A New Kind of Love


"I don't really know what I want..." Lauryn began to say but I swiftly grabbed her hand that was resting on the table.

"Do you mind if I order for you?" I asked. Lauryn blushed but shook her head slowly.

"We'll have a zeppole, a cannoli, and an amaretto cheesecake." I ordered as Lauryn looked at me in amazement. I definitely had a plan for all that food.

"Wow it all looks so good." Lauryn said a few minutes later when the desserts arrived.

"Here try this first." I passed her the cheesecake and watched as she took the first bite. She definitely enjoyed it.

"Oh this is good..." Lauryn continued to pick at the cheesecake while I looked at the plates in front of me. I knew I had to turn the level of this date up. We were getting along fabulously as friends but I wanted more than that. My answer to that was the two plates in front of me. The zeppole was definitely going to be the first move and dependent on that went was how I planned on addressing the cannoli. The zeppole is like an Italian doughnut. It was stuffed with custard, powdered with confectioner's sugar and chuck full of opportunities. I grabbed it and took a small bite of it; cutting would've just made a mess.

"Oh wow. I haven't had a zeppole like this in a very long time." I knew I had to take my opportunity. My one chance had arrived and I had to take it. I just had to. I grabbed the rest of the portion of the doughnut and extended it sensuously to Lauryn. "Try it. I know you'll love it."

Lauryn tentatively leaned forward and took a bit of the dessert between my fingers. She looked like she really liked it, but then gave me a shy look and blushed again. Then she nodded and said, "It's really good, thanks."

"If you think that's good then you have to try this one." I tossed the remnants of the doughnut on the plate and I grabbed the cannoli. I extended it across the table and she took a small bite. Once again she told me how good it was. I took a bite of the dessert and agreed that it was amazing. Now I have to admit I'm a bit clever so when I saw that there was only a small portion left of the cannoli and that the filling was dripping on my finger I knew I had an opening to make a big move.

"You can finish it." I told her as I offered the last piece between my thumb and index finger. She leaned forward slowly and took it into her mouth. My index finger extended a little and made it between her lips. Lauryn didn't seem put off and even let her lips close around my finger. I was in heaven. I reluctantly took my finger out of her mouth but my eyes were locked on hers and she blushed once again. I finished sucking my finger clean.

"You should try the cheesecake." She said as she pushed the plate towards me. There was a reasonable portion left.

"I'm getting kind of stuffed; just give me a little bite." I know I was pressing my luck but I just had to. I wanted more with her; I'll even go so far as to say I wanted everything, all of her and not just her body. Lauryn cut a piece of the cheesecake with her fork and held it out for me. By the way she was holding it I think she intended for me to take the fork myself but I simply leaned forward seductively and ate from the fork she held. Looking back at it now, I guess I figured it was my turn to move things on so grabbed what was left of the Italian doughnut and offered it. This time Lauryn smiled playfully and took a swift bite, coming close to my fingers.

"Damn girl." I laughed genuinely. "You nearly took my finger off."

"It was that or I figured you were going to put your finger back in my mouth." Lauryn told me playfully. I couldn't have been more pleased with how playful she was being. She wasn't the least bit uptight.

"No risk no reward, honey." I punctuated my sentence by offering her the last bite. I almost wanted to jump up and down when she took the dessert into her mouth, while staring into my eyes, and she sucked my finger blatantly. I was positive I was very near an orgasm. It was a lot of sexually charged eating for my poor body. I couldn't even remember the last time I had had a girl in my bed.

"I had to give you points for bravery." Lauryn smiled cheekily, as she wiped at her lips. Just then I saw the waitress walk by, I called her over. She approached and reached out and grabbed my arm gently running her fingers against my skin. The petit woman looked at me and smiled, Lauryn knew the waitress had been hitting on me. She had been the whole night, not even remotely inhibited by the fact that I was obviously there with Lauryn.

"Il conto." I said a bit more coldly than necessary but the young woman was starting to irritate my by her level of disrespect. I was there with a date and it was incredibly rude of her to act that way. The waitress looked at me silently for a moment, nodded and then walked off in a better mood than I thought she would.

