A New Life


This is a story that I wrote about a year ago for a lady friend of mine. She was in a failing marriage and needed a little cheering up. Judi (not her real name) is a 35-year-old woman with short brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin tone is the natural tan of a Mediterranean background. She still has gorgeous breasts with large brown nipples (I suppose you are wondering how I know that-that's a story for another time). Her ass is a perfect ten in my opinion and commands stares whenever she wears those tight white short shorts (she will blush at me saying that).

Judi's fantasy was always to meet a handsome black man that could dominate her. I wrote the story with that in mind. Since the story was originally written, Judi has found the man of her dreams. She now knows that sometimes fantasies do come true. She is still married and believes that she has the best of all worlds. Judi agreed to let me publish this story with the hope that other women will have the courage to live their dream. I intend to edit each chapter (there are quite a few) to bring the fantasy and her reality closer together. If I receive positive feedback, I will continue to post. - Gary

* * * * *

When Judi left for work that morning, it seemed like it was going to be just another early fall day. What she didn't know was that this would be a day like no other, a day that would change her life forever. Her mind was occupied with personal issues as she drove to work. Her relationship with her husband Don had been going down hill for some time. It might have started when Don had lost his job several years ago. Then again it was probably before that. Maybe it was the time she had found out that Don was sterile and had hid it from her.

Don and Judi had married when Judi was 18 and Don was 28. They, or at least she, had wanted children very badly. Don had seemed less committed and now Judi knew why. Despite Don's knowledge of being sterile, he continued to lead Judi on, letting her think she could have children if they just tried harder. Judi was now 35 and her biological clock was ticking. Now she feared that the clock would run out without her ever having a child to love and raise.

At least Judi had a good job, bringing in a great income. That's what the fight last night had been about. It had been two years, plenty of time to find a job, but Don was content to stay home and do nothing.

Judi's growing anger had been at least partially responsible for what had happened. She had been distracted and had forgotten to place a large order for the recycling equipment her company produced. Now the company was in jeopardy of losing their biggest account.

Judi had worked for Derrick Enterprises for seven years. She liked her job and was paid a very good salary in addition to commission. Derrick, her boss and owner, was tough but fair. He had treated her well, and now she had let him down. If they lost the account it could bankrupt the company.

Derrick had been very upset with Judi and had scheduled a session this afternoon.

Judi worried all day and night that she would lose her job. Then she thought, "no, Derrick liked her and she liked him". If the truth were known Judi had had a crush on him for years.

He was a tall, handsome and muscular man of 38 that radiated an animal magnetism. He was also one of the few African Americans Judi had ever known personally.

Derrick's company had been started from scratch, growing to a multi-million dollar firm in about ten years. They sold recycling equipment to businesses that needed to recover raw materials. Derrick was partial to black companies and tried to do business with them anytime possible.

Until Judi had come to work for Derrick Enterprises, she had very little contact with black people, growing up in a white upper middle class community. She had never been prejudice but Don, on the other hand, was a borderline racist. He hated that Judi worked for Derrick's company but the money Judi brought home overcame his racism. That didn't stop him from bad mouthing the company, and specifically Derrick, every chance he got.

Judi had always felt guilty about her crush on Derrick, yet she had never really done anything to be ashamed of. Yes, there were those times when their hands touched and a shock ran through her, and there was that kiss last New Years Eve. Judi still trembled when her mind would drift back to that night.

It was a party at his house. They had walked outside to get fresh air. Several minutes before midnight, Derrick had grabbed her and kissed her. Instead of pushing him away, Judi had melted into him as his lips covered hers. She had almost passed out when she felt his tongue enter her mouth. His large hands had slid down the open back of gown, all the way to her ass. When he let her go and silently walked back into the house, Judi almost collapsed. Judi found that her panties were sopping wet when she went to the bathroom.

Not much had happened after that. Once, she had felt his hand brush her breast as they worked together on a project, but that must have been an accident. Another time she saw him look up her skirt as she sat in front of his desk. Still there were no overt moves by Derrick and he seemed to be happily married. She had seen him smile several time's as she blushed when she was caught looking at his crotch. It was obvious that what they said about black men was true in his case; it did appear that he had a very large penis.

