet and slow. Deeply passionate, it took any meaning of time away. I wasn't sure where I really was anymore or what we were about to do as our tongues retreated, our lips closed, and gently parted after a moment.

I took a long slow breath as I tried to remember where I was. I found my answer as I saw your eyes flutter open. I brought my left hand up to your zipper, pulling it down, opening up your robe, pulling it off your body, before pulling you up with my right hand that was still underneath of you. I returned my lips to yours; teasing them with my tongue, but pulling it away each time yours came out to dance again. I pulled the robe down and off your shoulders, and over your hands as we kissed, and once your hands were free, they clamped to the back of my head, ending the tease, our tongues meeting again. Your eyes fluttered, your naked body melting in my hands as we continued the kiss. I was running my right hand across your back, while my left traveled up and down the soft skin of your legs and hips. Your hands began to loosen their grip as they traveled down my body and to remove my pants. I stepped from them as they fell, rewarded with a quick grope as your hands circled round and squeezed my behind as you broke the kiss.

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