"Oh my god Frankie, what did you call her?" Lauryn asked with the same indignant look she had the day before. As if I had personally insulted her.

"I asked for the check, Lauryn." I told her offhandedly. It was kind of insulting that she thought that I had called the woman a cunt, which is what I knew she thought. Lauryn gave me one of those 'Oh shit, I really fucked up' looks and I barely looked at her. It was our second date and I was insulted that she thought I would talk to anyone, let alone a young woman, in that manner. I got the bill and I left more of a tip than the waitress deserved. The drive back was silent and I sort of missed the conversation between Lauryn and myself. I returned to the auto garage and parked beside her car.

"Look Frankie, I'm really sorry if I upset you. That wasn't my intention. I was having a good time... before." Lauryn said as she gazed over at me without getting out of my car.

"I had a good time too." I was being completely honest about that.

"Would you want to go out again? I'm free for the whole day tomorrow since it's Saturday." Lauryn gushed and now I knew she was totally interested.

"I actually have something..." I was going to tell her I had agreed to go and judge a car competition but the sad look on her face broke my heart. She thought I was ditching her because of the thing with the waitress. "You know what, why don't you come with me? It'll be an all-day thing but I'd love it if you went with me. "

"Okay, I'd really like to spend the day together. Where are we going? I need to know what to wear."

I chuckled a bit then shook my head. "It's very casual, Lauryn, dress however you want to. We have to get going a little early though. I have to leave at about 9 in the morning."

"Okay, I'll meet you here tomorrow."

I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers for a fraction of a second. It could barely even be called a kiss. I didn't want to freak her out or anything. It was too soon for a full make out session but I wanted to show her just how interested I was. "I look forward to it."

Lauryn looked surprised but not upset. I was pleased by that and by the fact that she didn't slap me across the face. She had told me she wasn't a lesbian but I had kissed her none the less. Lauryn looked like she was about to say something but changed her mind. Before she exited my car she leaned over and pressed another lightning fast kiss upon my lips and that was the end of our second date. She drove off then so did I. It was another restless night for me.

I woke up at 7 and took a quick shower, trying not to think of Lauryn as I washed my body and got dressed in casual clothes like I had told Lauryn to. Tight black stonewash jeans, a white and black long sleeve concert tee (Velvet Underground for all those concerned) and a pair of black high heeled boots were what I chose and I topped it all off with my black leather jacket I was ready to go. I pulled my hair up in a ponytail like I had before and I walked out the door ready for a full day with Lauryn. I arrived at the garage at 8:30 and 15 minutes later Lauryn's little white Mercedes pulled up. My heart jumped a bit and honestly I freaked a little because of it. When I saw what she was wearing I had to laugh. She had on a pair of white shorts that came about half way down her thigh and a cute little yellow, collared, button up top. White sandals graced her adorable little feet. I called her over and we hopped into my car and took off.

"You look very cute." I told her honestly as I drove down the highway.

"You look really good too. I feel a little weird though, you should've told me not to dress all... you know..." Lauryn paused and looked for the right word.

I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her a little closer to me. "You mean you look too 'girly'."

"No of course not... well kind of... I guess... Oh I don't know. I just don't look like you. I won't fit in." Lauryn surprised me further by pressing into my shoulder a little and staying there. I kept my arm locked around her shoulder and even rubbed along her arm a bit.

"Don't worry about it. This is usually how I dress on the weekends. It doesn't mean you won't fit in and it doesn't matter anyway. I like you this way and everyone else will have to deal with it."

Lauryn laughed a bit nervously but let herself fall more into my shoulder while I drove. It was at least a forty five minute drive to the convention center and somewhere in that time period Lauryn fell asleep on me. Her cheek brushed against my shoulder, her shoulder pressed against my ribs and I loved every minute of it. I was slightly tempted to keep driving but I knew I couldn't do that. I parked my car in the special spot designated with my name on it and I took on the task of slowly waking my sleeping companion.

"Lauryn wake up, we're here." I tried to pat her arm a little but she didn't budge. I touched her face slightly with my fingers and I kept whispering to her. "Baby, you have to get up. We're here." That seemed to do the trick and she popped her head up and looked at me.

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry. I..."