Judi looked at the clock a hundred times thinking this day would never end. She was worried about her four o'clock meeting but also excited about seeing Derrick. Things had been so busy lately that she had not had a lot of close contact with him over the past several weeks. She almost jumped when she heard the clock on the wall chime four times. She picked up a pad of paper and hurriedly walked to Derrick's large office. He was the phone when she entered. With a wave of the hand, he indicated that she should sit down. Nervously she waited as Derrick talked quietly to someone. It sounded like he was talking to her client but she couldn't be sure.

Finally, when the conversation ended, she could see that Derrick was very unhappy. He didn't say anything for several minutes, just stared at her. Judi could almost hear her heart beating. The clock on the wall ticked loudly in the otherwise silent room. When he spoke, Judi almost jumped out of her seat.

"Judi, do you know what you have done to my company?" he asked sternly, not letting her answer before going on. "You may have put me out of business. Your gross oversight has caused J & R to cancel all future orders, costing this company millions of dollars in income."

There was silence again in the room as Judi's tears began to fall.

"I should fire you right now," Derrick said.

"Please don't Derrick, I am so sorry, it was only an oversight, and I promise that it will never happen again," Judi cried.

"It's too late for apologies, the damage is done," Derrick replied.

"I can't afford to lose my job, you know Don hasn't worked for years. Please, what can I do?" Judi pleaded.

"Well, I should fire you and I may still do it, but James and his brother Reggie have agreed to see us in their office tomorrow," Derrick said. "Even if I keep the business, I am not sure I can trust you anymore."

"I have never made a mistake like that before, and I promise it will never happen again, what else can I do?" Judi pleaded.

"All right you have apologized already, we will go to see J & R tomorrow but I am very angry with you and I need to get that anger out of me," Derrick said. "If you are going to continue to work for me, there are going to be conditions."

"What conditions, I'll do anything," Judi said, feeling some relief.

Derrick got up from his chair and walked around to lean against the desk directly in front of Judi. Judi opened her mouth to say something when her eyes fell on the crotch of Derrick's slacks. Her face began to flush as she saw the familiar bulge in her boss's pants. She had never been this close to "it" before. Her mind went blank as her eyes focused on the object before her.

"Judi, I am going to tell you to do something and you can refuse. If you do, I want you to have your desk cleaned out by the end of the day and I never want to see you again. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I...I, guess so," Judi said, refusing to look into Derrick's eyes.

"Take my cock out of my pants," Derrick said.

Judi sat there stunned, thinking she had heard wrong.

"Pardon me?" Judi said.

"You heard me, I said take my cock out of my pants--now!" Derrick repeated louder.

"What? You can't be serious Derrick, what are you saying?" Judi gasped.

"You have ten seconds to obey or I want you out of here."

Judi had never heard him talk this way. She knew he could be dominant with his employees but she had never seen that side of him. She sat there as the seconds ticked by, considering her alternatives. There really were none, so with her head spinning, her hands slowly reached up to her boss's zipper and with shaking fingers, she began to pull it down. She saw the bulge in his pants begin to grow. The zipper's rasp, the clock on the wall and Judi's increased breathing were the only sounds in the room.

"Take it out!" Derrick's booming voice broke the silence.

Slowly Judi reached in and found that Derrick wore no underwear. When her hand touched his growing erection she gasped and started to pull back.

"You had better hurry or you will never get it out," Derrick said with some amusement in his voice.

Judi's breath quickened as her hand wrapped around his black cock. With some difficulty, she pulled his large cock out through the impossible small hole in his pants. Judi's heart almost stopped as she came face to face with the largest cock she could ever imagine. Her hand could not fit around it and his cock wasn't fully erect. It must have been 10 inches; in fact it was 10 1/2 inches.

Judi jumped suddenly when she heard "Suck it!" As if in a trance, Judi brought her lips forward the few inches necessary to touch the large head of his black cock to her lips. Judi had sucked cock before, but it had been years. Don didn't care for oral sex; in fact, he didn't seem to care for sex at all.

Judi felt Derrick's cock harden more and the large slit open to allow a clear liquid to begin to stream out. Her lips opened as wide as possible to take the head into her mouth. Judi began to suck the swollen crown as she heard Derrick moan.

"Yes," he said, "suck it, suck that black cock with those pretty white lips. You like my black cock don't you slut. I've seen you look at it. Admit it, you have wanted to suck my dick for years haven't you bitch?"

Judi was surprised to hear the language Derrick was using. He very seldom used profanity around the office. It secretly thrilled her when he called her slut and bitch. Almost unconsciously Judi began to suck harder.

Derrick reached down and placed his hands on Judi's covered breasts. Suddenly Judi moaned and almost bit down on his cock. Derrick had her nipples in his large fingers and had begun to squeeze hard. Judi screamed then moaned around his dick as he mauled her nipples. The pain was excruciating, yet Judi didn't pull away, encouraging Derrick.

Judi groaned as she heard her blouse rip when Derrick roughly pulled it apart. Then her bra was ripped from her breasts. Derrick's rough hands now began to twist and pinch her bare nipples. The pleasure/pain caused Judi to begin to moan steadily around the now fully erect cock. The harder Derrick was on her breasts, the harder she sucked. Suddenly she felt Derrick push her away. She let go of his cock with reluctance.

"Over the desk bitch," Derrick ordered.

Judi quickly got up without protest and bent herself over the desk. Her emotions were out of control. She couldn't stop what was happening even if she was not going to lose her job. She submissively bent over the desk until her bare tits touched the cold wood. Her now aching tits felt some relief as Derrick worked to push her skirt above her waist. He quickly ripped her pantyhose to shreds.

"I don't ever want to see you in here with either a bra, panties or pantyhose on, do you understand?" Derrick said in a commanding voice.

"Yes sir," Judi said in a whisper.

"Smack! Smack! Smack!" The sound rang out as Derrick brought his large hand down on Judi's quivering ass.

"Oh God, ouch, please," Judi yelled as she felt Derrick's strong hand hit her ass with several blows.

"What?" he yelled. "I can't hear your answer," he said and brought his hand down several more times. "Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!"

"Yes sir," Judi said louder.

"I think you might need some more encouragement," Derrick said as he backed away and removed his belt. "Don't move or it will be far worse."

Derrick brought the belt up high and then down. "Whack! Whack!" The belt flew through the air and landed on Judi's ass like a gunshot.

"Oh, my God!" Judi screamed in pain.

Again the belt flew, hitting Judi's bare ass time and again. Each hit brought a red welt to the surface of her tender ass cheeks. Derrick's arm moved with lightening speed, giving Judi no time to recover as she gasped for breath.

"That's for screwing up my business."

"Whack! Whack!" The belt struck again and again.

"That's because you are my bitch now." Derrick used the belt like a master, moving up and down Judi's exposed ass, causing her ass to swell and turn red and then a darker shade of blue.

Strangely, Judi stopped screaming and began to moan as Derrick worked over her tender ass. A masochistic feeling came over her as her mind began to conclude that she needed this. Then she felt with astonishment that her pussy juice had begun to run down her legs.

Finally, Derrick tired and threw the belt down; his anger had turned to lust. He looked down to see Judi's swollen ass moving back and forth in pain and excitement. He reached forward and roughly spread Judi's red cheeks.

Judi moaned as his large hands squeezed and pulled her sore ass. Yet, Judi did not try to move away. She gasped as she felt Derrick move the large dripping head of his cock to her swollen pussy lips.

"Please, I'm not on the pill, use a rubber," Judi pleaded in vain knowing that she was about to be fucked.

"I don't use no rubbers when I fuck," Derrick sneered, "especially on a bitch that might cost me my business."

Judi moaned in surrender as she felt Derrick's large cock begin to open her dripping pussy lips. It felt like a baseball bat was being shoved into her. In fact, Derrick's cock was the size of the handle of a baseball bat. Judi's breath caught in her throat as she felt the giant head force through her little used pussy. She spread her legs out to try and make it easier.

"That's it cunt, spread those legs, take that big black cock deep into your white cunt. I'll bet you have never had a black dick before, have you? In fact, I'm sure of it, your cunt is too tight. God, it feels like you're going to take the skin right off my dick," Derrick moaned as he moved slowly forward.