"Don't worry about it." I told her as I kissed her cheek. We both got out of the car then walked hand in hand into the enormous building full of cars. There were a few categories I was judging. My opinion in the automotive community was well respected so I expected the day to be a blast. Lauryn, who seemed a bit lost in the environment, just clutched my hand and walked by my side happily. I pointed things out to her and she followed along fabulously. She gushed about how 'pretty' the cars were. I pointed out things that seemed to confuse her but I loved how responsive she was.

"Yeah I guess that kind of makes sense." Lauryn said at one point as she leaned up closer to me with her fingers locked with mine. After the first award was given, it was close to noon, and I noticed that Lauryn seemed a bit cold. The building was well air conditioned and I felt a bit bad. She was a little surprised when I let her hand go, since I hadn't since we had arrived. I pulled of my jacket and offered it to her.

"Here you go, it'll keep you warm. I should've told you to bring one." I extended the jacket and Lauryn took it slowly. She put it on and grabbed my hand once again. We then traveled to the next section. Cars were lined up and it looked like there were at least a hundred. I thought Lauryn would be a bit bored but she held onto me tight and let me lead her all over the place. Sometimes Lauryn would ask questions and other times she would just stand patiently by my side while I talked with the owners. About half way through I realized I hadn't gotten Lauryn anything to eat for lunch.

"Why didn't you remind me?" I asked her as I whisked her away towards the food court area. "I feel terrible."

"Don't worry about it. I didn't even think about it." Lauryn shrugged off my complaints and bumped my shoulder with hers. I walked up to a food stand and asked Lauryn what she wanted to eat. It wasn't gourmet or anything but it was a good test to see if she could just relax a bit. She told me to get her a piece of pizza and a beer; I ordered a hotdog and a soda. We both took a seat at a little picnic table and sat to eat our grand meal.

"Want a bite?" I offered her my hotdog. She took a bite then covered her mouth as she laughed with a mouthful of food. We shared all our food and I even took a few sips of her beer. An hour later, when I could finally joke around no more, we returned to the cars and I made quick work of choosing the next winner. I let Lauryn help me pick the last winner. Well, she picked it and I very much agreed. It was about 4 o'clock but it still wasn't time to leave yet. I still had to check out some of the vendors and some of the cars that weren't competing. Once again, my little trooper just stayed close by and seemed to fit in fabulously. At about 6:50 we were both finally ready to leave.

Once we were safely in the refuge of my car, Lauryn cuddled up next to me again. My arm went around her once more and we were headed home. About half way home I noticed Lauryn clutching one end of my jacket and she had her face pressed against it with her eyes closed. I was a bit worried that she wasn't feeling well or something.

"Is something wrong?" I asked her gently as I rubbed her arm slowly.

She looked up at me and shook her head, blushing all the while. "No, it just smells like you. It smells good."

Now I think it was me who blushed. She was such an adorable woman; I couldn't believe she was the same person who I first met. I gave her a quick nod and focused again on the road. It was about 8 o'clock when we got into town so I told Lauryn we could hang out at my house for a while since it was still early. She accepted and my heart soared. I would get to be alone with her, at night, in my house, did I mention ALL ALONE. I was thrilled. I pulled into the driveway, and then hand in hand we went inside. She asked for some wine and I hesitantly agreed. I knew at some point she would have to drive home and I didn't want her drunk. But I figured one glass wouldn't hurt. We both sat on the couch, closely, and we began talking. We didn't talk about much really. Then several hours later, and several glasses of wine later as well, Lauryn asked me about the drawing that was above my fireplace. It was a simple charcoal line-drawing of a woman.

"It's beautiful. Where did you get it?" Lauryn said as she pointed to it. I remembered how she had been staring at it the day before.

"I made it." I told her. I grabbed her hand and lead her over to it. I pointed in the bottom corner and showed her my initials and the date I had done it. Lauryn stared at the woman in the drawing then turned to me.

"Was she a..."

Before she could even finish, I cut her off. I didn't know what she was going to say and I didn't want to know either. I spoke before she could say another word, "It's my mom. She died a very long time ago. I found this pose in an old picture my dad had and I loved it. Drawing her made me feel closer to her. I don't actually remember her." The pose was of my mom sitting on the ground with her knees pulled up to her chest. She was seat slightly sideways and smiling.