Judi couldn't cry out anymore, her breathing was too heavy. She felt Derrick's large cock press further and further into her. Her mind was delirious as she took her first black cock. Her head pulled up and a scream came from her lips as she felt Derrick reach under her and began to roughly squeeze her breasts again. The multiple stimulation of her ass, his cock and her breasts took her over the top. Judi began to climax. She even pushed back causing Derrick to moan as most of his cock buried in Judi's tight cunt.

"Oh God, Derrick, please...oh yes, oh I can't take anymore. I'm...I'm going to oh yes ahhhhhh!!! Judi's body shuttered in pleasure as Derrick's long cock hit bottom.

Judi was still climaxing as Derrick began to pull out and quickly push back in. Judi had never felt anything like it. Derrick began a steady in and out motion, bringing Judi to the top again. Derrick was a master at fucking, using his big cock like a baton to bring Judi to climax after climax.

Derrick fucked Judi for over an hour before she felt him tense and moan. She could feel it; she could feel his sperm shoot into her ravaged cunt. The reality of this black man dumping his sperm into her unprotected pussy hit Judi, but instead of dread, she began to climax again. Her body tensed and she felt her pussy spasm around the big black cock that was pouring sperm into her. Judi could feel her pussy overflow with sperm and pussy juice. She could almost feel the sperm move down Derricks cock and into her. Finally, she felt Derrick collapse onto her back, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath but he did not pull out. Several minutes later, Judi felt Derrick begin to move his still hard cock in and out of her flowing pussy.

It was dark outside when Derrick finally pulled his softening cock from Judi's abused pussy. He had climaxed twice without ever pulling out of her. Judi could feel his sperm coating her thighs and running out of her stretched hole. Derrick backed away and sat exhausted in the chair behind her.

Judi slid off the desk and turned around on her knees. Derrick had his head back and his eyes closed. Judi could see his cum and her pussy juice coating his cock which was lying on his pants. The front of his slacks was a mess with both of their juices. Without a word, Judi leaned forward and took his large soft cock in her mouth. Had Judi looked up she would have seen Derrick staring down at her with a smile on his face. She lovingly cleaned all traces of his sperm and her juice from his cock before putting it back in his pants.

Judi didn't expect Derrick to be tender with her but she was surprised as he leaned forward and brought his lips to hers. It was the first kiss they had shared since that New Years Eve party. His lips and tongue slowly caressed her mouth, much like a lover. Judi's heart began to race again as their tongues dueled. When Derrick pulled away, he was the boss again, but there was softness in his eyes.

"You had better get home, your husband will be worried," Derrick said with some concern.

Judi started to respond that her husband wouldn't care but thought better of it and just nodded. She gathered her cloths while trying to hold her torn blouse to her bare tits.

As she started to leave, Derrick said "Remember what I told you, no panties or bra and make sure you wear a short skirt tomorrow. By the way, shave the hair off your pussy." There was a slight smile on his lips as he turned and picked up the phone.

Fortunately there was no one left in the office as Judi made her way to the elevator. As she sat in the car, her sore ass brought the reality of what had happened back to her. She could feel her tender breasts under her open blouse. More importantly, she felt Derrick's potent sperm continue to run out of her fertile pussy. Judi started the car and drove home in a daze. She was worried about a lot of things: how would she get in the house without being seen, what would she say to Don, would she get pregnant?

As she shuttered at these thoughts, a peace came over her. She had gotten what she deserved, she had been punished for screwing up and now she could let it go, even if the punishment probably wasn't over yet. There was a strange satisfaction in letting herself be taken the way Derrick had done it. She had always been the one in control, now that was taken from her.

As she got out of the car and walked into the foyer of her house, a very strange thing happened, Judi felt more cum drip from her pussy to the floor and as she tried to squeeze her pussy lips closed, her pussy began to spasm. Then she felt her tits and ass throb. My God she thought Dan could see me standing here half naked dripping a black man's sperm on the floor. She shuttered and began to climax again, right there in her entrance way. It was so strong that she had to lean against the wall. Her legs gave out and she slid to the floor, shaking with pleasure. When she recovered enough to be worried again, she realized that it was Don's poker night with the boys. She was strangely disappointed.

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