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

"Don't be..." Right as I said that Lauryn leaned forward and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and warm against me that I felt I could get lost in them forever. After a second she pulled away.

"I'm sorry about that too." She said softly with a shy smile. I just grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the couch. Once there I kissed her; I couldn't help it, I wanted her so badly. We pushed together a little harder and I could taste the cherry lip-gloss, it was divine. She was divine. I was pretty sure I had a mini orgasm when her tongue slipped into my mouth. We were making out like a couple of horny kids but the position was awkward so I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my lap. She jumped right up and straddled me. My hands were on either side of her face holding her gently and her hands were around my neck. She backed away from me a bit to catch her breath and I used that as an opportunity to kiss her cheek and neck.

"Oh god... mmm..." Lauryn held my head and moaned and I sucked and licked at her neck. She pushed me tight against her skin then I went lower towards her chest. I was beginning to get a little crazy for her so I grabbed at her shirt and pulled it open. Luckily none of the buttons broke but she just gasped and kept me on her skin. I took that as a good sign so I moved down to the front of her throat, that's when I noticed she was trembling a bit. I looked up at her face and noticed she had her eyes closed tight. She was terrified. I sighed and sat back a bit. Lauryn looked at me, barely opening her eyes, and I could tell the wine had helped her to loosen up, too much. But I didn't want her drunk and scared, I wanted her lucid and excited.

"What did I do wrong?" She asked weakly as she moved her hands from the back of my head down to the back of my neck.

"You didn't do anything, baby." I kissed her just to prove my point. "But you don't want this, at least not yet. Look at you, you're shaking."

"I'm sorry." Lauryn let out a sigh then slumped in my arms a little. "I do want you, I'm just a little nervous."

"Lauryn, you look petrified. How were you going to let me finish if you couldn't even look at me?" I wasn't angry at her, I was simply wondering how she was planning on going through with it. I knew she didn't really want it.

"I don't know Frankie. Please, I'm sorry..."

"Don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong." I reached up and grabbed her face in my hands and pulled her down to me for another kiss. "Whenever we have sex, you have to want it. Until then I can wait. But you need to talk to me, if you aren't ready or if you're scared just tell me. I'll always stop but I can't undo something once it's done."

I grabbed her edges of her shirt and began buttoning it up for her. She smiled and hugged me tight when I was done. Since sex was off the list, I grabbed the remote and we watched a couple re-runs of COPS before we both fell asleep snuggled up on the couch.

I woke up at about 5 in the morning. I was on my back on the edge of the couch and Lauryn was snug in my arms on top of me. We had been up late making out, watching TV, and she had definitely been more than a little tipsy. The noise from the television had woken me. I gently woke Lauryn up so we could go lie-down somewhere more comfortable.

"Huh?" She asked sleepily when I sat up and woke her.

"Babe, let's go to bed. This couch is going to kill our backs later on." I kissed her forehead and stood up, reaching out for her hand as I did. Lauryn looked at her watch and got a little frantic.

"No, I have to go home. I can't sleep here all night..."

"Lauryn, you shouldn't drive right now. Let's go to bed and I'll take you to get your car when you're better. Come on, there is even a guest room if you want. I'm not trying to do anything you don't want to." I grabbed her hand and pulled her onto her drowsy little feet.

"Frankie, I know you wouldn't..."

I silenced her with a kiss and I dragged her up to my room. Once there, I changed out of my clothes and I threw on a pair of comfy silk shorts and a tank top. Lauryn just asked for a shirt so I found her an oversized t-shirt I had and she changed as well.

"The guest room is down the hall to the left if you want. It's all made up so feel free to sleep in there if you feel more comfortable." I busied myself cleaning up my room as I spoke. I was tired but totally embarrassed. There were clothes all over the place, including thongs and bras thrown near, but not entirely in the clothes hamper.

"Not necessary." She said with that adorable smile that I loved so much. She hopped into my bed and cuddled down into the sheets. She breathed deeply into the sheets with her eyes closed as she had done with my jacket. "It totally smells like you."

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